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September 12, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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September 12, 2013

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, September 12, 2013 Of shoes..and ships..and sealing ro00.g Gregory The U.S. Constitution ReprintedfromSeptemberl5,2011 Friday, sePiember 16, is Constitution Day. An organization ca&apos;lied the Bill of Rights Institute has devised a variety of ways for people of all ages, classroom students to senior" citizens, to observe the day dedicated t0"the observance of one of the most extraordinary documents ever developed--the Consti- tution of the United States of America. Almost alli schoolchildren are asked to memorize the Preamble, to>the Constitution: "We the people of the United SU/tes, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish' Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the-common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and .our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constituti,on of the United States of America." Such a few words to set out such overwhelming goals! Some year slago--it was, I think, in 1987, I had a meeting in Washington, and while we didn't have a whole lot of;tittle to ourselves, we did have one afternoon when-we didn't have to be at any meetings. I asked if we could go to the National Archives to see the DecLaration.of Independence and the Constitution- -Allen and the others in our group agreed. It was an awesome experience. On entering the huge room where the documents are preserved under very thick glass, each 0ne'iof us thought it was much like entering a chui'da. The light was dim, and the long line of people aiting to see the amazing pieces of paper exhibited0 kind of silent reverence, which set the scene for .actually seeing the documents. Each was under very tl6k'glass. No one was allowed to lean on the glass white looking at either of the two amazing documents, and a quiet announcement, made periodi- cally, informd everyone that should any attempt be made to breach Security, the thick glass cases would immediately ' lowered into a below-floor level vault. ..- Of course the writing on each piece of paper was so faded that i( .was virtually unreadable, although it was make out John Hancock's large signature. Eve, though we couldn't really read any of the words, just, seeing those original copies of the statements on"Which our country is based was a breathtaking experience I've never forgotten. So when;..|+eame across the Bill of Rights Institute's "Constitution Duel," I thought I'd try it, thinking I'd' do reasonably well. So much for reasonably--Iscoted only six of fifteen! See how you can do (answers dre at the bottom of this page). 1) Whicht'qimding father from Maryland wrote under the pen'narne First Citizen? Benjamin Ffaffklin Charles Carroll John Dickinson John Witherspoon 2) Which: documents written by James Madison and Thomas. Jefferson, protested a law they argued violated the First Amendment? Fairfax ResOlves VA & KY Resolutions VA & MA Resolutions Federalist Papers 3) Which.Funding Father defended the British troops accused io the Boston Massacre? George Washidgton John Adams Alexander Hamilton Roger Sherman 4) In which case did the Supreme Court first declare an ACt of Congress unconstitutional? Gibbons v. Ogden Marbury v. Madison Burchard v. U.S. West VA v. Bazabson 5) In which document can the phrase "wall of ,separation between church and state" be found? The First Amendment The Fourth Amendment Thos. Jefferson's Letter The Constitution to the Danbury Baptists 6) Which treaty ended the Mexican-American War? Panama Canal Treaty Versailles Treaty Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Camp David Accords 7) The Federalist Papers encouraged ratification of what document? The Articles of Confederation Magna Carta Declaration of Independence The Constitution 8) Who authored the Rights of the Colonists in 1772? George Mason John Hancock James Otis Samuel Adams 9) The purpose of the Supreme Court is to ensure uniformity of what system? Federal Courts Congress House of Representatives State Courts 10) What section of Article I lists some of the limits of Congress's powers? Section 8 Section 9 Section 11 Section 10 11) What member of the Sons of Liberty who resisted British tyranny in Massachusetts was the second cousin of a future U.S. president? James Otis Samuel Adams John Hancock , Thomas Paine 12) Who is famous for writing the Preamble to the Constitution? Gouverneur Morris Roger Sherman John Adams George Washington 13) Who first served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Washington? Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton John Dickinson John Adams 14) For which U.S. office are only natural born citizens eligible? Secretary of State Chief Justice ' President Speaker of the House 15) Who served as the publisher of the weekly abolitionist newspaper known as the North Star? Frederick Douglass Angelina Grimke Lysander Spooner Robert Ingersoll So. How'd you do? If you scoredas badly as I did, you might agree with me that we need a refresher course in the life and times of the development of the Constitution! Happy Constitution Day! Constitution Duel Answers SSVlgno(y la.taaPaad (f I tuap!saad (P I uot "l!UmH aapuvxalV (g I st.aaOl, g anauaaano D ( I sumpv . lanums (II 6 uo!taaS (0I sl,moD lvaaPad (6 stuvpv pnum$ (,9 uo!mt!tsuo D at4 ( OglVPl!H-adnlvpon D fo ,Ovaaj art, [ (9 slst.tdt)E /OnquvG atll ot Jaffa 7 s, uosadf_faf "SOlj  ( uos!pv;y "a nqavl4 (p sumpv ugof (g suo!lnlosai X)I  VA (Z llaaVD SalaVt4D (I c Letters to the editor.. Readers are invited to write letters on matters Of general interest to the publjc..Letters do not necessarily reflect the philosophy or editorial policy of this newspaper, which reserves the i, ight to edit letters. The, .Clinch Valley Times will hot print unsigned letters, i'. i( wonderful people of St. Paul. Mary Ann Post St. Paul To the Editor: Clinch River Adventures would like to thank everyone who made our first operational season a success. Over six i hundred individuals came to St. Paul to experience our com- munity's Clinch River. The Clinch, being the most bio- diverse river in the United States, To the Editor: attracted tourists from fourteen Three great places to be as a states and three countries. Ninety teen in St. Paul in ihe $'s. First percent of the river explorers there was the old shoe shop were from out of town. owned by roy gi'aiiilad J.P. The Clinch River is vital to Dingus. Everybody; htmg out at Saint Paul because of its pristine that old shopl He was a good beauty and ecological diversity. repair man. You feit like, you-had The Clinch River Valley Initia- on a new pair of 'shoes. Good tive states, "By 2020, the Clinch warm pot belly steve'too in the River Valley will be a global destination based on its unique winter! Great memorie.s.I. I sat on biodiversity, natural beauty, the old bench and ate peanuts cultural attractions and outdoor and coke together. Next was Hall's Drug Store. Fancy little place with round tables,and you got ice cream for 5c seed up in a pretty little glass dish. Many sweet thoughts of that place. Next is Molinary's, round stools to sit on, lunch for 25c! Best bologna sandwiches ever. Miss Pauline's sweet attitude inade the place. Best orange, kid drink ever! Now there is Giovanni's. Sweet people to greet2.ypu as you go in. Makes you', ant to go back and we do! Good place to eat. Sad to say there, are not many places like that ahy more. Three of these hang outs are gone but memories ae forever. Thank God for"qill these opportunities. This collaboration will bring measurable economic, environmental and social bene- fits to the region's communities while protecting the Clinch's globally rare species." Taking the above statement into account, it should be each citizen's priority to keep The Clinch River, "God's Water- park", clean & unpolluted. Clinch River Adventures would also like to thank the Town of Saint Paul for incentives that enabled the start-up process for a small business. The town is currently working diligently on a package for anyone interested in starting a business. The 2014 season is looking equaling promising with the addition of our new "Floating Classroom" and scavenger hunts. We are also hoping to purchase a new fleet of Old Town kayaks and canoes that will ensure even greater recreational opportunity. Without customers there is no business; so for everyone who floated down the Clinch with us this summer...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless, Brock & Terri Anne Funk Clinch River Adventures Coffee Time at Library Every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. the J. Fred Matthews Memorial Library will host Coffee Time for all area senior citizens. Seniors are invited to stop by the library from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and have a cup of coffee, tea, cider, or hot chocolate and light refreshments. Visit with your friends, talk about the news going on in the area, read the local newspapers or browse through our magazine selections. Make plans to come by the library each Wednesday for coffee and conversation. For more information contact the library at 276-762-9702. I II 'Clinch .Valley Times MEMBER ! VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, IVA 242113, by the CLINCH ! 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