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September 6, 2012     Clinch Valley Times
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September 6, 2012

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w ¢ CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, September 6, 2012 ships., and sealing wax.. by A.. Gregory Birthdays, etc. 'When you,ate potato chips with your hamburger o /er the Labor Day holiday, did you imagine that you were consumi'ng a food form that's been in existence • for 155 ye s? Of course potatoes have been around for a lot longer than that, but the chips came were invented in a plush resort at Saratoga Springs, New York, in the'mid 1850s. A diner complained that the fried potatoes, were too thick, soggy and difficult to eat, and sent the dish back to the kitchen. The chef, a Native American named George Crum, perhaps to copycat, which was finally put out of business by the older Oreo. Not so. Hydrox was launched in 1908, but evidently wasn't judged to be as good as Oreo, and production was halted in 2006 (although the cookie had endured several changes--the company which made it changed hands several times, and the cookie and its name were changed in 1999. But Oreo flourished, although it has also undergone changes'not only to its name, but also to some of its•ingredients. Its names include Oreo indicate his •annoyance, sliced another potato as thin Biscuit, Oreo Sandwich (1921), Oreo Crrme Sand- as he possibly could, fried and salted the slices, and sent the resulting crisp pieces of potato out to the diner. She loved them--and therefore we remember George crtmi and his clever invention today. The ' original ones were called Saratoga Chips. Other people and cultures also claim the with (1948), and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cook- ie(1974). Changes in the actual cookie include replacing lard in the filling with partially hydro. genated vegetable oil in the mid 1990s, and replacing THAT with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in 2006. There are occasional changes--the addition of a distinction Of having invented the venerable potato cookie with "Double Stuf' is evidently here to stay. chip (or "crisp," as it's known in several other parts of Depending upon the season of the year, the color of the world). Among them are those who've found a the normally-white filling sometimes shows up red very similar potato recipe in The Virginia House- and green, or yellow, or green or some other color W/#, an 1824 cookbook by Mary Randolph, and Shilling Cookery for the People, another cookbook, this one by Alexis Soyer, published in 1845. But, hey, it doesn't re [y make any difference who invented the potato chip= eiimportant thing is that somebody did! And if seve"ralf' .'.have claimed the honor, it's easy to understand Interestirigfy, potato chips have evolved a bit, one supposes to satisfy those who object to sodium and fat. Pringles is the name with which I'm familiar. Pringles chips, which come stacked in a box instead • of being loosely piled into a bag, are made of potatoes which have been ground, then made into a dough, rolled very Lhin, shaped and then baked. Salt does remain a fea.. e, but the'method of cooking removes fat. Some other potato chip makers offer baked chips. In addition, potato chip purists probably resent the fact that a number of flavors--onion, ketchup, suggested by the season. The flavor's the same, however. Seems to me that there was once a football- shaped Oreo, but I'm not absolutely positive about that. Another variation, and I have a package of these on my desk at this very minute, is the mini-Oreo, much smaller copies of the regulation-sized cookie. Handy if leaving crumbs is a problem, or if milk isn't involved. You know, of course, that Oreo's newest advertising s log___ is"Milk's Favorite Cookie." As far as the name of the c0okieis co-ncemed, nobody seems to know much about its origins. One theory is that the two "o"s were removed from the word "cookie," and the "re" from the word "Cream" was :sandwiched" between them. That one doesn't make much sense, however, as the word "cr me" (no "a") is the one used to describe Oreo's filling. One reference indicates that the word "oreo" in Greek means "beautiful," but does that make sense, either?• barbecue and heaven knows what others--have been The cookie, while delicious, isn't particularly beauti- added to l mto chips and most all of them are ful. There are several other possibilities, but the up- available in every grocery store across the land. shot of the argument is that nobody seems to know So that's what's happened in the invention and just exactly what the origin of the name might be. evolution of.the potato chip, and it just (0o ears Other U.S. variations included Big Stuf Oreo (1987- to get as fafas we are now. Can you imagine what 1991--sold individually, each cookie contained 250 changes we'll see in another 155 years? (Or that calories); the Triple Double Oreo (three cookies, two • somebody will see--we probably won't be the ones to layers of cr me--one vanilla and one chocolate); Tri- analyzewhat's going to happen at Li at point.) pie Double Neapolitan Oreo (three vanilla cookies, ....... S ffically birthday,wise,is, after all, one chocolate crrme layer, one strawberry crrme most of what this is about, has to defiler on the Oreo layer); and, for the virtuous, there's ihe 100 Calorie Cookie, since that honored confection, produced by Pack--they're thin six-sided wafers with no cr me Nabisco, celebrated its 100th birthday on March 14 of filling. this very year! Did you happen to know that the I don't know how many Oreo cookies I eat in a cookie's original name was "Oreo Biscuit." (I found it year--to tell the truth, the thought of trying to figure • quite interesting to learn a new--to me--bit of the that out is slightly terrifying. Good as they are, they history behind milk's favorite cookie. Do youDO add calories and sugar and other stuff. Oh, heck. remember Hydrox, the very similar cookie which was Celebrate this big birthday! Have a glass of milk and made by Sunshine? For years, I thought it was a be sure to have some Oreos on hand to dunk! Senator Puckett announces new Legislative Assistant State Senator Phillip Puckett is pleased to announce Jennifer Boyd as his new Legislative As- sistant. Jennifer will oversee the op- eration of Senator Puckett's office in Tazewell when the Gen- eral Assembly is not in session and the Senator's Richmond office during the legislative session that runs from January to March• "I am very pleased to have Jennifer Boyd on my staff. She brings a high level energy and experience to the office. Having spent several years in the print- ing and educatmnal areas, Jennifer will be a great help in dealing with constituents and legislative issues," Senator Pucker said. A longtime resident of Tazewell County, Boyd earned her Associates in Business Administration from Southwest Virginia Community College and her B.A. in Multidis- ciplinary Studies from Liberty University. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Business Leadership. Jennifer is a Rotary Club, Paul Harris Fellow and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. "I am excited to work with Senator Puckett and for the Jennifer Boyd people of the Thirty-Eighth Dis- trict," Boyd said. "Senator Puck- ett is a strong advocate for edu, cation, children and improving our transportation system. I look forward to helping him with those priorities and I plan to con- tinue the Senator's commitment to constituent services and out- reach to the community." Jennifer currently resides in Tazewell with her husband Bryan and their son, Bryan Keith. Senator M.M. Long... (Continued from page 1) buildings were well-kept and his fields were immaculate. He polite without being familiar and loved his land and made sure • was known as one who kept his there were no run-down fences, ' own counsel• Even so, he no blackberrY briers, and no always knew exactly what was scrub cedars• going on- particularly if money After his retirement from was about to change hands,active public office, Mr. Long's Although he achieved con- considerable influence contin,i siderable financial success, Mr. ued. A minor local politician: Long never forgot his roots. He once committed the blunder ofi owned several farms and took an referring to Mr. Long as a "fat active role in their management cat" in a speech at the Wise and care, often working along- County Democratic caucus,I side his hired hands• Most Though the lion was old, he stil} evenings he could be seen had teeth and he could still roar. . around sunset, standing alone in An apology from the politician" one of his pastures inspecting his appeared forthwith in the local fine herd of cattle. His fa__ news_paper. ................................. PAINTING...A second painting by Jimmy Wolfe,, :to )he editor.. War, WV, won a ribbon. ralist seeks.railroad stories for Richlands " ~ ' ,1 Readers ,are, irivitdd to write ]i' severalglftS forthe children. . , MU ,, '. ; As always everyone enjoyea classifieds '.1 !e!ters.onmatters,.o, fgeneral ]: the horse shoe games. Therewas Foreman s Section House Park mural / /I 7l .mterestzomeput tlC'Letters [ a half and half received by [is Tuesday noon!t' ,1 do not riecessaril 'rdflect the I Arthur Phillips, Beulah Worley When the first train whistled remembrances and photographs United Methodist Church from philosophy or 'editorial ]won the picture that was given into the town of Richlands on related to the Norfolk & Western 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sept- , .......... , ........ policy of this newspaper, [ away. : .... ' I trust everyone had a good June 16, 1891, the section Railroad - particularly theember 30 and November 18. All .1 J r serves the to [ time and we are looking forward foreman awaited its arrival. Clinch Valley Line passenger sessions are free and open to the | . Today, the section foreman's service running through Rich- public. If you would like" to I Chnch i[ ealt letters. ,The, i C eh | to next year. Thanks to everyone house in downtown Richlands lands and beyond, the trans- make an appointment with | ',] Valley Times wi inti:| that came and we missed all that will soon become the focus of a portation of coal and other re- Elmes on one of the dates and |Walle,, Lrgu3, could not come. renovation project administered sources, and the delivery of times listed above, p!ease ca!! I' " d -ql JWJ ' " 22. Dante Lives On Board through the Virginia Department merchandise and supplies for her at (276) 881.8941. Walk-in | T;r --o the Editor: """ ' 17.qA mnxrlncr of Transportation and the Town downtown businesses, area far= participants are also welcome, 1 11111~0qlD-I- , I would like to' ank the St..,- x xxxvvuxE:) t,v of Rlchlands.. . . mers, and etc. - and concerning with the understanding that there [ MEMBER • Included in the renovation the N & W Section Foreman smay be a waiting period. I ' VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Paul Assembly of Ood church for 1 , • plans is tlae creation of a corn- cottage and its many residents In addition to the collection | iheir Community Appreciation electronic munity park adjoining the during the last century,' says of oral histories and interviews, | Published weekly in St. Paul, Day on Saturday, August 25, . . section house. The park will Elmes. I m interested in learn- the artist will extensively re- | VA 24283, by the CLINCH 2012. I am sure it was enjoyed ln t' rv'tCtflt lrt feature an outdoor mural telling ing both the broad historical search the history of the Fore- I VALLEY PUBLISHING everyone, as there were xxxx x xxxca, t, xvxx the many stories related to train context of the railroad in Rich- man's Section House and the N :| CO., INC. activities for all age groups. I The USDA Farm Service travel and commerce in Rich- lands, as well as specific human & W Railroad by use of his- | enjoyed seeing the dedication of Agency offices are moving to- lands from the days of mail interest stories that symbolize torical archives, literature, news- | The Clinch Valley Times every worker there; and espec- ward a paperless operation, delivery by train and passenger the character and perseverance paper articles, photography col- I serves the four-couniy area of ially the youth that worked so Producers are asked to enroll service on the Clinch Valley of Richlands' early entrepre- lections, yearbooks, and what- | Wise, Russell, Dickenson and hard. Also, the different singing in the new GovDelivery system Line to today s continued trans- neurs, cottage residents, and the ever else comes her way. During 'l Scott, with offices and plant and music groups Yof their time which will provide notices, port of coal by rail in the black men who operated the trains and the coming winter months, | located in the CLINCH find dedication to.'mt king this newsletters and electronic re- diamond fields of southwest rode' the rails to make a living Elmes will utilize the accum- | VALLEY TIMES building, another successful event. The minders instead of a hard copy Virginia. The mural project is for their families." ulated material to design a mural '| 16541 Russell Street. Perio- food was great and everything through the mail. supported in part by the Virginia Elmes will be available to for the wall adjoining the down- ] dicals postage is paid at the was free. Please let them know FSA, like many other organ- Commission for the Arts, the meet with interested participants town Richlands park, and the | Post Office in St. Paul, VA how much you appreciated their izations, is trying to work smarter National Endowment for thein the initial oral history aspect preparation of (he wall will '1 24283. time and labor and donations, and be more efficient. Moving to Arts, the Virginia Department of of the Foreman s Section House begin in June of 2013, followed ] They worked many hours before electronic notifications via email Transportation, and the Town of Park mural project at different by the actual paintinz of the i | Ann Young Gregory Editor the actual event preparingwill help conserve resources and Richlands. times during the months of mural during July and August of I Allen Gregory Advertising everything. Again, thank you save taxpayer dollars. The last Artist Ellen Elmes has been September, and October, and next summer. | S sanTrent Adv./Graphics vastor Thompson and all of your month this office will be sending commissioned by the Citizens November. Individuals or groups Ellen Elmes and her hus- [ helpers. " paper newsletters through the Advisory Committee for the of friends or family members band, Don, have lived in I ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Tl lma Cline mail is June. Railroad Section Foreman's who have stories to tell and in- Bearwallow on Jewell Ridge in | In advance: $28.50 in Wise and • County Committee ballots House & Park Project to re-formation to share are encour- Buchanan County for over forty | Russell counties; $30.00 in other To the Editor: will continue to be mailed to all search railroad history in Rich- aged to participate ears In her artist statement, she 24. zip codes; elsewhere, $32 50 • • y • . . DANTE REUNION eligible producers, lands and to produce a designOral history and memory reflects on her mural career with I Dante Lives On, tibsted the Interested producers mayfor the mural by spring, 2013. exchanges with the artist will be these words: "My mural painting ]POSTMASTER: send address Ninth Annual Reun?o-n at Dante subscribe to receive e-mail ..... c Ultnnately, Elmes wdl...pamt the held at the Richlands Branch of experience of thirtyplus years hinges to'. Clinch Valley Times, on August 11, 2012. There were updates by going to the USDA mural on a wall adjoining the the Tazewell Public Library, on has proven to be a means of I P.O. Box 817, St. Paul, VA two hundred plus pepple that GovDelivery sign-up page found lawn of the section house com- the following Monday evenings serving the visual voice of | 24283 registered, at the following web address: munity park during the summer during the hours of 5:00 pmcommunities. The process of I Everyone enjoyed seeing old . . . . g g of 2013 through 8"00 pm; September 17 makin a mural challen es me to SINGLE COPY- 50c friends and making,new ones. e A murahst since 1980, Elmes and 24; October 1 and 15; translate spoken memories and I Several gifts were gi 'en away. Tom Blackstone, 92 years of age, will begin researching the November 5 and 19 Saturday insights fromeo le in the Classified Advertising" Minimum . • p P won a gift for berg oldest; /- ..... events, places, and people of sessmns from 10:00 am-12:00 community into visual stories. It ] charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, Wade Hartsock gri'th gift for [ &Clvertlse \ railroad history through Rich- pm and 1:00 pm-3:30 pm will is an exhilarating experience i in advance; 25c per word after 20 traveling the fartherest; Willie [ ÷h-- lands and southwest Virginia by also be open to interested parti- because I am uplifted by the ] words. Display Advertising rates Skeens had the most children _. "' _ _ conducting a series of interviews cipants at the Richlands Branch pride and ownership that corn- I on application. with him. The adult door prize \k lassifieds! ] with long-time residents of the Library on September 29 and munity residents take in a work I went to Paulett C(rlvard and the .........../ area. November 17. Additional ses- forged by truth,collective I Periodicals publication children's door prize went to "I look forward to speakingsions on two Sundays will be memory, and common I Postal lSSN: 767600 Johnny Tompa. q here were with anyone willing to share offered at the Richlands First journeys." I