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May 19, 2016     Clinch Valley Times
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May 19, 2016

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES St. Paul, Va. Thursday, May 19, 2016 .and sealing wax.. by Ann Young Gregory Food Frenzy Reprinted from May 31, 2007 seven or eight minutes per side),ipasta salad and baked Maybe that should be Cooking Frenzy. Or maybe beans. The pasta salad is one P0u[kt of Angel Hair pasta, both. But whatever the title should be, a series of events one large bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing, and led to some things that happened over the holiday diced scallions, grape tomatoes, celery, radishes, weekend just past. First, the events, cucumber, green and yellow peppers. The kids love it. First: circumstances have decreed that for the past For the baked beans, I started with a twenty-eight ounce couple of months, I've had access to a television set can of Bush's Original Baked Beans. I drain most of the which, instead of cable, uses a satellite system, liquid from the beans, and put them in a casserole, Therefore the Food Network is included. I LOVE the adding half of one large onion, diced, and half of a large Food Network, as I've mentioned several times before, green pepper, also diced. Then I put in ketchup and paW It's certainly not that I'm a gourmet cook or anything cake syrup, which I've found is better than adding even approaching such elegance, but I just enjoy watch- brown sugar. That bakes at 350 degrees for about two ing the Food Network "stars" cooking--and hearing hours, depending on how much liquid is in the casse- them talk. I use very few--very few---of the recipes role. That was all wonderful, and I think my family they provide--most of them are committed to using lots wondered what had come over me! of fresh herbs, to which I have no access, and even if I On Sunday, we ate more pimiento cheese for lunch, did, I would be very unsure about what herbs to put in and then for dinner, I made country-fried cubed steak in what dishes. They're also keen on using eggplant, the oven, with mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh spinach, squash, lamb, and other produce and meats, broccoli. I dredged the cubed steak pieces in flour to which aren't among my favorites. I do, however, pick which salt and pepper have been added. Both sides are up some techniques, and I've begun to search the gro- browned in hot oil, then drained on a paper towel. I put cery store for some of the more (to me, anyway_ exot- the meat into a baking pan, poured excess fat from the ic ingredients such as prosciutto (which I just learned to skillet, and deglazed the pan with water, adding that to spell), cr~me fraiche, parmigiana reggiana, ricotta, mas- the baking pan with enough extra water just to cover carpone cheese, balsamic vinegar and others. We have meat. Cover tightly with foil and bake at 350 for two access to some of these things locally--for others, we'll hours. Place meat on serving plate and cover with foil have to look farther afield. But you get the idea. My to keep warm. Pour juice from baking pan into skillet, access to the Food Channel, which has provided me that and add a little cornstarch and water to thicken. Just there ARE other channels available) is one of the ele- excellent! My family loved this one, too, and began to ments which led to the weekend's activities, be seriously concerned about me, I think. Second: because of some medical treatment I've Monday was, of course, the holiday itself. (Actually, been having, I haven't been terribly keen on either Thursday, May 31, is Memorial Day, but Congress, in cooking or eating, so for most of the winter and much its wisdom, chose to move holidays like Memorial Day of the spring, my poor family has eaten mostly carryout, to Mondays.) Anyway, Peyton had asked for hamburg- I've cooked some on weekends, but mostly meals made ers on the grill, so I decided to have them with a potato of dishes that went in the oven (and came out) at the (use three), onion (one large) and bell pepper (one same time, so I haven't had to do a lot of chopping and large) casserole (all veggies sliced and layered in a mixing and standing over pans--that kind of thing, casserole, with salt and p for fajitas on Peyton's birth- Because my white blood count has been a little low, my day in June (put all that in the freezer), and did all the doctor gave me a "vacation" from treatment until July, preparation for chicken salad, which I am supposed to so my side effects are fading and I've begun to be inter- take to an event later in the week. ested in eating again. I ended up eating more than I had in probably the And third: although unusual, we decided to take three weekends prior to this one, and I enjoyed it all. Monday as part of the holiday weekend, so we had a Did I mention that we also had a little vanilla ice- thee-day weekend. What luxury! cream with hot fudge sauce (also homemade)? My calo- All of which led to my waking up early Saturday rie count should be coming up by the minute. It was fun morning thinking of weekend menus, grocery shopping to get in the kitchen (and outdoors at the grill) and epper and cooking. Peyt had an errand in Abingdon, so Allen and one-third stick of butter or margarine added on top and I set off to the grocery store, where I spent more of each of three layers.) This should be baked at 350 for than I ever have before in one trip! I came home and about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. Or--you immediately made a large batch of pimiento cheese can divide this into rectangles of heavy duty aluminum (using half a large box of Velveeta, which is good for foil, put the butter on top, fold the foil tightly, and place blending, an eight-ounce block of mild cheddar, all on the coals of your grj'll for about thirty or forty min- grated together, and then combined with one two ounce utes (check fairly often to make sure the veggies don't and one four-ounce jar of diced pimientos (drained)and bum). We also had tomato aspic (lemon Jello-O plus a lot of mayonnaise. Because it took a while to do this, two cups V-8 Juice--refrigerated until jelled and served we didn't have lunch 'til two, but it was soooo good! with cottage cheese and sliced olives. I'm the one who Then I worked on dinner--barbecued ribs (I started loves this dish--Peyton Won't touch it, and David and them in the oven, with water almost to cover, then pan Allen are sort of lukewarm, but they eat enough to make covered tightly in foil, for two hours, then covered in me feel better about having it. barbecue sauce--we like Bull's Eye Original, allowed Also on Monday, I cup up peppers (four colors) and to rest for half an hour, then put on the grill for about Vidalia onions and really enjoyed cooking for a change! Clinch River Days Festival 2,3&4 Wise County man convicted of opioid distribution and weapons charges Andrew Litton Skeen, 41, of Wise, Virginia, was convicted this week of dis- tribution of oxycodone and possession of a firearm while distributing a Schedule II controlled sub- stance. Following a six- day jury trial that conclud- ed on May 9, the jury rec- ommended a sentence of 15 years and a fine of $20,000. A date for formal sentencing will be sched- uled on May 19, 2016. The case was successfully co- prosecuted by the offices of Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring and Wise County Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp following an investigation by the Virginia State Police and the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force. "Combating opiate addiction continues to be a major focus of my office, as we are targeting this problem with a multifac- eted strategy that includes prosecutions and enforce- ment, as well as prevention and education," said Attorney General Herring. "We are dedicated to work- ing with our local, state, and federal partners to combat opiate addiction and prosecute those who endanger our communities by illegally distributing powerful narcotics. This investigation is an example of successful collabora- tions and my Office's dedi- cation to keep these dan- gerous drugs, and those who distribute them, off the streets." Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp echoed his appreciation of law enforcement agencies involved in this investiga- tion and the collaboration with the Attorney General's Office Major Crimes and Emerging Threats Section in connection with this case. "Prescription drugs, including oxycodone, con- tinue to be a major problem in southwest Virginia. Powerful narcotics are highly addictive and can lines of oxycodone and other prescription nar- cotics. We will continue to aggressively prosecute those who traffic prescrip- tion drugs and contribute to addiction in our commu- nity," stated Slemp. According to evidence presented at trial, Skeen distributed ten 30-mil- ligram oxycodone pills on December 6, 2013 to an undercover informant working with the Southwest Virginia Regional Narcotics Task Force. Skeen had an AR- 15 in his vehicle with him when the transaction occurred. According to witness testimony at trial, Skeen had a history of dis- tribution of oxycodone in Wise County and was a self-professed narcotics supplier. Skeen reportedly told one witness, "If you've bought Roxis [oxycodone] in Wise County, you proba- bly got them from me." Skeen identified his sources of oxycodone as an online website and numer- ous out-of-state sources. Evidence admitted at trial also demonstrated that Skeen had been prescribed 1,080 pills of 30-milligram oxycodone during the eight months prior to this inci- dent, which totals a conser- vative street value of approximately $32,000. Skeen had just filled a pre- scription for 120 pills of 30-milligram oxycodone, the same type as distrib- uted to the confidential informant, on the same day that the undercover trans- action occurred. Law enforcement officers exe- cuted a search warrant at lead to criminal activity Skeen's residence on and distribution, as evi- January 6, 2014, and denced by this case. Ourseized two AR-15 firearms, office will continue to work closely with all law enforcement agencies to cut off the illegal supply The Eighteenth Annual Clinch River Days Festival in St. Paul, June 9 am with trophies and prizes presented at 11:30 am. Bring your own 2 through June 4, will be filled with activities for the entire family. The fishing pole. Bait will be provided. Heart of Appalachia Welcome Center Clinch River Days Festival was named a "Top 10 Spring Festival" in in Market Square will have an open house from 10 to 3 pm. The flag rais- Virginia! The Festival will begin with a reception at the St. Paul Railroad ing and opening ceremony conducted by the 1st Virginia Cavalry and Museum, Russell Street, on Thursday, June 2 at 6 pm. "The Arts", works Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #180 will be held at the Park mid- by students of Katie Jessee will be featured in our gallery along with a way at 10 am. The 1st VA Cavalry, Company D, Washington Rifles and book signing with Joe Tennis. The Heart of Appalachia Community Camp #840, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Civil War Re-enactors, will Orchestra will perform on the lawn. The winners of the photography con- have an encampment, skirmishes and many more authentic living history test will be announced. Refreshments and locally produced wines/craft activities from 10-6 pm. There will be an authentic Confederate Ladies beer will be served. The juried photography show will be on display at Tea at the Eastern Star Building located at the entrance of the park begin- the Fraley Building from 6 to 9 pm. Our newest museum, The Mountain ning at 12 pm. Team Estonoa will present The Mussel Nursery at the boat Heritage Museum and Gallery, at the Kilgore Building, will be open from launch from 12 to 4 pm with hands on fun! Tours of the Vencil Learning 6 to 9 pm and features local/regional artifacts, history and photography. Center are available upon request by contacting Terry Vencil at 276-393- Everyone is invited. Clinch River Adventures will be selling ducks for $2 2024. "River Critters" skit by the CRVI Vistas will be presented at the for a chance to win $100 on Saturday. boat launch from 12 to 4 pm along with Team Estonoa. Donkeyville The Festival itself gets underway on Friday, June 3, with our newest Stables will have a petting zoo with their miniature animals from 10-4 event, a guided bus tour from St. Paul to the Breaks Interstate Park and pm. The Skate Park will host a Skateboard competition with free skate back with stops along the way. The tour leaves from the Oxbow Center and registration from 2-2:45 pm and the competition at 2:45 pm. This at 9 am and retums to the Oxbow Center at 5 pm. Lunch and compli- event is sponsored by Skate of Mind Skate Shop. Gift certificates will be mentary refreshments will be provided. The cost for his fabulous trip is awarded. Contact Joe Bailey at joseph_bailey@outlook.cona or 276-596- $35 per person. You must register in advance by calling 276-762-2303. 3371 for more information. The St. Paul High School Alumni Association The Miss Clinch River Days beauty pageant will be held at the St. Paul will be selling raffle tickets for future scholarships. SWVA Chapter of High School Auditorium from 6:30 to 9 pm. Registration and practice SAF will screen the film "America's First Forest: Carl Schenck & The will be held on Tuesday, May 31 at the same venue. Pageant forms may Ashville Experiment" at the Oxbow Center at 4 pm. The Castlewood be obtained at C.R. Pate & Company, St. Paul Town Hall or by calling Ali Lions Club will host the Sight and Hearing Wagon for free testing on the Phillips at 276-608-6166. Clinch River Adventures will be selling ducks park midway. There will be kids train rides in the park from 10-9. for $2 for a chance to win $100 on Saturday at the red caboose in the Donkeyville Stables will have carriage rides from 6 to 8 pm. Craft ven- park. The entertainment and other events will begin at 5 pm at the A.R. dors will be in place on the park midway from 10 am to 9 pm. Our wine Matthews Memorial Park. There will be a guided caving trip at 5pm by tent will feature locally produced wines and craft beer beginning at 4 pro. the National Speleological Society ($10 per person). Please register in Clinch River Adventures will have guided trips down the Clinch River advance by calling 276-762-2303. Main Event Wrestling will begin at 6 for canoes, kayaks and tubes at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm & 4 pm for $10 per pm at the Little League Field. The popular "Clinch River Idol" talent con- trip. Please register in advance by calling Alana Johnson at 276-275=4154 test will be held from 5-6 pm with cash prizes awarded. Please register or at The Duck Race winner will be by the park stage at 4:30. Our featured entertainment includes the soulful announced. Meet at the red caboose. Performers during the day on the T-Bone & The Scratch River Telegraph Company from 6-7 pm, the pop- park stage will include the Center Stage Cloggers at 12 pm, "The Trail of ular dance music of Southern Breeze from 7 to 9 pm and the southern the Lonesome Pine" preview from 12:45 & 4:30, Magician Joseph Young rock band, Acoustifried, from 9-11 pm. The Mountain Heritage Museum from 10-8 pm on the park midway and a special stage performance at 4 and Gallery will be open from 5 to 8 pm. The Railroad Museum will con- pm, H.C. Underground Band at 1 pm, Jerry Barnette at 2 pm, Racehorse tinue the gallery show featuring "The Arts" works by students of Katie Charlie at 3 pm and Bluegrass Circle at 4:30 pm. Crowd favorite, The Jessee from 6-8 pm. The Juried Photography show will be on display at Mayberry Deputy, will be back this year and in the park from 4-8 pm with the Fraley Bldg from 6-8 pm. Regional craft and food vendors will be in his special brand of humor. Special children's activities, rides, inflatables place on Friday and Saturday. Our wine tent will feature local vineyards and games with prizes will be at the Little League field from 1-4 pm with and local craft beer. There will be kids train rides in the park from 5-9 pm. special guest appearances by Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Several health Saturday's events begin with the Clinch River Farmers Market in agencies will conduct wellness and healthy eating workshops for all ages Market Square from 8-1 pm. The Clinch River Festival Classic Car Show and will provide fun activities for children on the Little League Field. The will be held on 4th Avenue from 10-3pm. The St. Paul Assembly of God popular "Southwestminster" Dog Show will be held on the Little League will provide delicious food and treats. The Railroad Museum on Russell Field from 5-6 pm. Please register at 4:30 pm. All dogs must be on a Street will continue the gallery show featuring "The Arts", works by stu- leash. Trophies and ribbons will be awarded. A 5.5K Race/Walk will dents of Katie Jessee from 1-3pm. The Fraley Building on Russell Street begin at the Oxbow Lake Park at 6 pm. Registration will begin at 4:45 pm will host the annual juried photography show from 10-3 pm. Cash prizes, with the race at 6 pm. There is a registration fee. Contact Joyce Kilgore plaques and ribbons will be awarded. The Mountain Heritage Museum to pre-register at 276-971-6464 or at and Gallery will be open from 10-4 pm and features local/regional arti- The evening entertainment will begin on the park stage with the wild- facts, history and photographs. Have your antiques, local photos, post- ly popular, Ivy Road from 6-8 pm. The entertainment will conclude with cards, old letters, mining, farming, logging, and Indian artifacts appraised our dance party with our newest fun addition, The KOS Band, from 8-11 for free. Date: Saturday, June 4, Time: 10 AM -4 PM, Place: Mountain pm. They will perform all the hits from the decades. Heritage Museum in the Kilgore Law Office across from the Town Hall. This is the eighteenth presentation of St. Paul's Clinch River' Days 276-762-7500. A kids fishing tournament will be sponsored by the St. Festival, and everyone is invited to join the fun! Bring your lawn chairs! Paul Police Department at the Oxbow Lake beginning with registration at See for more information or call 276-762-5544. one of which met the description of the weapon Pthossessed by Skeen during e undercover transaction. Agencies involved in this investigation included the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations Drug Enforcement Section and the Southwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force. Virginia Assistant Attorney General Suzanne Kerney- Quillen, who is assigned to the Attorney General's Major Crimes and Emerging Threats Section and also serves as Special Counsel to the 30th Judicial Circuit Multi- Jurisdiction Grand Jury, and Wise County/City of Norton Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Nicole M. Price represent- ed the Commonwealth in this prosecution. Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weeldy in St. Patti, VA ~4283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-colmty area of Wise, Rus~eU, Dickenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES bttilding, 16541 Russell Street. Periodicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 9-4283 Alien Gregory Editor/Adv. 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