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November 19, 2009     Clinch Valley Times
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November 19, 2009

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, November 19. 2009 ,.and ships..and sealing A.n ro. g Gregory Simple Do you remember the Robert Fulghum book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten? It's one of those books I'd love to have written myself, since it's based on such a simple and sensible premise. The kinds of "things I need to know" which are enumerated in Fulghum's book are such habits as • Share. • Play fair. • Don't hit people. • Put things back where you found them. • Clean up your own mess. • Don't take things that aren't yours. • Wash your hands before you eat. • Flush. • Watch out for traffic, hold hands, look together. • Take a nap every afternoon. Wouldn't it be lovely if we all reverted to our childhood behaviors and began doing these things again! Unfortunately, we don't. Often, we don't seem even to remember the most basic of these nuggets of wisdom, and nobody--at least nobody I know--carries a copy of Robert Fulghum's book around every day. That probably wouldn't be a bad idea, however--one website I found called the book "a guide for Global Leadership," saying that contained within its pages are the Golden Rule, love, ecology, politics, equality, wisdom few with you. So far, this is the oldest I've ever been. Don't forget my Senior Citizen discount! Forgetfulness is a sign of genius! (I forget who said that.) Searching for the meaning of life--but will settle for my car keys. Imprinted on a huge black sleep-in T-shirt: This IS my sexy lingerie! You know that Social Security they k ep taking out of your paycheck? Well, it's going to me! Chronically gifted Still plays with Trains This is what a real cool Grandma looks like! A few general observations which I found to be particularly good are these: i before e except after c .... weird? I'd be a vegetarian if bacon grew on trees! A Pun at Maturity is Fully Groan. I cook with a flair for the dramatic and depraved indifference to calories! and perhaps the best one of these is: Home of the Free--Because of the Brave! For brothers and sisters-- Mum Loves Me Best! It's a burden always being "'the cute one!" basic sanitation and sane living. The commentary It's a burden always being "the smart one!'" goes on to say that if the book's advice were trans- Several bits of wisdom geared toward professio- lated into more sophisticated adult terms, its messages nals are worth repeating... would still be as clear and true as,Fulghum stated Those who can, DO; Those who can do more-- them. Many people, sad to say, aren t even aware of TEACH! the little volume. I suppose it's on account of those Librarians Improve Circulation forgotten premises of childhood that somebody came up with some ideas of how to keep good lifestyle notions in front of us so that we can at least try to behave in ways that are helpful to us and not damag- ing to anyone else. And while my little collection isn't nearly as all- encompassing as the one set out in "Everything I Need to Know...", I think you'll have to admit that it I Make Stuff The Dog Ate My Lesson Plan Handyman's Rule--Cut to Fit, Beat In to Place I don't really understand these two, but... The Fish Whisperer The Donut Whisperer. Maybe the best ones are commentary and/or advice concerning basic philosophical premises. has its moments as far as approaching wisdom with a You'll notice that several deal with attitudes toward few succinct words is concerned! My collection came dogs and cats. from the Signals and Wireless catalogs, and if you Life is uncertain--Eat dessert first don't get these two, you should write to someplace If I'm talking, you should be taking notes/ and acquire them--even if you never buy anything from them, reading them is worth the time it takes! Now before I share some of these priceless bits of wisdom with you, let me declare that I sincerely hope that neither Signals nor Wireless will take offense at my use of their catalogs for this purpose--I figure they must have wanted me to see all these things, because each sends me a new edition every time one appears (and that's four or five times a year!) My intention is not to plagiarize, particularly when you consider that Avid Indoorsman Books, Cats--Life is Sweet There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast! Dogs don't need nine lives because they get it right the first time• Cats humor us because they know their ancestors ate ours/ Wine improves with age; I improve with Wine. Why can't I be rich instead of good looking? Capitol Commentary CELEBRATE AMERICAN EDUCATIONWEEK NOVEMBER 15-21 This year the week of Nov- ember 15 through November 21 has been designated. American Education Week. This is a time for all Southwest Virginians to honor our region's teachers and school staff and also a time to reaffirm our commitment to our children's and student's educa- assist schools in developing anti- bullying and anti-harassment measures. Southwest Virginia students who want to obtain a college education should have every opportunity to do so. The Sav- ings Enhancement for Education in College Act, which I have tionalgoals, also cosponsored, would help The students of Southwest parents save for their child's Virginia are the key to our fu- college education by providing a ture, and we must prepare them tax credit to low and moderate l for that future by providing them income families for contribu- with a good education in schools tions to Section 529 college savings plans. Additionally, the measure would enable 529 funds to continue to be used to pur- chase computer technology!and equipment for college students, The Recovery Act enables this use of 529 funds for 2009 and 2010. Finally, the measure would enable 529 account own- ers to change their investment l allocations twice a year to provide flexibility in the event of that are adequate to meet their educational needs. Accordingly, I am constantly working with my colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives to approve leg- islation that provides students and educators alike with the tools and resources which they require to succeed. The economic Recovery Act, which was approved by Con- gress with my strong support and signed into law by the President instability in financial markets, i earlier this year, has provided Currently, only one change per more than $180 million to year is permitted. schools across the Ninth Con-Physical education teadhes gressional District. These funds students the importance of i'eg- have helped school districts ular exercise, and schools pray a i facing budget shortfalls maintain vital role in ensuring that' tu- necessary educational services dents understand how to rffain- and prevent widespread job tain a healthy, active lifegtyle. [! layoffs for teachers. More than The FIT Kids Act wpuld , : $45 million has been provided advance physical educatiofi" in by the U.S. Department of our schools by requiring schools Education to schools in Title I to measure student progress and IDEA funds, which help towards national goals for time schools to close the achievement spent in physical education class. gap for disadvantaged students The measure would also exp.and and enable schools to offerprofessional development up- adequate education services for portunities for physical educa- students with disabilities. Addi- tion and health teachers. ' ' Finally, I would like to n~ote another measure I have cospon- sored this year, the Troop~ to Teachers Improvement Act. Troops to Teachers is a suc- cessful program that assist veterans to become teachers, with more than 12,000 veterans hired as teachers nationwide. tionally, schools in the Ninth District have received more than $130 million in Recovery Act funds through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. These funds can be used for modernization, renovation, construction and repair of public school facilities. This year, I am also pleased to have cosponsored a number of Participants receive funds from measures which will provide Troops to Teachers to payffor assistance to students, parents their certification programs,i~nd and teachers. One such measure in return, they agree to teach~for is the Success in the Middle Act, three years in a low-inc~e which aims to improve middleschool district. The Troops~ to grade education by ensuring that Teachers Improvement ~ct my mention of these relevant bits of life wisdom may Often confused with my evil twin. schoolsprovideprofessional would ex and the em 1o ment prompt you to want to buy something from one of the Lead me not into temptation--especially book- . , _" " P P Y • .... storeo! . aevempment tor school person- opportunities for Troops to Utlt~tlOgb. a. . . . ; -t , . . . nel, Implement student support Teachers participants, making In case you haven t guessed by now, instead of Walk with a Friend - systems and d ,, ..... t • . . , , . evelor a ...... - ............................... I coming from a book like Robert Fulghum s, the ker- _ Keep calm and carry on (These last two are lure that will prepare students for Ninth Congressional Disffict nels" of wisdom which I want to share with" you are almost stral'glat out of Fulghum!.) success. Middle" school edu- eligible" " to attract new teacl rs( inscribed on T-Shirts and/or Sweatshirts I hope the My all-time favorite bit of T-shirt wisdom is this cation, provides an important through the program. ' • " " " - one which I ave it to Allen as a Christmas resent ransiuon mr young stuoents As we celebrate Amer~an o le who ot the idea for these shirts worked out a , g p t between pep g .... , ., . _ , their elementary and Education Week, I want to thitnk deal enabling them to get royalties--they re mat good., severm years ago-- high school careers and prepares Southwest Virginia s talented Some of my favorites are on aging...let me share a Bad spellers of the world, UNTIE! young students to succeed in an educators and school staff 2for , i academically challenging high truly improving the lives of ur =- ......... , *. ' ,-,,-. ..... -" school and prepare for postsec- region's students. I remain c n- / ' I '1 | 0 /IXl | '1 |1 I INJ| . ondary education and the work- mitted to working with nurture- .Ldl: ggl=;! I LI Llgl::; I L4 I.II... lXJ vv x place, gion's local and school offi ls • '(Continue .#om page l) Students should feel that to ensure that teachers __ ..... _.._.... , ..... America is considered num- the church can install a st'-- " - - " .......... their schools are a safe environ- students have the tools they need • "" food" o r oroo reported mat me rmnnmg . . . I t vttzu)u I .ber. one m. junk and p o . Several others who had asked ~,.._.._.,~,.,._r'nrnmieeian ...ohtte -....m~t ...In _.~,,.,~.eli~enee ment .... for learning; however,for a successful learning experl- I letters on matters or generm I diet causing too many obeseto a"~ar on the .... a ..... n..t. ....... bullying too often occurs atence. For more lnformatmn on • ve, ruu- me lown s uomprenenslve . . . " [ "~blic. Letters [ people. Obesity can cause many lic Reauests" serti,~ ..... n,~,m.- ..-.I ...... aoa ,h., ~hoschool. For this reason, I am American Educatmn Week, " W • • "1 .w,.lv,.l ..vsv ~a'..Te. l~lgL[l, ~iJLIltJ. lq~q*~UlllAll~ll~ltq~v~t LIIO, L Lltt~,* .... I d~n~tn~o~rilvr~fle~t the I health Issues, yet e stilllike ..... ** .....1. ..... pleased to report that I have please wmt the National Edu- "" " r ...... current ptan oe re-approved o3, . . . , . I [ the taste of junk and cowe at Mayor vle Fletcher m-a ........... cosponsored the Safe Schools canon Asso’lanon s webmte at • y j, nut;uouncII, Out mat a new plan oe . the word exercise 1 o,7,7Z2' I • severalannouncementsHe ....... Improvement Act, which would . I v~ ..... ~.'~"°.v."v~'' I Exercise is the best medicine s-"ke at some len--"- a ut the .acre|open assoonas, . ........ ' I which reserves the nglat to I an,,one can take Seems there v,, _ . mcmoc all me changes wnicnllT o, D .--.-, ,-,.-+ : , - -- :-- - ,: • . success orthe Dedication Cere- have occurred and are occur- vv UkYLILIILy Oll ,allll 3 I~.~[,JUII, I edit letters. The Clinch I are so many seeking a high these mort for the V .... • - - -' ....... ' I ............ I .........:_. ............. ,_ Y eterans wlemo- rmg-m St. Paul un a motion, The Wise Count gheriff'~ funerals during this seven-da I ValleY I ,mes Will not nrmt i uays, especmt,y young I~uv,z, ri°l at TruP'-;-." n...t. __a .. ., , ..... ~ .......... .Y , - , ...... , , ..... ,, ,,u,, ,mu tcouncil agreed to me recom- Officere'-orts the followin-penou anu exercise ts a good and ed all ...... v s " -- beneficial one When you take who p,.artwIpmed m .menda. tions,.yk y.'mg, the ex?st- activities for the period of i r ..... i • . Idtlv lJtav u~.~ V~,~IVIIIUII~ ~ ~t~ll ~ mg lan until SUCh tnne as data at least one-half hour of exercise those from the en .... P .... ^ . ., 11/02/2009 through 11/08/2009. I , [ To th Editor each or every other day, it can monwealth of Virgm eascw°e ] afi'i m the zo,o census avau- Wise Central Dispatch received a I Clinch i I _ e : . _ start the blood circulating and ~. ~.._. _..: .... t. .... t. .... t._ = ......... total of 1,277 calls for this seven- | ~ . I Last Wednesday, r~ovemoer~;o;,, th~ ,.h,.m;~ ,md,,r-on ,,y,,, r2,,,,u~ uu.uuv:,,uut uw uounc|unan trent saio matday neriod Of the total calls I xr-ll_... t' lt "X I ~- - ,",o",s "" ......... "o " " country wno contributed to the ..... ,_ . 1_ • a. _. . r • • ~ -~,,~,t w. ,a~,~': • 11, was Veterans L~ay. t ,,hi ...... t,,nin =-,4 a .... ine.."L' , ~ . an area SUl~.rmarKet nas mulcat- received 333 were disnatched to I v"x'~'.7 ~lildglll~: I par .,,o on TV saw ho,pin to out od ,t may..%%go iT the S ori 's Of ce. Tota, '1":__.-..-. pictures m the newspapers, out expanomg into IIIIIU~ , ~I~ •, ....... disease and pain in our body. fortheir contributinn t,, th, number of Domestic calls for this I L :. I none or mls couta compare to aaa enmo fr =’h vooatahl a and ,~ , . --: -.-; ,=,,, ,,, ,,cried was 21 Criminal Process t MEMBER ~ I Veterans Day in St. Paul, ....... .......... -: --="-"7~ ---" town s proposed ~kateooaro Board. Trent also said he'd like v • . ..... fruit, whole gram, water mstead p.rk and ~.irl th,=~ ,,~ ,h. ...... .. ....... :..;.... ~......, ,i.,. for the same period served 27 I VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION. I vlrguna, of sodas and some love and it .... -- =" ....... ":Y .... ~u ,=1 ,,v ................ Felon,, Warrants, 66 Misde- t ,-t Throu theefforts of St ' , outstanding grant appheations Attorney General concerning a : • • " .... ~ ...... ; will work miracles in your life• which he hones will fund the _ _ . ............. meaner Warrants, 1 DUI Arrest | Published weekly m St. Paul, vauI rtign ~cnool rrmc~pat Always add some kind of remainin" wo~rk at .t. ........ pu~s!.me connl~olmt_’._re_st ma and worked 1 Traffic Accident. I VA 24283, by the CLINCI-I [ Walt Padgett, veter.ans protein to your diet Thesetionalve ue u,ot question currenu.y ..aymg Civil process for this period I VALLEY PUBLISHING I took on a new mean|ng. Mr. " • • smerea oy severa wise L.oumy i il " CO INC • should be a part of our daffyFollowin " " served 598 C v Papers. During .... Padgett assembled the entire routine Until we do we are in g discussmn, Coun- boards., Attorney Greg Kallen this seven da eriod 16 [ " [ high school student body and.. • " cilman Raymond Trent movedsaid he !! look into the possi' .. " .Y • p • • • .... wtmg ourselves a premature .......... t. ......... :, ......... addltmnal Cnmlnal Investl-[ The Clinch Valley Tmaes] teacners and a veteran from ,v tuatut~, ut~ ~.att; ~ lllUltU~t; Dlilly • " '" I • . death. ". • aUonswere mmated and 34 :serves the four-county area of l rl War rate of 44 5 cents as the rate Christmas bonuses which g every conflmtw[nce,Wo d . There are so many people ..... " .......... "" "ed were cleared by arrest The I Wise, Russell, Dickenson and'l II-plus a sman nanam ottocat i wntcn t-dill Will pay to nave atreaay oeen ouoget • , . " | • " . . . that say they hate exerc se. • " I Sheriffs Office provided 194 Scott, w~th offices and plant I residents in front of the Well it is a choice and it can reimburse those who travel on were discussed and approved, n man hours of Court Room I located in the CLINCH I' American Flag In unison, this ' • Town business The motion, action following a closed meet- " I VALLEY TIMES bufldm" " ': I - also be fun, knowing you are . " " " r " " Security for the three courts, g, : body of boys, g rls, veterans and ,~,,,a-;.,,., ...... ,4 o a’ health-, which rescmded an earhe rag, .Council addednames The Sheri ' 1 tran I 16541 Russell Street Perior, ....... .............. # " d " " " ive .......... ff s Office - • , I teachers saluted the flag and wh ..... that Councd ecmon, passed, to those wan will rece ,,, ;. o,oi , on, )t I dicals nosta e is naid at the pledged the Allegiance to our Trent also said that some bonuses. I Post office-°'m S(Paul VAI Flag. This was very emotional tff'at " t 'he os"'wm'd"oti''dlse e people don't realize that their Councilwoman Steelesaid :u vem e's" or'a | 24283 " ' and so meaningful . , . r, ..... taxes can be paid in several inc- that a Town mottois to be . J ....... I " I • and gmttony, we Will team to er D inclu " . transports, lnvowmg o3 nours. , May God bless Mr. Padgett ...... ;o, ...... rements. Town Treasur eb- ded w th the resolution for Rh .riff' Nffioo ,,nlneked ] Ann Youn Gregory Editor I • • ,,vv .................. d Real th ........................ for th|s testimony and thought- ome -ther unhealth,, Baca sal that Town e Gateway grant. She pro- vehicles andescorted4 I Allen Gregory Advertisin I fulness, and God bless Amenca. h.hlte are" cioaretta~ alcnhnl Estate taxes can be paid eve posed St. Paul. A Small Town __ .. .-. I Susan TrentAdv./Graoh c , I Sincerely yours, are time, as long as they are paid in With a Big Heart." After the I I { }n 1 - )I • LeRoy Hdton hioh~ too and the,, are also full by March. OtlOn was seconded by Coun- I ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: , I Veteran, World War lI~;"*=~ ~'w~-,= of (hem at allCouncilman Blake White- cilman Trent, it was approved ~,~l,~,,~ ~,=r~4-o ~l In advance: $28.50 in Wise an~[1 To the EdSitlo~:Ul ~e~e~: Ii~;an;Cieun~dt~ ~wept~:ra~ws:rMeteh~:r~llia~me' C?~/~/ie~ tio°S~p~oye~2s~ pl~a~L~ralOnle~n~'' ;; ] SzelplcC~U2t:R4-s e';s$w3Oe00, ~32~.'[ "- "; ...... if " the meaningfui dedication ser-Horner as a full time patrolman,- ..,.... tho LI~hA~,, ~,~o~nn! [ POSTMASTER. send addres [ know we "one because treat it with great.respect. Say and suggested that the donation Present for the meeting were a ’. .?att .day.,Novembe o ;. 1 ) I eve-'one -ets sick from time to no to these unnealmy nao,ts ann be repeated each year. Council Council members Harry Kelly, o,.,o. ....................~1 SINGLE COPY 50c i I t;,~~ ~,A ~,,,~ nf n~ ~r~ hard tO make some g.ood ones,today,approved his suggestion All Blake Whitenack, Kenn-eth He/- lram.. . ........................... b tviaM r, itodre ....... " .......... A Tree Lighting Ceremony,J J i am-eeo, a,mougn me morion orooK, blaaron Stee,e ano Kay t.. ; ClassifiedAdvertisin : Minimum ..... PP .... ," • - , ...... Everyone is invited to attend 1 pp" ' . ! I There are millions who can t t.,,,,., ,-,,- I ' " " • ,uau,,, j Subscribe tod " . and bring an ornament to help ........ I Y Ilev Times [decorate the tree [ Periodicals publication ~ [ afford health insurance, yet a to the Chnch Va many refu. . .to take the first unloaalng Cnllaren!l cal' 7 " I Entertainment and refresh- | Postal ISSN: 767600 | of hwng healthier I "'" " " • . " . . , :i , , , ! ments wtll be prowded. II I .I