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May 21, 2009     Clinch Valley Times
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May 21, 2009

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F" Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, May 21, 2009 ,m~tmmmmnmm~mmi- ~ J "I " " " " " eah'ng wax..ey Ann Young Gregory %apltOl uy sntpes.. rna smps. ..anas be 19 years? ommentary Could tt posstbly The answer is, yes, it HAS been 19 ye ws since the Without going into a lot of detail, which I don't Congressman Rick Boucher Hubble Space Telescope was first carried into orbit by understand in the first place, I can tell you that it paper, A's on 1"1 adv tages of all" All a th I am also pleased to an , the Space Shuttle Discovery m April, 1990. As has ,,tm_ed out that a mirror was flawed, and the first OBSERVING MEMORIAL DAY been true with most of the space exploration ex- rescue mission, actually called a servicing mission,Every May, Americans pause to treat I am nleased that the VA periences that we lay-people have had,.we've become was planned. Seven astronauts were trained to work from their everyday act! has responded to my suggestions rememoer me more man l z and is n w blase and dare-I-say even bored with the ongoing on the telescorm and mstall the correct lens They ........ " o working to develop .... r-" " ." mllllOn Americans wno nave mcre&ble experiments and explorations that ourwere launched on the Snace Shuttle Endeavor m ~o,a .~ ..... ho;, ,;.o. ;.. ,.^ primary care, commumty-based .... . .................... . u,~ outpatient clinics throughout our scientists have achieved. The Hubble Space Telescope December, 1993, and spent ten days making the defense of our freedom and way re ion The " is a -time exarn-I ot tin .......... f......... g " estabhshment of the lJ p w at. au , aa.. necessary__ reDalrs_ . .... o nle. Jms year,, on May Z3 we new oum_r atlent" ....... elinic ._i~ _....the. In 1983, the am=rag telos ope, under A tot of four orv, mg =ss,ons oompl t d ri u 2 moriawLDay and. osult o our om ino offo ,o construction, was named in honor of Edwin Hubble, The first, of course, was to renlace the flawed mirror .... nave ianen better meet the needs of our . " mrougn speecnes, paraaes, ra - , an American astronhomer who made what has been The second was in February, 1997, on Snace Shuttle ........... , ....... p t_y: regmn s veterans. . - ----*," ~- ~;1~, lllUlllt~IIt~ Ol ~lllGIll~t~iJa=Kl A " " called one of the greatest scmntlfiC breakt.hroughs of Discovery; the third, also from Space Shuttle other activities, madedd't~n:J~Y'tInhave.~ng the 20th century when he dmcovered ttmt me universe Discovery, was in 1999; and the fourth in March, Southwest Virginia is home erans' cemetery in the ]qi'n to thousands of veterans whose was expanding.. Vunding tor the telescope, which is a 2002, was conducted from Space Shuttle Columbia. ,. , , Congressional District so that we sacrlnces and service deserve collaboration between the National Aeronautics and A fifth and final servicing mission was planned " . ..... " .... can properly honor the South- - - - . - .., our recognmon tnls Memorial west Vir-inians wh" ~ .......... a Space Admlmstratmn (NASA) and the European for October 2008; however, was postponed until Da,, Our w) ..... a ....... s .......... Space.Agency (ESA), was authorized in the 1970s, what turned out to be May, 2009, and that's where we hi h'est levelof't eatn ent'and re- nsat, n inm uncif a, thUnder and the instrument was originally scheduled forare dghtnow spect from the federal oovern ,g g p ,- , e eft- . . e,-- - ~ , eral government nnances ,me launchmg m 1983, but techmcal delays, budget On Monday lust past, the seven astronauts on lent, and I am firmly committed acouisition of the land and~tha problems and the Challenger disaster put off theSpace Shuttle/ktl mtis were scheduled to complete the to ensuring.that those who serve, construction of veterans ceme[ , eo our nation during times oI launch until 1990. The Hubble Space Telescope, mission they d been workin toward for months .... teries, and the states operate ................. a . war nave access to me govern- them once the" are constructed aimougn not me nrst space telescope, is nevertheless Atlantis was launched on May 11 This will be the ...... : - lent services mey aeserve We ar .... . e followmg that ractlce in the first one ever designed to be serviced by astro- final servlcmg m ssmn for the Hubble Space This year we have made ,,, r,,,;la o pr nauts in space. After a lot of money problems, Con- Telescope, since the United States' Space Shuttle great strides in ensuring that vet- cemete** 'for veter ans .... gress in 1978 approved a start-up budget of $36 progral Will be closed down within a few years. The .ans in the Ninth Congressional In tlae fall of 200"6, we took ........... -~ ............ -- . . t~lstrict have convenient access the first ste,- toward ~h;,.,;,.. million tor the Hubble Space lelescope, aria me serviein mission wnlcn nas lUSt oeen commetea ,^ _ ,.. _., .... v ..........s , ~" . " . -- t~, t.~u quality 11~,~1Ul ~O.lU 5~i- our pal when the U S Con European Space Agency agreed to provide solar cells, should keep the Hubble working until at least 2014 vices I have worked success g ' - - " " " ........ " , " gress approvea and the President some funding and some lnstmmentatmn, in exchange On this mission, several no-lon~er-workln~ fullv with the Denartment of -:---^a ;.t. m ; o ;,,,, , , ......... . .- ...... aw, leg~sl,,t .... I .: for. 15 percent of the telescol s t mae;The on elements of the telescope were replaced, and some Veterans Affa)rs to open two authored directing the U.S. new communl oaseo ou at esumate oi me total cost oi me t-iuooie was a,, ou new instruments added. At this point, the United ...... Lty-. . _ tp - Army to convey 79.8 acres of - " - lent cnnlcs m the rqintla District land it owns n mtlhon. Note the word ongmal. More about that States has spent somewhere between $4 5 and $6 ............ ; ear the Town of , rune clinics are located m t rlstoi Dublin to the Commonwealth of later. billion on the Hubble Space Telescope, and Europe sand Norton and are operated b .......... vn'gmla Ior me purpose oI :est- The Hubble Space Telescope has a history, financial contribution been 393 million Euro the VA Medical Centerin ablishing the region's first vet- whenaCCrdinga to Wikipedia,,, which, goes back to 1946, dollars ,,or is it just "Euros '? Johnson City, Tennessee. erans ceineterv The deed to the , yw y, cost has been incredible, but the . " veterans cemetery property" has" extrat rre ' nounce that I have been workmg now been fi 1 e strial observatory, by astronomer Lyman rewards have far exceeded what anyone expected the .............. " . orma ly transferred to Spazer, was published( Spltzer po.lnted out that a Hubble Space Telescope to produce. Although I'm nSt rY wl nh enV tytealct! C m fnWr e 2tfVirg ra space tetescope woum nave two pnmary aavantages the farthest person possible from being an astronomer, ablish three additional Veterans completion of the cemetery over an earth-based instrument: turbulence in the even I have been able to appreciate the incredible Administration outpatient clinics Veterans who have a lesire . atmosphere wouldn't be present to distort what the nictures that the Hubble has sent us from snace, and in the region. These clinics will to be buried in the cemetery may be dented m Lee County, telescope saw, and a space-based telescope could" "e w ........ ..... submit a pre-application for in- ..... . .......... to o a eo oy me discoveries wmcn nave oeen mane Buchanan County and Smythterment, which determines eli- ooserve lnlrareo,ano ulta , violet llglat, wmcn are, m by astronomers and astrophysicists because of the County. At the present time, gibility For more information or mrge part, aosort)ea o y me atmosphere, t)eiore, mey images that the Hubble has been able to produce, appropriate sites for these clinics to obtain 'a pre-application' for reach earth. (lhe explanatmns given m the rotor- Some beli"ve "t'at -'- t.:,,:.._ :^ ...2are being identified, and we interment, "-lease contact m" J K; Ul d~l'....~-~JlU~ UIIIIUU l~i UOU F ~' matron I found were much more complex than that, ,,,,,oh to ,,n q.... hope to have final approval of Pulaski constituent service office but aidn'* ".... a +t. .... t.+ .... v ............. ............... v,,,.., me sites in the near future " at 540 980 4310 ,, , , -,,.,-, .,,,ur,., Telesc----e which h-o n-" :-.-.on:o+ .... ..-.,: ....... . - - U~m,~ ) ~ U Lllllll~,~lld, lall.~, l~l~gll~ld[ al~.~ll~l~.- lne rovlslon oI rim versions were ad or m h , p p ary Th s Memorial Day, there are equate fi y purposes ere.) runs t 1 ........... t , a east for those of us who aren t astronomers care to veterans in our outpatient man" wa"s to "a" "ro-er trP'ute t ven earlier, In IMZ3, a tJerman scientist, , ..... . . : : v s v v ,, . ................. What s gomg on, however, m exploraUon--m this clmlcs, eatly enh.ance, s the ease to veterans in our area and the taermann ooerm, wno, wire goaert tJoaaaro and e.~ th~ ~nlnraticm nF ~nat-~ ~r~noa rzrn~mh,~ ie with WhiCh our regions veterans fallen soldiers of our country Konstantln Tslolkovsky, was one of the three fathers final ffr~n/i~.r " XlTha+ 1 O..... loah, lla boa +,,m,4Can recewe medical care. T e Some of these actwmes mclude: of modem rocketry," pubhshed a pal .r which. Cl stop"her"Coi abus' t'sheh othert 'g to o V' er oSspAIdes unsga mn am2mn placmg V2g tlnrg leometresnes discussed llow a telescope could be sent mto orbit with her money than to bankroll tbe possibly ill-fated Johnson City, Tennessee. The graves of fallen soldiers around the earth by a rocket. In 1946, Spitzer, using voyage of three small ships into unknown waters. You medical services provided thro- Visiting memorials of all the information he had at hand, including Oberth's get the idea. One of these days--it mi .ht be another ugh these hospitals are conven- American wars or American War : paper, spent much of his professional life promoting hundred or two hundred years--infor mation which lent, tor those N.inth District heroes resments wno reslae wlmm a FI m the Amerl an i the cause of building a telescope to put into space, was made available by the Hubble Space Teleseope l short distanc# of one of the hotlY'o W, +;m " W " r I. , . ' JLlglg~ (,~L llK&ll~t.~ldd, ii ~,J,l~,ll l/,%~%~Jtl, U Any ay, even with all the bureaueraUe red tape, ma rovldefhe wa for mankind to ex and his . ,'.. ... Y P y p , hospitals; however, ~or thou- MeihorialDaV i me .rmoote pace Telesocpe was finally launched environment into other parts of the universe.~ sands of Ninth Di_s ict veterans, Flying the POW/MIA i April 24, 1990. At that point, Hubble had cost ii It seems to me that that's what exploration is all a ar.ive to one o t tiae VA hos- flag on Memorial Day i , pitals is anyming out convemem. Partici atin in ~he over $2.5 bflhon, about, and space so enormous that, even with the ..... -a .... ; ........ i,,no ,,f .......P . g- .- Just weeks after the Hubblewas launched, the incredible minds which care about finding out the: [~].*'t-'w'-~s~t'~i~"~inla'th~'drive to i auonal.,Mo.men_t oI_ _emean ima es that were received froi . . . , .... ! ovum ~ ~ prance, lne ~'~atlonm ~vLomcu~ ot g m t on earth indicated ! truth, s going to take a lot of ttrne to do And R i and from a VA hospital can con- Remembrance is a special tithe _that there was a pro_blem with optical system, won't take just time, but a lot of money, aswell! I sume the better part of a day. on Memorial Day, beginning at ' 'ii! ! iJi ..... ' ............................. :': .... : ........................... "\"f_ The result of this inconven- 3 p.m. local time, to pause and ............ .................................. ience is that many veterans in reflect upon the meaning Arw alar, h;ara (' rdl, cr Phorm ,',xr fnr, llfxr mamh, r 1", the area simply forgo receiving tmrpose of Memorial Day. Itis tree t onsumer, the primary medical care which tlso an appropriate time for T'~ps . promotes good health. Conse- to be played ...... in honor of th ise awarded 2009 Innovative Practice Award info, flon quently, when veterans event- who have died m servmg our ut 111(. t, uall vmt the VA hospaal, they coun on the battlefield '.. Sarah T. Melton, PharmD, availability; limited payment sleeping, seizure, dementia, and y " " " . try . BCPP CGP Associate Professor o tions; rivacy issues; choice addiction disorders In addition, may have developed a serious As May 25, 2009 appro h- ' ' P P " "" " n '" of the Appalachian College of of facilities; and cultural and the pharmacy team plays a key Catalog oon ,on which could have bee es, I encourage all Southw#st fi 11 1 r role m ou visits m the areas revented alto ether through the Vn" lma residents to set aside Pharmacy (ACP), was awarded am" y barr'e s. " gr p " " " ., ..... p g , " g" " " ihe Innovative Practice Award at Many patients in the Ao- of chronic pain, tobacco abuse, ere s. a samplLrlg O! what earlier application ot routinetime to appropriately honor our the College of Psychiatric and palachia r'egion access the'ir and opiatedependence, you u ma: -.._ -. primary care. . . nation's veterans and the nfen lqeurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) primary care physician for treat- Dr. Melton teaches the nergy avers: ttps on I have long suggested to the and women whose sacrifices Annual meeting held April 19- ~2 at The Hyatt Regency, Jacksonville, Florida. The i3urpose of the CPNP award is to recognize excellent investigators and practitioners presenting ~bstracts during the meeting. Dr. ment of mental health or ad- diction disorders. The shortage of psychiatrists and psychiatric outpatient treatment facilities clearly offers opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists to colla- borate with primary care phy- didactic component of Pharm- acotherapy of Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders at ACP. Therefore, she is aware of the knowledge base of each student that rotates through C-Health. This allows students to quickly Melton presented her innovative sicians' and clinical licensed build upon didactic knowledge practice during a platform counselors to provide a bridge base through real-life expert- presentation and displayed her for psychiatric care to this enceswith patients in the poster during, the first two days underserved population, ambulatory care setting. This ofthemeetmg. C-Health, PC is a private, experiential rotation prepares Dr. Melton is a board certi- family practice clinic with three students for future encounters fled psychiatric pharmacist and .physicians, six nurse practit- with patients with mental health ertified geriatric pharmacist, loners, one physician assistant, a and neurologic disorders. As She completed a Fellowship in licensed professional counselor, more than 75% of ACP grad- Saving Energy & Money at Home (Item 332T, $1.50). Reduce your home energy use with tips on insulation, wea- therization, heating and more. Smart Saving for College-- Better Buy Degrees (Item 511 T, flee). Provides information to help you save and invest wisely for college. Explains 529 plans. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, Savings Bonds, and more. The Road to a Healthy Life (Item l14T, $4.50). learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle- Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice in 1996 at the Virginia Common- Wealth/Medical College of Vir- ginia School of Pharmacy and has been practicing in the field ~f mental health since that time. Dr. Melton's practice is based at ~-Health P.C. in Lebanon. ' The title of Dr. Melton's f~resentation was "Role of the Pharmacist in Collaborative Care for Mental Health and Ad- diction Treatment in Medically Underserved Appalachia." In her presentation, Dr. Melton discuss- ed how mental health diagnoses for serious psychiatric and ad- diction disorders are proportion- ately higher in Appalachia than the rest of the nation. The rate of increase in abuse of opiates and synthetics in Appalachia is high- er than the rest of the country, especially in Appalachian coal mining areas. In addition, the utilization rate of hospital in- patient services, private physic- clans, and emergency room services for mental health or addiction are all higher in the Appalachian region than outside of Appalachia. Barriers to treatment for addiction and mental illness exist within the Appalachian regions that limit access to care. Case studies show a number of specific barriers to accessing treatment including: stigma; transportation and 2 clinical pharmacists. The clinic is affiliated with the Ap- palachian College of Pharmacy and provides introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiential rotations. As an experiential teaching site, the pharmacy practice program at C- Health, PC is committed to the education and professional soc- ialization of pharmacy graduates capable of meeting diverse pat- ient care needs of the medically underserved, particularly those in the Appalachian region. The practice is supported by colla- borative partnerships and strives to achieve excellence in educa- tion, scholarship, profession- alism and service activities involving patients and the community. Patient-centered pharmaceu- tical care is the primary focus of the psychiatric pharmacist at C- Health. The pharmacist is part of a multidisciplinary team, work- ing closely with members of the team on a daily basis. Dr. Mel- ton receives consults from the providers and sees patients by appointment. She works through a collaborative practice agree- ment and sees adults and children with various psychiatric and neurologic conditions in- cluding depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating, schizoaffective, attention deficit-hyperactivity, Veterans Administration that the provision of community-based primary care services is far more convenient for veterans and pro- motes better health among them than the current arrangement of requiring a drive to the VA hos- pitals to receive both primary and specialized care. The pro- vision of community-based ser- vices would save the VA money in the long run by promoting good health and lessening the number of serious illnesses the VA will eventually be required uates stay in the Appalachian eating right and being physically active Use the charges to region, exposure to these calculate your healthy weight Wise County prevalent disorders is invaluable. Over 25 students rotate through and daily calorie requirements She C-Health yearly in the ambu- and the nutrition facts labels to rift's Report latory care setting, make healthy food choices. "It was exciting to be able to Building a better Credit The Wise County Sheriff's present what we are doing in the Report (Item 31 IT, $150) Office reports the following areas mental health andLearn how to improve youractivities for the period of addiction in Appalachia by using credit score, deal with debt, spot 5/04/2009 through 5/10/2009. a collaborative, interdisciplinary credit-related seams, and more. Wise Central Dispatch received a Cabin fever won't bother you total of 1,347 calls for this seven- team approach in the primary care setting," Dr. Melton stated, when armed with helpful publi- day period. Of the total calls "We are using cutting edge cations from the Consumerreceived 366 were dispatched to technology to deliver care that is Information Catalog. If you're berthe Sheriff'Sof DomesticOffiCe'callsTtalfornUm'this focused directly on the needs of online, you can red them all on the patient. By using the team Check out the period was 24. Criminal Process approach that includes a focus latest seams and recalls, or join for the same period served 8 not only on medication therapy, in the conversation with the Felony Warrants, 21 Misdemean- but psychosocial treatments as federal government by reading Orsummonswarrants,andiSsUedworked213 TrafficTraffic well, I hope we are helping to the blog written by insiders, Accidents Civil process for this break down the stigma and Gov.Gab. To order the catalog: period served 412 Civil Papers. cultural barriers to treatment of Visit www, During this seven-day period 12 mental illness in Appalachia." newcat.htm to order a consumer additional Criminal Investiga- Dr. Susan Mayhew, Dean of Information Catalog. tions were initiated and 28 were the College of Pharmacy offered Send your name and cleared by arrest. The Sheriff's that the program developed by address to Catalog, Pueblo,Office provided 198 man-hours Dr. Melton and the other Colorado 82009. of Court Room Security for the providers at C-Health, PC "is a Call toll-free 1-888-8three courts. valuable component of the PUEBLO. ((1-888-878-3256) The Sheriff's Office tran- experiential program at ACP. weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., sported 0 adult in state, 0 adult The innovative practice is a Eastern Time. out of state, 2 mental patient, and fulfillment of the mission of Get even more information7 juveniles for a total of 9 ACP, which is to address the and take advantage of online transports, involving 15 hours. health-related needs of rural and government resources at www. , The Sheriff's Office unlocked underserved communities, and www.Gobierno 7 vehicles and escorted 2 particularly those in Appalachia, official English funerals during this seven-day through education, service, and and Spanish web portals to the period. scholarship." Federal government. have enabled the preservationi of freedom in our time. Clinch .... Valley Times MEMBER ~ VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH. 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