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November 1, 2007     Clinch Valley Times
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November 1, 2007

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FOOTBALL FRIDAY 7:30 P.M. Castlewood m Coebum St. Paul at Thomas Walker It " 'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things. ' " Vol. L, No. 44 . Thursday, November 1, 2007 Saint Paul, Virginia 50c --" II I1" I I J I i"r~'l" fliT" " " ' I J I!11 ,- I ! I I " / /"+ on has The St. Paul Industrial De- velopment Authority Board,of its investments, and made community, and a loop around plans to renew and/or modify the Gray Hill residential area. meeting Monday in regular ses- the format under which the Present for the meeting were sion (,postponed from Monday, funds are invested. IDA Board members Jay Zeig- October 22, heard a report from Harrison reported on the ler, Jack Kiser, J. D. Cassell, IDA member Bob Harrison that John Ponish of Appalachianbroadband and fiber opticBob Harrison and Myers Fox; opportunities which will be IDA Chairman Jim Short; IDA Technical Services, Inc Abing- available to St. Paul in the near Attorney Linda Tiller; IDA don, was the only applicant who future. Planned, he said, are Treasurer Pa 'icia Ward; and responded to the advertisement service to the business several spectators. to submit an RFP (Request For - ooooe Seventeen attend meeting for man House project. Harrison and others on the IDA Board have met with Po- SP Downtown Revitalization nish, and will recommend to the Town Council that his employ- ment be approved and that he be update & projectdiscussion THE TIME IS NOW! This Halloween/autumn decoration at the Lawrence asked to go forward with the Worley residence on Gray Hill is best viewed at night, so that its twinkling fights RFP and project plans. Representatives of many of of the To,was present. Re- The Board adjourned to athe groups which are to be presenting St. Paul Tomorrow and complex design of corn shocks, pumpkins and fall flowers is evident! A real closed meeting following the invol ,ed in the Downtown were Lou Ann Wallace, Becky work of art, this display deserves all the viewing it can get! conclusion of regular business, Revitalization project, should it Murrey, Suzy Harrison and Ann -- but took no action upon be funded, were at a meeting at Gregory. All are also business :,returning to open meeting. The the St. Paul Town Hall Monday owners (Mrs. Murrey s husband, f I dml rt rl ,r 1 r,r wt " " i " : ' .[ closed meeting was convened to afternoon, an attorney, maintains an office L, fill IlL .1 UI Ig Vlg:;lllLi e . " i' discuss disposition of property, Charles McConnell, Monty in St, Paul). Janie Vicars, also a " anan Ontmties and the City of librao, of each school, and at the' operates a Fond Bank eachTuck"] and memb. " held a discuss!on Salyer and Steve Garter re- business owner, was present. stA~onSe%ad~Sp, ~ndpTUCs~YScop~ Norton. Voluntemsneeded-train- R~pSsal~CR ;~Rl~i~cLibrary' E nafr om2-1a l ] wath pnn.mpaisgI.a. O rP V2men presented the Wise County Since all the requiremehts Cht~h. ;ednes l 's" Wise 8 ing availabl*. Call 1-S00-572- ' el----" t may De mteresma m p g Redevelopment and Housing outlined by the Department of 78 women sur vors oz sexual as- Authority, the agency which will Housing and Community p.m Trinity United. Methodist StNiOR cmZENS sauh are invited to attend Clinch COMMUNITY CENTER 1, prop~Tty. . . manage the project. Ken Poore, Development must be met by Church; Fridays: Clmtwood, 7!30 "r~. ro.a ~,a e .i f'ifi Valley Community Action. IncJ The West Dante Community i The Board learned that a debt p.m. Clintwood United Metho- ?,: ~,o "7"" Family Crisis Services' stmport Center meets at 7 p.m. fustMon- F ,-,wael tn *h~ T]'3A hv ~ eomrmnv of Ken Poore Associates, May 1, Charles McConneil said ' zensmeetat lO&m. weonesctays" " " ' "-- ' ti I ' vv, v~, ,-, * ~----- v, - - ---t-'---.r dist Church group meeting wtth wotuns of days, For more itfforma on,ca I t.:.:. -. * a I Richmond, was also present, the meeting was being held to COPPER CREEK ELEMEN- ar Lq~ k~asuowooQ Lions DeTt. elm; Qr eit, mti^.~ Mond~v~ |fl']0 495-7026 or495-8473 I to wtttbt~ tt tt.m,u~u ~ttuu%y x~ o~= TARY PTA-3rd Monday, 7 Any?~hy3r ve~ieS~mo~'it~d~izens a~m".l"2 n~'n~.'Fo'"r"in"fo~rtna~on, CLOTHES~ET I hind four payments, or approxi- Four Town Council members, determine a timeline and who's p.m scnool cafeteria. -. call Rande Hackler 276-988- The Women On Mi, n group i On0 The Board ex-including Jim Short, Harry Ke!- to do what. Joy Rumley of the ARD-FouRh meet eaea Monoay a~a tuesemy : p J .-- ) . ST. eAUL mA SO 5583, or Ranetta Da s, 276-889- at apt t Chub, St, I, el ly, Steve Stewart and Kennem DHCD facilitated a discussion MondavsHall. ~ 7 ~, m St Psul Town ~.~t.at to a.m.R.u~uat me uantOc .otmty,t'n'eresi-Ue" V~E"C'OFFICEt')~ a.m"-~- r~"~ aTuesdays.Clothes ClosetAnyonefrOm 9-1whol i:l weeks.l.n;~ta Holbrook, were present, as well of these items later in the P WN COUNCIL Dents ~ or maer are mwte~, me ST. AUL TO " ." ~' The Virg/niaEmploymentCom- needs othtnS we o . Ij Members an roved payment as Bob Harrison of the IDA meeting. Second Me d y. p mmmon sNorton office hours are FREE HIV TESTING I' ^# . ;o, for the Board, also represented by Jim McConnetl outlined what Pub5 Library L~banort, are o: a.m.-,: p.m r ] ) " . t~ontlnuea on page t9). RUSSELL COUNTY W&SA- " "~" ^ ' 9 FREE ADULT ED wisco ,~ ~o, offer ~ L m.l audit. Short. Earl Carter, an employee . ; , Water ~ Se- MIIU/II] ~arn-~pm wtr The Russell Cotmty,' Z'" "0a" ";" " Free adult education classes are confidential HIV testing through- I The Board discussed several A ard of Direc am-3pm.' ::,a. i ,m,-z p.m 0 m-LpO wage Authority ROs ndMonda s " ' ;=':"+'~;'["~';mA' ,-~v, t, am,~ avmlable m Lee Scott andWme outtheyem" Forinfommtt n, call|.: George Ca ell to ret re i tots, 6 p.m. eeo.Y countms ~md the Ctty of Norton. Wise County, 318-8000; Lee Co 'S SUPPORT nonrs at me J tree matmews . . 0 ' - --all: 52 y s ,ALZHEIMER " " ,~ '. Davttme and evening classes for Health Dcpt 276-346-2 11, or [ T~f]t] ] t'~'t~Tt~,"~t, qt ~"rl ,f~Lr First Tu,~l~ ! -m Arm.la mernorm~,mrary, m. vam are~ ~. Sx~rr "o Health r'~'t 276- #'~, ---~, r -Tr-- - tx a ~]~.~' A a~mzs who want ~o improve me~r x~ . ~'P ", - I .a a.t,4,atatxj ~ '~,~* ~.L J.~,~'. ~. t~ r Senior Citizens a.m.--, p.m s~" ' ch~an Agency o . bamc skills Instructors also assist 386-1312. l . Its ++oo+++ o. . er ear at Auto Pa o,aypoo " " 0 " adults wtth job-related skills m- FREE GED CLASSES : NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS-8 n " ,or . at. I or George Campbell, Castle- - Tuesdays and Saturdays, P ~ewmg. For details call 1-800- the Oxbow Fpmlily Inveslmunt |, PresbytarianChurclLNorton. speetatpr ~am,~,~m,~,es" 422 3433 or 276 386-2433 c er st r ,om and I' The . St, Paul Police wood, will retire from the Federated AutoPartsstoreinSt. , . . Paul on Wednesday, October 31, after a52 year career ere. : t~idonfot~q~lays'atT. Stmdaysl-Sp.m.- " h~an'Dicke,solL Rus~ll and ~antc Lives On wiU host a Jam 1 l~ Tr~ t~;ll he handerl n~g When Campbell ~a~ae back ST. PAUL LODGE #343-Se- S,OCI~.[.~E~a~I~[Y Office T~tze'-well counties to individuals '$es.~i~n at 6 p.m. first Fridays at ~ ~""" ~" "',~" t. to the area after a stint in the Onnd Thursdays, 7:30 p.m Star- . ~r,c wt~ ,= ~. un~ with disabilities ~gardless of the old Pittgon 10mild~ in Dante. Irom o p.m. to w p.m. m open monaays-rn(~ys n-om ',:ed-Com~on" First Thurs- . age Call 1-88~'56-2272All mu~id~s and other /nterested " - Army from 1950 .to 1953, he day, 7p.m Sehool'ofInstmetion. azm.~p.m:.Phone, n~ bem are:- GENEAi~OGYGR~ persons ate invited to attend went to. work for Smith WH- T #8652 DAV ~ut~//z-~zl~ or -~10-07~- 0.:;5. VFW POS ~,p ~.The Russell County Genealogy GEl) ONLINE CHAPT Y +Grou meets at 5'30 m first The.Regtonal,~.dul umon dillto iams Motors in the same- build- au R 12.-4th Tuesda 7 CHILDREN S Re'RAMS :-. " " t Edu " ,m',rra~ Riverview Coeburn ' J. trod Mattlaews Memorim: ~ P, - 7" P" ~ - ~ " offmin free GEl3 C ing f om which he will retire on v- -, ',~ . thursdays at the rut~seu t.ounty rrogram -m g liT "s Ltbrery St. sponsors " Wednesday-it's now the Fede- HEAD STA -W: e Co./Nor- ' . 7 ' sPubh L~rary, Lebanon. The Classes Onlil]~. This .~vico is for,1 prograros lot" cnu~'en t;au tea tOn/.Diekc son Co. Head Start " Group's purpose is "to lem'a,to qualify~gandad~ltlearners, o,c t II$ tl"tt' F rated Auto Parts store in St. s ~/uz ior ~UO~ VV Board, third Tuesday . Heed Start " ~ and to perpetunm fitmily orwithoat their own home corn- ~% 1 ~ ~,lll PolicyCotmcil, second Tuesdays. L [BRA,Y FRIE i history" For information, call puters in Lee, Scott and Wise Paul. GHBORS rnenos ot me J ~rea Nunmews " "~s " NEI AID-Thursdays . Sunset Salyers, 276-889-0437. eomm and the oty of Noaon. Smith Williams Motors was 30 t 12 t ]'here " Ne" twemonm morary or. ram meet - 9. o . S. s stigh" at" me L,t~ary on"h't t~" tu- ese'asy JOIN THE FRIENDS For oo. +-o. ~ + S the Studebaker automobile Ix)is Aid Build-ing. new & tsed . -^ Join the Friends of J. Fred Mat- On- line Co-ordinat~ Marci dothingfor sale ~24:J, .~,km;r ,~ thews Memorial LaTmmy and help Gore, 1-800-422-3433 (in Scott dealership in St. Paul. Campbell RUSSELL CO. BOARD OF v.r.~.ru~ ~ :,ff~ . . promote the improvement of faei- County, 386-2433), I-n p s said on Friday that the counter SUPERVISORS-First Monday, VI"W Post ~864, Leban~, wet- lilies and services of the library. GEDTESTING rl on he works behind now has been comes nc~v m6TIIDfrS 13 yOU 6 p.m Lebanon " Send mmae address and phone GED Testing is avmlable Men- D LODGE #256serve~ overseas cmrmg any war .' . moved just a little from his work CLINCHFIEL " . ' number smth a $5 membership day through Thursday and on Stated Comm " " wine vt, w vest ~tm t'u tmx ' " Rebecca Ann Caudill, 37, station in 1953. George Campbell umeatmn, 1st Samr Lift. to J Fred Matthews Memo- Saturdays at the W:sa Co. Alter- days, 7:30; Sehonl of Instruction .I419, Lebanon:.VA 24266, and nal'Librar~/, Att'n:Wilma Evans, native ~.ucation cen r, wt . Castlewood, was the subject of a In 1955, that auto dealership sono name aaaress ann lmone third Thursdays, 7p.m. " ~'' ~ w" PO Box 1976 St Paul VA Call 276-328-8612 for more TOPS 34 BI N Thurs nmm)er. ~ransters e~eomea. " ' ' " ',- 3 C OE ,YR~' .-,- HEALTH SERVICES 24283. Make cheeks payable to mforreataon concerning O~D sentencing hearing in Russell had financial difficulties and during'his summer vacations. Days, tu a.m um uomm~on re- - Friends of the J. Fred Matthews testing. County Circuit Court on Thurs- closed, Campbell said. Fred Campbell, as well as being a werCn Coebum lne WiSe ~OtllRy I-loalul l.)e- l~.t " II't.-~ I~'t'w'trlrtlRTRIRIITIf~N day, October 11, concerning her Phillips, who founded Phillips consistent and hard working partmen~ wxse zs open n'om a ' - - RECOVERY GROUP-The . . " --,EASTERN STAR Marathon Ministry will hold plea of guilty of embezzlement Auto Supply, gave him a job. At employee, has worked hard' at ter conductsWiSe County Mcmal HealthonC.en-for mesa'm"'~wm'P'm'ocnrstTb .~. YS.otmr~ m ramuyCli" Clinch V~aliey Chapter #iS2, Food Distn'bution for the. Needy from the Russell County Water - mat time, the Phillips business, being a good citizen, as well. He I areonvery gr p." ' I andOrder of Eaatem Star, meetseach each second Thursday and third substance abusers and farnd,es p,a~, rag, pematr~cSCnOO . ~ fourth Tuesday except for March Saturday at the Marathon omc~ & Sewage Authority, a plea which was located at Sun was a is a 10ng time member of Fort i 0810Fridays at 10 a.m. Call 276-679- ~mrnuntzauons.~un p.nys, eatS,Appommmnts ~'' ra~ anaare 'and. December', when the meet- '-~-o o ,+,+, which was accepted by the court full service car and truck repair Gibson United Methodist i K neees~r~ for all but immaniza- rags are on the second Tuesday. Casflewood. Call 276-762-2378. on July 20, 2007. shop. The repair shop later Church where he has been a t~ Jes t,~r~ x,~,-,~,~ t,nna- . "-~ . All meetings are at 7"30 o m :~ ,~n~Tl~nt pn~.t':l~A~ ;.-'r~" ''7 '--=. '~f Ai~,~hnlics meet Mondavs~ 762-328-8000ta ns eor an appomt-ment, cmt tm'lPl~D.NIe).=~,o ^' " r, Control a free diabetes Although she could have became Phillii s Auto Parts member of a select singing / p.m ru's~ ~almst~nttren, ~" 5 IPPtt.iL " I1P~ ~ ~ ~&VAll DicKelIson LAN.Ilny~. r---=----'~rn~m'~m meets at Oxbow center, received an entirely suspended warehouse, andover the years, group. 6588bum" Call76.679762-0016.7371276-39- ~,~ne tacoma Lommunny ~anter Sdcox helps file veterans' clatms. S' Pa,| ;6nmgndMoncL, aw:. . ,-- sentence, Judge MichaelL. became connected with other For a number of years, or2 " . ~.~ For appomlanent, call 276-835- THRIFT STORE i DANTE/WEST DANTE-Corn- mda avauames and showers rremnonsAll-'roecodsmrm" 8 t^" ingots. -- The Store at old Moore, responding to arguments Auto Parts Supply stores in the Campbell was a volunteer fori munity meeting 7 p.m second Y,v - A Deaf - offered by Russell County Corn- area. ~a a~ + ~'*~ ~ ni",rehabilitate the Tacoma School as C m- partm Clinchfield building. Dame, ts Boy Scouts of America, most t au " ,~.~'"~;~"'~'~',m, mr more " a Community Center. ForVeterans Sem ms n ve open T,e t.ys and Fridays from monwealth's Attorney Michael During the years between notably as a troop leader wlio -- .: "" information, caJI395-6398, wiU assist clionls and answer 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Items maybe J. Bush that incarceration was 1955 and 2002, Campbell was taught and led more than 30 mrr-r.z ~ ~ ~:,~E [00TH BIRTHDAY? questions at the Coebum VFW donated or purchased. Proceeds '~:~" ~,~ ~',~'~." A~alaehian Azeney for Senior Post from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. every go to the Dante Clean Up Crew. warranted,sentencedher to an employee of Phillips Auto boys to the rank of Eagle Scot~t. 1 IlC LAInCn K1VCr L tt e 1~.~ CS W1 ] i I ,o ra meets at ~ p.m. tmro Citizens reono-i-~s~ --- v"ersons in third Thursday. No serv~ I DANTE UV S ON three years in prison, with two Parts at Sun. In 2002, Federated He had to give up his workwith aunaays at the u~w~ t~u,mng R-sscll Dickensou: Buchanan beavadablemCoeburnmJune The Dante Lwes On Board meets years and nine months Auto Parts bought the Phillips the Scouts because of health ~ m erem~ ,~ a T~.~e.II counUes who are Russell County-Disabled. Ame- at 5 p,m, on 2nd Tuesdays at the mersoUn~UaTe ~ied?~ att~d 100 years old or older, Call Dana rican Veterans Servi~ Officer old Clmchfield .Office building. A suspended. Judge Moore also business, Campbell continued to issues within his family, i T~H Colins 1-800-656-2272 to ad- PerryJolmsonwulaSSlstvetersns t~ommtm~ty Meeting ,s fomth said that Caudill must pay work for FederatedAuto Parts Campbell's retirement will sc of an, ,m filing drams thtrd Tues y Tuesdays at 6 p.m. restitution of $30,000 to the in the warehouse at Sun. give him more time to finish the t ne uanm ~elgnoornoon walcn ~,~ ,r~, ~ ~" ~ ~-- " 2 3 ~0 -t thO RLLqgO ] B,~ ~t.- ~,l~,rm ~t.t.| ~ v m~)h+ :,~h,la,~ uonl -- :a p.m. a u.t.e.~ u ~ u~ tal~ ] PTO~IIn V~III m~ al 1 p m Oil ~uv~, u *j, + , - . " " SCtlOOI, POLICIES Coun~ Pubhe ~brary, l.eban.on, The Book Diacu sslon .of .Russell County Water & In 2004, the warehouse atbook he has started to write.;It second Mondays at the Dante The Wisa County Se on . ,ssa, t:ounty-Ammean J. Matth,ws Memnal t.m.Sewage Authority, and must Sun dosed, and Campbell about this area, and the things Community Building. Call 495- Board maintainsaPoli y Manual Log~on Post 208 Post Service rary meets at 6 p.m. fourth also pay all court costs, moved to the St. Paul location at that he has witnessed during his 7007 for information, which is available to the public in Officer Todd Salyer can esstst Thursdays at the mvers,~ Diner. The embezzlement spanned a the comer of Broad Street and eighty-plus years. H.O.P E. HOUSE the lihrarv of each school and in with veterans' claims, records The annual holiday dinner meet- H.O.P.E House provides emer- eael~'co'tmty public l~rary, and family assistance. Call him at ing be a day, time period of January l, 2003, FiRh Avenue. The biggest change in the gcney shelter for victims of do- Conies of the Russell County 276-889-5884 or276-274-6588. 6 Mmtzrs 0han through December 3 I, 2005, Campbell has a long history Auto Parts business over the mestic violence in Wise, Rus~ll. School" Board Policy Manual have FOOD BANK ornaments and discuss In Search Diekenson, Lcc, Seott,'mdBueh- been placed in th oflicc and the First Baptist ChurdL St. Paal, .ofEdenbyLindaNiehols. Caudill is presently servingof wet[ring in St. Paul. As a years Campbell said, was the her prison sentence, at the teenagers, while attending Tem- development of technology, Church and church-related activities calendar on page 3 So, west virginia Regional ple Hill High School, he worked especially in the areas of Jail in Abingdon. at Lays Hardware, St. Paul, diagnosis and repair. STORY TIME "TRICK OR TREAT" About th-]rty Children from Story Time at J. Fred Matthews MemorialLibrary in St. Paul made their annual Halioweeen "trick or treat" visit to area businesses on Friday morning, accompanied by several parents. Some of them were brave enough to wear costumes themselve I t I