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December 17, 2015     Clinch Valley Times
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December 17, 2015

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, December 17, 2015 Of shoes. ..and '@ g wax.. Ann Young Gregory What's next ? Reprinted from January 5, 2012 First and foremost--do I even wish I knew what's going to happen next! I don't think so. Of course I have no idea, nor do I subscribe to the notion that ANYbody knows. However, a lot of people/institutions/cultures seem to think that they know/knew, and while there are really more of these than I have the time to research, I have looked up a bunch of them, and found them inter- esting: I thought you might like to read about them as well. For instance--and this might be of interest since we have so many golfers in the area--did you know that Adam Scott will, according to one source, win the Masters' Tournament in 2012. While I'm not a golfer, I know the names of a lot of them, but I had to look up Adam Scott and found three people of that name well known enough to be listed by Wikipedia. There's one from Canada who's a politician, from the U.S.--an actor; and the golfer is from Australia. But as to who will win that big tournament, we'll have to wait and see. Searching through the maze of sources on the Internet, the end of the world Seems to be at the fore- front of the predictions. Of course, that's not exclusive to this year, as one of the Nostradamus predictions which points to the end of the world this year was also applied to the year 2000, and the Nostradamus "believ- ers" were sure that Y2K and that prediction guaranteed that the world would end at the conclusion of the 20th century. It didn't, of course, so the same "logic" has been applied to this year. Remember last year--when an American Christian broadcaster, Harold Camping, widely disseminated the "news" that the rapture would occur May 21, 2011 and the end of the world on October 11, 20I 1. Neither of those things happened, and if I remember correctly, Mr. Camping revised the date, saying he had miscalculated. It is interesting to note that he made the same earth-end- ing predictions earlier, saying that the end would come onMay 21, 1988, and then, when it didn't happen, he revised his prediction, saying that the end would occur on September 6, 1994. Nevertheless, even though Mr. Camping had been wrong before, there were those who followed his predictions as though they were truly gospel, to the extent that they sold their houses and their property and I guess lived it up for a while, on the prem- - ise that it was their last chance. What a shock for those people when they discovered they probably had years and years to live, yet had left themselves with no resources. Mr. Camping, of course, isn't the only Biblical "stu, dent" to interpret when the end would come. There've probably been hundreds. The bottom line of that whole argument is that nobody knows and nobody has known nor_ wil! an~.body know when God has chosen f0r ~e final days to occur, It just amazesme hhat Chris~pdo~ pie, who should know that the sort of information con, tained in these pseudo-predictions is information that we're not to know. Why would anybody believe that someone could determine dates of these sorts of occur- rences when we're clearly told that we aren't to know them? There's a lot of information about the Mayans in the references to predictions of the end of the world. The Mayan civilization, through Mexico and into Guatemala, was quite advanced. I read that the probable reason for students of Mayan culture to think that their prediction of the end of the world was December 21, 2012, is that that's when their calendar ended. Of course, the Mayan civilization ended long before then, and some think that the reason the calendar stopped at 12/21/12 is because a new "chapter" of Mayan life was to begin then, and a new calendar would apply to that new life. I-Ching prophecies, which are ancient Chinese pre- dictions, have been accurate in the Case of some events which have occurred, according to some sources. Wikipedia states: "I-Ching, one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, also known as the Classic of Changes or Book of Changes...contains a divination system." It dates from 1,000 BC and perhaps even ear- lier. One of the I-Ching prophecies is that Armageddon will occur December 21, 2012. One website I found stated the situation about the apocalypse in terms as sensibly as I found anyplace--its conclusion was that the earth could end today or 5,000 years from today--and I would add, or at anytime between now and then or after then, We just don't know, and to repeat myself, I don't want to know. I remember a book I read decades ago--I think it was one of my parents' Book of the Month Club books. It was called The Big Eye, and concerned the discovery of an asteroid or some kind of celestial body which was headed straight for earth. Scientists determined the impact date, and the book deals with how people behaved. The "Eye" just missed the earth, of course, and the story concluded with the way the population got itself back together. Human nature is quite interesting! As far as I'm concemed, I won't worry about when the world will end, since therCs nothing I can do about that. I'll look forward to having my family continue to be around me and to having our health, such as it is, and to being fortunate in having good friends, and to keep being blessed with a wonderful church family; and to look forward to sunshine and good times. Worrying about the end of time, in addition to being totally non- productive, is not at all conducive to having a happy disposition. Through a lot of years, I've learned that it's far better to maintain a good outlook and as much opti- mism as is possible than it is to expect to experience all the grim and almost hopeless things that could possibly happen in the future. ~I hope you and yours have_a wonderful happy and healthy New Year! Saint Paul by Jacob Sawyers ST. PAUL ELEMEN- TARY STUDENT ASPIRATIONS This week, as SPES wraps up yet another suc- cessful semester, I chose to report on the career aspira- tions of some of our bright- est pupils. I simply asked seventh and eighth grade students what they want to pursue as a career. In this, there are no incorrect replies as all are important. Some may just choose to be happy or prosperous, and that can go a long way. The students inter- viewed are .exceptionally bright, just like everyone at St. Paul Elementary, so it wouldn't be an unorthodox Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VLRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Pmfl~ VA 24283~ by the CLINCH VALLEY pLrBLISHING CO., LNC. The Clinch Valley Thnes sel%'es the fom'-counW ax~a of Wise, Russell, Diekealson and Scott, with offices and plant located m the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES bu'dding~ 16541 R~tssell Street. Periodicals postage is paid at the ?ost Office m St. Paul, \r& 24283 Allen Gregory Editor/Adv. Sltsan Trent Adv./Graphics ANNUAL S[~BSCRIFFIONS: In advaalce: $28.50 in "*Vise and Russell Coimties; $30.00 in other 24-zip-codes; elsewhexe $32,50. POSTMASTER: send address chazlges to: Clinch Valley Times. EO. Box 817, St. Paul VA 24283 SINGLE COPY - 50c Classified Adverfishlg: nfini- mum charge $6.00 for up to 20 words, in advance; 25c per word after 20 words. Display Advert- is'rag rates on application Periodicals publication Post ISSN: 767600 possibility if their goals are fulfilled. Also, the diversity in these responses is very interesting, for some truly are not seeing a ceiling above them, but an open sky full of great, successful possibilities: * Jake Gross, Andrew Sutherland, Ahren Lee, Will Ireson, and Hunter Johnson said, "Engineer." * Trevor Bowen and Katie Levy replied, "Dentist." * Santana Stapleton and Sydney Laney said, "Veterinarian." * Gavin Greer and Devon Lawson responded, "An NBA basketball play- er." * Madison Edmonds and Adriana Salyer both replied, "A nurse." * Vegas Weigle responded, "Lawyer." * Chris Carlos claimed, "I want to be a carpenter." * Gavin Love said, "A firefighter." * Charlie Ward told me, "A chain-restaurant owner." * Ethan Keith replied, "A video game storyboard artist." * Troy Mullins responded with, "A cardi- ologist." * Haylee Greer replied, "A programmer." * James Oliver's response was, "A chef." * Kyra Gibson voiced, "A forensic anthropolo- gist," * Dominic Bailey rea- soned, "Comedian." * Allie Merlette said, "m teacher." * Tatum Jones' response was, "A profes- sional softball player." * Stephanie Combs replied, "A doctor." * Brianna McConnell responded, "Cosmetologist." * Emma Kiser's choice was, "Marine biologist." * Jacob Preston said, "I want to become an astro- physicist." * Gracie Power's response was, "A photogra- pher with a personal stu- dio." * Dylan Slemp's reply at Shoe Town Open Monday through Saturday Milton Shopping Center Castlewood 27 31 was, "A filmmaker." * Sydnee Amburgey replied with, "An actress." * Justin Johnston voiced, "I want to be a pas- tor." * Tatum Ramsey spoke, A pediatrician." As for me, Jacob Sawyers, I would like to become an ethics lawyer. In these replies, I saw the personalities and bril- liant creativity, that came with it. It shows that the ambitions at SPES are high, as we strive to have all of these goals fulfilled. I would like to thank all of the students who partici- pated in this survey. There was an abundance of effort put into these responses. To the Editor: A Christmas Poem Tis that time of year that God sent down to us His love, It was His Son in the form of a babe from Heaven above. His name was to be Jesus to show us the way, To salvation that we should accept this very day. He grew up to be our only Lord & Savior, For us to live and love like Him and be His warrior. He died on a cross and by His blood all are cleansed of their sins, So that we could spread His "Good News" to all of the world's ends. On this day we should praise Him for all the blessings upon us He has bestowed, And remember in His Word of the "Greatest Story" that has ever been told. But there is one last thing to you all we would love to say, May God bless you always and have a wonderful, very Merry Christmas Day. With love and prayers always, from Larry M. Popp Frankfort, KY LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Readers are invited to write letters on matters of general interest to the public. Letters do not necessarily reflect the philosophy or edi- torial policy of this newspaper, which reserves the right to edit letters. The Clinch Valley Times will not print unsigned letters. Slemp names Abbott as Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney c. H. "Chuck" Slemp, III, Commonwealth's Attorney-elect for Wise County & the City of Norton announced" today that he has selected Michael H. Abbott to be the next Chief Deputy Commor~wealth's Attorney for Wise County & the City of Norton. Abbott has been a resi- dent of Wise County for over 40 years. He attended J.I. Burton High School and is a graduate of Clinch Valley College (UVa- Wise). He was drafted to serve in the U.S. Army dur- ing the Vietnam War, attainingthe rank of Captain. Since 2007, Abbott has served as a Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney in Wise County. He has served as attorney for the Town of Appalachia and the Norton Redevelopment and Housing Authority, on the UVa-Wise College Board, the UVa-Wise Alumni Board, and the Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society Board. For the past thir- teen months, Abbott has served as interim Commonwealth's Attorney for Wise County & the City of Norton. Abbott issued the fol- lowing statement regarding the transition, "I am excit- ed to join Chuck's team as chief deputy and be a part of his work for the future of criminal justice in Wise County & the City of Norton. Chuck's energy is contagious, so much so that I have decided to push back retirement to help him make this region bet- ter. I am excited to see this team come together to serve the public, protect children, safeguard the eld- erly, and provide a voice for victims. We are going to have a great team." Slemp was elected Commonwealth's Attorney on November 3, 2015. He will take offiee, o~J~t~mary. 1, 2016. Slemp andAbbott continue to work together on the transition, review of policies, preparation for cases set in the New Year, and assembling the team of prosecutors that will carry out the action plan Slemp touted during his cam- paign. Other announcements regarding staffing at the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office are not expected to be made until after the Christmas holi- day. lf you've quit reading due to MACULAR DEGENERATION Special low vision glasses may help you enjoy reading again. 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