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September 5, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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September 5, 2013

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q Page 2 CLINC"~fl. VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, September 5, 2013 When you ate potato chips with your hamburger over the Labor'Day holiday did you imagine that you were consun ,'t g a food form that's been in existence for 155 years?: Of course potatoes have been around for a lot longer than that, but the chips came were invented in a(plush resort at Saratoga Springs, New York, in themid 1850s. A diner complained that the fried potatoes were too thick, soggy and difficult to eat, and sent the' dish back to the kitchen. The chef, a Native named George Crum, perhaps to indicate his .annoyance, sliced another potato as thin as he possibly.could, fried and salted the slices, and sent the resulfihg crisp pieces of potato out to the diner. She [6;ed them--and therefore we remember George Crum: and his clever invention today. The original ones were called Saratoga Chips. Other pedl le and cultures also claim the distinction of Jaaving invented the venerable potato chip (or "crisp,": as it's known in several other parts of )4 ax.. by Ann Young Gregory Birthdays, etc. Reprinted from September 6, 2012 copycat, which was finally put out of business by the older Oreo. Not so. Hydrox was launched in 1908, but evidently wasn't judged to be as good as Oreo, and production was halted in 2006 (although the cookie had endured several changes--the company which made it changed hands several times, and the cookie and its name were changed in 1999. But Oreo flourished, although it has also undergone changes--not only to its name, but also to some of its ingredients. Its names include Oreo Biscuit, Oreo Sandwich (1921), Oreo Cr me Sand- wich (1948), and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cook- ie(1974). Changes in the actual cookie include replacing lard in the filling with partially hydro- genated vegetable oil in the mid 1990s, and replacing THAT with non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in 2006. I There are occasional changes--the addition of a cookie with "Double Stuf" is evidently here to stay. Depending upon the season of the year, the color of the world), them are those who've found a the normally-white filling sometimes shows up red very similar iaotato recipe in The Virginia House- and green, or yellow, or green or some other color Wife, an 1824 cookbook by Mary Randolph, and suggested by the season. The flavor's the same, Shilling. Cookei;y for the People, another cookbook, however. Seems to me that there was once a football- this one by Alexis Soyer, published in 1845. But, hey, it doesn't reaiiymake any difference who invented the potato chip-,the important thing is that somebody did! And if sevePat 'have claimed the honor, it's easy to understand why; Interestingly, potato chips have evolved a bit, one supposes to satisfy those who object to sodium and fat. Pringles?i's: the name with which I'm familiar. Pringles chips i,which come stacked in a box instead of being loosely piled into a bag, are made of potatoes which have ground, then made into a dough, rolled very diin, shaped and then baked. Salt does remain a feature, but the method of cooking removes the fat. Some, other potato chip makers offer baked chips. In addltibn, potato chip purists probably resent the fact that a number of flavors--onion, ketchup, barbecue and,: heaven knows what others--have been added to potato chips and most all of them are available in'ev:ery grocery store across the land. So that's ",&hat's happened in the invention and evolution of e potato ctup, and it just took 155 years to get as far'as we are now. Can you imagine what changes we'll see in another 155 years? (Or that shaped dyed, but I'm not absolutely positive about that. Another variation, and I have a package of these on my desk at this very minute, is the mini-dyed, much smaller copies Of the regulation-sized cookie. Handy if leaving crumbs is a problem, or if milk isn't involved. You know, of course, that Oreo's newest advertising slogan is "Milk's Favorite Cookie." As far as the name of the cookie is concerned, nobody seems to know much about its origins. One theory is that the two "o"s were removed from the word "cookie," and the "re" from the word "cream" was :sandwiched" between them. That one doesn't make much sense, however, as the word "cr6me" (no "a") is the one used to describe Oreo's filling. One reference indicates that the word "dyed" in Greek means "beautiful," but does that make sense, either? The cookie, while delicious, isn't particularly beauti- ful. There are several other possibilities, but the up- shot of the argument is that nobody seems to know just exactly what the origin of the name might be. Other U.S. variations included Big Stuf dyed (1987- 1991--sold individually, each cookie contained 250 calories); the Triple Double dyed (three cookies, two Make it Fun! by Parn Young i I Hate Change...or Do I? For years I thought to myself, "I don't like change." But since I try to be very careful about the words I think, that thought bothered me enough to take a closer look at those words. (Thinking you don't like something makes it so; and since change is inevitable, we may as well decide to enjoy it.) What I realized is thinking I don't like change is a lot ofho0eyt I do too like change! I love clean sheets, fresh underwear, and the change in seasons. I like that special time when day turns to night, night turns to day, each different day of the week, the growth in my children and grandchildren, new stuff like cars, shoes, books and such. I love a change of scenery, a vacation, and even "the change of life" had its good qualities. The reason I thought I didn't like change was because I love a routine more. When I have a routine (good or bad) I don't have to think. I think what happens is we can get stuck in dumb routines and they become such habits we just don't stop to think ourselves out of them. When my house was a mess I was just stuck in a routine that served up a messy lifestyle. When I didn't include exercise in my daily life it served up a body that wasn't fit. When I used credit cards as if they were income the outcome was predictable. So it's not that we don't like change, we don't like having to think about getting out of a bad routine. When we baby step our way into a better routine, we get the best of both worlds. We get to gently take ourselves into another way to live and be happy with ourselves as we gradually change our circumstances. You've heard the term KISS. It stands for Kel p It Simple Stupid. I use the same acronym only my KISS stands for Keep It Special Sweetie. Once I heard Garrison Keeler on Prairie Home Companion say, "Having ice cream for breakfast one morning is wonderful, but after ten days of it for breakfast it would lose its specialness," When I embarked on my plan to get organized, I included in the plan a day each week in which I could do nothing if I wanted to. I could stay in my night gown all day if I wanted to. I could eat over the sink if I wanted to. Funny thing is, as I began to live a different life of order it took me into a whole new world and there is no way I would go hagk to what I have always termed, "my slob days." I love that we have the freedom and the ability to put things behind us and move on. l just read an article about the science of pleasure. (I love that science is studying this!) It said that there is actually a place in our brain that lights up when we experience pleasure and with the technology we have today, we can track it. In one experiment, a scientist hooked a guy up to the machine that can do this and gave his subject a drop of water on hb tongue, then a drop of juice, alternating between the two. The subject's brain lit up with the juice drops and not the water drops which was predicted. What was interesting was when the juice drops were given randomly not every other one, the brain lit up like a Christmas tree. That tells us we like to be surprised. I remember several fun sho back when I was in the middle of getting organized. One was walking into my kitchen in the morning and finding it clean! Another was catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror seeing I was dressed, hair combed and I had make-up on! I miss those shocks today, but living in a clutter-free home is a great trade- off. For more from Pare Young go to www.makeitfunanditwillgetdone .corn You'll find many musings, videos of Pare in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, ways to lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed SLOB's point of view. somebody will see--we probably won't be the ones to analyze what's going to happen at that point.) Specifie dl t birthday-wise, which is, after all, most of what:this is about, has to center on theOreo Cookie, sin :that honored confection, produced by Nabisco, celebi'ated its 100th birthday on March 14 of this very year! Did you happen to know that the cookie's original name was "Oreo Biscuit." (I found it quite interesting to learn a new--to me--bit of the history behind milk's favorite cookie. Do you remember Hydrox, the very similar cookie which was made by Stmshine? For years, I thought it was a layers of or+me--one vanilla and one chocolate); Tri- Registration opens for Great pie Double Neapolitan dyed (three vanilla cookies, ..... one chocolate or+me layer, one strawberry cr6me SouthEast ShakeOm layer); and, for the virtuous, there's the,,100 Calorie Pack--they're thin six-sided wafers with no cr6me filling. I don't know how many dyed cookies I eat in a year--to tell the truth, the thought of trying to figure that out is slightly terrifying. Good as they are, they DO add calories and sugar and other stuff. Oh, beck. Celebrate this big birthday! Have a glass of milk and be sure to have some Oreos on hand to dunk! earthquake drill Virginians can practice simultaneous e thquake "Drop, Cover and Hold on," the safe response to an earthquake, during the second annual Great SouthEast ShakeOut earthquake drill set for Thursday, October 17 at 10:17 a.m. "We encourage Virginia fam- ilies, schools, businesses, organi- drill held in the southeastern US. to coincide with drills held in other states and several countries, giving the effect of a rolling drill. Coordinating parmers for the Great SouthEast ShakeOut in- clude the Central U.S. e . . zations, government agencies, quake Consortium and Fedend Afro . Wise County The rdable Care Act. Attalnabl communities and individuals to Emergency Management All- take this opportunity to quickly ency. ShakeOut originated in ,-, ::" ,. ,, ,, ,-, Sheriff's Report practice several steps that are California, where statewide tJoverage roy mall t uslnesses The wise County Sheriff's potentially life-saving should we earthquake drills have been held by Natalia Olse/L:Urteeho ance ugh the online health The Affordable Care Act Office reports the following have another strong earthquake," annually since 2008, and has SBA Regional Administrator insurance marketplace for small calls on all employers that are act,!ties for the p efiod^.of said Michael Cline, state coordi- grown to be an international Mid-Atlantic bmm known m SHOP. covered by the Fair Labor /!W2OlJ t .ougn, nator for the Virginia Depart- program. America" 's 2g million" small SHOP Matke lace wall" Standards Act (generally, those wise t enn'at ulspatcn received, a ment of Emergency Manage- h.,o;.,,....,,.....,,,..,. ...... ,, ,.hn'tce of firms that have at least one total of 1742. calls for thls seven- ment. our economy, orea iimtwooutof bd"vTt flora employee and at least $500,000 day .period. Of the total calls The October 17 earthquake t,,t,,, ,,,4,,m,, in annual dollar volume ofbusi- received were oispatenea to drill for southeastern states fol- ~,,~,,~"~ ~: ~""~ ~~ .--~ it~'L~-- dm.------~ nml). to notify their em loyees the Sheriff's Office. Total ........... ---,--, ..... P . . lows the two-year anniversary of m,,, on -..a-- about the coverage options number of Domestw calls for this .... .,,,;had,, to them throueh the period was 13. Criminal Process the August 23, 2011, 5.8 mn mUl m, m .... *-- th same ri health Marketolace. whe- for pe od served 32 magnitude earthquake centered "" "q" .m4nl dm mateN e not the emvloyer Felony Warrants, 38 M sde-in Mineral. The ShakeOut pro- ----- __ __ "- - ------- ..... !'" *----" vides an opportunity to practice hu~ ~m ~ Im dk4i ~ld ~ ~ ~ lu~ ~ 0 II~llUI covgq'ag'e, mr~utum wmtmtt~, / IJOl t~rrcnt w-..~,o "" ~ ~ ~ ~ ,,h,m d~m mint Enmlovam are nmuimt to vro-and worked 8 Traffic Accident. simple recommended actions -It'ais-notice to m-" "1 cifftent Civil process for this period should beearthquakeoccur: mt4tt full-time and I t-time employ- served 283 Civil Papers. During Drop to the ground ee bvO toberl, 2013, as'well this seven-day period 20 where you are h~mital~"'~Tati'~n"andr'~nti~l~' as all-'new en loyees at the time additional Criminal Investi- Take Cover under a ofhirebe m October I gaflons were mmated and 42 vidin benefits such as health And many small employers may _ t.go. .. ...... sturdy table or desk if pus- care ts one important tool they be eligible for tax credits of up . ll~e A noroan, te uare Act we~., c~earea ny ar(.est; .~ne sible, protecting your head have to help re/ain their talented to 50% of their premium costs if anows smatl employers to o~er nnenrt's umcfl p roy!ned., t ~o and neck workforce and compete for skill- they choose to purchase l~ealth coverage m a. way. that man-n.ours ot .,uoun Koom Hold On until the shak- ed employees, even though coverage through SHOP. m es sense for men" onsmeas : cumy mr me mree courts and many businesses want to offer Enrollment starts on October ann works mr men" bottom me, me courmouse:,... .._ ing stops their workers health insurance, i ....... ~o~ h,~ainnino Janu- and the SBA is committed to lne nenns Ottlce tran- To register for the earthquake I:loea in the CUta in the past they h.avg*often been ~"i,~2"()i'4."~ormoreinforma- l evera,gmg our, resources and spo.rted, l_adult in state,.0 adult drill, go to liVALLEY _TIMES Imitll~' unable to afforc iff for reasons t,, ,ovteaerat partnersnlps to connect out.or srz.te, ,t mental pauent, and [16541 Street. like steadily climb'ing rate in- oreo ac't the-'i-I'e'al't'h- dHuman you the facts and resources 3 juveniles for. a to.tal of 8 Those who register will receive ! :dicah posmse is paid at Ii! creases and limited coverage: ..... . ....... you need to understand the row. transports, mvolwng nours, information on how to plan their I Post O/ffice -in St- Paul, VA" The u.S. Small ansiness 706-7S93 with soecific ouestions To more, ple o o.n .et .^ Shyr ff's Omce un!ocked drill. The Great Sou ast Shake [ 24 g3. Administration (SBA)is corn "--" to ourbusines s "Mon the SBA Ricnmona t)isn"ict vemctes ano escorteo - re|area y t " Office at t804~ 771 2400 funerals during this seven day Out website provides many [ I..A~. Young Grego~_..l~lllr. mired to giving*srnali business day Vridav 9"00 a m 5"00 "m x ) " ,-, v. ", enod" resources for leaming how to be [ G t mory Adv ,Al 6 ory owners the resources they need P " prepared for an earthquake and to start and grow a business - aa " including access to critical in- The Art of Seeing offered at the SVTDC for promoting the formation about how Afford- ,, ShakeOut. To fmd these re- ] !ANNUAL able Care Act is -opening up The Southwest Virginia The Art of "Seeinz; Good Pie- first session with a homework sources, go to :| ila advam:e: ~ t, Wire II! better health car6, options tor Technology Development Center tures are Ever here; The assignment that will be reviewed mm ." ht.o i Se vren Ut ness owners and will offer The Art of "Seeing," Quality of Light; Available Light in the second session., . ; ources 1124. zipcodes; ds Mm ll3Z.IR year, nearly one million r " " " 'are an introductory workshop de- or Flash?; Color or Black and The workshop is limited to Virginians took part in the fu t ] Under the Afforawte t; I te: v.,e ..... " will have signed by award,winning White?; and Composition; Com- 20 students and pry-registration reat SouthEast ShakeOut. a |!P,O. Bog $17, St. YA smmu mptuym ~ _.__ ..... h., itphotojoumalist Sam Bass, on posingaCreativelmage, is required. The cost tor the ............ Monday, September 16 and This is not a technical digital workshop is $30. For rmreall CV'l'imes Deadlines::,;]ium . " .... to Monday, September 23 from 6 hoto hy course, although mformation or to reg|ste, c $o . p grap . . r visit Editorial copy !l / in "mxt INn to 9 INn. This workshop wall the workshop will provide an 276-889-8180 o i tb www.svtdc.ors. (birlhdays, anniversaries, i Deadline for ] classifieds is Tuesday noonl lilt' Iludmt phololpqk at overview of the camera and ownwgW:aoy otmydmllsvsl4svetopaboll md how they work. Pat i- cqmawingainabenerunder- wilh dlalm by ml!nl of how lisht md the ,A t. sMIII a ssllss ef may sipof lisht imlm photo- Sum em will 2014, small 'l 14mtolm vl llim, lm . ale Art of" inl aad generally up to 50 full-tim~ equivalent employees will be Un&ulaadl~ fitl ~ all ~ to coalqpt~ a creative able to purchase h~alth insur- Lenses, and How They Wot~ il~l~. Pwtigipanta will leave the 3:30 Mmd (dmgl l and display) 12 noon Tuesday t t