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June 13, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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June 13, 2013

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page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St:. _Paul, VA, Thursday, June 13, 2013 | I It g wax,, by Ann Young Gregory • " of a dog pound, as well as serving private patients as Rel finted from June 27, 1974 a veterinary clinic. Wise County has no centrally located small animal hospital; where pets can be "What this ' cduntry needs is a good five-cent taken and treated for money, much less for free. cigar." "A chicken in every pot." Industry. More jobs. Now I thoroughly realize that there are probably Bigger this. Bdtterthat. people in Wise County who could use medical For years, alrngst everybody has had ideas on what assistance and other aid; there are social agencies the collective WE need to make things better. Not to which could use extra money; there are probably "be outdone, I,,too; have a "we need..." for Wise inadequately-funded phases of the public school County: The need has been emphasized during the system. Very likely, there are a hundred ways that past few weeks during the annual dog quarantine with extra money could be used in the county for the its visits to each town by the dog warden. Wise benefit of humans, and so a lot of people would say County desperately needs a dog pound, or a chapter that money for animals would have to take a back seat of the AmericanSociety for the Prevention of Cruelty to humanity's needs. to Animals. This'county, so far as I can determine, has I personally think the time has come, though, to no permanent (acilities for keeping the dogs brought give some priority to the idea of adequate, humane in by the dog warden. We are told that homes are and CARING facilities for stray animals in Wise found for sorne of the dogs, and that the others are County. A very valuable part of such a plan would be "put to sleep", but I can't help but think that humane the employment, either part-time or full-time, of a and proper facilities would make the process much veterinarian to provide general medical services and more acceptable, at least to those of us who are to spay and castrate small animals for a nominal sum animal lovers. .. to owners and free for strays• This in itself would There's an ,organization on Long Island, Newalleviate much of the problem of strays, as .owners York, called the North Shore Animal League. No who don't want their pets' offspring, but who can't animals are ever killed there for want of an owner. (or won't) take the time and money to have these The League. acdumulates...mostIy through private simple operations performed would no longer have to contributions...adequate funds to provide medical deal with puppies and kittens. All too many of these attention, including spaying and castration, and good unwanted baby animals are put out on the roadsides homes on the premises for stray dogs and cats. People of the county and left to die of starvation, to be hit by can adop pets from this center, but if no prospective cars, to be picked up by the dog warden, or, in a few owner shows u.p,i'the animals are safe. This is, as far cases, to be rescued by kinder-hearted peoplethan as I know, a unique organization, and operates on the their previous owners had been. basis of a pure ideal. Wise County, on the other hand, It WOULD take some money...and effort...and doesn't even haye a pound where strays can be kept personnel to carry out such a program. So far, though, for a reasonabl period of time to see if they can be it doesn't appear that we've carried through very well "adopted". on our charge to have "dominion over...all the Dr. Gates' Clinic in Bristo! performs the functions animals." Festival winners Winners of 2013 Clinch River Idol Contest 1st place ($100) Claud Deramus & Tammy. Key; 2nd place ($50) Farrell Turner; 3 place ($25) Jackson Case & John Saurs Winners of 2013 Southwestminster Dog Show Best in Show: Ist Sophia (Yorkie) owner: Chris Morrison; 2na Shular (Yorkie) owner: Billy Salyers; 3'a Scarlett (Yorkie) owner: Chris Morrison Best Behaved: Ist Princess (Dachshund/Jack Russell Mix) owner: Sydney Laney Smallest: 1st Ginger (Teacup Chihuahua) owner: Tiffany Reynolds Biggest: 1st Bobo (Boxer) Owner: Faith Shortt Dog the Judge Wants to Take Home: Ist Spotty Dotty, (Dalmatian) owner: Brittany Russell Cutest: 1st Oreo (Bassett Hound) owner: Savannah Meade Best Dressed: 1st princess (Chihuahua/DachshundMix) owner: Douglas Cook Most Energetic: 1st Simba (Poodle) owner: Cindy Merricks Most Unusual Name: Ist Dog Deeohgee (Boxer) owners: Cheyenne & Glenn Roberts Best Groomed: 1st Belle (Shitzu Mix) owner: Ann Hubbard Winners of the "So You Think You Can Dance Contest: 1st place Couple #10 (I los your names/please contact the Clinch Valley Times); 2nd place Couple #1 Arthel Salyers & Jentlea Meade. 2013 CLINCH RIVER DAYS PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WINNERS: BEST IN SHOW AWARD '*LAUREL BED LAKE AT AUTUMN'. MIKE lOONEY CAIN CENTER AWARD *'CLINCH AT BLUEBELL IS1.ANI~ - PATSY PHILLIPS LANll~CAI~ PROFICIENT Ist PLACE "DEVIL FORK FALLS" WES LAWSON 2'~a PLACE "'MABRY MILL" MILDRED MEADE 3!~a PLACE "FALL WATERS AT TUMBLING CREEK" MIKE LOONEY LANDSCAPE AMATEUR Irr PLACE "*REFLECTIONS" CONNIE RAINES 2s'D PLACE "MOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN" MIKE LOONEY. 3v'D PLACE "BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY GOLDEN SUNRISE~' CONNIE LOONEY FLORA & FAUNA PROFICIENT Is~ PLACE "HORSES IN THE FIELD" MILDRED MEADE 2'~a PLACE "TAKING A PEEK" WES LAWSON 3e'D PLACE "AWAKENING" MILDRED MEADE FLORA & FAUNA AMATEUR Isr PLACE "SHADES OF ORANGE~. TRACY HILL 2~n PLACE "GAZING" ANASTASIA HARTSOCK 3R° PLACE "GROUNDHOG DAY" JAN JENNINGS ............. I' " I .... ' Pt.ACE "GONE A FISHIN" PATSY PHILLIPS LetterstO the editor... Non-profit veteran groups • CULTURE AMATEUR CULTORE FROFICIENT Is't PLACE "HARVESTING THE CORN" DAVID C. PHILLIPS 2"~a PLACE •'COWBOY STARE" MIKE LOONEY found not liable for auto .." 2~a PI..ACE "SEASONS OF TIME" ELIZABETH GIBSON ..... . Alumni Association sold half and 3*~' PLACE "STRUTTING MY STUFF" JENNIFER TRENT Readers are mvlted to write . " '..' half tickets during' the Clinch .... letters on matters bf general Riv ' • (d lll, AVENTURE PROFICIENT • . er Festwal. The drawmg was mterest to the public: l_ tters won by Arthel Salyer of The Circuit Court of Wise appear, or had any control what- t PLACE "IT'S A nlG WORLD" MELISSA PHILLIPS 2~t' PLACE "SUNDAY DRIVE" PATSY PHILLIPS do not necessarily refl'ect the Kingsport, TN and he was County recently dismissed a soever over (the defendant's) 3" PLACE "630COMING THROUGH" DAVID PHILLIPS philosophy or "editorial generous enough to return the wrongful death claim involving participation in the funerals. In policy of this newspaper,money to the scholarship fund. an automobile accident as it re- addition, there is no evidence AVENTUREAMATEUR Isv PLACE "DAYS GONE BY" ELIZABETlt GIBSON which reserves the r ght to Arthel is a 1968 graduate of lated to a local post and national that the (veterans' group) knew 2nDPLACE "DEEP SEA DREAMS" PATSYPHILLII edit letters. The Clinch SPHS. We are most grateful for veterans' association, that (the defendant) intended to 3at'PLACE "ttAVINGA POW WOW" DAVID C. PHILLIPS Valley Times will not/print his contribution and to Alumni The Plaintiff's Estate in the drive his vehicle to the funeral, eLACXANDWnrrEeaonc|Ei rr unsigned letters .., : Association members who sold ca e alleged that because the or ordered him to do so. Neither pr PLACE "FROM THETRAILS" WES LAWSON .... ........... " . . tickets and to those that bought driver of the vehicle allegedly the national or local (veterans' 2 t PLACE "OLE 630" PATSY PHILLIPS T th .... ( 'i" 'tickets. All of the money goes to causing the accident was on his group) had any control over his 3 PLACE "TREEON A HILL"MILDRED M.EADE O e EQIIOr~ .,' . . ' ....... ....... fund scholarships and to assist way to a md~tary funeral while actmns prior to arriving at the nLACK&WHITE~TEUR • ne memners ot the" cnurcn ...... ........ , , with class reunions, wearmo veteran assocmtmn funeral. The fact that (the ," PLACE "FORGOTTEN IN TIME" "I'RACY HILL and i woum liKe tO make Known th • • "~ ,, ,, • ....... On July 6 there will be a uniform that he was an agent defendant) wore a uniform and 2'~°PLACE "FEEDING THE MASSES" ELIZABETH OIBSON ' our most smcere appreciation to ............ ~ ...... r wa travelill t a "veterans' 3~D PLACE "LIKE A ROCK" ANASTASIA HARTSOCK • ,• , ..... bl"Hb Fkll lass Reunion at me For lose groups and merero e s g o L miner s excnange " trunk ror ...... • , ...... Farmers Market Pavilion m they were legally responsible for group) functton clearly not STONEBRIAR/VIEWERSCHOICE: great!y helping us ln 9ul: e orts downtown St.-Paul. All former his actions, significant enough to 'establish Anastasia Hartsock,LikeARock" to raise tunas ror vacauon lJlDle , ". ~.' .... - '> ~ . ' ' , .........,, . . St, Paut'students and friends of" Judge John Kflgore, m dis- agency, under any reasonable to s h ..... St. Paul School are m ssmg the case, found that: In mterpretat on of t ’ la • • • " u e t elr lot mr our car wasn " ...." - • ....... " vidence area" " ... ....... -, ~--,. . cordially invited to attenD. For tnls case, there IS no e and Dare sale, out a~oweo us to ....... , ..... Frank use their water as well w't" more oetaus, p~ease see that the (veterans group)- bt. Pare attorney / .,~/ _/ IJ_H_ .~ ,. In no .... ............. -..., e~ther on' the local or national Kflgore, represented the local ~.'/~, cost to me cnurcn wire me help of our communi" " W e ceed " " Suzy Harrison, Chair level - controlled the means by 'veterans group post pro bonD in ty,e. x eo ., St. Paul High School which (the defendant) attended memory of his father, Arthur our goaL' ...... Praise the Lord God Alumn, Assoc,atmn these funerals, required to Kflgore, aWorldWa llveteran. r FRUIT DIP Ό teas. chili powder 4 1-8 oz. cream cheese, 3 tubes (8 oz. each) Bless, Ernie2S, ddington LPRL one of 77 organizations nationwide to softened refrigerated crescent rolls Pastor WaysideAssembly • , " 1 jar (7 oz.) marshmallow Cook beef and chilies until receive a Dig React rant crdme meat is no longer pink; drain. I tbsp. lime juice Add the cream cheese, cumin o the E&tor, On b ...... ,- -_ ...... -Reading and Celebrating True Grit During the Big Read- " 1 teas. grated lime peel and chili powder. Cool slightly. enaH oz ~astsloe nlgn ..... °cho-I I .....' ......... Lonesome Pme Regional ~ opportunity to read, &scuss, and dash ground ginger Separate crescentdough into 24 ,D t) ~ WOUlU like tO t,nanK me . • e ...... ".-~ .. L~brary announced that it has I ~ ~ ,, ~ | | Jr ~ celebrate one of 31 selectmns assorted fresh fruit , triangles. Place 1 tbsp. of .pople or ram-mr me . !1] [q recewed agrant of $9,500 to from U S and world l terature kindness and conside'r tion you . . . : - . . • Beat cream cheese, marsh- mixture along the short end of "v " .-.-. host The Read m W se, The 77 selected orgamzauons mallow crdme, lime juice, lime each triangle; carefully roll :ade 2 °Tnst°U ioStUa22tSn StrUte Dickenson, Lee and Scott Cou- will receive Big Read grants to up.. ......... ~ g_ nties, and the City of Norton. | ~ i ~ ~ • I ] nromote and carry out corn-peel and ginger until smooth. Place point side down 2 in. apart: past scnool year. MoVIng From ........ -,m • m , . . .... Serve withfruit. Refrigerate on ungreased baking sheet. Bake ...... _ eaa a program or I ,,, • " • • i mumtv-oasea reaolne oroarams leftovers. 375° for 11-14 minutes or until one SChOOl to anomer has been a . , r .... , "h i m • • m i - -- .- -- . dauntin ta k ....... the atmnm naowment For t e I • 1 I 1 11 - J teaturing activities sucla as read- golden brown. Serve warm. g s nut wire your netp, we have had a u Arts, designed to revitalize the a-thons, book discussions, lec- FILLED STRAWBERRIES .... r-,.-, .......... ..... S ccessml, ear peclal...... manKs "go yto ;'NIr. role of literature in American .... tures movie screenings, and 1 lb. fresh strawberries I .... 1' Jodie Evans Ms. V eki' We' :, culture and to encourage cmzens r o. " rts performmg arts events. Part|- 2 packages (1-8 oz., 1-3 oz.) I r ii ........ t ..... " .......... I and the facul'- and'lstaff at to read for pleasure and en- cipating communities also re- cream cheese, softened, non i. l, I ty at bt. , .......... . . • . Paul m ........ ugmenment, big eaa crave high-quality, tree-or- ½ cup confectioner s sugar lxr I. ........... ~-Y °~-"gu': ~"~Y ...... a r,,,Art~ Midwest large. Our community has been ..... a .... ;^..., ....." Όteas. almond extract I!vauey [ clamorm for another B~ Read throughout the school year. Their Lonesome Pme Regional L,b- _ ..... :_..g ,-: .......... ]~g~--,-,-~.,1 supplement, each title, includmg grated chocolate I Timer ~'~i~. | .... ;e t~no nf '7'7 nnnnrohf CAI.3ClIClIk.C ~,.~ ou. ~.~,u, Reade-'s Teache-' "~ ^ n" __:_:._~__ .. ~.- •,,• ..,: ,o ..,,~ v. .. ,,'-',,v-"'.. - • , • s, an~ ~u~lo nPesstt;'hOl°P:aa~e°n~m~l'W~ruIng" organizations to receive a grant region wide reading of The Guides, which also are available Remove stems,,fr,o,m straw'MEMBER ....... :" .L-- "" 1, berries; cut a deep X in the tip | IN | p us t reel at t Adventures oJ Tom Sawyer m V G IA PRESS ASSOCIATION h m "" " ' to host a B/g Read projec " " for download on, of each berry. Gently spread [ [ o e. /nere IS no way we can r,o, .... q-,,'-,,,hor 2013 and 2011. True Grit presents an ...... ;..r .... ade uatl ..... o..v ....... . ,,,, tll'Jl'~ IIItVltllatlUIt auroral. ' ,- . , I l'tlDIIanfx! weekly m St. Paul, I ~s~Y2,;7~Ta%'.an~ t~e ~u~ :0,4 ~ooesom~ ~i~e's o~o~u~,!y ~o ~u~e~ ex~,ore ~he ~ ~o~d o,ease ~t berr~s o~en In a bow, ~a,, .... , ........ , cream cheese,comectloner s • VA 242 ............ I4 I another p ece of Americana as a -- 15 Ό v whole [ PO Box 817, St Paul,-- -VA /$.~, Dy me ULINId... -. " ..... ~ ,- community read will focus on neabigread org. " sugar and extract until light and : i PUB town or ~t. ram personne~ nave True Grit b" CharlesPortis truly great Western novel that is .... " l:VALLEY LISHING:| also been instrumenta iW helping Y "both entertamm ''o and easy to" fluffy. Pipe or spoon about 2 [iCO.,INC. l• Eastslde m w ...... Activities will takeplace - • " " was re ....... vv zoo., . tatitv teaspoons into each berry. | ' | - • April/May2014 reao. tlaemes or cnaracter, -, quested. Mr. Georgf ,Robinson ........... ....... ...rrcourage,individualism, and ht rl ' o Sprinkle with chocolate. Chill |The Clinch Valley Times| ........... • .-. _ t tut uy .... x txxx .......... until serving. | serves the four-eo mty area ofi ann me ram ro tce uepart- ,. ;,, adventure will resonate well ,_, lent provided assistance when- .... ...... v ..... ,e? ..... acrossour mountainregion The Wise County Sheriff's |Wise, Russell, Diekemson and| • • • The Read, says ulrector ' " ZUCCHINI AND KIELBASA | Scott, with offices and p tl Office re orts the foil Wl ever it was needed, ariel Mayor ,, p o ng ' Am" Bond Above all else, as There is much in this fun story .... " • • • located in the CLINCH' Kyle Fletclaer participated in the , {. ,., ". , ..... ;,; ......... and actwmes tor the periodof 2 small zucchini; cut into 1/8 | V ..... I inch shces program honoring s61dlers on puoI,C uorarlans, we are people 5/27/2o13 through 6/2/2013. " "• , ' I! 1At,LEY6541 RussellTIMESstreet. ding'lperio-| v, t ..... of the book; our role is to ..... ?,. ...... Wise Central Dispatch received a | dicals postage is paid at thel " " - promote reading and lifelong expected to have wme appear, total of 1720 calls for this seven- l onion, cnoppeo rmauy, as we to go_ _ NEA Acting Chairman Joan da,, , eriod Of the tot-I 'A cup chopped green pepper I Post Office in St. Paul, VA | back to Coeburn, we m ite you learning. With onl nine librar • • . v - . ..... 2 tbsp. olive oil | 24283. |' .... Y Y SMgekawa stud, "It's wonderful recewed 363,were dispatched to to visit-the new .school andbranches to cover 1,717 square .... - th- ....... 1 lb. smoked kielbasa or ! I .. ,. • - to see mat these//communit'es "~ o,,~. ,, ~ w,,,~c. ~utm Ann Young Gregory F litor attend any of our actlvmesyou miles, far too many of our area ..... number of DomesUc' calls for th s' Polish sausage, cut into bite size | . . " | " ....... 1' " far fr m a are macing reamng tne ....... IAIienGregory AOvertisingl • choose, we antlcloate navln residents lve too o nerioa was ,- ...... • -*" ' w II the eo le in celebrauon of books a priority 1 - • I = " " ' ............... pieces can Stlsan Trent AdvJGraphies | ' students from DIckenson, Russell hbrary. We ant a P P ...... -..for the same period served 23 ( .) and Wise CoUnties arid'everyone our region to read and to have a !OUR !orwam to .seemg_ meFelony Warrants, 27 Misde- kernel corn, drained :ANNUAl SUBSCRIPTIONS. mnovauve wa~s mey rind tomeanor will be welcome. ' -', public library experience. The ., . ' .... Warrants, 1 DUI Arrest 1 can (8 oz.) tomato sauce l)n advance: $28,50 in Wise and Inh~gkrYOUTOWdk~nSdt" oB;g engage melr communlues m andworked7 c PauAg:~;'e ortRetd: togbVenSg th; lib~r~ ~hoe2tegre2ta)~lri~;ra~fu~,a,ss'c and sCeiVvfl" process T;affithiA pdeno~ 2 teas. Italian seasoning |Russell eotmties; $3000 in Oth~ "' '" " am so to p y " eo 3v3 t2ivil Papers During 1/8 teas. crushed red pepper ]24: zip e odes;elsewhere, $32.50, • Sincerely,to the people and by d " g , ' this " flakes -|i ................ : ..... Le -ublic at The Big Read provides corn- " seven-day period l l uante t.e~,Txlnclpal OHllg tc~tumg to tn P ~ h he aoaltlonal..... Criminal Invest~ In a large skillet, saut6 ]!POSTMASTER: send address .... .'..~.. . munities nationwide w't t "- zucchini, onion and green pepper / :changes to: Clinch Valley Time~ astsmenlgn cnool gations were initiated and 35 • '-• were cleared by arrest. The in oil until crisp-tender. Stir in / 2 283 , To the E&tor, Sheriffs Office provided 165 the remaining ingredients; cook |i .... The St. Paul High;o School man-hours of Court Room until, heated, through. Fresh corn l; SINGLE~ COPY-50e Alumni Association recently Security for the three courts and can oe useo. / : awarded two five hunclred dollar the courthouse. , [Classified Advertising: Minimum The Sheriffs Offi " sCholarshipSschool student,t° KaylinEast~i~ler4 High " . ce tran- BEEF-STUFFED | charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, sported 0 adult m state, 0 adult ~elbert, CRESCENTS lin advance; 25c per word after 20 .......... out of state, 2 mental patient, and and to t astlewoou t g ,bcnom 1 lb. ground beef |words. Display Advertising rate~ " " 1 juveniles for a total of 3 1 can (4 oz.) chopped green/onappli, fion. student, Chassidy Salyer Both transports involving 10 5 hours :u;ging aw2/ ti"" h ghly The Sheriff's Office unlocked chilies L -"/ 1 nkt~ (8 o7 ~ crenm cheese |: Periodicals publication - " 17 vehicles and escorted 4 ~ o' ,- --', ............... t Postal lSSI~I" 767600 In order to raise for " " " cubed | ' " funerals durmg th)s seven-day the .scholarship fundr the SPHS period " Ό teas. ground cumin '| Hatteras Island Vacations Nea rly 600 Vacation Homes Seashore. Oceanfront to 1 5oun(.front. Private Pools, Hot Tubs, Pets and more! Book Online at 877-935-0573 !,