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August 10, 2017     Clinch Valley Times
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August 10, 2017

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, August 10, 2017 Of shoes..and ships..and sealing wax.. by Gregory An auspicious number Reprinted from August 21, 2008 Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHC) when he was quite young. At age seven, he began Numerologists around the world are probably having swimming, partly through the influence of his two older a field day with all of this! In the first place, the sisters Whitney and Hilary, both of whom are swim- Chinese, we're told, consider the number eight to be an mers. By the time he was 10, he held a national title for auspicious one, primarily, according to one source I his age group. When he was 15, he qualified for the found on the Internet, because their word for the num- 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. While he didn't ber "eight" sounds something like the Chinese words win a medal that time--he was fifth in the 200 meter for "prosper" and "wealth." So here's the deal: the butterfly, the only event in which he participated--he XXIX Olympiad began at 8 p.m. on 08-08-08. Further, was the youngest American male Olympic swimmer in Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps went eight for 68 years! Just five months after the Olympics, he set a eight--that is, as though you didn't already know, he world record for the 200 meter butterfly--the youngest won a gold medal in each of the eight events that he, or, man ever, at 15 years, nine months--to set a world in the case of the three relays, he and his teammates, swimming record. entered. That unprecedented feat, celebrated by every From then on, he kept breaking records, often his journalist and broadcaster in the civilized world, broke own, as he trained with Bob Bowman, his coach since the 36-year-old record of American swimmer Mark childhood, at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, and, at Spitz, who won seven gold medals during the 1972 the University of Michigan, when Bowman became the Olympics. Added to the six gold medals and two of swimming coach there. Phelps served as a volunteer bronze that Phelps won during the 2004 Olympics in assistant coach, but didn't swim in NCAA competition Athens, he has a total of sixteen (which is, of course, for Michigan, since he had given up his amateur status two times eight!) by accepting endorsement opportunities from several of When you get right down to it, the only thing which his sponsors. However, while a student at Michigan, he is glaringly auspicious, as far as I can see, about the trained with and swam for Club Wolverine, a USA number eight is that MichaelPhelps didthe nearimpos- swimming team which was affiliated with the sible in winning all those races, especially considering University. that he won the 100 meter butterfly, by just one one- Phelps plans to go back to North Baltimore. In 2009, hundredth of a second! Just to bring in the numerology he will begin training for the 2012 Olympics, as well as thing one more time, the eight races which he won all the competitions that will come between early 2009 began August 10 and concluded on August .17--a total and then. of eight days! (Two races were on August 13; nothing There isn't room on this page for me to list all of the was scheduled the 14th.) swimming triumphs, medals, championships, he has to No less important a person than Mark Spitz himself his credit. For example, he was named American told NBC after Phelps tied Spitz' record of seven golds: Swimmer of the Year in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, "It goes to show you that not only is this guy the great- 2007, and will undoubtedly receive that honor for 2008. est swimmer of all time and the greatest Olympian of all He has earned literally hundreds of titles, honors, first time, he's maybe the greatest athlete of all time. He's places, national and world records and various champi- the greatest racer who ever walked the planet!" In spite onships over the course of his career. Sounds like he's of having terms like "the greatest Olympian" and "the been at it for several decades, although if you remem- greatest athlete" tossed around in his presence, and in ber, he began swimming at seven, and is just barely 23 spite of earning a reported $5 million in endorsements now--so his successes have all been contained within annually and in spite of being the fair-haired boy, so to the past 16 years! speak, of nearly everyone in the United States and a lot One of the things I've found to be the most endear- of others around the world, this young man doesn't ing about this incredible young man is his total devotion seem to be overly impressed with himself. Instead, to his mother and sisters. His mother, a middle school Michael Phelps appears to those of us who've seen principal, and his father, a Maryland State Policeman, divorced in 1994 when Michael was just nine, So, as a some of his many television interviews to be a very down-to-earth, nice, boy-next-door type of guy whose single mother, Debbie Phelps, who impressed most of head hasn't grown a single size in spite of all the suc- us who saw and heard her on NBC, reared her three cess and subsequent attention he has achieved, children as a single mother. Her son Michael is so Speaking of money and Mark Spitz, Phelps just collect- devoted to her that during swim meets, he wants to ed another million from one of his sponsors, Speedo, know where she's sitting so he can look up to see her at which has offered that amount for a number of years to any given moment. Most of us who watched saw him anyone who could tie Mark Spitz' record. To balance race into the stands following one of the early medal that on the other hand, one website revealed the infor- presentations to give his mother the bouquet that was mation that his teammates often call him "Gomer," a part of the Olympic prize. reference to the Jim Nabors character, Gomer Pyle, on He may be all of 23, and he may earn $5 million a The Andy Griffith Show of long ago, because of year, and he may hold every title available to swimmers Phelps' good nature and apparent "country boy" in the world, and he may just have won an unprece- approach to life. dented eight gold medals at the 29th Olympics, and he That's very well and good, of course, but keep in may be the greatest athlete of all time, and he may be mind that this 23-year-old has worked since he was 11, the darling of the world's paparazzi, but down deep, when his coach said he could be an Olympian, tO get to he's still just a kid who loves--and depends on--his where he is right now. He was diagnosed with mom! Now that's auspicious! Good communication lies at the heart of our democracy By Lee H. Hamilton Do ordinary citizens still have a voice in Washington and in their state capitals? Despite the cynicism of these times, my answer is, yes, we do... But we have to exercise it. I don~t just mean going to a town hall meeting and yelling, or shooting off a letter or email. I mean making an appointment to sit down with your repre-" sentative --in his or her office, at" a cafe in the dis- trict, or wherever else you can meet -- and holding a real conversation. We don't do this often enough in our country, perhaps because most people think it's impossible to arrange. It's not, although it might take patience to get an appoint- ment with a busy represen- tative. And to my mind, it's the most effective way for citizens to communicate with their representatives. This is important because the heart of a.rep- resentative democracy does not lie in its elec- torate, or even its elected officials. It rests in the communication between them, in the give and take daunting, but it shouldn't that allows each to under- be: Do your homework. It stand the other. Over my goes without saying that years in office I noticed a you should identify your- few things about how to self and whoever else is make this conversation with you, let yourrepresen- more fruitful and effective, tative know whom you're and, for what it's worth, I representing- don't exag- pass them along, gerate your numbers -- My guess is that in and above all, make it very almost all cases, the repre- clear what you want him or sentative will be gracious, her to do or not to do. And attentive, and welcoming; you'll be far more effective he or she will see the meet- if you're well-informed ing as a chance to reach out about the core facts on the and perhaps win a con- issues and about the person stituent's support. What you're speaking to: his or makes the difference in her party, length of service, these meetings is the man- committees, interests, her in which the voter views, ratings and priori- approaches them. ties. So my first comment is Understand that legisla- that you want to keep the tors deal with many chal- discussion respectful and lenging relationships: vot- polite. Incivility and con- ers, donors, constituents, frontation are counter-pro- interest groups, party offi- ductive. If you want to cials, congressional or leg- have an impact, do not be islative leadership, gover- argumentative or con- nors and presidents, and an frontational. Explain how array of others. So, listen the issues affect you per- carefully and ask a lot of sonally and make it clear questions, and get clarity that you're seeking to about where your represen- establish ongoing commu- tative stands on your issues nication, not just a 'one and and why. Test his or her done' meeting, knowledge of the issues, If your representative and the depth of commit- comes to respect you ment to the views he or she because of your approach takes. Be firm in insisting and your knowledge, that's on direct answers, but an important step forward don't be adamant or unrea- in expanding your influ- sonable. If you want to, ence. Because don't forget record the session, but be that the reverse can also be sure to advise the represen- true: You'll make it easy to tative you are doing so. ignore you by behaving In short, having a pro- ungraciously, ductive conversation with This next part may seem elected representatives comes down to being informed, remaining cour- teous, being curious and open to dialogue yourself, and stating your views and understanding of the issues as clearly as possible. If you engage in this fashion with your represen- tatives on a regular basis, I think you'll have reason to be satisfied that you're stepping up to your respon- sibilities and raising your effectiveness as a citizen. And if conversations of this quality are multiplied across the country, it really will improve the quality of our representative democ- racy and contribute to the direction and success of our country. Lee Hamilton is a Senior Advisor for the Indiana University Center on Representative Government," a Distinguished Scholar, IU School of Global and International Studies; and a Professor of Practice, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years. NOTICE: Stop for any school bus loading or unloading children.* IT'S THE LAW.* Assault of witness and Other charges lead to prison time Joshua Adam Collins, age 33, of Wise, Virginia was sentenced last week in the Wise County Circuit Court for distribution of a schedule II drug, felony shoplifting, and obstruc- tion of justice. Collins pleaded guilty on May 4, 2017 to the charges and was sentenced by a judge without a plea agreement on July 27, 2017 to eleven years in the penitentiary with nine years suspended. Thus, he will spend an active term of incarcera- tion of two years in the penitentiary within the Virginia Department of Corrections. He must complete five years of pro- bation following his release, y\ This case initiall stemmed from an investi- gation by the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force into the contin- uing illegal distribution and abuse of dangerous medications in Wise County. Evidence showed that on March 21, 2016, Collins distributed Methylphenidate, a sched- ule II drug, in Wise County to an.undercover informant w~)rking with the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force. While that case was pending, Collins entered the Norton Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) store on May 27, 2016 and concealed merchandise. Evidence showed that Collins left the store with- out paying for various items valued at less than $200.00. Collins had pre- viously been convicted of two prior larcen), offenses: After Hubbard was Joshua Adam Collins arrested for these crimes and placed on bond by the Court, another investiga- tion began into reports that Collins confronted wit- nesses in his case at the parking lot of Food City in Wise. During the con- frontation, Collins assault- ed a wimess. The case was prosecut- ed by Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys Ken Lammers and Zachary Hurt. Wise County Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp said, "We hope that this case sends a strong message that we will not tolerate any attempt to intimidate wit- nesses or violate the integrity of our judicial system. We want to thank the efforts of the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force, the Task Force's member agencies, and Agent Aaron Cathell with Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control for their teamwork in investigating the cases and assisting us with the preparation for trial." Mainframe disaster recovery services ~ Services up and run- ning for state agencies ~ RICHMOND -- A replacement IBM main- frame unit has been suc- cessfully installed prevent- ing a shutdown in the event of a disaster at the state's primary data center.' The unit provides services for 12 executive branch agen- cies. Nelson Moe, chief information officer of the commonwealth and head of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) reports, "VITA worked with technicians Monday to install the replacement after Northrop Grumman permitted entry to its facility in Russell County where the com- monwealth's IBM main- frame disaster recovery systems are located. I am pleased to report the replacement unit is up and running and ready to pro- vide services in case of a disaster." Northrop Grumman has the current contract to pro- vide the information tech- nology (IT) infrastructure for executive branch agen- cies. That contract expires June 30, 2019, and VITA is working to transition to new IT infrastructure providers. DXC has the new con- tract to provide mainframe services and recently took over mainframe services in place in Chester. On July 21, Northrop Grumman denied technicians access to the Russell County facil- ity to replace the main- frame, which had reached functional end-of-life on July 20. It was only after VITA filed for an emer- gency injunction in Richmond Circuit Court demanding access that an agreement was reached to allow technicians to enter the Northrop Grumman- owned facility. Prior to installation of the replacement main- frame, 12 key state agen- cies that depend on IBM mainframe data for their daily operations would have been effectively shut down in the event a disas- ter knocked out operations at the primary data center in Chester. VITA maintains backups of the mainframe data, but it would have taken an extended period of time to make the main- frame services available. ### About the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) VITA is the commonwealth's con- solidated technology serv- ices and solutions provider responsible for the opera- tion of the state's technolo- gy infrastructure, gover- nance, security and over- sight of major IT projects, and procurement of tech- nology-related goods and services on behalf of state and local governments. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Patti, VA 24283, by the CLLNCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-county area of'ise, Russell Dickenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TLMES building, 16541 Russell Street, Periodicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Patti, VA 24283 David GregoE,." Editor/Adv. Susan Trent Adv./Crraphics AN,'NUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: In advance: $28.50 in Wise and RusseU Cotmties; $30.00 in other 24-zip-codes; elsewhere $32.50. POSTMASTER: send address changes to: Clinch Valley Times, P.O. Box 817, St. Paul, VA 24283 SINGLE COPY - 50c Classified Advertising: mini- mum charge $6.00 for tip to 20 words, in advance; 25c per word after 20 words. Display Advert- ising rates on application Periodicals publication Post ISSN: 767600