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May 30, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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May 30, 2013

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Page 2 CLINCH y _ALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, MaY 30, 2013 Summer job tax information e$.. and " wax.. by Ann Young Gregory become part of the adult community, they'll acquire Reprinted from May 30, 1974 installment payments, lawns to mow, houses to paint, cars to repair, bills to pay and membership in A very conservative estimate shows that numerous organizations, all of which require more approximately billion words of praise, caution, time than there is available to devote. evaluation, admonition and good luck will be spoken over the next fewweeks as graduation speakers at the nation's 24,520. high schools send the cumulative L Class of 1974 Out into the world to seek its fortune. Many will erlr.ol[ in colleges or other centers for advanced training, while many others will find jobs to There's one little fact, though, that exists to balance all of the responsibilities of citizenship in this free country. Each individual who is graduating from high school this year can set his sights just as high as he wants, and if he perseveres and has just a little luck to go along, he can achieve the moon. (Since that's no start them on eir own. longer just an idle phrase, maybe the last words of Almost every generation of 18-year-aids has had that sentence should be stars.) This country, hard as its spokesmanwho stated, in one way or another, that things are sometimes, affords the opportunity for his-her peers were ready to begin their lives, to stop the preliminaries', and to really get into life as responsible adtflts. These days, of course, 18-year- olds have the v6te, so full citizenship is theirs. They achievement to any who seek it. Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in this democracy truly have freedom to set our goals wherever we wish. There's no "Big Brother" to say, "You will work in this place and live in that place, and associate with those for students When summer vacation begins, classroom learning ends for most students. Even so, summer doesn't have to mean a complete break from learning. Students starting summer jobs have the opportunity to learn some important life lessons. Summer jobs offer students the opportunity to learn about the working world - and taxes. Here are six things about summer jobs that the IRS wants students to know. 1. As a new employee, you'll need to fill out a Form W-4, Employee's Withhblding Allow- ante Certificate. Employers use this form to figure how much federal income tax to withhold from workers' paychecks. It is important to complete your W-4 form correctly so your employer withholds the right amount of 4. You may mot earn enough money frOm youir summer job to owe income tax, but you will probably have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Your employer usually must withhold these taxes from your paycheck. Of, if you're self- employed, you may have to pay self-employment taxes. Your payment of these taxes contri- butes to your coverage under the SocialSecurity system. 5. If you're in ROTC, your active duty pay, such as pay received during summer camp is taxable. However, the food and lodging allowances you receive in advanced training are not. If you're a newspaper carrier or distributor, special rules apply to your income. Whatever your age, you are treated as self- employed for federa/ tax alsl have the i'ig'ht to earn money, pay income taxes, amI to marry akid raise children (who, far more people." Our freedom lies in our being allowed to taxes. You can use the IRS purposes if: Withholding Calculator tool at You are in the business quickly than their parents will suspect, will also be choose all of those things by ourselves. to help you fill out the ofdelivering newspapers. graduating fro .fiigh school.) They are also allowed St) the 62,000,034th words to this year's graduates form. Substantially all your to join the rank,s, of those who deal with consumer are these: appreciate the opportunities and freedoms 2. If you'll receive tips as pay for these , services problems, prices, inflation, immorality in g0vem- which exist in this country, and understand that with part of your income, remember directly relates to sales rather merit, bigotry, and all the other national crises which them go responsibilities. Then go out and do your that all tips you receive are than to the number of hours taxable. Keep a daily log to worked. face every citizen of this country every day. As they very best to make it all better for the next ones. record your tips. If you receive You work .under a ........... $20 or more in cash tips in any written contract tilt states . . . ... . . one month, you must report your the employer will not treat Virgln!a ..Is approved to begin offering Exhibits for tips for that month to your you as an employee for employer. , federal tax purposes. 1 ...... 3. Maybe you 11 earn money If you do not meet these coordinated healthcare for Me&care-Medicaid Virginia- dom odd jobs this summer. If conditions and you are under age . i.-il-. Kentucky Fair m mind that earnings 18, then you are usually exempt enrollees. _ . . you receive from self- from Social Security and "... . .... Exhibits toy the virginia- employment are subject to Medicare tax. -'Agreement Will Provtde Better Care at Lower Costs for Virglmans- ni n.;,.t l: ;r d,,,,,I,t h,, income tax. Self-employment Visit, the official " n r c n e ............. : ......... " ......... Governor Bob M ;Donnellgovernor committed to e su e e t red service coordmatmn o,.,o.,,a ,,. .... can include pay you get from IRS website, for more informa- '" " " " r t as ef and case m n n ,.-- ........ ,,,-,-,,,s, -,,-,, * announced that Virgmla hasthat Medicaid ape a es - a ageme t, and one ....." .aa .na ,, m xl,, jobs like baby-sitting and lawn tion about income tax with- been "approved to implement a ficiently as possible. For years, appeals process, e a]'l i s'wiHbeaccet ted ffer mowing, holding and em#oyment taxes. new healthcare initiative, the the department has struggled Secretary of Health and Hu- ~.rm ,, m q,t,,~a~,, av~nl;,,,, Medicare-Medicaid "" Enrollee with how best to manage and man Resources, William A. ,,,OLD uur. mwuo ... '-rtl/' T T E' (dual eligible) Finarlcial Align- finance the care of those receiv- Hazel, MD said, "For many ............... ....... Monday, June 3 The exhibit (Continued frompage 1) .... e" wire b a - ment,Demonstration.,."aimed at ing both Medicare and Medi- years, me t.ommonwealm has ..... ill " "" " t the rormea irom e, y r,,o,, w,,,t.;,,, towarn Oulmmg w oe closea o wooden shingles of the Old - ' ....... coordinating care for more than caid. Securing the federal agree ............ ...... .... ta ;,,ao;.o ....... orawmg process,tJesplte me i " -- . v .............. tmurmouse nau no such treat- "1 illof nails the 78,000 Virginians ;.currently ment to launch Commonwealths gmficant reform opportumty, piety and exhibit items have been ....... greater arm ab ty , y mere tms createa an on am enrolled in Medicai eand Coordinated Care is a significant We view this achievement as a displayed g g remained expensive when the Medicaid. ::-- victory for these beneficiaries testament to the willingness of Removal of exhibit items will potential for fire due to sparks Old Courthouse was built. For The new initiative.,, recently., and the Commonwealth. It aids Virginia_ . s Medicaid providers ........ ha Rundav., .............. hie. O Between 9.:....Off tram the_ ounmng_ .s three CUll-. ....~th~t -.--'----,rPa~rm ....-...-.."~nrtd~n ,-'-~'-n~~ --.-and branded as Commonwealth Co- the department's ability to better and. mterested health plans to and 3.00' p'm.. neys and six tireplaces. As the ........... ................ .... a ordinated Care, will" o6rdinate structure and coordinate services worl collaboratively with the Premiums in each department shingles weathered, the pus-The ori,,inal woodwork of care for individuals .who meet tailored to the health, behavioral department to implement rune- will increase this year to $4.00 sibility of fire increased. .t... ta,a .....;o ..orha,. vatlve models or care DMAS 1$ certain leligibility requirements health, and long-term service for blue ribbons; $3.00 for red Like the mamtenance of farm ....... n " ture B and are served both needs of Virginia's most vulner- always working toward the ribbons; $2.00 for white ribbons, tools, saddles and harnesses !ts most mteresn.rg tea . .y Medicare and Medic iid. Cam- able adults, aevempment at more ettective Also new this "ear" Best of Show .....' ' me ume me orlCK poruon oi me .... - .... : riving shingles was often a t.. was constructed local monwealth Coordinated Care isEfficiencies gained through ann elncmm service aenveryBlue will receive a nrize",, . ,,. . t,u,,u s , v , ramy day job for young trays designed to be the single pro- this program are expected to opportunities. This program has Best of Show Red will receive a . sawmills had been established A typical roof required several gram accountable for" coordin- yield financial savings to the potential to be one of the 00 "-rize and lumber sawed to more pre- ating the delivery of primary, Virginia. DMAS budget forecast i (idi i abbil preventive, acute, .behavioral, for state fiscal year 2014 and long-term sefwides and included $11.3 million in general supports for this population, fund savings. These savings The goal of this.inltiative is assumed a January 1, 2014 to provide Virginian high implementation date as well as a "p of the department in paid on the same basis as all kept on hand, ready for repairs exam-les of the mark of ex-ert quality health care and supports 50 percent:/match rate. Due to developing and obtaining federal other cate-ories ..... v v ,. .. ..... , ,:: or/or evcntrtlal roorreplacement, llli'~rwhWr~rlr ,i~el, :ex coordinating the Meal(care and timing of the DMAS forecasting approvat Ior mls aemonstrauonFor a listof department ........ " ....................... " . ... ........ the mcreasmg avauammy oi "-=---trim of the Old.Gourthouse Medicaid benefits into a single process the savings were I am connaent mat paruclpants c ..... r'^ Youth Art & CraRs .... tcnu . . cttU~U 11~ ~, UU , 3 , " " . .. nails was another tatter wmcn persontcentered .program. estimated before the agreement m thm demonstration will have xrom ......r.t,,fhin,, are wrtually identical to that of Through this effort; xpayers with CMS was reached whichbetter heath outcomes while the i oods"&:"Foo'd P'rese atio " d helped make construct!on of the its contemporary, the Robert will greater savingfi through laid out the rate setting myth- state will achieve associated cost A iculture contact Alicia Old Courthouse possible. On Fugate house. We can safely sawngs .... 2 1 4 the frontier, metal was prectous the delivery of cost'effective and odology and cost savings " Staebner at. 3 8-6 9 or " " assume these examples of expert appropriate treatment' and ser- sharing agreed upon for the ........... Under Commonwealth Co- Small amounts of iron ore and ..... t.;.. ,,; .... vices for some of Virginia's most program. These factors may alter oramatea .......... t=are, virglnm and the Flower categories - contact copper ore are found in Russell were performed by the same vulnerable citizens, the initial forecast which will be ieaerat .t=,emers.ror Mea lc e an.a June Jones at 679,3180. County but most metal had to nerson or nersons, orobablv ; "I applaud the work of the updated in the next budget cycle, tvtemcam ervlces t t=lvl ) wm '-r-"--'-t here from other -laces .... Department of Medical Assist- Medicare and Medicaid were enter into a contract with health . .o u .... from Abingdon. ....... m .. I m me term or rogers, lneseWhat [ have just described is ance Services, which has worked originally not designed to work plans Ior me oenvery at cooro ...... " " servi " . . I C~['IITI~S Doaolll'l~s. I mgots were cut and hammeredintended onl- to "five the reader tirelessly with stakeholders and together, yet there are more than marco ces aria supports to m . . _ m ......... y the federal government in order 78,000 Virginians who currently enrollees. Eligible individuals | Editorial copy m by blac.Ksmlms .ann metro-an idea of the hours of intensive to achieve this milestone," said participate in both programs will include older adults and indiv- I Ihirthdm. anniversaries I workers rote required shapes, labor required to produce a bui- Governor Bob McDonnell. "We now be eligible for Common- iduals with disabilities, includ- m v- ...... s--, , ' mAt the Old Courthouse, vintage lding like the Old Courthouse. have long knowrt, that the wealth CoordinatedCare. ing those receiving long-term I press rOl~aSO$,CalOrl(18r [ nails were found during the In contrast, a simple log dwel- efficiencies and befifits of co- Under the existing structure, services and supports, and who m items, weddings, etc) I landscaping of the grounds, lin" "Russell County's -rim - ordinating MedicarC and Medi, Medicare-Medicaid enrollees live in designated regions m ,, ,,,, __ m These nails, along with many - "" ri r tYoC;fl caid services are far reaching, must use three separate ID cards around the Commonwealth. The , o:ou pm ,v, onuoy, other items, are displayed in the nousmg unit p o , . Most importantly,' i some of for Medicare, Medicaid and regions include the areas sur- , Advertising I u,,stairs "Museum Room" for War) couiaus, uanyoe_eonsuuc- ..... v ted in a week s time Construc- roundmg" Central Vlrglma/Rlch .... .... Virginia's most vulnerable adults prescription drugs have three . .......... ] (classtfied and dtsplay) I wewmg by vmtors. Most early tion of the brick -ortion of the will now benefit from a program different sets of benefits, receive mona, t..narlottesw.e, iloe- m .......... v naus were nat wtm tnunt t ps where their health care and long- bills when they should not, and water, Roanoke and Northern m 12 noon Tuesday m Old Courthouse may have taken term services and supports are are routinely frustrated over Virginia. I " ! Th_e round nails we use today are as long as one to two years. better coordinated. This enhan- challenges in understanding Since 2011, DMAS has m, ........ ced care model will improve and which plan pays for which actively engaged stakeholders to m r nr rR#-arm' ml .... I sustain the( health of bene- services. By choosing this advise the agency in their, - ............ ........ . m ficiaries while allowing the state voluntary program, individuals development of the Memo- 1 I and federal government towill have one ID card for all randum of Understanding m Cathy Mavs hnnth th l , tival, m [. r l, [ realize cost savings a result of aspects of their care, a 24 (MOU and program. Virginia is I ................... I |. Valley I increased care mana'ge'ment." hour/seven day a week toll-flee the 6 state in the nation to m m [ m Upon taking office, the number for assistance, person- finalize MOU with the Centers m 16610.RussellStreet Suite 4 m [ 1 m, , for Medicare and Medicaid, SaintPaul. VA 24283 m, , "" Services (CMS) for delivery ofa I 7951 I I ............. , I i coordinated care program, m .... m I [ i Commonwealth Coordinated m uo,, ....... m [ ,o .. oo,,! Care begins in January 2014, I ml 2J;-rkT, im! and will continue through Dec- II ..... - ....... m | m i ember 31, 2017. Congressional II yk veisareferraL II 'i' r ............ Ii action will be needed in order |i ........ m,, for the program to continue be- --. --.. - ..-. --" " lne t= mcn vmmey maes yond 2017. A rigorous evalua- tion will be conducted through- serves the four-county Wise, Russell, Dickenson and out the demonstration period. The Clinch River Days Festival Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH " ~ Community Solutions o Workfof 23olutions Economic So[tdions S\k CC ~ Economic olutions 276.964.72~,* V/TDD 276.964.7235 * EOE/AA Preventing fraud The Farm Service Agency supports the Risk Management Agency in the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse of the Federal Crop Insurance Program. FSA has been, and will continue to, assist RMA and ,insurance; providers by monitoring crop i conditions throughout the grow- ing season. FSA will continue to i refer all suspected cases of fmtrd, i waste and abuse directly to VALLEY TIMES building, cordially invites you toa 16541 Russell Street. dicals postage is paid at the reception at the St. Paul Railroad Museum Post Office in st. Paul, VA 24283, Arm Young Gregory Allen Gregory Advertising Trent AdvJGraphics :ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: . Jn advance: $28.50 in Wise and Russell counties; $30.00 in other RMA., !24- zip codes; elsewhere, $32.50. Producers can report suspect- i !POSTMASTER: send address ed cases to the FSA office, RMA, Valley Time or the Office of the Inspector Box 817, St. Paul, VA General. ...: , i24283 in St. Paul, Virginia on Thursday, the 3o day of May, 2o13 at six o'clock in the evening. Our gallery will feature the work of renowned local artist Nadya Warthen-Gibson Local wines and refreshments will be served. The Heart of Appalachia Community Orchestra will perform on the lawn. **Casual Attire** Stop for Pedestrians in the Library Crosswalk-- It's the law! SINGLE COPY- 50e Classified Advertising: Minimum charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, iin advance; 25c per word alter 20 words. Display Advertising rates :on application. Periodicals publication Postal 1SSN: 767600 J~