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November 17, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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November 17, 2016

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, Ndvember 17, 2016 Of shoes. g wax.. by Ann Young Gregory Election Day - - at last~ Reprinted from November 2, 2006 Virginia, where he still has relatives. His vast experi- ence in a number of areas gives him a rich background Perhaps one of the most important House and Senate from which to draw as a United States Senator. In 1987, elections in recent years, next Tuesday's opportunity to for example, Jim Webb became the f'n'st United States cast our votes could very well determine the character Naval Academy graduate in history to have served in of the country for the next two years. Democracy is all the military and later be appointed as Secretary of the about majorities, and the majorities in the Senate and Navy. the House of Representatives are at stake. Held by the After graduating from Annapolis in 1968, he chose a Republicans in recent years, those majorities are up for Marine commission, and served with the Fifth Marine grabs this year, and the general unhappiness of much of Regiment in Vietnam. He received the Navy Cross, the the electorate with both foreign and domestic policies Silver Star medal, two Bronze Star Medals and two indicates that the White House may have to deal with a Purple Hearts. Before leaving the Marine Corps, he was Democratic Congress for the fmal two years of the an instructor at the Marine Officer Candidates School Bush administration and served as a member of the Secretary of the Navy's A basic consideration when considering how one immediate staff. should vote, it seems to me, is the intelligence of any He then attended Georgetown University's Law candidate--which should be tempered with common Center, receiving his law degree in 1975. While at sense and a good education. The really intelligent pub- Georgetown, he won an award for legal writing, and lic servant, although constantly receiving advice from wrote his first book, Micronesia and U.S. Pacific staff members, colleagues and constituents, is able to Strategy. That book was followed by six best-selling consider all that advice in the context of his or her own novels. His 1978 Fields of Fire is considered by many judgment and conclusions about any given issue. In to be the classic novel of the Vietnam War. other words, the really intelligent elected official is able He has taught literature at the Naval Academy as the to do the job that the electorate chose him/her to do. Academy's first visiting writer, and has traveled Rick Boucher, who has represented Virginia's Ninth throughout the world as a journalist, winning an Emmy District so well, is certainly possessed of the basic intel- for his 1985 coverage of U.S. Marines in Beirut, broad- ligence, good education and common sense that are, in cast on PBS. His original story Rules of Engagement, my opinion, essential pre-requisites for the job he does. became a major motion picture, and his fifth novel, The He does it so well, in fact, that he must be returned to Emperor's General, is slated to become a movie as well. the House of Representatives. The Abingdon native's Becoming the first Vietnam veteran to serve as a full dedication to economic development, energy, educa- committee counsel in Congress, Jim Webb served as tional opportunities," health issues, and technology counsel to the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, advancement has made a real difference for Southwest later serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy before Virginians. his appointment as Secretary of the Navy. He has won He is a member of the House Energy and Commerce numerous awards for contributions in a variety of pub- Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. As a lic service arenas. senior member of the Energy and Commerce Intelligent? You bet! Jim Webb has been there and Committee, he is a member of the Telecommunications done that, and will represent us well in the United States and the Internet subcommittee, and is the ranking mem- Senate. ber of the Energy and Air Quality subcommittee. As a I can't finish this without Commenting on the politi- senior member of the Judiciary Committee, he serves cal advertising to which we've been subjected during on the Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property this campaign. We've had to see four months of com- subcommittee. Congressman Boucher founded the mercials from Tennessee's senatorial candidates--so House Interact Caucus in 1996, presently serves as co- many of them, in fact, that I almost wish I could vote in chair of the 180 member group, and is recognized as a Tennessee, since I've developed a definite preference national leader in the development of federal policy in about THAT race! Some of the commercials in the the areas of telecommunications, information technolo- Corker-Ford race, particularly those prepared by the gy and the Internet. Seniority is very important in national committees, have been so nasty that they've Washington! gained national attention. Yet the two have spent so lit- Perhaps more intensely and personally important to tie time telling us what they plan to do that watching many of his constituents is the assistance his office pro- their commercials gives the viewer little insight into vides in securing government services, such as veter- how either feels on issues. ans' benefits and Social Security disability, for individ- Rick Boucher, on the other hand, has the right idea uals throughout the Ninth District. about commercials. He tells what he's done so far, and Rick Boucher's work has been an important part of what he plans to do. The Jim Webb endorsement com- the life of almost every single Ninth District resident for mercials by Rick BOucher and Mark Warner have been years, and we must return him to Congress so that he excellent, without reference to the opposition. can continue that essential work. By all means, go vote Tuesday, remembering that One of Virginia's two Senatorial'seats is also on the votes for Boucher and Webb are votes for helping the line. Jim Webb's Scbts-Irish ancestors came from country change the disastrous direction in which it's Ireland in the 18~ century and settled in Southwest presently headed. Dominion reminds customers to be aware of and fight back against utility scams Customers reported $1.2M in utility scam requests in 2015 Dominion reminds cus- tomers never to respond to threatening requests for payment Report suspicious activ- ity to local police or call Dominion at 866-DOM- HELP Last year, scammers contacted nearly 2,800 Dominion Virginia Power customers, demanding fraudulent payments total- ing more than $1.2 million. Hundreds of customers fell victim, paying nearly $200,000 in response to threats of immediate dis- connection of electric serv- ice. "While we are working in concert with law enforcement to identify, track and stop these scams, it's important for cus- tomers to ,recognize the red flags," said Marc Gaudette, director-Corporate Security, Safety & Health. "Unfortunately, the. scam- mers frequently target the elderly, non-English- speaking communities and businesses during their busy times and use caller ID spoofing software So a customer thinks Dominion is calling." "There are two clear signs that there's a scam- mer on the other end of that phone call that you can easily spot," said Becky Merritt, vice president, Customer Service. "First, we would never threaten a customer, even if their account is past due, Second, we would never insist on one specific, immediate form of pay- ment--there are a number of options available to cus- tomers, including in-per- son at a verified payment location, secure paYment through their online account, or our third-party payment processing ven- dor." For a list of authorized payment locations, click here. Utility customers across the country are being tar- geted. Watch a video that describes these scams and how customers can recog- nize them here. Customers are remind- ed to do the following: Ask questions and verify what you are hear- ing by checking your online account or hanging up and then calling us at 866-DOM-HELP. If an account is overdue, we provide multiple commu- nications in writing and offers a payment plan before disconnection Occurs. Remember that we do not require payment over the phone and never demand immediate pay- ment of cash, PayPal, any prepaid debit card such as 'MoneyPak/Green Dot', or any gift card to avoid dis- connection. Payment by phone is available through BillMatrix at 1-800-573- 1147. (Note: customers will never be contacted directly by BillMatrix requiring payment.) Collect information from the scammer includ- ing the caller's name, any phone numbers or other details before hanging up and reporting to local law enforcement. For other tips about how to avoid scares, please visit Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approx- imately 25,700 mega~vatts of generation, 12,200 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline, and 6,500 ,miles of electri6 transmission lines. Dominion operates one of the nation's largest natural gas storage systems with 933 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves more than 5 million utility and retail energy customers in 14 states. For more information about Dominion, visit the compa- ny's website at Items of interest... Trash pickup for Thanksgiving week...There will no trash pick up on Thursday, J. Fred Matthews Memorial Library Story Hour Perfect Attendance October 2016. Rylie Thanksgiving Day. Trash Salyer, Elise Salyer, Tucker Smith, Mason Edwards, Elliana Justice, Baker Chafin, McKinley Breeding, Zoey Funk. They are pictured with Children's Programmer Belinda Levy With votes still beingStates tallied around the nation, Representatives- the only Donald Trump has time in our history this has emerged as the winner of occurred. the 2016 Presidential Of Virginia's 5.6 million Election with a majority of registered voters, 3.86 mil- the country's electoral lion chose to exercise their votes. As of this writing right to vote in the 2016 President-Elect Trump has election. Of this number, received 47.1% of the pop- over 616,000 people voted ular vote, with candidate by absentee ballot a Hillary Clinton receivingrecord for our state. 47.7%. The remaining As of this writing, candidates received 5.2% 13,033 people (statewide) of the popular vote. had voted provisionally Because electoral votes due to lack of acceptable are based upon simple photo identification pre- majorities of the popular sented at the polls on elec- vote in each state, it is the- tion day. These voters had oretically possible for a until Monday, Nov. 14th to candidate to receive present photo identification approximately 25% of the to their respective local popular vote yet still win registrars so their votes the election. Past presiden- could be certified. tial candidates who did not In other measures, win the popular vote Virginia's voters defeated include Rutherford B. the proposed right-to-work Hayes (1876), Benjamin amendment to the Harrison (1888), and Constitution of Virginia. George H. W. Bush (2000). Since 1948. Virginia has In the Presidential been a right-to-work state. Election of 1824, no candi- Defeat of the amendment date received a majority of ensures that issues relative electoral votes. As to right-to-work will not be required by the United defined by Constitutional States Constitution, John mandate. They will cont'm- Quincy Adams was elected ue to be defined by existing president by the United and future legislative results - 2016 Election House of action. Beverage Control Board in the Senate Chambers of the Virginia's voters the Town of Lebanon. Virginia State Capitol. approved an amendment toVoters also approved theNationally there are 538 the Constitution of Virginia sale of mixed alcoholic Electors with 13 of these giving localities the option beverages in the Town ofElectors representing of exempting the spousesLebanon. Virginia. Ours is one of the of fallen police officers and In Virginia, the resultsstates where Electors are firefighters from property of last week's election will chosen as part of the pri- taxes. This measure is be officially certified by mary process of their intended as a tangible the Virginia Department of respective political parties. "thank you" to those whoElections on November A list of Virginia's Electors made the ultimate sacrifice. 21st. Meanwhile, absentee is available on the Virginia The measure received ballots and votes cast in Department of Elections overwhelming popular districts which have not yet website: http://www.elec- support, reported are still being tal- In local referendums, lied. e c t o r a 1 - voters approved the sale of Virginia's Electoral college/electors.html alcoholic beverages by the College will be held at Virginia State Alcoholic12:00 noon on Dec. 19th in . 20'!6. ELEC:~N. RESULT$ ......................... STA~t/'~/tDE ....R.USSEt~L coU!~TY .~SE COUN~ ............ ST~.P#rL!!~ PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES U!!~ C~mon (o) ................... "!gea~go ........................... 23~ ................ ~7 .... t33 Donald Trump (R) ............ '; 76f~5!8 ..................... 95!.8 ..... 11983 390 Gary Johnson (L) 118464 189 179 3 dil b-'tein ((3;) 27572 5B 77 3 Evan McMul.~en (t) 53867 tG4 65 3 aTH BsrmcT ~ !4ou=e .~ ~-~= ...~ .......................................... ~k Kitts (D.) 87831 2923 3384 Mo~.~n :G~ (R) . 212683 89t7 ............................... 10924 365 Janice Allen Boyd (L} ............................................ i 904t 281 303 .................... !.3 ........ Wrilo-|n 56t 11 23 0 AMENDMENT t -, CONS13TUTtON OF VA. YES i i i~:303 NO 2001133 AMENDMENT 2 -CONS'rfT/UTION OF VA, : ............................................. YES 3015602 ......................................... i ........................................................................................................................................ 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