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August 25, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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August 25, 2016

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t Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, August 25, 2016 ..and ships..and sealing wax.. by Ann Young Gree, ory Unless it's your team... Reprinted from September 13, 2007 This discussion may be a week late, but it seems still to be relevant. The point is-----don't you suppose those people in Michigan are still saying, "But WHERE is Boone, North Carolina? And WHAT is Appalachian State University? And WHY did our athletic director schedule them to come here?" A Channel Five news story during mid-week following the spectacular and unexpected September 1 defeat of #5 ranked Michigan by Division 1-AA Appalachian State, indicated that the T-shirt to own, at least in Boone, has emblazoned on its front: Michigan WHO? 34-32 Michiganders didn't apparently care that Appalachian State was a two-time defending 1-AA champion--far as the Michigan guys were concerned, Appalachian State was apparently a first-game victim, scheduled, as are many opponents during the first game of the season, so that the home team can sharpen its claws, so to speak. However, occasionally an "oops" occurs. This one is mentioned as possibly "the biggest football upset of all time," but they probably say that about most of the stunning ones! Actually, there's something about an upset of a big, powerful, favorite team that's downright satisfying to almost everybody---except for those whose team is at the receiving end of the upset! As a Kentucky football fan, I love it when my school's football team upsets somebody. Since UK isn't known as a football power- house, there are probably more opportunities for us to upset than to BE upset! On the basketball court, how- ever, the story's a different one. Opposing teams are always lying in wait to upset Kentucky, and when they do, we seldom hear the last of it! In the "of all time" cat- egory, there's that 1992 NCAA tournament game for a spot in the Final Four between UK and Duke. Duke won 104-103 in the final .2.1 seconds--and that's been called possibly the greatest basketball game that's ever been played. At my house, we had a different perspec- tive on that game--we thought Peyton had broken her foot when she kicked the staircase as the game ended. Duke's Christian Laettner should have been called for a technical foul when he stepped on UK's Aminu Timberlake's chest earlier in the game! The final score might well have been different that day, had that hap- penedI But nothing was called, and, unfair as it was, that's how things go sometimes. I remember the year that Houston had the "Phi Slama Jama" team with Hakeem Olajuwon--and UK beat them in Lexington. That was considered an upset, and it was a delicious one. That, too, was a basketball game, but then most of UK's triumphs have been on the basketball court-----except for the most recent BIG foot- ball event, which is when UK defeated favored Clemson in the Music City Bowl this year just past. One of the nastiest comments made about that game was uttered by South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier (not our favorite), who said something like, "We were very pleased to have beat Clemson, but then Kentucky came along and did it, too." Thing was, Kentucky was just a much better, more well-prepared and more eager to win team that day than was the orange bunch from South Carolina. As usual, anytime I talk about sports, you get a lot of Kentucky information. One of the very earliest football upsets I remember hearing about was because I was a Kentuckian in a Kentucky public school. I can't remem- ber the name of the book, but in the Paintsville High School Library, there was a small volume which con- cerned this particular event which occurred on October 29, 1921. At that time, Harvard University, if you can imagine, was a football powerhouse. It boasted a 25- game unbeaten streak when it hosted tiny Centre College from Danville, Kentucky. Centre is an excellent small school which I often liken to Emory & Henry in Virginia. Both have small enrollments, are church sup- ported and have excellent reputations for academic quality. Anyway, in 1921, Centre boasted a total enroll- ment of 254 (the 2007 enrollment is something like 1150). Their football team, which I believe Harvard had beaten the year before, went to Cambridge to face the Ivy League school in front of 43,000 fans, if you can imagine that many people at a Harvard football game. And wonder of wonders, Centre won the game, 6-0. It's still mentioned by some as one of the greatest upsets ever, and, as I said, it's one about which almost all Kentucky school children were aware. A number of individuals and organizations have compiled lists of the biggest college football upsets, and they're fun to read--unless your own team turns up too many times. The compiling of "biggest upsets" is sub- jective, since there are very few upsets that appear on all the lists, and actually few that appear more than once. Virginia Tech shows up as the team that was upset in October 17, 1998, when Tech, with a 5-0 record at the time, was defe ted 28-24 by a Femple team, which went into the game at 0-5. In that single game, Temple scored twenty-eight points, two fewer than Virginia Tech's five previous opponents had scored (thirty) that entire sea- son! Another game of interest to Virginians is the November 2, 1995, Virginia-Florida State game, in which the 'Hoos beat the Seminoles 33-28, handing them their first conference loss since Florida State became part of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Actually, three of the lists I found included both these games--Virginia Tech-Temple and Virginia- Florida State. The Tech game was noteworthy, I sup- pose, because of the 5-0 and 0-5 records the two teams brought into the game and the Virginia game because of Florida State's up-until-then virtual dominance over ACC teams once it became part of that conference. Wonder what it is about upsets that get our attention? If Appalachian State hadn't had that phenomenal victo- ry over Michigan a couple of weeks ago, I doubt that I'd have had a clue as to which team won---or that they'd even played each other. I always do my best to keep in touch with Kentucky scores, and to know what the other Southeastem Conference teams are doing, but beyond that, I really don't pay too much attention. But SUCH a big upset--and by a team from our neck of the woods-- seemedto get everybody's attention, at least everybody around here, and, if the Intemet's any indication, the attention of just about everybody, period. We love winners, but we apparently enjoy seeing winners become losers, too! Unless, of course, they're our winners, in which case we consider the final score of the game to be a terrible mistake! Wise County Schools 4th in state Wise County's overall pass rate for the 2015-2016 Math 4 83 school year was 90.03% up from 88.92% last year. They Math 5 79 gave 11,494 tests. This puts them 4th place in the state. Math 6 82 After the SOL scores were tabulated Wise County Math 7 72 School's overall SOL results for the 2015-2016 school Math 8 73 year increased to an overall passing percentage to 90.03%. This score reflects an increase from the 88.92% Algebra I 83 overall rates from last year. Superintendent, Greg Algebra II 89 Mullins, said that these scores allows our division to rank Geometry 80 as the 4th highest performing division in the Commonwealth! We have achieved this ranking for the VA Studies 87 past two school years and it is a testament to the work that Civics and Econ 87 is occurring each day in our schools and classrooms. Wise World History 84 County Schools were within 1/100th of a point of being Geography 86 ranked third in the state. VA & US History 86 The other divisions were: 3rd Place Poquoson City with a pass rate of 90.04% Science 5 81 who gave 4372 tests, Science 8 79 2nd Place Fall Church City with a pass rate of 91.53% Earth Science 84 who gave 4951 tests, Biology 84 1st Place West Point with a pass rate of 94.4% who Chemistry 88 Wise County pass percentages in every test!! ! ! gave 1574 tests. State pass rates in rates: comparison to Wise County pass State Wise County Reading 3 76 83.66 Reading 4 77 86.50 Reading 5 81 83.22 Reading 6 77 85.3 Reading 7 82 91.18 (8th Reading 8 75 86.43 (6th in the st) in the st) EOC Reading 89 93.27 Writing 8 71 80.9 (7th EOC Writing 83 87.98 in the st) Math 3 77 88.48 (7th in the st) CLINCH VALLEY TIMES DEADLINES: EDITORIAL copy (anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, calendar items, press releases, etc.) 3 p.m. Monday ADVERTISING (Classified and display) 12 noon Monday 87.31 90.21 95.22 88.26 95.72 (8th in the st) (7th in the st) (5th in the st) (1 st' in the st) 92.31 100 (lst 89.93 in the state) 95.02 (9th in the st) 89.38 92.86 96.77 95.02 (5th in the st) 90.05 82.13 91.38 94.01 (5th in the st) 96.02 exceeded state percentages Core Rankings: Reading- 9th in the state Writing- 10th in the state Math- 2nd in the state History- 5th in the state Science- 7th in the state Core Areas: Reading State Pass Percentage is 80%---Wise County 87.01% (9th) Writing State Pass Percentage is 77%--Wise County 84.21% (10th) Math State Pass Percentage is 80%--Wise County 91.86% (2nd) Science State Pass Percentage is 83%--Wise County is 90.12% (7th) History State Pass Percentage is 86%--Wise County is 93.57% (5th) Gains: Reading 4 moved from 27th place Reading 7 moved from 19th place Math 3 moved from 14th to 7th Math 7 moved from 7th to 5th Math 8 remained at 1 st to 12th place to 8th place Are you out of order? by Pam Young In a courtroom, if a judge exclaimed, "You're out of order!" you'd know to shut up, but when your home is out of order, there's no one to shout at you but the stuff that's been left out all over the place. When your house is out of order, it causes you to be out of order. Clutter has a voice and it won't shut up until you deal with it. Shut the Fuss Up! There are only two ways to shut the fuss up! Either get rid of it or put it away. If you get rid of it, throw it away or give it away. Why not sell those unwanted items? Simple - because you don'twant to give yourself another task to do! If you give yourself that option, you set your- self up for a garage sale project with a mountain of pricing or a bunch of time spent on, both of which requires a lot of follow-through and ded- ication to the task. There are different cate- gories of clutter, but they all nag, taunt, shame, badg- er, heckle, scoff, jeer, and pester. You've tried to organize some of it, but most of it just gets moved around. Trying to organize clutter is like trying to get a bunch of tone-deaf people together to start a choir. You can't clean when you have clutter because you can't fmd your surfaces: So your house gets dirty. Clutter is also insidious. If it's left in one place for more than 21 days, it becomes invisible and it lowers its volume, becom- ing white noise in the back- ground to which you become accustomed. Have you ever noticed the relief you feel when that white noise gets turned off?. Your ears are suddenly enveloped by a silence you didn't even know you were missing! You'll get that same relief when you deal with your clutter. You'll be amazed at the peace you'll feel that you didn't even know was possible! Take a few minutes and look around you. Let what you see speak to you. Where is the most noise coming from? What's clacking the loudest? What's drumming in the background, more quietly, yet persistently? By using your imagination to add make-believe sound to your clutter, you are actual- ly sharpening your aware- ness of what you want to kick out or make a place for. You'll also begin shop- ping with a new awareness. Everything you bring into your home has a voice. Have fun with this new awareness. Talk back to your stuff and warn it of its pending eviction, and ask everything that comes into your life 'if you need it and love it. If you don't buy it, it can't talk to you. Paying attention to the v.oices is fun and enlight- ening. There are also those tired voices of stale, out- dated ideas from a stack of old magazines, chanting, "Read us read usI See what you missed in 2006!" We keep old magazines because we paid for them, haven't read them, don't want to miss anything, and we think we'll actually take the time (at some point) to peruse their pages. Chances are really good you have last month's magazines sitting there unread too, and they're at least still current possibili- ties. So dump anything that's outdated. If you're still feeling guilty, know this: thanks to the Intemet, all the old information is archived online. Google it. Another voice of clutter comes from the homeless. That's all the stuff you love and use, but don't have specific places to put it. It's probably stuff you've had to look for in the past. You'll catch yourself say- ing, "Oh, there you areI I was looking for you yester- day." Just think how much time you spend each year looking for stuff[ (It's probably at least a couple of days.) It seems easier at the time to just put those items down somewhere, or out of sight in a drawer, because there's not a dedi- cated place to put it. To quiet the noise from your homeless stuff, you have to establish homes for each individual voice. Cramming a voice in the wrong closet, drawer, or cupboard, the basement, the attic, or under a bed, is like hushing a gossip and putting him or her out of sight. Clutter shoved out of sight may go out of mind, but the minute you open a drawer or Closet that holds an assortment of muzzled clutter, you'll be like Britney Spears opening her front door to a mob of rav- enous paparazzi. It isn't pretty. If we minded the rule "A place 'for everything and everything in its place," we'd never have to search for our glasses, car keys, purse, coat, cell phone, shoes, scissors, or tweezers again. Included in the home- less clutter is what I call IPODs--Important Piles Of Decisions. These IPODS are in strategic places throughout our home where you chronical- ly dump your indecision. They are piles of miscella- neous items that you didn't want to put away either because there was no "away" or because you were tired or just didn't want to deal with them at the time. Piles are very per- sonal and we don't like to talk about them, but they need to be cured if we are to enjoy a peaceful home not one that's out of order. You're not out of order when your house is in order. Start listening. For more from Pare Young go to www.clubor- You'll find many musings, videos of Pare in the kitchen prepar- ing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed SLOB's point of view. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch ~ralley Times serves the four-eotmty area of Wise. Russell, Dickenson and Scott. ~4th offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. Periodicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 24283, Allen Gregory Editor/Adv. Susan Trent Adv./Graphics ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: In advance: $28.50 in Wise and Russell Counties; $30.00 in " other 24-zip-codes; elsewhere $32.50. POSTMASTER: send address changes to: Clinch Valley Times, EO. 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