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October 6, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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October 6, 2016

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, October 6, 2016 g wax.. by Ann Young Gregory A MOST important decision! Reprinted from November 1, 2007 That's another thing that amazes me--nobody ever (First, since I promised last week to fill you in on my said that education was a budget item which should be ailment, I've recovered and feel almost like my old self; trimmed and altered and multilated for the sake of econ- that is, I'm fine, my blood pressure is back to the region omy--nobody ever said that education should be cheap. of whatever is normal for me, and I'm again eating rea- A really good education is expensive--for example, sonably well--as opposed to not at all. Next week I'll have you sent a child to college lately? The cut-rate give you the gory details of my horrible seven days variety of education that the Wise County School Board which included October 22-26. This week, however, pro-consolidation forces seems to be advocating will there's a much more important subject!) short change not only our kids but our futures and Tuesday, November 6, will mark the date which may theirs! determine St. Paul's fate, at least as far as the status quo Education is, in my opinion, the most important is concerned. If we're not careful, we'll face the loss of function of society, because without it, democracy and our high school, the daily shipping out of town (to organization fail, to be replaced by anarchy and dictato- Castlewood or to who-knows-where) of our teenagers, rial rule. It took too long to develop civilization into the who will eventually be graduates of CHS or heaven- wonderful society that we have to let it go because of a know-what, and the loss of the town's heart, few dollars! In other words, Tuesday's election will determine the But back to the immediate problem: if you're inter- majority on the Wise County School Board, and that ested in maintaining the same sort of lifestyle as we majority will very likely make the decision about con- presently enjoy in St. Paul, then you must vote for Kyle solidation. Of course, we thought that would all happen Fletcher for the School Board. Of course, his election two years ago, and the anti-consolidation forces won, won't guarantee anything except that District 4 will be but here we go again! represented by Kyle and Monty, both of whom will vote District 4 voters who are interested in maintaining against consolidation. our community schools MUST vote for Kyle Fletcher I'm told that it would take about as much money to for the District 4 seat. While Vanessa Perry, whom I refurbish, air conditioning and update all our high know slightly, is a very nice person, she favors consol- schools (SPHS as the newest building, doesn't need an idation, and that just won't do. Kyle, a St. Paul native enormous amount of work) as it will to build the new and veteran school board member, vigorously supports schools. The county will then have to run a lot more the maintenance of community schools, and is the buses daily, construct athletic facilities, buy equipment member we need to have representing us in Wise--at and all those things that are necessary in order to main- least those of us who don't want the nature and "flavor" tain a decent program. Mention of athletic facilities of our wonderful small town to change, brings up another pointmaU of our kids in Wise County, The move presently being discussed, I understand, is at least all I know of, are able to participate in whatev- the construction of three new schools (undoubtedly one er sports they choose to play. With consolidated in Big Stone Gap, one in Wise, and probably one in schools, however, there will be quite a lot more picking Coeburn). Since the handwriting on the wall seems to and choosing by coaches, and a lot of our kids (at least indicate, however, that a school at Coeburn would be those whose parents opt to send them 13 or 20 or how- nothing more than another Coebum High School with ever many miles they'll have to go to get to a Wise little to mark it as a consolidated school. I think that at County school) will be omitted from sports participa- least 85 percent of St. Paul students will be at tion. What a shame. This is high school, after all, and Castlewood, should consolidation become a reality, everybody should get a shot at doing what they want to Members of the School Board, other than Kyle Fletcher do, to fred out where they excel and where they don't. and Monty Salyer, however, don't seem to be able to Certainly they shouldn't put athletics ahead of academ- understand that, set as they are on ridding Wise County ics, but high school athletics are important! of the "expense" (expense?) of educating the Russell Did you know that some people--including at least County students whose parents have seen fit to send one I know of on the School Board and several on the them to St. Paul, by doing so through consolidation (or Board of Supervisors-----don't seem to think it'll make through whatever other means they might choose to any difference if St. Paul loses its school, its identity, its employ, such as tuition), Wise County will lose the state heartbeat? What do you suppose those people would funding of from $7,000 to $8,000 per year that follows think if St. Paul residents said the same thing about Big the student. It also escapes most of those other members Stone Gap or Wise or Coebum? (I omitted Pound and of the Board that they'll also lose the state money pro- Appalachia, since they'll be victims of consolidation vided for St. Paul students, since most of them will be much as St. Paul will be.) going to Castlewood, taking their money to Russell The alternative to consolidation for St. Paul:--just County. The annual loss to Wise County because of the leave us alone, let us keep our state money and local tax phenomenon of "state money follows the student" will money and do our thing. That's not likely to happen, be well into the millions of dollars. Yet, consolidation, however. according to the pro-members on the School Board, is So vote for Kyle Fletcher on Tuesday, and pray that supposed to be about saving money, we get to keep our school--and ottr.'town! : National Fire Prevention Week begins October 9th As part of National Firehouse fires across America. Why focus on smoke NFPA is addressing smoke Prevention Week, Chief Please - don't become aalarms three years in a alarm replacement this Earl Carter along with the statistic, row? Because NFPA's sur-year with a focus on these 30 members of the St. PaulThe message of vey data shows that the key messages: Volunteer Fire Department National Fire Protection public has many miscon .... Smoke alarms should ask that EVERYONE Association (NFPA) during ceptions about smoke be replaced every 10 years. check the date of manufac- its 2016 Fire Prevention alarms, which may put ---Make sure you know ture of their smoke alarms. Week campaign is, "Don't them at increased risk in how old all the smoke Alarms that have been inWait - Check the Date! the event of a home fire. alarms are in your home. use for 10 years or longer Replace Smoke Alarms For example, only a small ---To find out how old a should be replaced. Every 10 Years," It repre- percentage of people know smoke alarm is, look at the Remember - your alarm sents the final year of a how old their smoke date of manufacture on the can't save your life or the three-year effort to educate alarms are, or how oftenback of the alarm; the lives of your family if it's the public about basic but they need to be replaced, alarm should be replaced not working! An average essential elements of As a result of those and 10 years from that date. of seven people die in smoke alarm safety, other related findings, the The odd man ouch! By Jimmy Reed Oxford, Mississippi, res- ident, Ole Miss alumnus, Army veteran, and retired Mississippi Delta cotton farmer Jimmy Reed is a newspaper columnist, author and college teacher. His latest collection of short stories is available via, tele- phone 662-236-2262. Although Dean and I were only in junior high school, we'd already acquired hoodlum habits. Convinced that doing wrong was easier than doing right -- and more fun -- we devised a coin flipping scam to beat our schoolmates out of their lunch money. Operating on the five- flip, odd-man-wins-all principle, we two con boys lured suckers in and con- trived to have our coins land on heads and tails, thus insuring we'd win the third guy's money. We repeated this four out of five flips. On the fifth flip, we made certain both of our coins landed either tails or heads. Dean, now a lawyer (with lawyer tendencies back then), would wink his right eye if we were to be heads, his left for tails. If the other gambler's coin landed the same as ours, we continued flipping until he won. "Wealth heaped upon wealth, nor truth nor safety buys -- the dangers gather as the treasures rise," a wise philosopher once wrote. Sure enough, greed undid Dean and me. We became such proficient gamblers that we moved into the big leagues and began flipping dimes -- and even quarters! Between classes and after school, we attracted a steady stream of unwitting victims with hefty allowances. Our pockets bulged with filthy lucre. Everyone was terrified of Mr. Crawley's paddle. It was huge and had holes drilled through it, which decreased air resistance during the swing, thus accelerating the rate of clo- sure between wood and derriere and thereby great- ly increasing the pain's intensity. Mr. Crawley didn't par- ticularly like Dean and me anyway, having learned through the grapevine that we gave him his nickname, Captain Crawdad, which spread like wildfire all over school. One day, we two hood- lums were in the back of his class counting our win- nings, when someone passed a note to Dean. Upon reading it, he became as pale as Lazarus, come from the dead. The note read, "I will see you two gentlemen in my office after school today. - S.hang around after school to Crawley." hear us howl. Our crime spree endedWhen we entered the abruptly. We'd face his death chamber, Mr. horrible instrument of tor- Crawley handed each of us ture, that was certain, but a coin and kept one for while we feared the pun- himself. ishment, what really terri- "Gentlemen, we will fied us was the uncertainty flip until one of you is the about who would be pad- odd man." died last. The horror of "B-b-but, Sir, why are watching the other criminal we flipping coins?" Dean getting whacked to a fraz- quavered. zle, and then having to suf- Grinning sadistically, fer the same fate was more the executioner said, than either of 9ur remorse- "Because whoever wins ful young minds could must listen to the other bear. condemned man scream in Even worse, word had excruciating pain, thereby gotten out about the doubling his torture. He impending adjudication, won't just be the odd man and we knew a mob of our out, he will be -- the odd enraged victims would man ouch! The Wise County DUI Arrests. Sheriff's Office reports the Civil Process Served: following activities for the 545 Civil Papers period of 09/19/2016 Traffic Accidents: 9 through09/25/2016. 9 Additional Criminal Wise Central Dispatch Investigations were initiat- received a total of 1,791 ed and 23 Cleared by calls for this seven-day Arrest. period. Sheriff's Office provid- Of the total calls ed 256 man-hours of Court received 428 were dis- Room Security. patched to the Sheriff's Unlocked Vehicles: 18 Office Escorted Funerals: 3 Total number of The Sheriff's Office Domestic calls for thisTotal Transport for this period was 5. period: 6 Criminal Process for Total Transport Hours: this period: Served 65 32.5 Felony Warrants, 46 1,724 Visitors to Misdemeanor Warrants, 2Courthouse. If you can ride a bike, you can get organized by Pam Young back on top of things. who taught you to ride Commitment and a bike? Do you rememberDesire how different riding a bike But there's more. when was than riding your trike? you were young, you With a tricycle, you really looked at riding your bike had to pedal hard to getas something fun to do, over bumpy terrain, but because the rewards for with a bicycle you couldpleasure were great. You almost glide over it, Asalso had the commitment soon-as you mastered theto learn, because you saw skills of riding, you were all the other kids having given the joy of riding fast fun and there you were on and easy. Remember feel-your little, red trike, with a ing like you were flying?: stupid bell that rusted into To go faster than you could silence. run was addictive and you To get organized, you I had the same joy a dog has have to have the commit- with his head out the win- ment to change your com- dow of a Subaru, fur fortable routine, in order to smashed back by the wind. enjoy the fruits of that But what does it have tochange. You can see the do with getting organized? other "kids" with clean and Well, wouldn't you say that neat homes and you know every, able-bodied childyou would, love that. can learn to ride a bike? Do You're a social person and you remember your pre- you want to be comfortable biker days? Remember when you have friends and how impossible it looked? family over. You'll also Remember thinking, 'I discover staying organized can't do that.'? And then is more comfortable than what happened? You the routine that's gotten leamed! You could do in a mess. when you were learning, I'm working with a there were basic skills you delightful woman who has had to acquire in order to a goal of having her home stay on the bike when your organized and clean so she teacher let go. can have her new grand- - Enough speed daughter in her home (the - Keep eyes forward daughter won't let her - Use your balance babysit there until that hap- - Keep pedaling pens). This woman has the If you left any one of desire to be able to babysit those basics out, you her granddaughter in her crashed, own home and she totally The basics for getting understands why her organized are the same and daughter won't allow that if you leave any one ofuntil things change in her them out, you'll crash home. (which we'll do until we're This brings up one more in the habit of using all thought; get the fight rea- four skills). When anyone son to get organized and says, "I'm overwhemed,"make it juicy enough to what's happened is they've stick. When I got organized left out one of the steps, my reason was to have -Enough speed (timer) more free time to play. In Keep eyes forward 40 years of being organ- (calendar, watch) ized my playtime has -Use your balance (bal-allowed me to do what I ance work, recreation and love to the degree that even rest) my work (writing) is play! -Keep pedaling (declut-So get the right reason tering) and start using the skills Wouldn't you say you you haven't been using and know all about these get out the mess. Let me basics? Now if you fail to be your "teacher holding use any one of them (just the seat of your bicycle" like you need the basicuntil you get strong on skills to ride a bike), you're your own. My book "The going to find yourself in a Joy of Being mess. But you know the Disorganized" will have saying, "It's just like riding you on your way with the a bike," implying once you right reasons and the desire learn, you never forget. So to get organized just which basic skill or tool enough to please you. have you been leaving out? For more from Pam Once you nail that, it's just Young go to www.clubor- a matter of putting more You'll find focus on using it and just many musings, videos of like riding a bike; you'll be Pam in the kitchen prepar- ing delicious meals, videos SWCC offers on how to get organized, lose weight and get your Driver finances in order, all from a reformed SLOB's point of Improvement view. Clinic Have you been court or DMV directed to attend an eight-hour Driver Improvement Clinic? Southwest Virginia Community College will offer the Driver Improvement (Defensive Driving) Clinic eight-hour course on the following dates: October 15, November 12 and December 3, 2016. The driving clinic is recog- nized by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the area court/legal system in delivery of the National Safety Council curriculum. Tuition cost for the course is $60.00 cash or money order payable to SWCC. Individuals attending a driver improvement clinic will learn defensive driv- ing techniques, which can help prevent crashes and assist with points and fines reduction. Registration and tuition need to be submit- ted five days prior to the clinic. For more informa- tion call 276.964.7369; e m a i 1 or visit us online driving. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. 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