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October 22, 2009     Clinch Valley Times
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October 22, 2009

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illll ll!t l mlllmm FOOTBALL FRIDAY 7:30 P.M. St. Paul at Coeburn Twin Springs at Castlewood I II ..... I , " 'The time has come,', the walrus said, 'to talk of many things...' " Vol. LI, No. 43 ; Thnrsday, October 22, 2009 Saint Paul, Virginia I I -- . * -- -I .... I ' , II I • . .a '.' j, prissy " 50c Ill I ! on, Mayor Kyle Fletcher told rer Baca to contact Planning accessed by going to towaofst members of the St. Paul Town Commission members and askpaul.erA. Council on Tuesday, October them to meet and suggest revi-. The Council:dgteed to hold a 13, that he has both addressed sinus. : closed meeting for the purpose the Wise County Board of Su- of discussing contracts. No pervisors and written to them The treasurer reported that action was taken when members concerning repairing the trash she has received the coal seve- • returned to open meeting. transfer station which is located rance tax check, which is $6,000 Present for the Council meet- between St. Paul and Coeburn. less than the town anticipated• ing were Town Council memb- He said that the Supervisors had She also asked Council to up- ers Raymond Trent, Sharon discussed building a new trans, prove an expenditure of $3,127 Steele, Grant Marshall, Harry fer station, with St. Paul paying for replacing the collapsed roof Kelly and Kenneth Holbrook; one-third of the cost and Coe- of the swimming pool building. Mayor .gyle Fletcher; Town burn, two-thirds. However, he They agreed. Treasurer Dobbie Baca; Town told the Board that the existing Baca also announced that the Attorney Greg Kallen;and facility could be repaired for far town's website update can be several spectators• less than the cost of constructing - anewone. Rev. Jack Carnley, long-time He said he hasn't yet had a response to his request• The Council had moved its St. Paul pastor, dies at age 76 regularly scheduled October meeting, which would have Rev. Jack M. Carnley, 76, been on the 19th, to the earlier made his final journey home on date because of a conflicting October 4, 2009. He passed VETERANS MEMORIAL DEDICATION IS FRIDAY_The new and long- meeting in Roanoke which Ms- away peacefully at his home in : awaited Veterans Memoria located in front of TruPoint Bank, will be dedicated yor Fletcher and several Council ure.Lakeland'He hadFl°rida'been ill°fforheartseveralfail" : during a ceremony oa Friday, October 23, beginning at 11 a.m. The Memorial, members planned to attend. During the meeting, Council- years. funded by private and corporate contributions, honors veterans of World Wars I woman Sharon Steele reported Rev. Carnley was born Sep- ! and It and sa4 ¢quem wars in which American service men and women have plans for the town's second an-tember 28, 1933, in Jay, Florida, been involved. Everyone is invited to attend the dedication, nual Christmas Bazaar which to Crawford and Alice Myers dy HELP b" ' - be will beheldSaturday, Novem- Carnley. Kenne 111 said to be st bet ber 21, the day that the Santa He served in the U.S. Army Train makes its annual tripduring the Korean conflict He " through St. Paul. Food and then studied theology at Christ Faith Mission, Southeastern VirginiaPr°videdNews Connecti0nbY . advanWeneeded,, to pay the surgeon in weeksingin'' the hospital for two crafts vendors, a car show, University and Assemblies of . . ce. . i. A health care bill supported Ultimately, Masterson up- Even families in Virginia musicians, dancers, a door prize, flee hot dogs for 200, and other God Seminary, where he re- oy me rote enator tzawara r, en eale .... ..... p d to the hospital directly, w'th employ-based health care activities will be featured. The ceived a Master of Arts degree neay, me AIIOrOanle Healm and . his wife received care.coverage face high health costs. Bazaar will be held between l0 in theology. Choices Act, would save Vir- However, the costs of those Virginians pay the highest per- a.m.-2 p.m. He became pastor of the St. -ginia families nearly $1,000 a visits and other health issues centage of premiums in theIn his announcements, Mayor Paul Assembly of God in the year. That analysis, in a report ultimately forced the Masterson nation. Fletcher told Council: the Town early 1960s, and retired after Rev. Jack Carnley just publ!shed by Health Care family into bankruptcy. Masterson says his wife h-s nearly 40 years as the beloved !Carnley; one son, James Cam- f orAmertca Now, finds that me The Kennedy bill is knownneeded surgery and was hos- ." "_'7 ".",r7 ...... pastor of the St Paul Assembly ley, Lakeland, Florida; two oown me eta mpenat ouuamg In a'dition" to his storal " -- " ..... Dill makes nealm msurance • .. as the HELP bill, named for the pitalized, and renovae the mehouse:" . o pa aauglaters, r, aren ratncK ana affordable because Jt provmes S n Then somethm tr madeareatuest for$25.006r duties, he also served as Assis- husband Tom, Castlewood; and ...... e ate Health, Education, Labor " g s ange suoslates for coverageana Committee happened. They : .... and Pensions sent her homethe ,-i,t-- ' tent Superintendent of the Ap- Jackie Thomas and husban -incmaes a public option. ,, " on what they called'sur lcal" ""':7 ..... :' . palachian District of the Assem- Gilbert, Lakeland, Florida; four .... The report, Kenne HELP , . g onncn unanimously up- blies of God "'e w a m ....... . Matt Masterson, a Vlrgmm ............ . dy .... furlough I kind of knew what ..... ..... ,..: ......... : .... rt as me oer bromers, r_.arl, Ray, jtmmy ana ne ch reo;a---* i........ IJlll uest jor VA, IS available - , . -; --- .... ...... ..... _ .......... tlaevwere o-l-o ana ,,re a .m.~num~tuu pt~tvntmg of the Board of Directors of Ricky Carnley; four sisters, Irom - v _ ..u.~,, ...... ula uommlon _vower t=omna ..... • me wrgmm urganlzmg . ned 16 years and has three . no w ............. Pro eet at vop ..... r,. e ugh, e received a call from increase TheSoutheastern Umverslty, and Joyce Little, Judy Warren, Dor- cnuuren, t ecause ms tamuy ma, - ................ .... :, , . :v o ,_ - _h __ served as founder and long-time Botts and 'Linda Taristori; = , , - , eallino Roa 1 the surgeon s office saying that increase, wmcn nas oeen auver- . ,, ,, '~ • not have nealth insurance, ne -- "= "~-'-~"-l""" , .... :.~a .... ~a: ....... ,~,o ,,..,..; host of Assembly Echoes, the " andfive randchildren ys his wife was forced to see rx • , .......... p, f, monthb, bill byradm and telewslon outreach Interment was held October 8 the local emergency room phy- .l~lOO(] L)rlve a[ ....... R[ ]M[ ~ | |~]~)'~ z~..,. ..... L..~,,. s ~ voice of the St Paul Assembly at Ebenezer Cemetery, Jay, SZ1 3Y, or ,50 51 percent sician for a recurring ailment .... " V'"'-" " " ". of God Florida Town Treasurer Debble Baca.. • . . • "Each time he said the same The Marsh Regional Blood ber 22. P ..... a rteverend Carnley survived Lanier Funeral Home was in thing, 'You have an ulcer. YouCenter will hold a Blood Free T shirts will be by his wife of 58 years, Frances charge of.arrangements. need to see your primary care Drive at Russell County available. All donors are invited Council to okay a resolution __ _ physician.' Ofcourse, wedidn't Medical Center, Lebanon, from to register during October to tentatively approving construc-Pm ] PA 17 cm oM,-c h- have, one, and she ended up be- 10am-3pro Thursday, Octo- win an MP3/MP4 Player. tion bids o u erlare 'ldueth; .... e p,....,~, ~,,,o ..,nt.. I,,,.~.~,,,,,u~.x .,nL ~ Jn,.'%,~,¢~L_d kJP ~ t,,,I-~i=/I, Aldl.~ki, j~ • .. , .... . ......... , .................. date of then . Y [ Calenda of eve I P " "g( " ' day, October 27, at 5:30 p.m.). Annalachla s team ai,,~ ~k.] .It. z--, -"r The resolution was passed un, SFPalaul ...... ....... 0 " " t am rdgn cnool s PACE5-1; St Paul 4-2; Clintwood 3- " r nis•.. D nat,ons are welcom l m u lscuss,on fo ........ • anlmous y, team" la in " • ... ..... a. motion , p y g at St Paul on 3; Pound and Appalachia at 2-4; 1 AA-Sundays and Tuesdays: Big zens meet at 10 a.ra. Wednesdays School Board Policy Manual have ..... e I " " "lmnn Trent Monday, barely got by Appala- and John I Burton and Poweli S n i at the Castl we ' • neeao~toooarewelcome oy ~ouncl ..... r, aymo . I ~t~n~h;G~e~e&7s: E~iS:e°Pa~ Any°he 60 °;Ov:°~s L~tesd.Den b~;~u~la~eda~ ~°olffi,ceTd ~: CO~MM-UNITYCEN~TER .- 1. ........ s v"aid forch,a 126-124. Valley each at 1-5. l ne west Dante uommunlty /p.m., Trinity United Methodist ..The Dante Senior Citizens Russell County Public Library. CemermeetsatT"m firstMon I trav,,t-- .ol -v,,C-"m *ha,... .... 44 5 In other matches, Clintwood Next week's matches have l Church' Fridays: Clintwood 7:30 meet each Monday and Tuesday SUPPORT GROUP , ' :.I ....... ...... nt federal le- beat John I. Burton 144-89; J. J St Paul at Powell Valley, John '. • ' • • says ror moremrormat~on ca,, _ ,ff anOa oun ,wl ich Council- Kelly wonoverPound 169'110; I. Burton vs. Appalachia at 1 p,m,, Chntwood Umted Metho- at 10 a.m. at the Dante Ftre De- Women survwors of sexual as- 49" 7 ....... 47~ ' ] / dist Church. partment. Russell County resi- sault are invited to attend Clinch CI]O;~I~E°~ ~ZO~SE~ | VeL, man Tr " e didn t know and Powell Valley upset Coe- WCCTC; Pound at Clintwood 1 COPPER CREEK ELEMEN- dents 60 or older are invited. Valley Community Action, Inc./ ....... 1 ....... ent said h • • ne women t.m M~ssmn group 1TARV PTA-3rd Monday, 7 RUSSELLCO, LIBRARY Family Crisis Services' support ............. I ^" ~ ...... ~-~e-Kallenwas burn l21-118 and J J> Kelly at Coeburn at ~lrst Bapust ~nurcl~ ~t eatu np.m., school cafeteria. Hours at the Russell County group meeting with victims of , , I Wuwnt ~tu~t~)' ~ ~ ,~ ., • . . . ,. .. • . _ • opens a Clothes Closet from 9 11 " .. .... ~.;o n.....,, com~tanalngs wltn one week or lvlatcnes oegin at 6 p m, and • | ST. PAUL IDA BOARD-Fourth Public Library, Lebanon, are similar situations Mondnvs 10:30 -~ . . - ] takut~ aOl.l~a UII uta la~./I.u[.,~ " " • ..... • • . • • -' • a.m luesaays. ,Anyone woo .... , ........... ed u,_th 1 Mondays, 7 pro., St Paul Town M/Tufl'h, 9 am,-8 pro., W/F, 9 am.-12 noon. For mformatmn ....... I r~ntPrand he look o e regular season matcnes to go everyone IS invited to arena ' ' neeas Clotnlng IS welcome, 1-" • • • • • / Hall. a.m-5 p.m.; Sa.. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. call Rande Hackler, 276-988- tr ............... I federal rate,' which was 55 cents, mclude J. J. Kelly 6-0; Coeburn. Adm~ssmn ~s free. / ST. PAUL TOWN COUNCIL- MATTHEWS LIBRARY 5583 or Ranetta Davis 276-889- ,~,~r.r~. n,..r~o.,~.... -- [ / Third Mondays 6 p.m. Town Hours at the J Fred Matthews 8206" " r~ea~tn L,'epart~ants,. me Leon- I or a 24 percent increase. The "t x ..1 -r .-, -. ' ' - . ' , • wnsco Heatm Dismct order tree l Hall Memorial Library St. Paul are 9 FREE ADULT ED .-........ I motion passed on a 4-1 vote. IVl I:ITTI"I W, l lhrglrx/ ft-4 h t' et- • ' " . connoentml HIV testing mrougn- ICAST:LEWOOD W&SA-The a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays/Wednes- Free adult educatmn classes are ,~,,~h .... ~,.t .......... . I "" "" .. .... 11 1_ ~,-a.,~,t,~,~,a.a.v ,v ~ .L.~£V£t,41,.L • li~yk.~ ll~L~OIb --Ca tl o d Water - " w ....... r" an- 11 ....... : ......................... L, ouncuman r~ennem HoIDrOOK .,' | s ew o ~z ~e- age aays/rnoays/natu says, o available in Lee, Scott and Wtse Wise Coun~,, 318 8000" Lee Co I | Authority Board of Direc-tors 6am-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays andcounties and the City of Norton .... ".:' ..'; ...'^.. ' U voted against the motion, andx _ _ _" _ T" . 1 rx ' " r " r'lealm ~ept. zm-~qo-ZUl r or | p,m. sceondMondays. Thursdays. See Lthrary fo Daytime and evening classes for c .....~.-n ...... .;.~ I Councilman Harry Kelly, with Movie lxllgrlt uctooer z:~ | ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT- special program schedules, adults" who want to improve their ~8~'~a~"2" ......... v ........ ! ............ t J Fred Matthews Memonal and the Headless Horseman. 1 .First Tuesday, 1 p.m., Appala- . DICKENSON-BUNDY basic skills. Instructors also assist F~E~-n~n~r~ l me announcement that ne was . - : / chian Agency for Senior Citizens The Dickenson-Bundy Logadults with job-related skills in- Fr " E D ." ...... . . U VOting wire me majonty so ma . .," - . . • ; . . ee crosses are ot eran at - l" " eli i"e to brin the Lmrary, St Paul, will host ann- Everybody is urged to read | office CtaypooI Hdl Free. House ts open weekly Thursdays c|uding resume writing and inter ........... 1 ne wou. Q De g Ol g . " ' ' ' 10 3 me UXDOW Pamlly investment [ NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS- throtugh Saturdays. - , and viewing. For details, call 1-800- c" ..... t ..... a | matter u a sin voted in favor ther We the People Bookshelf the book by Washington Irving P g , ,, I Tuesdays and Saturdays 8 p.m Sundays 2-4 pm 422-3433 or 276-386-2433 7e 74 ' :" ":" "=:'Z .... -:: n " '" "t le su" on Picturing America program on which the film is based. | Presbyterian Church, No un. ' SOCIAL SECURITY TRANSPORTATION ' noen~.e~er~YSa~v~mRe~o°l.-t:'m';h~ I t.ouncnwoman g- " s wfl be ......... d at 5 p m Thursday, October 29 Popcorn and drink I 1 CASTLEWOOD LODGE The Wise Social Security Office The Appalachian Agency for ;:a* I gestea mat me 1own may nee .... • ' 9 .............................. i• "om re The program is a film which served Everybody is invited to 1 #231-Stated meetings will be held ~s open Mondays-Fridays from Senior Citizens provides disabili- C/RAiJD MEETING " I to review ano revise ts t., P " tells the story Ichabod Crane attend 1 the third Saturday of each month a m -4 p m Phone ntunbers are 1- ty transportation services in Buc .......... I • " ' ' r 79 7 3 " A meeting o~ t~/t