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May 19, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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May 19, 2016

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;' Page 4 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, May 19, 2016 PluggedInVA Paraoptometric The following reflection Recipes by Mildred Helbert ZL Adult Education CURRIED FLOUNDER together. Prepare cake mix, and peanuts in a bowl. In a ~, o .g. ~ . .', ~ ..... ...4.=--., 1 1/2 lbs flounder accordin~ to package small bowl, combine parttctpant tn me ~.U iiile~tllu i! " ~ _ - - '" P 1 u - g e d I n V A "::J Karen 2 onions, chopped directions. Pour into. a peanut butter, yogurt, may- Paraoptometric program, m/ ar n I 2 celery ribs, choppedgreased baking dish. onnalse and salt; mix well. which ran from Janua#y 5 ........... 1 tbsp. butter Spinkle rhubarb over bat- Pour over carrot mixture . .. .......... ' Children; we sometimes goals ior ourselves, eacn oi ,2013 to August 12, 2013. for etthat we have dreams our future dreams have 1 teas. curry powder ter. Slowly pour cream and stir gently to coat. "'The adult education cur- g ......... 3/4 teas salt over top Bake 350 degreesServe in a lettuce lined ,. as neome separate irom me oeen maae easier to - riculum for PluggedlnVA nrfm~ .......r,;I,~ ..... hi .... 1/4 cup milk for 40-45 minutes or until bowl. ....'includes a focus on the ............ One of the most7''lmoortant .................. WritlngY" allows us to Place fish in a greased golden brown. Cool.When development of oom spo- thin s that Mrs Brown has focus our energy and cre- baking dish. In a skillet, serving garnish with Cool CRUNCHY CHEESE ken and written communi- .5" . ,,. "_ ............................. ....... hl said to us is just start writ- auvlty wnue nvIng more saute onions and celery in wnlp. INIBBLI~K~ cation, wmcn are mg y . ,, " i r lanE ..... lng. We have learned thatefficiently w th ou p butter until tender. Add 1 cup finely shredded vtaD:ea, s wYr~PtY;nS hten writing can help us focusand goals clearly curry powder and salt; mix NUTTY CARROT cheddar cheese .....Y P "'r her on our plans and dreams expressed We have " v atlent s c a W t is future Pl'uggedinVA pro well Remove from heat; SALAD l'cup crushed" potato arncte, svxeagan sna es for our future. We have learned that something as stir "in milk S oon over 2 cu-s shredded carrots chips per p$CncVSmnuthSa iktff Oaf learned to write hfe state, s mple aswntlnga plan forfish.Bake unc P;ered 350 1 '(8 oz.) crushed 1/2 cup all-purpose ., " . . ~ men[s, ano we nave ieame(] me week can maKe our . . . , it pertains to t oth pro) es- the ste s to fulfill our state lives more roductive and degrees for 25 minutes or pineapple, drained flour :-sional and personal life.ments p - meaninefulp not lust as until fish flakes. Any kind1/4 cup raisins 1/4 cup butter, softened . ....... We realize that through employees but as individ-of fish can be used. . 1/4 cup sunflower ker- 1 teas. ground mustard writing our own writing we can not only ual people as well. We have nels Combine all ingredi- future < . , ,, enrich our present selveslearned that writing is a RHUBARB CUSTARD 1/4 cup salted peanutsents. Shape dough into - ............ but help build new futures skill that we can utilize to CAKE 1/4 cup peanut butter balls. Place on baking sheet ,, for ourselves and our fami- help achieve many of our 1 yellow cake mix 1/4 cup vanilla yogurtand flatten slightly. Bake lies. When we first started goals. Writing is a founda-4 cups chopped rhubarb 1/4 cup mayonnaise 375 degrees for 5 to 8 min- writing journals, many oftion that each of us wi.11 1 cup sugar- 1/8 teas. salt utes or until golden us were nervous about howcarry with us as we begin .......... 1 " 1 cup whipping cream Toss carrots, pineapple, brown.Remove to wire to come up wttla enougn tmnamg our own iutures ........ .......... .... ; vnx rnut)art) an(/ sugar raisins, sunflower kernels rack. Serve warm. '1 1 mlormanon ior a joumal lnlS program has Iorcefl an every week; however, once of us to write and in the we started writing, we real- process has not only fur- I I ~[~] ized why writing is such an thered our education butI l"^n:^~ fit Tlpll[l~l I important part of our lives, taken us farther on our path I /IJIJlti.e I//IUI.II I not just in school but in our of self-discovery. I I eve 'daydi veSte to our boss MeWaghi/ne/nrthd Prcgr;eVr I Compliments Pastor Jessie M. Jones 762-7963 I in the form of a businessStudies Certificate in . letter, write a letter toParaoptometric by com- 1 ne dOOr was aoout to snug While going through the ......... .., someone we iove, or pur-ptetmg zo cortege creatts. rtu edInVA ro ram, we gg P g sue our dream of writing a She also earned a I remember back when Iof the boxcar, God only place where I could accept have learned several very ; im ortant skills but one of novel. Writing is necessary Microsoft Digital Literacy was about 14 years old, it knows where I would havewhat Jesus had to offer. P . . ' _. for most jobs, from writing Certificate and a gold-level was a Saturday moming wound up at and more so That night, if I had allowed me most Import.ant things orders as a waitress to writ- Career Readiness and Dad was going to be how many days it would the door to shut, I know .. we..naveffone is to start ing a letter to an insurance Certificate. gone that day. We didn'thave been before there was where I would have wound writing, lnlS course teacn- . . r ~ I walked across throughway to hell at a high rate of some say, spent etemtty company, or writing on a formyormattonaoout Ho,~.~ ~t,#eWMen OouVteWM~ u OnS es us the im, ortance of , ' have to work on the farma reason for them to open up: lost forever without .... ;t; .... t ;,,~t for ,'l-ss P " " " - so I decided that I would the door ofthatcar. It could God. " - :" ...... ..... J ...... class teaching us the basics grams in the region, con- - .......... r w k If that boxcar door "< ubUtfOe pUrSeltveSa qdas YOf bfug aemSa;et e f:n d tfa AadtltSEdthWaet;tn neg,o8661 go a be aU t aaYoed a, t naVWell?Th: 'Yben ; tSof would have closed me in, I ' our time dedicated to our . f writin 581 9935 - was only about nine miles years ago but I still have don't know where my des- ,~ impor-tance o g - . , away. Well, I got over there flashbacks of what couldtination would have been, " I .... ., I and messed around until have happened to me thatbut the night that I let the E1 i about 2 o clock in the Saturday evening, door of mercy almost shut I evening and decided that I About 10 years went by know where my destina- , better head out back home and I found myself tion would have been. One . The Wise County Domestic calls for this Sheriffs Office provid- , ........ ' . , ........... . f oecause I naa chores to wrapped up, tied up, tan-day, I would have been in , Sheriff s Office reports tide period was o. ea man-nours o ~..... ; ..... ;. ;.;,~o r..~ +r,~ c,~;.-,,;,~i o ......,~,-c',~,,,~ ~,~,~m ~ ..... it,, take care of that afternoon gled up in sin and on my hell where I would have, as i fOlltJ~lll~ I~%.~lLl1tll,.v3 JL~JI 1.11%.- ~,.~lllIIIII(.ILI ll%Jk1~Jdd l~l '~l~l I~ l'l~%J~lll IJ~q~'UllLJ. " . .' period of 05/02/2016 this period: Served 31 Unlocked Vehicles: 15 " :'t'hrough 05/08/2016 Felony Warrants, 35 Escorted Funerals" 2 the park and over to thespeed. For five years the No, I wouldn't have been " Wise Central Dispatch Misdemeanor Warrants, 0 The Sheriff's ()ffice railroad track. The train Lord haddealtwithmeand spent. The Bible teaches ,.received a total of 1,619 DUIArrests. Total Transport for this was setting there with a lot give me chance after that punishment will be ,calls for this seven-day Civil Process Served: period: 4 of empty boxcars and thechance after chance that I forever and ever, amen. '; period. 477 Civil Papers Total Transport Hours: doors were open on the did not take. But one Friends, don t let : Of the total calls Traffic Accidents: 10 14.25 side of the car. I quickly Saturday night, I was in a Heaven s door of mercy received 316 were dis 13 Addmonal Criminal 2,941 Visitorsto '-" " " - ...... decided that if I got up in little old cottage prayershut you out because the patched to the Sheriff's Investigations were initiat- Courthouse. n.. nf thn~, care and Cot m~tino at my nnele'~ Rihl~ ~nv~ "My ~nirlt will Office ed nd 18 leared b ............................... -" :'' .............. ......... ..... a C y down and the train pulled home who was a minister not always strive with tOtal numoer ot . rrest. ,, o o out that I could ride that of the Gospel. man. train down to about Caffax Again, the door was o o o ............... ::DAV Mobile Service Off ce to be at t ' " ' -h " f ~ L ~o .~. ~4~+-j~,~- ~-~-,~, ,-~ ~* o " an(] jump off. That way,aoout to snut. I at door o P_innm P_itu -' , coming through the field it mercy, seemingly, I heard a : : :area locations would only be about five voice, not openly but in my : ItdlualIII.tru : miles to walk instead of mind saying, "Well, I have -'l-.:- ~ -~: : - . " ; So many veterans feel lies. Memorial Chapter 6, .... ........................ '~--- ~:v"~ Movie Hotline For Showtimos nine of i got up in me car, OOtllCleU ~.)U HOW IUI 11 I~ h--leO ~le~J~ ~lhl/'--h confused about benefits Tuesday, May 31, 2016; 619 Memorial Drive, " ........... ," " ; set down on the floor an(] years. After tonlglat, 1 Will r.h=,~k ~h.~..aimo~ r~nli.~.~ and services they've 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; C h a t t a n o o g a , .............. , . walte(] ior me tram to pUll never oomer you again. ,ill,,eltt.lllll,,.ilil llll.i *i,alll i earned. There s so much to James H. Qulllen VA Tennessee ................... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * , _ _ _ _ out i was gian to de sitting Iou re ettlnff vour last t-, ..-- A "know...and so many Me(]icai Center, Friday, June 3, 2010; . .; ........... '~ "~- ~Le- i'NI/I"~/"~L in me (]oor lnstea(] oI oelng call. r-~ ~t~ ,t # e t~ t . " m 4" LJr lv,-- - changes from one year to 809 Lamont Street, 8.00 a. . to .00 p.m ..... -...:a_ t. ..... c .... a .... ,c,.....,+ ...n ...........