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June 27, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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June 27, 2013

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, June 27, 2013 Maximize and extend the and wax.. by Ann Young Gregory Rep 'inted from July 11, 1974 town is "they", not "we". Last Thursday, the Fourth of July, it was obvious :Now I realize that this second half of the century is from St. Paul's deserted streets that everybody must worlds away from the first in more things than be celebrating, the holiday someplace, but it certainly Fdurth of July picnics. For instance, we depend today wasn't in St. Paul. There Were fewer people at the on things like computers, which had no parallel, swimming pool-than usual, indicating that many, except for 'the human mind, and on things like many people were out of town. transistors and micro-miniaturized components which Remember the movies and novels about small didn't even exist until recently• This is the electronic towns during the first half of this century and before? age, after all, and it's great. (That was before it was chic to be blas6 about the flag Wouldn't it be nice though, if, in spite of jobs and and about the noble ideals behind the origins of our problems and ulcers, and even if for only one day country and about other matters of patriotism.)In during the year, we citizens of St. Paul would many of those movies and novels, the Fourth of July figured prominently as the day of the largest community activity of the year. Parades, speeches, huge picnics' and three-legged-races were quite commonplace. The vicarious impression I always received fromseeing or reading about those occasions was the feeling of oneness experienced by the townspeople. There is no parallel experience in the 70's for people in small towns. There is an occasional parade or political gathering, but seldom does one find the "full-scale, all-day community gathering which was once a part of small town life. We're all so busy with our own things that we tend to forget we're part of a town, unless we're complaining about taxes or holes in the street or noise or any of the million things we tend 'to complain about. Even then, the consider ourselves part of "us" rather than "them"? I think it Would be wonderful if we could have an old- fashioned community celebration with a picnic and all the trimmings on July 4, 1976. Such a gathering could be St. Paul's own contribution to the Bicentennial celebration, and if it got everybody together for the day - what a great accomplishment! Our new park would be a perfect place to gather for such a celebration, and it should be ready by then. i.This column would like to call on the mayor and town council to consider this matter, and if they are in accord, to appoint a committee now to make the arrangements for St. Paul's Bicentennial Celebration to be held on July 4, 1976, in honor of the country, ,and for the benefit of every individual who participates. Wise County POOL IS NOW OPEN...The St. Paul pool opened on Saturday. Pool hours are Monday-Sunday 12:30-5:30 pm. Season passes can be purchased or pool parties booked by calling the Town Hall at 762-5297. beauty of roses with proper care - by Melinda Myers Gardening expert, TV/radio host, author & columnist Although June is national rose month, gardeners can keep their roses healthy and blooming all summer long. Through proper care and a few simple strategies both existing and new roses can continue to look their best throughout the summer months - maximizing their beauty and enjoyment for all. Water thoroughly whenever the top few inches of soil are crumbly and moist. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to apply the water directly to the soil where it is needed. You'll. lose less water to evaporation and reduce the risk of disease by avoiding overhead irrigation. Mulch the soil surface with shredded leaves, evergreen need- les or other organic matter to conserve moisture, suppress we- eds and improve the soil as they decompose. Keep your plants blooming and looking their best in spite of the heat, humidity and pests of summer. Immunize your plants against common environmental Sheriff's Report stresses such as heat and drought, while building their The Wise County Sheriff's defenses against insects and Office reports the following diseases natural defenses with an total of 1656 calls for this seven- day period. Of the total calls received 316 were dispatched to the Sheriff's Office. Total number of Domestic calls for this period was 8. Criminal Process for the same period served 26 Felony Warrants, 22 Misde- meanor Warrants, 1 DUI Arrest and worked 8 Traffic Accident. Civil process for this period served 316 Civil Papers. During this seven-day period 9 additional Criminal Investi- activities for the period of organic plant strengthener, such 6/10/2013 through 6/16/2013. as JAZrMRose Spray Wise Central Dispatch received a ( Researchers discovered when some plants are stressed they produce hundreds of molecules that help them better tolerate environmental stresses as well as insects and disease attacks. When applied to plants in the form of a plant strengthener, the gations were initiated and 26 were cleared by arrest. The Sheriff's Office provided 200 man-hours of Court Room Security for the three courts and the courthouse. The Sheriff's Office tran- sported 0 adult in state, 1 adult out of state, 0 mental patient, and treated plants improve their own defenses, much like immuniza- tions do for us. Gardeners'will notice less damage from stress, better recovery, reduced yellow leaves, and healthier plants overall. Proper fertilization will help keep roses healthy and pro- ducing lots of flowers: A soil test is the best way to determine how much and what type of fertilizer is best for roses growing in your landscape. Check your plants through- out the season for signs of insects and disease. Early detec- tion makes control easier. Re- move insects or infested plant parts when discovered. Look for the most eco-friendly control options when intervention is needed. Enjoy your efforts and improve your roses appearance by harvesting a few rosebuds for indoor enjoyment. Prune flower- ing stems back to the first 5- leaflet leaf. You can prune back farther on established plants, but be sure to always leave at least two 5-leaflet-leaves behind on the plant's stem. Those gardening in cold climates . should stop deadheading roses toward the end of the season. Allow the plants to develop rose hips. This helps the plants prepare for the cold weather ahead and increases hardiness. Plus, these red to orange fruits provide winter food for birds as well as attractive winter interest in the garden. And if you don't have roses, make this the summer you add one or more of these beauties to your landscape. Govemor McDonnell announces automatic 2 juveniles for a total of 3 transports, involving 13.5 hours. • The Sheriff's Office unlocked 8 vehicles and escorted 3 restoration of voting and civil rights on funerals during this seven-day period: individualized basis for non-violent felons • -Establishes July 15'h enactment date- Pre,,e"ti",' fraud Governor Bob McDonnell Departments of Corrections and application process: for review as announced that he will auto- Juvenile Justice to work with is c ..... ~, .u ..... The Farm Service Agency supports the Risk Management matically restore, on an individ- other state agencies and engage In order to have automatic ...... - Agency m me prevenuon oi ualized basis, civil rights to non- in coordinated re-entry planning, restbration of rights a person ..... violent felons who meet the Focusing on evidence-basedmust" fraud, waste and aouse oi me followingspecific conditions: 1) practices and effective program- Have been convicted of Federal Crop Insurance Program. a • --- -.L",,--]2 -2 FSA has been, and will continue ; completion of theif.set~tence, ming, Virginia has made try- non-violent fe,,,.y ,. ,, ". probation or parole; 2))phyment mendous progress to prepare Virginia court, or convicted to, assist RMA and insurance • of all court costs, fines,, restit- offenders to return to their in a US DP'-: ...... providers by monitoring crop. . . . . -" ution, and completion of court- communities after serving their military court or"a"cou~t"of conditions t~oughout the. grow-WHAT IS IT? Can you !de ntlfy the s.ub.]eet of this "- ordered conditions, and,3) have time and to become productiveanother state or temtorv;" mg season, wm comlnue to pnoto lragmen/ suppnea Dy me Lllncn Klver • -~ refer all suspected cases of fraud, 9 • • • : no pending felony chargeLmembers of their community." Have completed serv- . . i Photography Club. In addmon to being a well- m waste and abuse directly to Speaking about his"announ- "When I ran for governor, I " g the prison sentence and ,, • • known landmark it is also an example of an industry " cement, Governor McDonnell pledged to institute the fastest been released from probatmn rdv~,,. .... which once flourished in Southwest Virginia Check : stated, "I got my start in state and fairest restoration of rights or ,,~-,~" ~,,a rroaucers can report suspect- • Have " ed casestothe FSA office, RMA, ext week s Clinch Valley Times to see ff you guessed : public service in Virginia as a process in Virginia history. We prod all court : prosecutor. I strongly bell.eve the have approved more applications costs fines to the Common- or the Office of the Inspector correctly - and to see the full photo and learn who foremost obligation tif any for the restoration of rights than wealt'h and restitution to the General. created it. ................. • i government is to provitlefor the any prior administration. We are victims, satisfied all court- . | ~ . [ • security and protection of its acting on completed applications ordered conditions, and have I ...... ~" , " i :citizens. When someone tom- in 60 days or less; far quicker no pending felony charges. One suspect apprehended m ,Chnch [ :mitsacrimetheymustbejustlythan prior efforts. A person With the Governors an- ~ TT'11 ~ |,tr:,~ ~ [ i punished. That is why, Muring convicted of a non-violent of- nounced changes the following tJrey 1-1111 robbery IValley Xaak,t I • my time in the General As- fense, who has served his or her prior components of the re-.. ............... | __. | • • un June ~ r.ana t~astle ot bt beymour nave t)een cnargea in ~' sembly and as botll-~attorney time, paid all fines, costs, and storatlon process for non-wolent " • Times ...... ...; .... a Paul, was robbed of $12,000 at the incident. I I ;general and now govei'nor, I restitution and met other court- felo,o a~ ~,.tuuat~u: ' ........... • MEMBER I • ........ :.: ..... her home on urey 1-1111 eymour is in jail While I • "- I i have championed maj6rreforms ordered conditions, should be Twv y~a~ wamug p~- . . . • .... , . . iod to o o';~;~-~ The mdwtduals gamed Adkms is still at large. I VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION [ to ensure that sentences are able to then regain the right to b .... ~ ........ t, ..... " entrance to her home cimmlng to St Paul Police Chief Bo | | appropriately set by• law to vote and begin their life again as • ?hPPUC u°;p ,c:SSsub be friends of one of her relatives. Phillips said Seymour was lPublishedweeklyinSt. Paul,] punish those who commit a fully engaged member of our serious offenses and to ensure society. We are striving to make i~etivih, ..... a; ..... u~" Rocky Adkins and Joseph arrested on Friday, June 21. I VA 24283, by the CLINCH I q7"-'."< ."~ ...... ~ "vv .... " • i VALLEY PUBL[SHING | that those convicted of offenses that happen, but after studying non aecmons . --- . - ........... • • L;U, INL: serve the sentence imposed.,, },, . . this issue we have determined • . M,sdemeanor" charges Fire ofticlals urge caution wltla I i However, once t.. lndw- that there is a better way, and and convictions will no long- ! 'The Clinch Valle Times I iduals have served their tin,,; ~.,t one that is automatic and er be a factor for restoration P" L ..... 1 _1 _____ I -.;: Y .l •r rourOrKS snarKlers i serves our , ty area o,, fully paid for the offenses they indMdualized, by which to Additional information, in- a.xx~ vv ~ 1-~ •. .......... , committed, they should be achieve this goal. This means is ..... wise, t~usseH, o~c~enson ano eluding a hstlng of non-wolent While legal fireworks and can smolder m dry grass or I .~e,~, w;t}, ,,m .... a ,qo,,I afforded a clear and fair opport- within my authority as governor, fetonles, can be found on the s~arklers are a oo ular art of leaves before a fire ignites." I i',~;',.n "~. "'.~° ",2~'r~v,]-~ I Secre*a'-" "’ the P ..... " " - p P .,. _,. ~ ,. • • .... ,-,~-, .,~,. ,-.,+t~.,..H I unity to resume their lives as We will do as much as we can - ,: ..... , ....... - m • . tur~;h recommenus xeepmg a I " " wP~lth'e ,,.^u,,:.^. July 4 celebratmns, m most ~.,.~uo...’ ............ ~..a ~ I VA ,LEY TIMES bulldmg, I productive members of our withiri existing Virginia law to ........ ~u~,~ .... ~.,.~.~ v~,,.~.; ~,~ ~,~, a.. ,~ ! 4 ' " httrv//WWWerwnmrmw~alth viroi areas of V rgmm they could~... ^~. .... a ..^.a^_ i. ....... I 65 1 Russell Street. Peno- society. America is a land of get as many individuals their~- ...................... ~,. • • tu,y-~,ua~;~u ~;a~u~, ,u~ .~a- di' Is " " ni • - become a cause of wildfires th~s . ea postage is prod at the opportunity and second chances; voting and other rights back 'as ,,,~ by. Children and pets should also I Pnst o~e~ in Rt Prod VA /re t " ............ • 7 a land where we cherish and quickly as we possibly can. It is y s oratton.ctm _ . . , I ..... " ........ protect our constitutional rights, the right thing to do for these Many areas ot the state nav~ oc kapt a safe distanoe away I z4z~. For those who have fully paid fellow Virginians, and it's the experienced below-average rain- from igniting and spent fire- | fall, resulting in dry brush and works. | Ann Young Gregory Editor their debt for their crimes, they right thing to do for Virginia."/ ~ grass. Many types of fireworks| Allen Gregory AdvertMng deserve a second chance to full)' The restoring of civil rights fl Adv rfi. m. \ "One spark is all it would (including firecrackers, bottle | Susan Trent Adv./Graphics rejoin society and exercise their does not include the restoration / .......... ~ take for a wildfire to start, said rockets, skyrockets/ torpedoes I civil and constitutional rights, of the right to possess or carry a I ill the ] Fred Turck, assistant director for and other fireworks that explode, | :ANNUAl. SUBSCRIP'HONS: "As governor, one of my firearm, which can still be done ~ pl~;~’;~l~,l ] wildfire prevention and educa- travel laterally, rise into the air, I advance: $28.50 in Wise and: public safety priorities has been by application to the appropriate tion with the Virginia Depart. or fire projectiles into the air are ! Russell counti ; $30 00 in other prisoner and juvenile offender circuit court. Individuals with ) ; " ment of Forestry (VDOF) "Fire- illegal in Virginia unless ou are ~24- zip codes- elsewhere $32 50 re-entry. In 2011 I created the violent felony convictions are . • . Y ..... works that have fin|shed burnin a hcensed contractor Prisoner and Juvenile Offender not affected by this change and~ are still extremely hot, and theyg A good alternative" to ~POS'I3AASTER:: S send address Re-entry Council and asked the will need to go through the ersonal" fireworks are the lehangesto" Clinch ValleyTimes AMERIcALAWGROUP COM with-13 Virginia Offices community displays, Check yourl:;~Oi~3B°x 817, St. Paul, VA • lOCal news source forl~ BANKRUPTCY* Or DEBT ADJUsTMENT* information on times andI , locations l SINGLE CO! Y - 50c For help call 804 Debt Law(332.8529) Debt ~Ail~.Additional informationon ! fire safety can be found on theI Classified, Advertising: Minimum Plain & Simple DIVORCE* Easy Payments Separation Agreements. 804-245-7848 Agreed custody & support. Ss=,,W DISABILITY* V.tera. Disability "Call for fees & restrictions. America Law Group Inc. 7825 MidlotNan Pike, Richmond 23235 Mellows VDOF website, charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, Remember, "Only you can help Smokey Bear prevent wildfires." in advance; 25c per word after 20 :words. l)isplay Advertising rates on application. Periodicals publication Postal ISSN: 767600