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July 27, 2017     Clinch Valley Times
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July 27, 2017

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, July 27, 2017 Of shoes. ships. sealing wax.. Ann Young Gregory How do you suppose we survived? Reprinted from August 7, 2008 that they do exist today and that at least some states Please understand--and I hasten to say this for fear requires their use. But has it occurred to you that a lot of insulting someone that when I say "we," I mean of us---I'd venture to say that the vast majority of us- those of and in the neighborhood of my own generation, rode bicycles and or used roller skates without wearing and certainly not those of you who don't remember not a safety helmet, and we survived to tell the tale? (Of having television (which I still consider to be something course I didn't include skate boards in the things that of a miracle), who consider your cell phone to be one of "we" did, since there was no such thing as a skateboard your most important possessions---fight up there with in those days.) your iPod and your car's CD player, or who have never Today's youngsters and teens seem not to be able to heard of Frankie Laine, Lon McAllister, Eve Arden and manage very well without computers (i.e., the Internet); Spike Jones. Rather than branding them as nostalgic, or Nintendo or PlayStation or Xbox or the new Wii; the you might want to classify these next few lines as a look aforementioned cell phones (one of my goals in life is into history. It's all the same, after all, depending upon to be able to understand just exactly how to "text mes- your perspective! sage" and then how to read it if anyone should text a This whole subject was brought to mind a few days message to me); and iPods (and related devices, all of ago when I saw a news feature, probably on the Today which provide music 24/7, should one require it). While Show, about how to choose a hotel based on what kinds I'm sure some members of today's generation watch of furniture and other amenities they provide for television, it appears to be almost pass6 to them, since infants. They dwelt for some time on the distance they have digital cameras and Internet features like between the slats on the baby beds offered by various YouTube and MySpace which allow them to create their places with overnight accommodations, and all of a OWN television entertainment. sudden, it struck me how in the world did we, or our All of this can be contrasted to our good old days, children, ever survive? Most of the baby beds in our which might have involved listening to an hour of radio "good old days" couldn't come close to meeting the ("Tom Mix," perhaps, or "Superman")in the afternoon standards which are imposed today. That's not to say after school and maybe to a program or two on Saturday that the "new" standards aren't good, but just that they morning (I remember "Let's Pretend"), and early on came along a little late to be of any advantage to us or Sunday morning--this is when I was quite young and our babies, hadn't yet learned to read--we could tune the radio in Then there's the question of aspirin. These days, I to New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and hear him feel terribly guilty if I take aspirin for anything-- reading the Sunday funnies (newspaper comic strips). I except, of course for the 81 mg aspirin that my doctor don't remember the network that carried this program, requires me to take every day. I don't use the other over- ,but I remember listening to it. If, as a teenager, you had the-counter medications because I've found that they access to a record player, you could save your money to don't work well for me, but take an aspirin? Horrors!-- buy the latest 78 rpm for 60-70 cents--and they broke at least based on today's standards. Aspirin, researchers if you dropped them. But playing outdoors, especially have discovered during the last thirty or so years, can in summer, and when fall and spring weather permitted, cause any number of problems, and evidently any par- was a favorite activity for children, and even teens in ent who gives baby aspirin to a child should be brought those days spent a lot of time outdoors, walking and up on charges of child abuse! And again, I'm not saying swimming and playing tennis and the like. that the new findings are bad, but just that I grew up Something else which has triggered a question about taking aspirin, and then when I had children, I gave how in the world "we" survived is a bit more subtle-- them aspirin. We all survived, somehow, but one won- has to do with food and the grocery store. There were ders just how, considering the perils that lurk in seven major food groups instead of four--the same (today's) aspirin bottles, foods were included in them, of course it's just that These days, one should not only provide a safe seat they were divided differently. Good diets back then in the car for one's child, but also it must meet certain included lots of fresh milk, eggs and butter. For standards, and it's not optional. If you want to take your instance, my mother used to make baked custard--a child in the car, you WILL have the car seat prescribed nutritious dessert which was good for you--at least it by law, and see that the child has a special seat until was back in those days. However, since it contains he/she has reached a certain height and/or weight. And whole milk, eggs and refined white sugar, it's pretty by no means should the child ride in the front seat of the much considered a no-no today. Lots of foods were like car! Again, our parents, and then we as parents, were as that, and you couldn't find out what was in various gro- concerned about keeping their/our children safe as are cery store products by looking at the label because the parents today, but our car seats, if we ha~l them, cer- information about calories, fats, sugars and other nutri- tainly didn't conform to designs required by law--since ents (or lack thereof) simply wasn't included. We didn't there were no such designs then, or any laws about car know about virtues of fiber or eating five (or is it now seat design, for that matter. Yet there we are[ Amazing, seven) servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and isn't it[ ' certainly weren't warned about avoiding a steady diet Along those same lines are the helmets that areof red meat. required these days for riding bicycles and using roller Big revelation--things have changed! Most of the skates or skate boards. Now certainly children have suf- changes, I admit, are for the better, ignorance was bliss, fered horrible and sometimes even fatal accidents with- and when you look at it all, it makes you wonder how out using these pieces of safety gear, so it's wonderful we did, indeed, manage to survive the good old days! Pump storage facilities repurpose otherwise wasted energy, create jobs, enhance public rev- enue and complement renewables, who knew? By Frank Kilgore cool trillions of cubic feet therefore saves otherwise Recent discussions of of work spaces the demand wasted energy until it is building one or more pump for energy spikes, then much needed to meet a storage units in Southwest ebbs, and the excess spike in demand. Virginia's seven coalfield "juice" produced in Why spend so much liq- counties have brought between those cycles is not uid and digital ink explain- about much needed debate used and therefore is wast- ing how this process as to what the process real- ed. works, you might ask.'? ly means and how will it Put simply, a pump stor- Because, if the public does help a region struggling age facility, whereby water not understand the why, with dwindling jobs and is pumped to and stored in then explaining the how is revenues, not to mention a reservoir at a higher ele- impossible. The how to how renewable energy vation during low energystore this otherwise wasted development can benefit, demands, takes that other- energy requires a huge To truly understand the wise wasted energy and investment, thousands of process, a little known uses it to do the pumping, workers over many years secret must be revealed: a Then, when the demand for to build the facilities, and huge portion of electrical electricity peaks, the stored several dozen highly paid energy is wasted world- water is released and grav- professionals, technicians, wide each day because of ity takes it swiftly down and support staff to sustain the laws of supply and slope in underground pipes and maintain them. The demand. That's right, that to spin turbines that give localities that host such a same old maxim that ulti- the power grid the "shot" facility rake in huge tax mately prevails in the of electricity needed torevenues and the environ- world of economics also meet the peak demand, ment also wins when other- applies to energy. Imagine it as a shot of caf- wise wasted energy, espe- Power plants generate a feine and B vitamins at cially energy generated by lot more energy than the 3:00 pm when your body fossil fuels, is saved and demand might dictate at needs it the most. Afterrepurposed. certain periods of the year, going through the turbines, Speaking of the envi- or day, just so it will be the water flows into a ronment, well planned available during cooler lower reservoir where the pump storage facilities can . nights arid hotter days or water can be pumped backbe engineered and pro- during winter storms that up to start the process all grammed to fill the energy plunge us into a deep over again, gap when the sun is not freeze. When energy is Here is where the mathshining and the wind is not generated by thermal heat, comes in; power compa- blowing. A pump storage whether by coal, natural nies make more money system therefore has the gas, or nuclear, these when demand is highest strategic ability to supple- sources of heat cannot be because their rates at that ment and complement finely tuned and available time are also the highest, clean energy generation. on a whim. As a result, This is their "sweet spot" Why is that important? when humans simultane- market that allows them to Because, by just sheer luck ously turn their thermostats recover the huge mega- or physics, the proponents up or down while prepar- whatever of energy lost of fossil fuels and propo- ing for work, arriving during low demand. A nents of non-fossil fuels home at night or to heat or pump storage facility can occasionally come together and find common ground. Saving wasted energy, supplementing renewable energy, creating jobs, and generating elec- triCity and revenue for schools, roads, and other public services can be that one crystallizing moment when name-calling becomes hand shaking, if not back slapping. Assuming that the pro- posed pump storage facili- ties are located in places in a fashion most friendly to the environment, and the least costly to build and operate, we have an idea in the coalfields generated by Senator Ben Chafin and Delegates Terry Kilgore and Todd Pillion that should bring together near- ly every faction of society. Truly, that is one aspect of life wherein we have a lot more demand than supply. Frank Kilgore is a Virginia coalfield attorney, author, historian, commu- nity activist and the recipi- ent of several conservation awards for forty years of work in that arena. Financial exploitation of a senior leads to jail time Amy Lynn Hopson, age Force to combat the abuse 40, of Norton, pleaded and financial exploitation guilty today and was sen- of our region's most vul- tenced in the Wise County nerable citizens. Financial Circuit Court for identity exploitation of seniors is theft, credit card fraud, and far too common and unfor- obtaining money by false tunately the number of pretenses. She received a these crimes is significant- sentence of twenty years in ly underreported, Roughly the penitentiary with nine- five million people across teen years suspended, will the country are affected by have to serve an active one elder abuse annually, but year sentence in jail, pay only one in twenty-four restitution to the victim, cases are actually reported and complete fifteen years to police. Not only are of probation, these cases underreported, In early 2016, Adult the circumstances make Protective Services work- them difficult to prose- ers at the Wise County cute." Department of Social Slemp continued, "The Services received informa- collaboration of our task tion about potential finan- force is working and this cial exploitation of a senior case is an example of that or incapacitated adult, effort. We are thankful for During their investigation, the partnership of Adult it was discovered that Amy Protective Service Workers Lynn Hopson had used an and the law enforcement elderly individual's identi- community in taking steps ty to open credit cards and to protect seniors. My make purchases in excess office will continue to vig- of $10,000. Adult protec- orously prosecute crimes tive services then contact- against seniors and those ed the Wise County who seek to do them Sheriff's Office for further harm." investigation. Hopson Slemp expressed his confessed her crimes to appreciation for the dili- investigators, gent efforts made to inves- The case was success- tigate and prosecute this fully brought to a conclu- case, specifically Adult sion through the efforts of Protective Services repre- Commonwealth's Attorney sentative Garland Cornea Chuck Slemp and assistant and Wise County Sheriff's C o m m o n w e a 1 t h ' s Office Investigator Duane Attorneys Ken Lammers. Phillips. C o m m o n w e a 1 t h ' s Hopson's guilty plea Attorney Chuck Slemp comes just one week said, "Last month, we before she was scheduled formed the Southwest to face a jury on these Virginia Senior Abuse Task charges. The Wise County DUI Arrest. Sheriff's Office reports the Civil Process Served: following activities for the 395 Civil Papers period of 07/10/2017 Traffic Accidents: 1 through 07/16/2017. 14 Additional Criminal Wise Central Dispatch Investigations were initiat- received a total of 1,566 ed and 10 Cleared by calls for this seven-dayArrest. period. Sheriff's Office provid- Of the total calls ed 256 man-hours of Court received 316 were dis- Room Security. patched to the Sheriff'sUnlocked Vehicles: 19 Office Escorted Funerals: 5 Total number of The Sheriff's Office Domestic calls for this Total Transport for this period was 9. period: 6 Criminal Process for Total Transport Hours: this period: Served 52 19.75 Felony Warrants, 22 2,015 Visitors to Misdemeanor Warrants, 1 Courthouse. Coffee time at library invites senior citizens Every Monday at 10 a.m. the J. Fred Matthews Memorial Library will host Coffee Time for all area senior citizens. Seniors are invited to stop by the library from 10-11 a.m. and have a cup of coffee, tea, cider or hot chocolate and light refreshments. Visit with your friends, talk about the news going on in the area, read the local newspapers or browse through the library's maga- zine selections. Make plans to come by the library each Monday for coffee and conversation. For more information contact the J. Fred Matthews Memorial Subscribe to the Times! 276-762-7671 Library at 276-762-9702. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGEqlA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-county area of Wise, Russell, Diekenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. Pexiodicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 24283 David Gregory Editor/Adv. 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