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September 10, 2009     Clinch Valley Times
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September 10, 2009

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1 Ul I FOOTBALL FRIDAY .... --. '" -, --- 7:30 P.M. --=- ~ I. Ervinton atat St. Paul ~/"f/xq. Castlewood G I N LA "' -~ Pou_nd a .:~'ll~ ~ ~.q77 " 'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things...' " ,, Vol. LI, No. 37 Thursday, September 10, 2009 Saint Paul, Virginia ......... := .... : ............ 50c ror~~l~xcellence, rlze includes :b 3,Uuu included .~t.x" Highpresentations, Vpr~. rtra~sL f~e A" SchOOlon whyDramahoneybeesClUb; The ClinChpAcERiver .... ]lussell F ,lr, F, s Marke j, jc" f() po ; t'sreally ll] r r ral , r_ -- x ithol w, i eme HAvE t,,,I 9 9 9 Buzzln nt. II Imm The Clinch River Farmers ,. g . . d .' in- Lyttle, owner of Lyttle Farms, -II ~~~I~ Market has partnered withthe ciuae: r, resenta~onsot the ~ol- who has been an integral aspect Russell County Fair, tor its 2UU9 ony t ouapse uxsoraer pnenol- ot the Clinch River Farmers theme, Buzzin With Excite- menon, .and how It affects Market; Scott Jerral of the Scott i! BIIIm I ment. In conjunction with this in partmular, presented County Extension Office andi ll ml II l theme, the Farmers Market b.y Jim Lyttle, of Lyttle Farms; A Donna Meade of the Russell Committee has developed sev- kid puppet show, presented by County Extension Office; and i eral educational programs, re- Chnch. Val .y Soll and.Water Aaron Mullins of Virginia Tech. II~ ~l~~l~~~l~~~l . garding honeybees, and. th.eff ~onservanon UlStrlct, With help The Puppet Show was created by impact on agriculture, aaily Ijte from, ,deal vomn ers; ann Angela White, district manager ......... and the environment. ACtive memoers ot the t.a~rmwand for t"-.c t~.ncn'" " ........ valley ~011 ann ~~~ linch Valle Soil and Water Honey tasting, hosted by the ter 1L,Intter,, ~c,,a/,t,c~-r.* " partners in this program Water Conservation District and -- the C ' Y Pe ............. , TO,ulcer for st. ram tomorrow Clinch River Farmers Market; ............. Conservation D strict, the Scott Repeated. viewlng o, f a PB,S and the Clinch Valley Soil and _ i [MilllIMm[ County Extension Office and ,oocumem.ary on L.OlOny Water Conservation. lapseu/soroer, ano turme BUZZIN' WITH EXCITEMENT...The traditional greeting to those ..ending the plytwe hn catUrniVeduS aY" Farmers Russell County Fair at the Fair entrance on Route 57A is designed around the -' aterial live demonstra are important, economical im- Market would like to thank all . ~ . [IO , - theme, "Buzzln' with Excitement, the theme for a major message of the 2009 tions and products for sale, all pacts of losing honeybees and volunteers and .partners who R,,-s,ql r ,,nt F ,ir revolvin, around honeybees and nutritional benefits ornoney, nave participated to produce ............ _ _ , .e ' Presenters will include Jim these programs 9 oeeKeeplng. MEOC given Foundation s STAR Award . . . .. ._. .. . . . , . ... Entitlement Medicaid and P , An Explanation of the PACE Program, called a Model for Reform The Beverly Foundation has the best organizations thatAlzheimer's Community Grouo As the nation's olci t and Medicare spending on the proved an integrated care and announced, its STAR. Awards. for provide transportation, to older. Respite Centers and l lountain Boomers b_e 'nl.......... to reti;2"Am~r"ia, ....... . duals, exceeded spending, on the financing model, called Program Senior Transportat|on ervjces. adults. Th|s year we recewed Empire PACE, our newest corn- ca' I;,,hala, , ,,, entire non-dual Med|care popu- of All Inclusive Care for the The announcement included one 450 applications for awards. We munitv based lon term care lation." That means that a'o- Elderly (PACE) that has been of the Foundatmn. s prest]g., congratulate Mountam Empn'eservice, without alreadv, havin o tntal rnc, r~ them ~,an proximately ....... seven to el ht designed, to address, the short-. STAR S eclal Reco ~tmn '' " " ................... co . . P .. Older Cmzens, Inc, for makmg Mountam Em ire Transit in wh'ch "s more than thra~ tlm~e mflhon dual ehglble Individuals mmgs that exist for frail el- " ir " P I___~ ............. AWaraa mr Mountam e ] 1 n t derl ........ an enormous contr'but'oo place. It just would have been the size of the I1 COSt the system more than the y who move between Med - umer itizens,.mc" awarq, seniors, and their families." too huge a f'maneial and pro- Concurrent ..... w th: .............. the owth me" remaining thirty million Medi- care and Medicaid PACE ro am reco tzes exceptmnm ' " i" f Moun- ,, gr ...... " " p o.gr_ ..... . T recogn t]on o grammauc barrier to do so,spendm for these ro ares. fare beneficlar|es. This IS due m programs receive a predmtable y ro iding transporta- tam zmpn'e lransn comes on said MEOC Executive Director experts ge also very Prngmed mrge part to the tact that the and fixed amount of reimburse tion to older adults, .aria me the heels of U.S. Secretary ot Marilyn Pace Maxwell. "MEOCabout the continued spending majority of all Medicare spend- lent per enrollee and from that STAR Award meTransportation Ray LaHood s Transit will soon be launching growth within Medicaid for long mg too percent) among duals is they agree to provide services employment or a morality mann- award in March 2009 to Moun- its Volunteer Driver Program, term care services and supports mr mug-term care services,that encompass the full range of ger, the.development otavo}u a- thin Empire Older Citizens of another example of leadership Because disabilities requiring wHicH be costly for indivi- preventive and acute medical teer, inTer .program.anaoTu the 2008 United We Ride Lead- in developing a program de-care increase as people age, the aua_ts with extensive needs, and long-term care services re. OC s commitment to ocTet p g, ership Award in recognition of signed to find ways to address growing numbers of Baby Neither Medicare nor Medi-quired to maximize the health c ooaor iia teajn ga eLt/oenSS effective public transit human unique and specialized mobility oomers numbers of theenid trtkes complete responsibi- and well being of participants. P Y- services transportation coordi- problems of individuals present so-called old (those over 85) |ity tor the. dually eligible Beyond these services, PACE tern for all ages The award in .... : ..............leme ........ " reci .... ......... .. . .i- lmuun, pimmmg mtu unp n- ly w mout neeaed transporta- who need expensive lon term , p ents, magmg part|cu!arly programs also offer participants cmaea a 3, >emor |rans- ration.' MEOC's Transit De- tion," she added, care is projected to grow pidly aimcult to createa eomprehen- a wide range of socml and f?onaa, St. Paul Fire ilnlY i ', isttfhi! i 2i;erth};PSr!)dcia ! ................. " g" "a, . . yg 1-., Security and Medicaid are the. , g- ." g ed services designed to keep a New rreeaom initiative, HaS tnc " -" fi with the status uo - while en in n ........... ny sausnea . q uepartment rer, ort same as those fueling Medicaid gag g umerous pnysi- participant in his/her home and cnarge.o aevelopmg a .vmun- Much of what we do at MEOC -,L^ o ..... i ....ix-.. .... cost m'owth As a result Ameri clans ana care providers. The out of a long-term care institu- teer OIIC manual, eooramatmg Joe Ot r~u, .,.e ucpmtment ~- '-, " .P . Y . . _ would be Lrnposslble w thout a " .............. can soon will face diffi,-,,h tragmentatmn of care along with tion mealcal"a intments,and HaS answerea eigHt ~m,~ m t.e ....... " . .ppo ~ . strong integrated and coordina- month of An.... , Th~,~- ;r,...1,,A~.A @ choices in determinin~ how tomany other factors, mcludmg in- PACE programs r~'esent a groupmg trips tot max,mum ted public and health and human ~..2 ~o..~os,~o,.,,,~,,.~,~,.2~,,.,2~, meet the financial obli~ations of consistencies,, overlapping re- model of care that can be ernclency ana economy ,.,. a,a,.,a, , ...... " .... services transportation program, dum-ster fire- l"~ouseO'fire i the programs that-pr~vide the quirements, aorninistrative com- instructive to Medicare and .. rounaatmn pres, ent e!en "For example, we wou|d ne-medr'fli-ht landin- zone and 1 backbone of income and health plexities, and cost shifting from Medicaid reform efforts because r,,erscnner sam, uur :31AN " " , g g Medicare t " , . , ..... ver nave aevemped MEOC s -ower -ole fire security for our senior citizens o. Medicare have they coordinate care to integrate awaras recogmze me nest ot ........... P P been estimated in ~uu,t nay r~ealm ~are t=enters, " and frail elderly. . one study tophysical therapy with medical I " " ' ........ , ........ : Unlike Med'icare and social raise the costs of Medicare ser- and pharmaceutical therapies I AAC? )deny d .ar?aOantfe seZSnteS;oLLty Action Inc/ day from 9 11 a m at the eh~ch I ~#~ll~~i~i ~!!i!~~!~i~Nl~~et!~ g~!i~i!!ii!~gO~'~m~! I Stone ,Gap, 8 p.m, Episcop~ Monday and Tuesday Family Crisis Services' s~zppo~ .-.. " : .... " I became a program that serves ........... '.oids more costly [ Church; Wednesdays: Wise. 8 at 10 a.m at the Dante Fire De- group meeting with victims of 2gon? o r;we Omm . m | the elderly by default When nnancla| mcenuves to cooral- Interventions in addition to [ p.m., Tr~ umt~l Met hod!~t part~nem. R~sell Coun resi- similar situations Mondays, 10:30 COMMUNITY C NT R I Medicare was debated enae Hate care results .in a hodge- reducing administrative costs I t~nurcn- rnoays: L.lmtwood 7"30 dents no or diner are mvltea, a m 12 noon For information I l- ~ll ~ ~ ~ -1- * ] - - .... m -m Clintw0od United Meth0 RUSSELLCO, LIBRARY ",,"... ;. ........ ' The West Dante Community I ted durino the 1960s naad pouge system real noes notana enmmatmg reaundant pro- P, '~ " 0811 l~anae ttaeraer z/o-~- M ~ ' .... "" ' H C~ter meets at 7 p m first on I dist Church. ours at the Russell County 5583 or Ranet~a Dali's 276-889- ' " I for and nrovMnn nf Inn~-t~rm effectively meet the needs of cedures and tests. I COPPER CREEK ELEMEN- Public Library, Lebanon, are 8206' ' days, For more information, call I ......... r __ L.% --2T;"~' ".T':" Haricots. A Model for Rofo-m I TARY PTA-3rd Mon&w 7 M/Tu/Th 9 a.m -8 p.m" W/F 9 FREE ADULT ED ~ 495-7026 or 495-8473.l ~m~ was very alrrerem man it is l/ro-ralu -f "" "--'---:--- "--- .____._ ,_ 7 ......, "" am 5 ..... CLOTHESCLOSET .......... " "'" g u /~II-III~IU~IVC I~.Mrll~ t~menca Has oe~un me I p.m., school cafeteria.. .- p.m.; Sa., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Free adult education classes are -- . I [oflay. At real time, lamlllar u- ,, ............ . ,~ . . I ST. PAUL IDA BOARD-Fourth MATTHEWS LIBRARY available in Lee Scott and Wise the women On Mission group I nits were less spread oeom'anhi- mr ille ISlOerly oeoate aoout remrmmg laow it I Mondays, 7 p.m., St. Pau Town .Hours at t.,he J. Fred Matthews oounties and the City of Norton. at First Baptist Chareh, St. P~I, I cain and loved ones flen l '"i ,ed For dual eligibles in need .of pays for and delivers health care I Hall Memorial Liorary 5t Paul are 9 Da,mm- *-d evenin,, "1-**"o '~- opens a t.lomes t.loset from ~-11 I -" " - ' ' " -- ,.,~- a m 5 m Mon " s/W' ~ ............ a m ruesda s An one who - with ..... nursmg Home mve~s or care me services tHe end result will I ST. PAUL TOWN COUNCIl.- ." p.. day ednes- adults who want to improve tbeqr ' Y ' Y l a lamlly memoer WHO pro- ...... I Third Mondays, 6 p.m., Town days/Fridays/Saturdays, and 11 basic skills Instructors also assist needs clothing is welcome, l Tided care Finally ai~,,~,,~, ,,~ reaeral government Has ap- (Contin,,,,a, ..... ~, I Hall. a.m.-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays andadults wi~ iob-relatLwl ~kill~ in- FREE HIV TESTING I :. ....... 7_'_, _ a, --T--7,,~; ..... . -~,- v,, e-s z/ Th ........ Health ' Hmess,~ ma[ are now treatea or l CAST:LEWOOD W&SA~The arsdays. See Libraryfor eluding res~e writing and inter- . Depar~unts m the Lend- I ........... I Castlewood Water & Se-waee special program sehedules, viewin- Far dtail~ call I.ROO wised ~ealth uistrigt offer free I managea as chronic conaltlOnS ~c --!/~i DICKEN -- .............. " eonfi .... I Authority Board of Direc-tors 6 SON-BUNDY 422-3433 or 276-386 2433 denUal HIV testmg through- I were often fatal which m,a~nt et : ~':~-~ ',/ I p.m. second Mondays " House e,s oDinkvnsn'Bundy Log TRANgPORTATI 13N wUt" the year. ro~ o mat,o , cal| person often dld" not hve" Ion l ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT- ' pan weekly Thursdays The-~i~alaehi~-Agancyfor seCoanty, 318-g000; Lee Co. I .... ~ ~:~: il l First Tuesday, 1 p.m., Appala- throuigh Saturdays, 10-3, and Senior Citizens provides disabili- Health I~pt., 276-346-2011; or I enough to need supportive ewe. 2: , -1 I I ehian Agency for Senior Citizens Sundays 12-4 p.m. iv transnortation services in B.e Sxorr Co. Health Dept., .276- 1 AS a result covered,' nf lrmo ~;~.]~][,---- -- .... I~ 1 office CaypoolHil Free SOOALS~CURITV i(anan "I~ekanson Russell ~n~ 386-1312 1 ._ , -es'-..~..v-.l~ ~,~. - _ - l~: ' ' " The Wise SO~l ' F--EE --- ........ I [llTl care was not integrated I NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS- " "HISecurity Office Tazewell co.miles mo indivlduak R GED eULA SE m ....... -,-- . . . .............. ] : } Tuesdays. and Saturdays, 8 p.m, ts open Mondays-Fridays from 9 " with disabmlmes,' " ' " regardless of Free GED classes ..... are offered atmO Mefllcare, 8110 overnment - ~ , [ PresbytenanChurch Norton am.-4p.m. Phone numbers are l- a~ Calll 88-6 779 the Oxbow Fa~ly Inveslment I fundm~ of extende?lon~ ii/~!, , , - e ..... -8 56-2_/_. -terrfl ~'~, ,~ : I CASTLEWOOD LODGE 800-772-1213 or 276-679-7633. ~I~NEALOGY GROUP Center, St. Paul, Mondays and m t,~,~, r~'h, Ka~.~a ~ ,-,~,.!;~~, o4~..- ,,~ ~ 1 #231-Stated meetings will be held LIBRARY FRIENDS The Russell County Genealogy Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m.-12 1 % ..... ~: ~,,,,,o...,, .. ""-~7 '**~ ,~ ~ I the third Saturday of each month. Friends of the J. Fred Matthews Gro ..... ,,ts 530 n m ~t noon. Glunna McReynolds is the I the COSt De,In to exllaust se- ~ ~.~ I The School of Instruction will be Memorial Library, St. Paul, met Thurs~dav's"Russeil County Publi"c teachr. Call 1,800-422-3433. I roots' resources and they were | held on fourth Thursdays at 7. at the Library on fourth Tuesdays Library "~banon The "~oup's C/RADD MEETING I able to auali~ for Medicaid I ST. pAUL LODGE #343-Se- atlh00a.m purpo~is"tole~m toshareand AmeetingofC/RADDwiUbm . . "1 -': ~ ~:~i!'~ l Pond Thursdays 7:30 p.m. Stab VFW POST9864 to ,,,~r,,,~tuate family'hit,wv ,, Call held at 6:00 p.m, on second I nisei on neea. ' | ed Commumcat'ion; First Tilurs- VFW Post 9864, Lebanon, wel- wflhN T Fullr 276~8"89-4894 Thur. sdaysTh meetings will be m While Social Security and m day, 7p.m.,Schooloflnstruction. comes new ,ne mbers. If you or fullerirl942.y~oo com. ~ad~,,~te~useum" I Medicare m social insurance I vvw POST #8652, DAV servea overseas auring any war, JOIN THE FRIENDS .......... ~ " " ; ~ ~" '= 1 CH~rEn ll--4th Tuesday 7 write VFW Post 9864, P.O. Box Join the Friends of J Fred Mat- The Regional Adult Education I pro...g .s .available to seniors :(, m p m VFW River,dew Coeb~n 419 Lebanon VA 24266 and thews Memorial Libr~ and he n Program is offering flee GED I ann limited others based on uni- - ' "' ' ' ' number. Transfers' ' . ---., r quallfylllg and .... adult I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " " NEIGHBORS AID-Thursdays send tmme address and phone romote the tm rovement of fac - Classes onhne. "~' sennca is for fO n . ~ " , p p , . , rm, natm al entena. Med cmd ...... . . _ I 9"30 to 12 St Therese s Net . welcomed itie~ and ~ervieeq af )ha llhrarv earners with ....... ~; ,~ ..... /3ors Aid Builcl-ing, new & us~led HEALTH SERVICES ' c~encl ~g~: ~a;~0;; ~'d";~o~c r ' without their own borne'com,m IS a opens-nisei program mat ~!J~i!',iir~l!~' ' % ~