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June 14, 2012     Clinch Valley Times
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June 14, 2012

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B .. _ = , ,,, CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St: a'ui, / k Tl urgday.June 14, 2012 Page 7 uy, seu, notiJy, employ, through... 1-, ., . T T '., / .... " KusSell t.;ounty unit s xtenslon news : i -- .... _..7 Provided by the Russell comgleted the 4th grade (sorry L cost approximately $6 313 "7, I , v ]V 1 County Extension Office no 3'u graders). These forms may head _ [. t .1 k.] , b Your Russell County Unit of also be obtained prior to regist- Premiums vary with the Virginia Tech and Virginia ration at the Extension Office. company. Check with yore .... State Extension Division--Corn- Camp registration was held local agent to get the m0sl ...they worx ella Estep, Scott Jessee, Donna on Tuesday, June 5th at the -xmrrentrate ......... .. Meade and Bill Worrell presents Russell County Conference * To collect on .......... " " T " PAUL ....... this week's Extension News.Center. Spaces might still belightningclaim, it is We are pledged to the Home for THE S . FOUNDATION. Free Our office is located on 131 East available But re istration is on a ec ss to have a .......... . i . g ary letter, and spirit of Vlr- Sale or Rent POLICE De p.artment ,.s Mammograms, BreastMain Street, Lebanon, VA. Che- first-come-first-serve basis. Call veterinarian determine the gmla s and .HUD s eq- c urr. enuy taKlng a.ppn- Cancer,, ..}rimck out our Virginia Tech Public the Extension Office at 276-889- c use of death of the animal uat opportunity housing caT I I NIT. cauonsmr me posmon www.ubcf.infortozL Website Address"8056 ' " If liohtnino q.~ policies. Virginia's fair of Part Time Police Towing, Tax Deduct- wwwextvtedu/ " Sc'ottdessee-A riculture ne .f cl housln law " Officer Deadlineto ible '" ' . ,, -- r ...................... - g makes it . ,, ,, . . , Non-Runners Ac- Extensmn Calendar of Events" Lightning Season m dlatel Electrocuted am-" illegal to advertise an apply for the position is cepted, (888)444-8251 June 23" Southw " "" " "' Y .... , ,. Y with well and sentic In ............ est District W th the hot days of late mals deteriorate quickly m relerence nmitation or r " OO/131ZOlZ rrerer ap- .... P .... '. , , Ervmtown sectmn of .... "" " cur ...... 4-H. QuahfylngHorse. Show,spring and early summer, the.summertime! alScrlmmatmn Dasea on Castlewood 276-762-pncants .ma.t. are - a soawsnacK venamg SouthwestVA 4-H Center,evening thunderstorms become "'. Most insurance com- race, COlOr, religion, ha- " renuy L ertllleu as a route machines loca-Abingdon more common Many nroducers naiiie will nay the yethill tional origin, sex, eld- a Police Officer through tions $9k investment big Ju'lv 2-6" Russell County make it a re dar nraetiee to '~Ar-"t'a~tanqv~,~n~'~" ..... erlyness, familial status the Virginia Department $$ locations. Must Sell Junior'4-H Camn SWVA 4-FI r;fi , or hand cap. This news- Mobile Homes of Criminal Justice Se- 1;.800-367-2106Ext. Center, Abingdon Fence energizers, well pumps, insfrance policy may specify paper wm not knowing-.. ~r,,..,t,= ,,,t.u,D""* vices. . OOJY. July 16: Last day to. wean and hvestock" are often casualties" a p.articular' coverage ie ,ei, accept adve.rt smg for 6-7-2tcgL. calves for the August 29m VQA of electrical storms. If these the'amount reimbursed to the real es.tate mat. womtes FOR RENT" two bed- Aammlstrauve,Ass smnt Sale occurrences seem too familiar producer will be based tipon me tmr nousm law f r l.ralnees.. eeoea un Au u t g _..... ,.. Miscellaneous o . .,, ,- g s 29: VQA Feeder on your farm, then you might' he actual market value ot Our readers are hereby 'cate l 'aul', l e" Sale hue. training availaole Cattle Sale, Virginia Cattlemen's consider Lightning Insurance.the animal on the day of loss. !nlormed that aH aWell- . '. " now., experienceTel-O-Auction Bisted below are some OTHER NOTES: " lugs advertised in this rerences aria aepos t re- needed! Job placement If vou need inforrnaticm gneeifie ahnnt liahtninancdiei q 17,=ne In rna t eWa Spap ra re available q e62 N 59Pets- Call YAeRD1SALE: SttUrpdayi aSSa atanCem hen pro-about of the listed e---ve-nts t-livestock-" ....... ins "es, ];ence"" en'ergi'zer"s q pportunlty _..- - . gr p ed. HS please call the Extension Office Most lightning policies (cha 'gers) are not covered by tlae basis. For more infor- 3-15-ttncg Assembly of. God Diploma/GED & at(276)889-8056, are written for 6 months of general Farm Policy Fence mation about Virginia's t laurcn fellOWShip flail. PC/Internet needed. 1- Cornelia G. Esten-4-H coverage char rs can be addecl for an Fair Housing Law or to FOR RENT: trailer,9-? Rain or Shine. 888-512-7120. 2012 Junior 4-FI Camn .... r,, ; ...... n .... ;, ,,, ...... full,,furnished n ...... e ............................... v ............ Ilia a lair nousln corn- y '--I O'IH"ILI-ILI ~ " " " " ....... "g" , rivate lot F,,r ................ The Russell/Scott 201 for differing $ values Barns and Llghtnlng: Barns plaint, call the virginia .e. .. " "2."'.." lviea cat t llllng lraln- Junior 4-H Camp will be held Premiums per animal are not.automatically covered by Fa!r Housing Office at mlormauon Call /OZ- FAMILY , YARI? ees Needed! Trainto July 2-July 6 at the 4-H are based on the level of the general Farm Policy. InmosI (804) 367-8530. Toll~z. ~ALP_;: lnursoay, rn-oecome a meaical or-Educational Center in Abin don covera~,e For examnla" eaq~g ,=neh ham will naad tn he 6 14 2tc " = " ...................... free call (888) 551 - - g " day, June 14 & 15 West rice Assistant No ex ... " " " "". "* - ....... ,"., - Youth grades 4-7 (ages 9 to 13) $600 coverage would specified hsted m the pohcy 3247. For the hearing F wo H!ns.,ueaaing, c otnes, perience heaped! Train- will receive a Registration and cost approximately $5.25 Building contents and impaired, call (804) ..... : - - ,z m scellan.eous, ing & Job Placement Health History at their school per head equipment must be listed oeoroom trailer ano 1 Y2 6 14 1 d 527-4290. "ath ........ " -tp available at CTI. HS Eligible campers must have ,;. $1200 coverage would individually inthecontract. - o . monm Diploma/GED & _ Houses for Rent plus deposit on Hwy 65 ESTATE SALE: Five computer needed. 1- Mew Road. Call 276-beautiful burial plots at 888-424-9419 IV- llll, lVJtl lllI.K,,llL]g,d lg qLItllg;U i tlI, K;l !11 1, J.~U.IL Ollvx, .,t, xvxx FOR RENT: 5BR 1BA 762-5721 anytime. Temple Hill. HALF ......... -" -P ew Law Takes Effect Jufi 1 ' house in Dante. $350 6-14-1tpd PRICE!! Call 276-415- Frederick County Public Tighter restrictions on driv- or if the driver fails o take'he" two da, s hefnr takino annth r mo. plus" deposit. 276- . 5965 or 276-274-7442School System seeking ing und- er the influence (DUI) of test. - .......... be(fin-d- lae--vvh--e'e-I tes-'t'. ......... 865-5465 aervlces ask for Kelly Buskell. applicants for Mediaalcohol take effect July 1. An In 2011 in Virginia, 28,162 Also, before taking a behind' 6-7-2tcg " 5-24-4tpd Technician-Electronics ignition interlock device will be drivers were convicted of DUI. the-wheel test administered by JOE JORDAN PAINT- ~ Repair. Current Train-" required aider one DUI con-,'When you drive impaired, not DMV,)an applicant must first FOR RENT' 2BR 1BA ING and Pressure GRAY SEAL PAINT, lug/Experience required, viction. Currently, the require- only do you risk killing yourself hold a learner's permit for 60 house, large yard inWashing. VirginiaLic- Interior and Exterior. Qualified applicants ment for an ignition interlock is or someone else, but the trauma days beginning July 1, instead of Castlewood. 762-0353ensed contractor. Kes .- Let us mix the perfect should visit imposed after two DUI con- and financial costs of a crash or the current requirement of 30 or276-701-2151, dentml or ommercml.color for you Over www.frederick.kl2,vau victions or when the offender's an arrest can be sionificant" davs Before takin,, th,, h h;,a 276-762-5848. 1300 colors to choose s to complete blood-alcohol content BAC is said DMV Commission er Ricl - ............ " ..... s ............ - ,. . ( ) . the wheel exam, apphcants must trom. Dig M, /OA-D 3t). appncatlon. E.O.E. 0.15 percent or above, even if ard D. Holcomb, the Governor's either show documents proving apartments.... lor 5-6-tfncgL it's the driver's, first DUI. A ,,Highwav Safety Representative. they've, completed a state,ap- ,, . Help Wanted The local National Virginia driver s BAC must be To prevent a tragedy from oc- proved driver education class, or trent CARPETS AND Guard units are hiring! below 0.08. curring, do not drive aider drink- certify that they have practiced CASTLEWOOD Water RUGS. Free estimates Go to college w/up to An ignition interlock systeming any alcohol, period. With the driving maneuvers they Will APARTMENT FOR & Sewage Authori , on any size job. For all 100% college tuition . connects a vehicle's ignition to these new restrictions, even one be exp6cted to complete during RENT: Two bedrooms, Cast!ewood, Vlrglma,)s flooring needs. Big M, paid. To see if youan analyzer that measures a dri- drink could lead to the expense the behind-the-wheel test. Isastlewood area. 762- seeking applicants tor 762-5956. qualify Call 1-800-ver s blood alcohol content. It and embarrassment of having an "Learner's permit holders ale 7533, 356-3701 or 619- part-ume office assmtant 5-6-tfncgL GOGUARD or visit prevents the i g ,ition from start- ignition interlock device on your encouraged to practice their 3701. for approximately 25 32 _ . ing if a driver s BAC exceeds car." driving skills with a licensed 10-6-tfncg hours per week. ap- Notice 0.02 percent. The interlockThe Virginia General As- driver as much as possible dur, .p! cants must. nave a " Drivers- CDL-A system can perform a rolling re- sembly passed several other traf- ing the i0-day period," Holcomb APARTMENT FOR la n_ sc.noo! otploma or NOTICE OF DATE TRUCK DRIVERS test at random intervals during fie safety laws that take effect said. "Driving is a complex task RENT 3BR 1BA HUD LiED Applicants Will oe CHANGE NEEDED U to $5 000 the o eratl : . ....... P , p "on of the vehicle, July t. If a driver s license ap-- that ih olves concentration and approved. $.350 per m0. ' resp.ons ole ioroanKoe- .REGULAR JUNE S gn-on Bonus for.which triggers the horn andplicant fails the behind-the- skill.' The more experience plus. aepos t. 276-865- ,posits, o a!ance .monmly COUNCILMEETING Experienced Drivers!flashing lights if the operator has wheel examination administered someone has, the better driver 3403. oanK statements, post The date ot the regular New student pay and a BAC that exceeds 0.02 percent by DMV, the applicant must wait they 5-24-4tcg mail payments, work monthly Council meet- lease program now . ........ :. ..... ............. -r - orders, purchase orders, ing for June has been available! 877-521-5775 i ^, P,--- . ,,. ] ,a -.=.. .......... FOR RENT: 3 room filing, preparation ofchanged. The Council [ I, jV limes ueaallnes: l: ] 1111:" I;HU HUlI[I - apartment. Washer/dry- board meeting materials, meeting will be held at .... : J _. ..... J I ............. er-shared. Water, sew- answer telephone, relay 6:00 p m on Thursday, AVERITT is lookin for J t, Ulay II iS.where neap ana hope age,. trash provided, messages, and will be June 21, 2012 at the CDL-A drivers G eat, I(birthdays, anniversades, pmssl I meet for people . Downtown St. Paul, VA corresponding with cus- Town Hall Council Cha- low-cost benefiis pack- i I 11 ] with neuromuscular diseases. (276) 762-7748 (morn- tomers. Applicants sho- mbers, 16531 Russell age and weekly home- '1 I:1 ., ,; " lugs) uld have knowledge of St., St. Paul, Virginia. time. 4 months T/T ex- I'l .: 6-14-2t -..--.- , Microsoft Word & Ex-DeboraBaca perience required Ap- ii ,p.m. Monoay t ouu or." . 7 eel Programs. Appli-Clerk/Treasurer ply now! 888-362-8608 I[ i ..... " t| New at 11 cants should be able to 6-14-1tcgL Averittcareers.comI .. I:1 NOV t rl Ladies Scrubs....... Ii work independently and Eoual, Onnortunitv_,_,_ _, Em- . .... I (elaSSltleCl and display) I: I ' Muscular.- Ovstro_ phy Assoc at on :1 soil n I be willing tO learn all Notice ployer i wwwmdausaorg ;, ds & r.atter.._.I aspects otthe office dut- "..i ................. 1 762.5956 I ies. Applications may be CELEBRATION CEN- Owner Operators no assistance available 1- gorgeous setting for at $19.99/month PLUS ,restored historic land- "= _ t picked up at the office TER Summer Special touch freight. All miles 800-646-2374 " your dream home, 3- 30 premium movie mark, division rights - -ofCastlewood Water &$5.00 off. Air condi-paid same, .. ,.' acre homesite in thechannels FREE for 3 .candidate for conserva- BUYING GOLD sewage Authority be- tioned, kitchen and par- loaded/empty! Drivers-CDL-A Team trees. A few minutesmonths! SAVE! & ask tion easement. & Silver tween 8 am to 5 pm ty room.Phone 762- Dedicatedruns leasewith TOTAL! Miles,-south of Lynchburg:about Same Day-.$4,595,000 Natt Hall T_ at Ma 8 Pa $ Monday thru Friday. 7737. purchase program equipment,,benefits, airport. Owner will installation! Call888-Valley Real Estate fo"$ 5 worth of fqgd Deadline for applica- 5-31-5tpd w/payment assist, Class- 50c/mile forHazmat finance. $59,900. 434- 420-8392. Brokers 434-242-9893 r onesilverdollar" tions will be June 22, A CDL 866-242-4976 teams. Solo drivers also 444-5088. " repaired 2012. Please no phone Ad Network needed! 800-942-2104 Feeling older? Men lose "DIVORCE with or with, 762-7533 calls. Castlewood Water Ext. 7307 or 7308 MULTIfamily Land 14 the ability to produce "but children $125. wll Authority is an Equal _Oppolrtunity Employer. Married couple wishing NEW to trucking? Your www.Drive4Total.comacres zoned fortestosterone as they age.. Includes name change new career starts now! hundreds of units, Call 888-220-0067 for d and property settlement - to adopt their first child. $0 tuition cost, No DRIVERS - Class A excellent location on FREE rail of Progene- .agreement. SAVE hun- Please call Tony and ' HOMES FOR SALE Mandy at (540) 632- credit check, Great pay CDL Regional. Corn-thoroughfare nearI- All Natural Testosterone. i. dreds. Fast and easy.i & benefits short party drivers & owner 81/64. All utilities. Supplement. "Call 1-888-733-7165 66 Campbell Street, Castlewood. Beautifully 0166. We would love to remodeled home features 4 br and 2 ba. Hardwood talk with you. emplo.yrnent operators. 1-800-444- $995,000.540-294- ,'24/7 floors and ceramic tile, 1900 sq. ft. Heat pump. New roof added in 2009. Interior and exterior painted in 2011. Large back deck from top floor bedroom. New exterior doors. O. 35 acres w~th additional lot available for purchase. 1 car garage. Asking price: $139,000. 16642 Broad St. in St. Paul. Great downtown location. 3 br 1 1/2 ba. 1758 sq. ft. 0.18 acres. Hardwood floors. Full unfinished basement. Oil heat. Built in 1935. Asking price: $63,500. 16709 Highlands Ave. in St. Paul. (Gray Hill Subdivision) 3 br 2 ba. Hardwood floors, 1500 sq. ft. Large kitchen. Gas log fireplace Property sits on 0.73 acres. 1 car garage. Carport. Large screened porch. All kitchen appliances and washer and dryer included. Asking price: $151,000. 16543 Wise St. in St. Paul 2 br 2 ba. Carpet and hardwood floors. 1 level. 1155 sq. ft. Heat pump. Town water and sewer. 16x10 sunroom. New back deck. All kitchen appliances plus washer and dryer included. 0.19 acres. Asking price: $79,900. 2 homes at 2938 Brick Church Circle, Castlewood. 1st home is '96 model Southern Energy, normal house walls and floor joists. 1900 sq. ft. new metal roof (2004). Double insulated tilt windows, 3 bd 2 ba. Huge kitchen w/island, solid oak cabinets, gas log fireplace, laundry room. 2nd home '95 model Southern, 1120 sq. ft. 3 br 2 ba. Hardwood floors. Both homes sit on 3.27 acres. Asking price: $199,~00. Call Mark Harrison with Blue Ridge Realty for more information at 276-762-0202 or 276-762-54-56. BLUE RIDGE REALTY I 'L" .~ Lebanon Insurance Building " 507 East Main Street Lebanon, VA 24266 Mark R. Harrison, Sales Assoc. 276-762-0202 or 276-762-54-56 R.D. Snead, Sales Assoc. markhar risonhomes, com 276-889-3529 Loretta Combs, Broker A. Kemper Fuller, Sales Assoc. 276-889-2502 Office 276-880-3226 www.tonyandmandy.wo con mtment required 0585. Trish, Ext. 3206. 2007. AIRLINE CAREERS rdpress.c0m Call: (866) 203-6137 Tim, Ext. 3205. Online application: MO'r"JI ITAIN Retreat 23 begin here-Become an -.VIRGINIA PRESS Aviation Maintenance%, ERVICES will eleL't2_' 6 Auctions, Beve" r'ly acre wooded paradise, Tech. FAA approve . onically deliver Run - #1 : 516+/- AC streams, views, privacy, training. Financial aid if'" eorporate, school/c0g,- newly renovated ing now offeredin Advertise your truck Ovemm by wildlife,qualified, housing avfiil . .Jege, or community $59,000+/- SF Campus. Roanoke 540-857-6188 driver jobs in Virginia - Job placemen k ice PRESS RELEA .E I On-Site Sale: Thurs., or Spotsylvania 540- Newspapers for one low $129,900. I'll finance, assistance. SCHE.V,.. :to200+VIRGIN July 12 @ 2 pm. #2-6: 582-8200! Attend4 cost of $275. Your 25 nothing down. 434-444- certified. CALL AIIVl PRESS ASSOCIA' Personal Property _ weeks or 10 weekends, word classified ad 5088. 888-245-9553. , ".,TION member newspap Online Bidding @ Guaranteed financing reaches over ONE " . ..... for only $100. Our" 877- and job placement MILLION Virginians! LAKEFRONT, 4 Meet singles right now! "mefnber newspapers are , - Call this paper or gorgeous wooded acresNo paid operators, ju t,. tocated all acr- 668-5397 VA16 Dog Kenrlel Adriane Long at 804- on quiet and private 22- real people like s Virginia and include 521-7585 (Virginia acre lake in central Browse greetings, ex 'i major daily papers DONATE YOUR VE- 0 ft X 1 0 ft X 6 ft Press Services). Virginia near Farmville. change messages andi -0rid most local com- HICLE RECEIVE $1000 GROCERY special price I'll finance with nothingconnect live. Try it free, imunity papers. See our COUPONS UNITED $219.00 LAKE LOT BAR- down. 434-444-5088. Call now 1-888-939- g'eb site ( L GAIN! 3+ AC only an entire ridge 6833. or callH04-521-7570for BREAST CANCER 3ig M 762-5956 $39,900.45 minutes DC idetails. ........... ........ =--:-.. Beltway Former bank top - Hunt now, build MEDICAL Careers be=ii- . foreclosure makes bar- later. 28 acres of gin here - Train ON-'. I $TEEL BUILDINGS Local Real Estate Agent gain possible. (Develop- forested hilltop in SW LINE for Allied Health {or Homes & Garages. er's orig. price Botetourt County. and Medical Mana-'-38ave thousands, low $129,900) Park-like $174,900. I'll finance; gement. Job placementi onthly payments, Blue idg R Iv setting with private lake 5088.easy terms. 434-444- assistance. Computei".' make offer on clearance R e__ea_t, access in upscale com- available. Financial ai ' *6rders 40x60, 30x36, munity All infrastmc- if qualified. SCHEV f 5x30, 20x22 Call now . Loretta Combs ture completed! Live in UNRESTRICTED land certified. Call 888-354%..%.-800-991-9251 Nicole. the gorgeous country yet - Okay for mobile 9917 --- ---.__.____ Broker be close to eve hin home. 2 wooded acreswww.CenturaOnline.coNOW HIRING: Com- Build when ready.ryt Ex-g" in Nelson County. 10 m panies desperately need R.D. Sneed cellent financing. Must minutes to James River -- - employees to assemble see, call now 1-800- boat launch. $35,900. I ....... jlroducts at home. No Owner/Sales Associate 888-1262. - nothing down ni =r'a Resi e -w lei g, anyhm alS.. $500 L FO"R- " LE Lots for Sale. Town of. F.norY P .... . . mlo. ........ t .,. o -o,m-J/uuuept Mark Harrison 6980 Rocky Lane, 1i ACRES in Rock- r, nmarnock, VA to X A-4062 Fee Harrisonburg, Virginia. bridge Co, beautiful + acre From $50,000. - - " " Convenient to shopping-." "A ..... Local Sales Associate 53 acres, hillside meadow gently sloping ........ t omputer to small stream. Some /restaurants. lu minutes Work Work from from Bay 1-800-348-,-" ;" ....... Work # 762-0202 homesiteinvestment, withnursery,Well, woods. Nice view. Lots .... - anywhere 24/1. up to 7720 Home # 762-5456 horses, with prime land. of wildlife. Covenants. .1,500 part time to Sale by owner. 877-897- $89,900. Owner-financ- "$7,500/mo. full time. 6405. ing. 540-294-2007. ANTEBELLUM Training provided. Firm License # 0226007282 ALBEMARLE Mansion ' Campbell. County DISH network. Starting on 290 acres. Totally 'm ! t