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June 2, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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June 2, 2016

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r Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, June 2, 2016 ships..and re g wax.. by Ann Young Gregory What's with us, anyway? Reprinted from June 14, 2007 series, The Simple Life. She would have been 19 when Knowing that almost everybody is sick to death with the video was made. That earned her instant worldwide reading, hearing and seeing stories about Paris Hilton, fame, and while it's not the kind of fame I can imagine let me assure you that this isn't intended to be about her, anybody would want, it meant instant recognition for but rather, about us, and what in the world our problem her. She nevertheless sued her boyfriend for releasing might be! the tape, and is said to have been awarded $400,000, To begin, a little Paris Hilton information is neces- although she later told a magazine reporter that she sary, I suppose, just in case there might be two people never received any money from the sale of the sex who read this who don't have a clue who she might be. video. I did a little research (you can find absolutely anything I first became aware of her a year or two ago from and everything on the Intemet!) First, she's the only news clips on television which showed her, her sister person of whom I've ever heard who's famous simply and/or one or more of their friends kicking up their for being famous, and while that might sound silly, it's heels in bars, at awards ceremonies, or at other public pretty close to being correct, events. I wondered who in the world she was, and that's Her fame actually came from her family ties, which when I realized that she was pretty much "famous for are considerable, her money, and her absolutely outra- being famous," and not much else. geous behavior. She's also been in a few movies and She has had more than one ticket for driving under was also on a television reality show, but I still think the influence. After a September, 2006, DUI charge, she "famous for being famous" describes her pretty well. was stopped again in November on the same charge, As for her family ties, she's the oldest (born and her driver's license was taken away. In January of February 17, 1981) of the four children of Richard and this year, she pleaded no contest to an alcohol-related Kathy Hilton. (Richard Hilton is the son of Barron reckless driving charge, with a sentence of 36 months Hilton, and the grandson of Conrad Hilton, the Hilton probation and fines totaling around $1,500. On January Hotels founder/tycoon.) Her great-uncle is Nicky 15, she was pulled over for driving with a suspended Hilton, who, as those of you who are old enough to license and on February 27, she was caught driving remember, was Elizabeth Taylor's first husband. Paris' after dark with no headlights, doing 70 in a 35-mile-per sister is also: named Nicky, and her two brothers, the hour zone--and, again on a suspended driver's license. youngest of the four children, are Barron Hilton II and Having also failed to enroll in a court-ordered alcohol Conrad Hilton HI. education program, ~he was found to have violated the I've come to the conclusion that Conrad Hilton the terms of her probation (wonder why it took them so elder must have been even smarter than one would long?), which is what led to all the current confusion. think, since when he died in 1979, his will revealed that She was sentenced May 4 by Judge Michael T. Sauer to he left absolutely nothing to his children, their children, 45 days in jail. His order specified that she would serve or any other descendants. Wouldn't that be a kick--for 23 days, since California law allows time off for good a multimillionaire's (perhaps billionaires) family to behavior after half a sentence has been served in this have to do without good old Dad's money, go to work, type of case. and learn to live like the rest of us! That was not to be Nevertheless, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca however, as Conrad's son Barron Hilton contested the signed an order to send her home from jail with an elec- will in court, and in 1988, won his case. One assumes it tronic monitor (specifically forbidden by the judge) on was at that point that Paris Hilton, only seven years old the basis of her lawyer's argument that she was on the at the time, acquired her own inheritance, or at least verge of a nervous breakdown. One day later, Judge trust fund. Her own wealth is now estimated at being Sauer ordered her back to court, and she was returned to somewhere between $30 and $50 million, jail, where she is at this writing, although who knows It probably won't surprise many people to learn that where she'll be by the end of the week! Paris, with all that wealth behind her, didn't take advan- My problem with US in this whole thing is that with tage of it to matriculate at Harvard or the Sorbonne or all the serious problems we have in the world, we are so Oxford. In fact, she didn't even make it through high interested in this strange young woman that almost all school. She spent her freshman year at the Marywood- the cable news networks cut away from regular cover- Palm Valley School in Rancho Mirage, California and age of the war in Iraq, the Attorney General, the the next two years at the Dwight School in New York, President, the Immigration issue, and the multitude of but then she dropped out. She eventually earned a other things that continue to torment the country--they General Educational Development (GED) certificate. I cut away to get to Judge Sauer's court as he ordered guess that stunned me more than any of her biographi- Paris Hilton back to jail. She is said to have cried, cal information, since I can't imagine someone of even screamed for her mother and practically had the prom- average intelligence passing up the opportunity to seek ised nervous breakdown on the spot, although at this the best education that her family's money could buy! point, she's evidently holding up. Evidently, it was some of the other things it would buy What a shame that nobody ever taught her that when that interested her more than knowledge! you break the rules, you have to bear the punishment. I, one of the group referred to as "Mid-Victorian" in What a shame that nobody ever taught US that our my college sorority, was shocked to learn that Paris first unnatural interest in totally unimportant (except for came to the public eye in 2003 when a then three-year- their money and their fame) people is a ridiculous waste old sex video of her with her boyfriend at the time was of time, and speaks badly of all of us. leaked to the public before the premiere of her reality Bet she's on the evening news again tonight! Sneak preview of EHS art work featured at Railroad Museum See this and more during Clinch River Days at the Railroad Museum on Russell Street in St. Paul. Eastside High School students of Katie Jessee will have some of their art featured this weekend. case for limited government by Lee H. Hamilton hostility toward govern-Department of Education, ment seems only to have the Environmental It has been 35 years grown, led by politicians Protection Agency, and the since Ronald Reagan's first and embraced by millionsDepartment of Energy. inaugural speech as of Americans. In this mostI find all this troubling. President -- the one in recent presidential cam-Not because I think those which he said, "In this paign, Republican candi-agencies- or the govern- present crisis, government dates outdid one another in ment as a whole -- are is not the solution to our calling to abolish the agen- faultless, but because I problem; government is the cies they were running to don't see how a democratic problem." Over that time, lead, including the IRS, the society and market econo- Russell County Extension News The Russell County Unit of the Virginia Tech and Virginia State Extension Division presents this week's Extension News. Extension Calendar of Events June 2 4-H Camp Registration - 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm Russell County Conference Center June 4 Last day to wean calves for July VQA Feeder Sale June 11 Bees, Blooms & Bluegrass Festival Old Russell County Courthouse- Dickensonville, VA June 18 Southwest District "All-Youth" Horse Show SW VA 4-H Center - Abingdon, VA July 4 Last day to vaccinate for July VQA Feeder Sale If you need information about any of the listed events, please call the Extension Office at (276) 889-8056 or check Virginia Cooperative Extension - Russell County on Facebook. SCOTT JESSEE - AGRICULTURE Paper Wasps The return of Paper Wasps is one of the signals that summer is almost here! Paper wasps are beneficial to agriculture (catching and feeding upon corn ear- worms, armyworms, and tobacco homworms), but they are nuisances around the house. Paper wasps, both the reddish brown Northern and the black - yellow striped Dominulus wasp, are about 5/8 to 1 inch long. They have longer legs and slen- derer bodies tha0 yellow jackets or hornets. Their abdomen tapers at both ends. Paper wasps can be very aggressive, and they have a lance-like stinger that can fire like an automatic machine gun. When encountering paper wasps, try to remain calm and slowly move away from the nest. Never strike or run rapidly away as this often provokes a full attack. If we could talk to law enforcement officials, "bee attack" is probably an excuse often heard as the cause of "fender-benders." If a "real bee" gets the car while driv- ing, try to remain calm. Slowly pull off the road and open the windows (and doors). Attempting to kill the bee while driving is likely to result in an accident. CONTROL: In the event that you are stung by a paper wasp, apply a poultice of a meat tenderizer to the wound. If the sting is not deep, this will break down the components of the sting fluid - helping to relieve the pain. Individual paper wasps and their nests can be treated with an aerosol insecti- cide. There are many aerosol insecticides for hornets and wasps that will spray at distances of 20 to 25 feet. Products that contain pyrethroids and pyrethrins pro- vide instant knockdown. Identify nest sites during the day, and spray the nests at night to get all individuals and prevent the likelihood of stings. People that are allergic to bees should not attempt control or nest removal. For more information about insect control, please contact the Extension Office at 889-8056. The Russell County Extension Unit -- Cornelia Estep, Scott Jessee, Donna Meade and Bill Worrell -- is located on 135 Highlands Drive, Lebanon, VA. Check out the Virginia Cooperative Extension Website at my can function without an effective government. Capitalism and a represen- tative democracy may need to function separately for this nation to be strong, prosperous, and free, but they also need to work together. In fact, I'd argue that limited government is more often part of the solu- tion than it is a problem. It funds core functions -- infrastructure, basic research, the court system, education, anti-crime efforts, national security -- that allow private markets and the private sector as a whole to flourish. It sus- tains national parks, inter- state highways, libraries, medical research, the air traffic control system and other services that make this a vibrant society. It strives to protect Americans from hazardous food and drugs, unsafe workplaces, discriminatory employers, and toxic pol- luters. It has played a key role in asserting fairness for minorities, women and the most vulnerable people in our society. This is not to say that government does not over- reach, or that it always per- forms as it should. On occasion, its leaders make poor and misguided deci- sions; its legislators, how- ever well intentioned, cre- ate wasteful and unneeded programs. And every time something like this hap- pens, there are many of us waiting to bash govern- ment. When it performs as it should, on the other hand, few people notice and even fewer of us stand up to defend it. But let's get real here. What's the alternative? We're not going to do away with government, give unfettered free rein to the market, and hope that someone decides to try to make a go of delivering core services. Nor are we going to go all out and establish government own- ership of the means of pro- duction. Instead, we have to make the sometimes comfortable, sometimes uneasy co-existence of the market and the govemment work. So it's crucial for our political leaders to hit a pragmatic note and strive constantly to find the right balance between the two. To debate and then estab- lish in clear terms where government should and should not be active. To test what works and what does not and then pursue the former and shut down the latter. To work hard to wring duplication out of the bureaucracy and rigor- ously pursue efficient, effective, and accountable government. To make sure that enforcement of the law is both toug.h and fair. And to recogmze that their focus on policy needs to be balanced by a focus on effective management and implementation of pro- grams. The fact is, government has not changed much in size over the decades. For the last 50 years, federal net outlays have fluctuated between about 16 and 20 percent of GDP, with the occasional dip below or spike above. The total fed- eral workforre stood at 5 million in 1964 and 4.2 million 50 years later. Whether it's a Republican or a Democrat in office, government doesn't seem to be going away. Nor, really, do most people seem to want it to. As a politician, you can always get applause for quoting the old Thoreau line (which he in turn para- phrased), "That govern- ment is best which governs least." But start listing what government does that affects people's everyday lives, and you'll see mem- bers of that same audience nod their heads in agree- ment. It's the balance between limited govern- ment and the private sector that it's our job constantly to assess, debate, and get right. Lee Hamilton is a Senior Advisor for the Indiana University Center on Representative Government; a Distinguished Scholar, IU School of Global and International Studies; and a Professor of Practice, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years. Clinch Valley Times ,MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 2-4283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-cotmW area of Wise, Russell, Dickensou and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES bmlding, 16541 Russell Street. 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