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June 29, 2017     Clinch Valley Times
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June 29, 2017

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, June 29, 2017 ships, sealing wax.. Whatever happened to patriotism? Gregory Reprinted from July 10, 2008 Just m ease you had a problem with naming any of the songs, aere they are: Can you come up with the name and significance of 1) "The Caisson Song," considered to be the Army's each of these songs? How about the tunes? song. The melody was written by Brigadier General Edmund L. Gruber in 1907. 1) "Over hill, over dale 2) "The U.S. Air Force Song," the official song of As we hit the dusty trail, that branch of the service, is informally called "Into the And those caissons go rolling along." Wild Blue Yonder" or "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder." The original lyrics and music were written by 2) "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, Captain Robert Crawfo[d in 1939. The words "U.S. Air Climbing high into the sun. Force" replaced the original words, "Army Air Corps," Here they come zooming to meet our thunder..."in 1947. 3) "Anchors Aweigh" is the song of the United States 3) "Anchors Aweigh, my boys,, Navy. The music was written in 1906 by Charles A. Anchors Aweigh Zimmerman, and the original lyrics were by Alfred Hart Farewell to foreign shores Miles. Originally, the song was evidently intended as a We sail at break of" football fight song primarily for the Army,Navy game. The words have been changed and/or replaced several 4) "From the halls of Montezuma, times. In 1950 the words of the current and most com- To the shores of Tripoli. monly used version were written by George D. We fight our country's battles, Lottman, and the melody was modified slightly by In the air, on land and sea..." Domenico Savino. 4) "The Marines' Hymn" is the oldest official song These next ones might be a little easier to identify, in the U.S. military. The words, whose source isn't particularly if you're a member of the younger set, who known, date from the 19th century. The music is adapt- don't seem to be as familiar with the first four.., ed from the Gendarmes'Duet from an Offenbach opera which debuted in Paris in 1859. 5) "O! Say can you see by,he dawn's early light 5) "The Star Spangled Banner" was written as a What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last poem by Francis Scott Key in 1814, and eventually set gleaming..." to the music of a tune written for a British drinking song by John Stafford Smith. The song wasn't adopted as the 6) "My country 'tis of thee National Anthem until 1931. Sweet rand of liberty, of thee I sing. 6) "America" or "My Country 'Tis of Thee"--the Land where my fathers died, words were written by Samuel E Smith in the 19tb cen- Land of the pilgrims' pride..." tury. 7) "O beautiful for spacious skies. 7) "America the Beautiful" is a poeln written by For amber waves of grain, Katherine Lee Bates in 1893. In 1920, it was put to the music of "Materna," composed by Samuel A. Ward in For purple mountain majesties 1882. Above the fruited plain!" When you consider radio, television, CDs, tele- The subject came to mind on Friday as DJ Benny phones that do everything but brew the moming coffee, Mays played the always-stirring patriotic songs as St. and the ubiquitous iPod and its wannabes all over the Paul's great fireworks display was unfolding before us. place, you realize that we're surrounded by music-- sometimes whether we want to be or not. (Did this all Granted, a lot of the songs interspersed with the old familiar ones were more pop than patriotic, but a good begin in the fifties or sixties when Muzak was invented number of them were still there, and as I heard one of and music followed us everywhere----even into eleva- them (to which my mind sang "From the halls of tors?) Even though music is all around us, there only Montezuma..."), I wondered just how many people in seems to be one day a year--the Fourth of July--when these patriotic songs are played a lot. Perhaps a few the crowd, especially the young ones, ~were able to iden- aired on Memorial Day and on Veterans' Day, but not tify the songs which defined patriotism during my childhood days--that is to say, during the days of World many. War II. The songs whose opening few lines are printed This country needs a lot of things just now, including abo~ce were heard everywhere and often, and I don't intelligent leaders who have good intentions about get- know of a soul who tired of them, Even though we're in ting us out of all the messes we're fin, but it seems to me summer numl~er six of a war fight now, we don't hear that a good dose of patriotism comldn't hurt. Not only would it indicate our support to all/of our own who are these songs. And although the Iraq/Afghanistan war is in harm's way in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the extremely unpopular among what is apparently the vast majority of the population, that doesn't mean that those world, but also a little honest patriotism might remind same people don't admire and support members of the us of what the United States of America is all about! That would be a good thing. military, who are represented by the music. Congress needs to reassert itself on use of force Second Coal Heritage Bus Tour runs July 15 The St. Paul Main at the gate of A.R. Street organization will Matthews Park on the offer its second Coal banks of the Clinch River Heritage Bus Tour on Julyin St. Paul, VA. The cost 15. This tour will include per person is $35.00 and stops at the original includes lunch. For Russell County detailed information, visit Courthouse and the Main Street website at Dickenson-Bundy Log www. House at Copper Creek, These tours are not Mountain Heritage handicapped-accessible. Museum in St. Paul, Ralph For more information, Stanley Museum in e m a i 1 Clintwood, and John stpaulmainstreet@gmail.c Flanagan Dam. om or call 276-395-0685. All tours begin and end Norton woman guilty of 25-year old sex crimes Rhonda Jean Cooke, appropriate length of the age 60, of Norton, was sentence. The maximum found guilty in the Wise possible punishment on all County Circuit Court of four charges is 20 years. four counts of Indecent C o m m o n w e a I t h' s Liberties with a child by Attorney Chuck Slemp someone in a supervisory said, "It is extremely diffi- role. Cooke's plea of cult to prosecute a case of guilty under the Alford rule this nature. That difficulty comes on the day she was is compounded when the scheduled to face a jury for offenses are nearly twenty- these offenses. The crimes, five years old. Despite occurred in the 1990's and these challenges, we are involved two different vic- pleased with the outcome tims who were minors at today." Slemp declined the time. In Virginia, there further comment "out of is no statute of limitations respect for the victims' pri- for a felony offense, vacy." Cooke plead guilty Slemp did credit the law without a plea agreement enforcement agencies and from the Commonwealth officers who worked the on her sentence. A sen- case and made a conviction tencing hearing will be possible: Virginia State held on September 5, 2017 Police . Special Agents at 9:00 a.m. At the sen- Jason Nichols, Ray Cox tencing hearing, both the and the Virginia State prosecution , and the Police, Chief James Lane defense will have an and the Norton City Police opportunity to present evi-Department, and dence. After hearing evi- Investigator Charles Curry dence from both sides, the with the Wise County Judge will determine the Sheriffs Office. 2017 SWCC offers week- end "Learn to Ride Safely- Motorcycle Rider Class" By Lee H. Hamilton ize military action," Kaine The Trump said at the end of May. Administration, like its All I can say is, Amen! predecessors, has shown an American soldiers are apparent appetite for the involved in combat situa- use of force overseas. The tions in countries all over "mother of all bombs" the globe. We're deploying dropped on Syrian troops, special operations forces saber-rattling toward North and advising, equipping Korea, deployments of and training local forces to U.S. forces in 10 or more fight. All too often, these countries -- all of this sug- countries' leaderg are more gests a growing comfort concerned with overcom- with the idea of putting our ing internal threats than troops in dangerous places, they are with the strategies Politicians on Capitol and values that motivate us Hill have noticed this. In to help them. particular, senators Jeff The argument for all Flake of Arizona, a this often comes down to: Republican, and TimKaine "We need to do some- of Virginia, a Democrat, thing." Once we're there, have introduced legislation the arguments for staying to authorize the use of mil- get rolled out: we can't itary force against ISIS and leave without loss of face; other terror groups. This is. we need the leverage more an effort to assert congres- troops provide for negotia- sional authority and extend tion; we'll lose credibility Capitol Hill's oversight and standing if we with- over the use of force by the draw. White House, something But our experience over Congress has long neglect- the years has shown that ed. "It's our constitutional we don't tip the scales of a duty in Congress to author- war that in most cases has The Wise County DUI Arrests. Sheriff's Office reports the Civil Process Served: following activities for the 303 Civil Papers period of 06/12/2017 Traffic Accidents: 6 through 06/18/2017. 8 Additional Criminal Wise Central Dispatch Investigations were initiat- received a total of 1,719 ed and 21 Cleared by calls for this seven-day Arrest. period. Sheriff's Office provid- Of the total calls ed 256 man-hours of Court received 333 were dis- Room security. patched to the Sheriff's Unlocked Vehicles: 13 Office Escorted Funerals: 5 ' Total number of The Sheriff's Office Domestic calls for this Total Transport for this period was 12. period: 11 Criminal Process for Total Transport Hours: this period: Served 20 70.5 Felony Warrants, 35 1,911 Visitors to Misdemeanor Warrants, 0 Courthouse. no battlefield solution. We into the room prepared to repeatedly get ourselves reinforce his arguments. locked into situations What the president real- where we must ask our- ly needs, as LBJ advisor selves how much blood- George Reedy famously shed and destruction we said, is someone who can can accept as a result of our tell him to go soak his entanglement, head. In particular, the peo- The decision to send pie who' have to do the troops overseas requires fighting and bear the costs clear eyes, hard questions need to have a major voice and specific aihswers. If we in the use of force, and the are sending our military best way to ensure that is abroad, our objectives and with the involvement of the exit strategies need to be Congress. nailed down. Are we There are obviously engaging in nation- or cases where the president empire-building? Do we needs flexibility. But if risk being locked into pro- we're to put our troops in tracted, unending conflicts harm's way, he also needs -- we've already spent 15 independent advice and to years in Afghanistan -- answer tough questions. I with minimal progress? don't see any alternative Are we inflating the dan- but the strict, robust and gers to our national securi- sustained involvement of ty, as we did when we the Congress. falsely asserted that Deciding on the use of Saddam Hussein had force is the most gr~ve and weapons of mass destruc- consequential decision tion? government makes. It is of And when we do inter-such import that it should vene, are we avoiding or not be made by the presi- increasing the suffering of dent alone, but should be the local people whom shared with the Congress. we're trying to help? No Presidents should not get use of force should go for- "broad authority to use force ward without reciprocity without limit on geogra- -- that is to say, capable, phy, ol jectives, or types of committed local leaders forces. The Founding who fight corruption and Fathers had it right: the try to provide good gover- ' president is commander in nance and protect the val- chief, Congress has the ues we cherish and pro- authority to declare war. mote. Power over the use of force The use of force ulti-needs to be shared. mately comes down to the Lee Hamilton is a president -- or the presi- Senior Advisor for the dent and his top advisors Indiana University Center -- making the decision, on Representative This usually happens with- Government; a out sufficient dialogue, Distinguished Scholar, IU consultation, or robust School of Global and debate beyond the White International Studies; and House. The people the a Professor of Practice, IU president consults around School of Public and him are not independent -- Environmental Affairs. He they hold high office at his was a member of the U.S. pleasure and, from my House of Representatives experience, generally come for 34 years. Do you need your motorcycle license? Want to get into the first classes of the 2017 season? S outhwest Virginia Community College offers a weekend "Learn to Ride Safely - Motorcycle Rider Class." Our next four classes for 2017 are sched- uled for July 7, 8 & 9; July 21, 22 & 23; August 4, 5 & 6 and August 17, 18 & 19, 2017. The class is a three day course and the first day meets from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. and second and third days meets from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. This course is recog- nized by the Virginia Motorcycle Safety Foundation and includes a combination of classroom and "hands-on" riding instruction in a controlled environment. Learn to bal- ance the performance of power, handling, fuel econ- omy and freedom of the open road that motorcy- cling provides. Benefits also include identifying your present riding skill level and increasing your skill development and con- fidence. Tuition cost for July classes is $148.75 for In- state residents. Tuition will be going up for the fall semester to $153.00, which begins with our August classes. Tuition covers use of the motorcycle and hel- met, fuel, classroom mate- rials and endorsement test- ing. Successful completion of the class waives the Department of Motor Vehicles' (DMV) road test and/or the written test required to obtain your "M2" motorcycle opera- tor's endorsement on your driver license. To register or for addi- tional information, contact the Driver Training Services office at Southwest Virginia Community College by calling 276.964.7369, by e m a i 1 i n g edna. sizemore@, or v i s i t i n g http :// cycle/. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGL~IA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times s~'es the four-county area of W'~e, Russell. Diekenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. 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