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November 1, 2007     Clinch Valley Times
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November 1, 2007

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, November 1.2007 roes and ships and sealing wax by rou g Gregory (First, since l promise-d-last week to fill you m on my ailment, I've recovered and feel almost like my old self; that is, I'm fine, my blood pressure is back to the region of whatever is normal for me, gmd I'm again eating reasonably well--as opposed t'o not at all. Next week I7l give you the gory details of my horrible seven days which include October 22-26. This week, however, there's a much more important subject.t) : Tuesday, November 6, will mark the date which may determine St. Paul's fate, at least as far as the status quo is concerned. If we're not careful, we'll face the loss of our high school, the A MOST important decision! That's another thing that amazes me--nobody ever said that education was a budget item which should be trimmed and altered and mutilated for daily shipping out of town (to Castlewood or to the sake of economy--nobody ever said that education should be cheap. A really good education is expensive--for example, have you sent a child to college lately? The cut-rate variety of education that the Wise County School Board pro-consolidation forces seem to be advocating will short change not only our kids but our futures and theirs! Education is, in my opinion, the most impor- tant function of society, because without it, democracy and organization fail, to be replaced by Capxtol Commentary by Congressman Rick Boucher DIABETES PREVENt-ON November is National Diabetes Awareness Month Each year in the United United States increased by more States, diabetes is diagnosed in about 800;000 people. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder affecting the body's ability to make or use insulin, the hor- mone that transports glucose from digested nutrients into the than 60 percent. One in three Americans born in 2000 will get 5' diabetes in their lifetime ifr : current trends continue. These disturbing figures highlight the need for early detection screenings, which help doctors body's cells for energy and prevent the onset of the more zi: growth. The disease causes a. serious affects of the disease ;-:J; variety of disabling and life- such as heart, kidney, and'vision threatening complications and is complications. the leading cause of nontraum- Accordingly, I am a coauthor who-knows-where) of our teenagers, who will anarchy and dictatorial rule. It took too long toatic amputations, blindness of the Catalyst to Better Diabetes eventually be graduates of CHS or heaven-knows- develop civilization into the wonderful society among working-age adults, and Care Act of 2007. This ql ,fvhat, and the loss of the town's heart that we have to let it go b cause of a few dollars! . end-stage kidney disease. Nearly legislation will create a cross- But back to the mmedlate problem, if you re . . . : In other words, Tuesday's election will .",21 million Americans-7 percent agency, collaborative patient and,!- :determine the majority on the Wise County interested in maintainingthesamesortof lifestyle 2e tOtalA S hProP tlon] lave provider outreach program to'.' School Board, and that majority will very likely as we presently enjoy in St Paul, then ou must 2.o i. mMcrease utilization of the I7" Y Ame edicare diabetes screening make the decision about consolidation. Of course, vote tor Kyle Fletcher tot the Nchool Board. Of meaning their blood glucose benefit established in 2003. This ;, we thought that would all happen two years ago,course, his election won't guarantee anything (sugar) levels are higher than provision will save money and t DI normal but not h gh enough for a except tha "strict 4 will be represented by Kyle . i . lives by reducing the enormous and the anti-consolidation forces won, but here we and Monty, both of whom will vote against tdagnOiSnlSa2feldiabe eSris2Ucttatg number of Medicare benefic-A goagain! . iaries with undiagnosed diabetes. . District 4 voters who are interested in consolidation, gorv. Every month, 200,000 maintaining our community schools MUST vote I'm told that it would take about as much ()no out ofevery 10 health seniors enroll in Medicare, and ::: for Kyle Fletcher for the District 4 seat. While money to refurbish, air condition and update all care dollars is spent on diabetes ofthose, 40,000 have diabetes. '.:: Vanessa Perry, whom I know slightly, is a very our high schools (SPHS, as the newest building, .an.d its complications. In ad- 13,000-20,000 of these indiv- ii ' n dition to the $132 billion spent iduals are unaware they have the nice person, she favors consolidation, and that just doesn t eed an enormous amount of work) as it eacn year as a resmt or me disease and as a consequence do won't do. Kyle, a St. Paul native and veteranwm to OUlm me new scnoom, t ne county tArlll disease s nrevalence diabetes is not receive the preventive care school board member, vigorously supports the then have to run a lot more buses daily, construct a signific t cause of heart they need. This legislation will maintenance of community schools, and iS the athletic facilities, buy equipment and all those disease, stroke and the leading help make at risk patients aware member we need to have representing us in Wise' things that are necessary in order to maintain a cause of kidney disease. . of screenings and resources -at least those of us who don't want the nature and decent program. Mention of athletic facilities . SenlOrSv e .at a. Pea tt;cul available to them through! riSK tor ae opmg atat,s Medicare to combat the disease "flavor" of our wonderful small town to change, tmngs up anomer point--all ot our KIOS in wise annroximatelv one-half of all Seeing a doctor and getting a The move presently being discussed, I County, at least all I know of, are able to diabetes cases occur in people physical is the best way to,) understand, is the construction of three new participate in whatever sports they choose to play. older than 55 years of age. determine an individual's risk schools (undoubtedly one in Big Stone Gap, one With consolidate'a schools, howeve- v--ve '-.------qTv-'' ', m re wm de Minorities also face an increased for developing diabetes. I::: . risk of developing diabetes, and encourage everyone in l in Wise, and probably one in Coebum). Since the qmte a lot more picking and choosing by coaches, the CDC has estimated that by Southwest Virginia to useI handwriting on the wall seems to indicate, and a lot of our kids (at least those whose parents 2050, one in two minority adults DiabetesMonth as however, that a school at Coeburn would be opt to send them 13 or 20 or however many miles will have the disease. Other risk opportunity to visit a physicianl nothing more than another Coeburn High Schoolthey'll have to go to get to a Wise" County school) afaCt rsfamilyf r allhistoryAmericans of diabetes,include determineWith a friendwhat OrstepsrelatiVecan bet il with little to mark it as a consolidated school I wdl be onutted from sports partmlpatlon What a think that at least 85 percent of St. Paul students " t elng overweight, lack otregmar taken to live a longer, healthier sname. IreS is nigh scnoot, alter mr, and exercise, and low HDL chol- life. Early detection and will be at Castlewood, should consolidation everybody should get a shot at doing what they esterol or high blood pressure, treatment are vital to preventing become a reality Members of the School Board,want to do, to find out where they excel and Some necessary pro.active stepsor delaying the onset of diabetes wh re the d ' 1 ' include taking a diabetes nal other than Kyle Fletcher and Monty Salyer, e y on t. Certain y they shouldn t put :,or its complications. " however, don't seem to be able to understand that, athletics ahead ,f academi- h;,h test, getting earlier access to For more information on set as they are on ridding Wise County of the " . quality treatment, and making National Diabetes Awareness '7 ammet!cs are lmporta:n, t! . . . healthy choices like eating right Month, please visit the website :; expense (expense?) of educating the Russell tJla you know that some people--including at and staying active, of AmericanDiabetes : County students whose parents have seen fit to least one I know of on the School Bo,a[fl and Between 1990 and 2001, Association at i send them to St. Paul, by doing so through several on the Board of Supervisors--don t seemdiabetes prevalence in the www.diabetes.org. consolidation (or through whatever other means to think it'll make any difference if St Paul loses they might choose to employ, such as tuition), its school, its identity, its heartbeat? What do you fou thous]tlLabel I ebemliae.2ee ia To the Editor: : Wise County will lose the state funding of from suppose those people would think if St. Paul zffUC o un Wmerior to a Jack Kennedy's outstanding. : $7,000 to $8,000 per year that follows the student, residents said the same thing about Big Stone Gap $15.00 baseball cai made in efforts in court and land record technology are widely recognize, It also escapes most of those other members of the or Wise or Coeburn? ,(I omitted Pound and China which has been given out, among the law enforcemeng . 53oard that they U also lose the state mone.y. :: j Appalactiia, since they!lll3elvict com01i" i:,:i as a gitt ,in the p t. !f w e. !s attorneys, surveyors, bankers provided for St. Paul students, since most Of them nation much as Sr.Paul will be0 " purdtasea t)eyo.na m.i's mentl d realtors locally. The alt . use, corporate aonauons are so - The point-to-point audio/vid- will be going to Castlewood, taking their moneyemauve to eonsonaauon tor ram-- ,ht to bear the cost Such was the to Russell County. The annual loss to Wise just leave us alone, let us keep our state money ~ase during the SesquiCentennial eo system enabled teleconfer- ences between the Red Onion County because of the phenomenon of "state and local tax money and do our thing. That's not Celebration and Wallens Ridge Prisons to the imoney follows the student" will be well into the likely to happen, however Wise County paid $712.50 court without having to expend :.millions of dollars. Yet, consolidation, according for a mural in the office of a So vote for Kyle Fletcher on Tuesday, and r h, cn v public monies on high-security to the pro-members on the School Board, is pray that we get to keep our school--and our ir ui' Cou t"Cler'kls'Offi'c'e. transport. Without the work of Jack , supposed to be about saving money, town! . County did so after the Clerk of Kennedy, the public security risk the Court, Jack Kennedy, person- of prisoner transports to the "----LCtt rsomeattor :-t;'- e='-:--- ally paid for a larger mural in the Courthouse from local max To the Editor" front office of the Clerk's Office. security prisons would have bee e . not have the time for him to do Each Constitutional Officer of much greater the p.a;s,t few years, i .In upcommg e!ectmn the so. Jack Kennedy has incorp- the county has a certain amount' Jack Kennedy s work Readers are invited to write [ To the Editor: - re.g)smreu voters wtse. .ounty orated many technological ad- of autonomy for paint and organize new mapping using GIS [ letters on matters of general [ Local Republicans credit will have, an .opportumty an.d vancements in the office. Many various office improvements, the has been amazing as well by just tnerK ot t ourt JaCK r enneay as [ interest to the public Letters do I responsmn}ty to, once .agam, of these innovations are just now cost of which is included in the nawng provided auvlce anu I not necessarily reflect the I ~laevt aon e rtu,t, Court. C terK. t beginning to pay off and need courthouse maintenance budget, i looking to a recent murder trial involving a Coebumarmed rob-;. I ~clitorial ~oliev ofI counsel to me wtse t ounty o Know t om gen os p y or emtormi poucy o[ " additional attention from Mr.Perhaps after reading this, bery and tracking the trail of thei . . Board of Supervisors as ff that tlemen running tor ttus important e if the ar re their I Pr ;Yrv Kenn dy" y eto ach " some will continue to think the now convicted murder defendant.: [ letters;, .The maY?ies a restingto note that in o lce, jac,enneoy a te.uow full potential, spending on these items to have Today, because of Jack Clinch Valley Times wdl not ] Valley. Times will not recent years two Virginia gov- a o,rney an a, naLDeen at me noun This is, simply put, not a time been frivolous, but clearly that is o mearer is nrr Cer .a nufm he to be changing the circuit court any citizen's right, and respon- (Continued on page 7) i I.P.riht unsigned letters.; emors have sought Jack Ken- Y ". Y clerk Mr. Kennedy works hard, sibility. My response is only to : ; ' nedy s advice and counsel thro- attomeys in Wise" County dealunderstands the issues and confurta the expenditure and the TO tile Editor: ugh-appointments to administra- Vatsnsnlm2n nls omce on a,aany problems in the office, and needs reason for those decisions lmch , :Having known Sheriff Oakes, tion advisory panels, an ave come to Knowto d ' " further evelop the com uterSmcerel ' :.:; I ll m l] add .working for him for almost Moreover, the Republican- " . p " Y' Jack well. I know Danny Mullms ac . cess ro ams ne nas lnlnatea(.ilenA bKmner lley i 107years, I can recommend him controlled legislature has ap- mrougn his insurance business,p grj . . . " r enneay nas earned ourcounty ,mministrator tcr 1he voting public. I enjoyed pointed him time and time again ms aum rame ctvtc mvotvement continued support I urge you to ' !Times my. time working for him at the to provide advice and counsel as wl .the university progr.ams, re-elect him when you go to the Sl]eriff's Office, where I gained to 'best practices' on technology and mrougn ms son, wno a "ollsonNovember6 ~. " MEMBER "-i=- - valui ble ex erlence and know- for Vtrgmla s Circuit Court Clerk . v to me Zaltor" -" ' " " former prosecutor in our court t- r~ t-.;~r . . " VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION P l e3J;ge of law enforcement. He is offices, ayat~ttt."''*~'"~ ~t~,t~ Th'~"~" t~l" Ho'~^ taut, totA^"k~ tul-- ttty--" A,-*^-- '"~"-"" "-' ~^ ' JaCK enneov. has assemoiea person and a great leader. Not too long ago a Virginia : : t-xttu, tl y aw a wonderful staff team over the Published weekly in St. Paul, tllltlUt UlO.L t-~Ol.ll alF 5111UUIU HI Wise years, many ruth names hke I-was in a position to see him Supreme Court Justice referred their desire to properly manage VA 24283, by the CLINCH and advance the clerk s office. e'0effyday even under stressful to him as a court 'technology,taracle nensley, uzanne Kam- VALLEY PUBLISHING c0 ditions, he was always a true guru' and the Virginia State Bar soy, Aprd Huff, Velma Shell, Joe case loan m me clrcmt To the Editor --, ;- . CO INC. prdfessional. In my opinion there President appointed him to memn,a mye, June court clerk s office is, m the In a recent letter to the editor is; only one choice for Sheriff provide leadershipin law . . . . and aorma umns opinionof many who areof Clinch Valley Ttmes 0ssue " The Clinch Valley Times Please join me on November 6 practice technology. - tne arcmtect or leaaersmp to fannhar with the court system, date October 18, 2007) reference serves the four-county area of a~!d vote R.D. dukes for Sheriff. Over the years hundreds of . . renovate anu moaermze me once approachmg critical mass. The was made to frivolous spendmg dust, dila-idated and fre"uentl. Wise, Russell, Dickenson and S.incerely, local people have sought Jack number of criminal cases alone as it related to purchase of wine r, . e "t s Scott, with offices and plant - Scott A. Brooks Kennedy's counsel and advice. ' neglected clerk ot court ottice has exploded m the past few and renting of golf carts The located in the CLINCH 2 Ft. Paul For goodness sakes,he is " . nas oeen Jac r, enneay along years. Wise County is awash in golf carts were rented in order to VALLEY TIMES building, wlm ueulcateo smr te v- 16541 Russell Street. Perio- ; qualified to give advice since he lll.eg.al drugs and most of the meet the needs of accessibd ty, ,on ' ' has a law license and significant crimmat cases are drug rotated safe and securi associated v . dicals postage is paid at the To,'the Editor: localand stategovernment " " . Properly combining years of We have over 100 pohce officers with a crowd estunated to be bet- ex eri nee nd "" " Post Office in St. Paul, VA p e a conege degree .'Tile mean-spirited attacks experience. in this .county working hard on ween 12,000 and 13,000 thro- edu ati 24283. being waged against the solidSincerely, c on n anoweo me t ler this problem and arrestingughout the day (and mght) who of Court -ffice ', o,4, record of Clerk of Court Jack Cindy Bates violators. We are now authorized came to celebrate the County's ""':' Ann Young Gregory Editor K enne.dy by his opponent are not Wise wor s orsuccess honored oy two 9 prosecutors to deal w th thts Sesouicentennial at the Lone- Allen Gregory Advertising right.: . . state governors, the Vl, ,nna increased case load. On many some Pme Raceway m CoeburnAssociation of Cot, nties, and Susan Trent Adv./Graphics ;.Tlie only thing D.G. Mullins To the Editor: (lays there are 4 courts in session and meet our Governor. Many numerous inde endent -"ou"sMichael Robinson Production is bffering voters is to run down Clerk of Court Jack Kennedy at the same tim.e. The next few people had to park at least 100 across the statePand natio 't e JaCk On television, in print, and has helped many people in Wise years are going to be a yards away and some parked . o ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONSi ast Iew ears in-person. This type of politics, County become trained in challenging time for the clerk s further from where they would P . . y e In advance: $25.00 in Wise and Jack r enneay nas an out as2-W illy Witt recently suggested handgun safety and apply for office. The allocation of man- be seated. Many had walking standin -ublic service record Russell counties; $27.50 in other the right way to politic, is concealed carry permits, g P 24- zip codes; elsewhere, $30.00. power in working this case load challenges due to age and other that s"eaks for itself. He and his m '3at illysick. Today peopleneedprotection issue wil! need careful and factors and since steps were . .e . , o deputy clerks are very Know ? Trying to win a political from some who would break and thoughtful attention, involved for 25 of the seats, 'e " POSTMASTER: send address ca/npaign based on false enter, stalk, assault, trespass and - l ogeaDle, etmcal and dedicated The d fference in the two the carts were used to assist those changes to: Clinch Valley Times, information and a negative smear steal from you to me cmzens otwlse t ounty candidates is In the area ofwho were challenged from and ", P.O. Box 817, St. Paul, VA ,t~on t let your vote ne will be rejected by voters. The It is good to know that we experience and knowledge of the to their automobiles. These carts influenced b fear of tech "o 24283 . media should look at the record have a county clerk of court court system. Jack Kennedy has were available to the Sheriff's Y nol gy off:the one casting the stones of trying to help law-abiding citi- - or unemlcal accusauons SINGLE COPY- 50c worKed m me court system tor ottlce, local rescue teams and all gations, zens protect themselves from Jack r enneay has contrloutea years both as an attorney and as Members of the VFW who a lot to wise tsounty 1. tor one, "The bad-mouthing of Jack criminals, clerk of the court. I believe Mr. assisted. Classified Advertising: Minimum K nnedy is yet another example I hope you will join me in re- Mullins would have to overcome Wise County's award-win- will be castin my vote Tuesday, charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, November 6 to keep Jack of -the type of politics causing many people to shy away from pqlitics and public service. "Sincerely, Victor Hall C eburn electing Jack Kennedy since he is doing an outstanding job as Clerk of Court. Sincerely, Rocky Hall Coeburn a difficult learning curve to get ning wine has been purchased to up to speed on the current have on hand to use as commem- situation. There is no doubt in orative gifts to visiting officials. my mind that he is capable of This wine is a product of Wise learning the workings of the County and bears the special clerk's office, it's just that we do sesquicentennial commemorative Kennedy and his staff on the job in 2008 and beyond Sincerely, Rhonda Sturgill Big Stone Gap :inadvance; 25c per word after 20 words. Display Advertising rates on ,application. Periodicals publication Postal ISSN: 767600