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May 2, 2018     Clinch Valley Times
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May 2, 2018

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Page 4 ~ ~IIn:~ (~ounI~ ~e~s Wednesday, May 2, 2018 A community forum for viewpoints from around the world to your backyard e It is required by law that people are operating usPs #118-140 you have a license to drive grocery carts, they have 113 E. Dame Avenue Homerville, Georgia 31634 a . a blind side - mainly Telephone: 912-487-5337 Itis required by law that everythingin front, behind, Publishedby you have a license to fish. and to the left and right of AIR Publications, Inc. It is required by law that & them, They don't notice if A.I. "Len" Robbins, III Editor & Publisher you do not remove a tag someone (ustmlly, me) is from a mattress, waiting patiently behind: But anybody- any age, lrobbi ts( heclinehcou tyneu, them. Side mirrors for Carolyn Burtchaell Business Manager any sex, any national in a supermarket. We'll your cart elsewhere, grocery carts Could help, origin, criminal record or skip the governmental If you prefer to take your but I doubt it. Just try to Laura Nipper Production Manager not - can operate a grocery interveption. Please post sweet time and be more aware of what is, cart in a supermarket. Noon your refridgerator, ormuch Riboflavin is in each or who is, around you. license required, forehead: of the products you are 6. At checkout, if you I find this oversight to be 1. Drive your cart on theconsidering purchasing, have a full cart, let the Established in 1894 and published every Wednesday. Entered unsatisfactory and a stain right side. or compare prices using guy buying one Kit Kat go at the Homervtlle, Ga. Post Office as periodical rate, Permit on these United States ofIn most grocery stores, an abacus, do so without ahead of you. No. 118-140. Member of the G.eorgia Press AHociation and the National Newspaper Association. Subscription Rates: In America. there is room for two carts blocking a lane for the Pay it forward. One day, Clinch County, $30 per year. ~lsewhere, $38 per year. single First off, let me stress to navigate one aisle. Ifother shoppers. You can if you follow this 'guideline, copy price is .93 cents. POSTMASTER: Address all correspon- that I'm usually against cart drivers observe thissimply park your cart someone will show you the dence to The Clinch County News, P.O. Box 377, Homerville, GA 31634, or e-mail at, additional forms of simple guideline, trafficsomewhere out of the way same courtesy, and you'll regulation by governmental flow will go more smoothly, of others, and meander be glad. entities - unless in the case If they don't, it won't. And around at your leisure. As you may be able to o anational orncrgcncy, remember: Your right side, 4. Only use a motorized tell from my tone, I don't We've surpassed that point, not theirs, shopping cart if you needparticularly like going Simply put, people 2. Do not park your cart,one. grocery shopping. I only do (other than myself, of or gaze for five minutes at I was at the so for two reasons: 1. I'm course) don't know how the bread selection wi h supermarket recently whenalways hungry; and B. My to operate grocery carts, your cart, in the middle of an elderly woman hobbled wife refuses to go. It's a national, perhapsthe aisle, up to find there were no It's only taken me 20+ international, epidemic of This prevents others motorized shopping cartsyears of marriage, and of recklessness, ignorance,from doing their shopping, (which I call "rascals")having to wait on aisle 5 and buffoonery. Since and causes a traffic jamavailable. Instead, two kids while a man stares at the our government is in that behind you. Keeping yourwere using them, swerving Rice Krispies with his cart If someone offered you $10 in exchange for $1, would' you exact same state, it comes cart to the right, and out of them around the store like in the middle of the aisle take it? down to me to solve thisthe middle of the aisle, will the Dukes of Hazzard. for what seems like that Of course you would. And that's the deal Clinch County problem - as usual. I prevent such gridlock. C'mon, people, same amount of time, to citizens are being offered with the current T-SPLOST have come up with a list3: If you want to study 5. Be alert to your realize why. referendum on the ballot, of basic guidelines of how the nutrional guidelines for surroundings. If approved, the T-SPLOST (Transportation Specialto operate a grocery cart a certain item, fine. Leave I've found that when Len Robbins 2018 Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) will provide $37 million for Clinch County in transportation improvements over a 10-year period (See local projects in front-page story). In j exchange, retail sales tax will increase from 7 percent toI'Z do l' k ow 8 percent. Currently, one percent of sales tax in Clinch ilc I feel comlCorfable "Why? We've had County produces $600,000 a year. Of that $600,000, an " estimated 40 percent comes from outside Clinch County, selt:-drivin9 vehicles!" Congress for years." people paying sales tax here for gas, food, etc. while coming throughany the 0tm,:Clinch Countians only pay 60 percent L.'i ::'~'~'~', !':' !FI: f of the county, you.d0 the math : f over a 10-year period, Clinch Countians would be receiving k a return 10 times what they put in for an" additional one- i| percent on county sales tax. In addition, with more construction projects going on in Clinch County, that means more jobs in Clinch County, more people eating in our restaurants, purchasing gas in our community, and spending money here. That means more revenue for our local merchants, and more job opportunities ! e. for our citizens, i This T-SPLOST is a regional tax referendum. Voters in ==: an 18-county region will be voting on this referendum, with proceeds being shared among the counties. A regional sales ' tax is a more fair approach for rural areas such as Clinch County. When a Clinch County resident spends money in Lowndes County, for instance, those sales tax revenues go to support Lowndes County's schools, their police and fire departments, their roads and governmental entities. Not a penny comes back to your community. With a regional ' sales tax like the T-SPLOST, a small portion of those sales tax funds spent by Clinch County citizens in other counties in the region comes back to Clinch County - to help our community. Approval of the T-SPLOST would increasethe sales tax percentage in Clinch County to 8 percent. But, again, Clinch County would receive much more than that in return- 10 TIMES MORE! Voting YES on the T-SPLOST referendum is a "no- Isaiah 65:24 Before they Smile at those who do brainer" for Clinch County voters. It will help our county call I will answer and not understand. Pray for in unnumerable ways, frees our governmental budgets to while they are praying I those who do not like you. provide more services (maybe even lowering property tax will hear. Be grateful for even a few rates), and supplies jobs and needed revenue for our local kindred spirits in your life. economy. We strongly recommend Clinch County citizens Get ready. The relation- Cherish and treasure those vote "YES" on the T-SPLOST referendum, ship you have with Jesus individuals. Invest in their Early voting has started at the Clinch County Courthousein the peaceful, predictable lives as well as in the lives and will continue until Friday, May 18. The primary election days will set the course for of those less fortunate than is Tuesday, May 22. those moments that bringcent dependable and ableAcquaint yourself with you are. Give until it hurts you into a circumstance and willing to do above your inheritance in Christ and trust God for more ;il ,0ur G0vcrnmcntal Rcprcscnu[ vcs beyondyour control. Train whatyou could ever think Jesus so that in your time resources. You can never ii~i!~ii!!ii U.S. Senate -- your mind and spirit to or ask. Become a Victor of need you will know theout give Him or outrun David Perdue (R)- 202-224-3521 :i~ii automatically turn to Jesus instead of a Victim. resources that are yours in' His plentiful grace. Be a Johnny I akson (R) - e-marl: johnny isakson@isakson.senate gov ::ii and the Word for guidance. Remember that Jesus is Him. People perish for lack gracious receiver when you u.s. Representative Cover your loved ones our Redeemer. He is ableOf knowledge. Don't let that are in need. Lay down your ~::i~:~i 1st Congressional District - Buddy Carter (R) - 202-225-5831 in prayer. Sow prayer forto take what seems worth- be you. Tell it to your chil- pride and give someone State Senate i::~:::: 8th District others in every life that less and senseless and turn dren and your children'selse the opportunity to be Ellis Black (R)- 229-251-0303(Ce11); i!ili!ii!i: ! touches yours so that in it into blessing and bene- children, a blessing to you, as you :: i:::/::: State Representative iiiiiiii!ii iiii!i 174th District !! your time of deep need .diction. Don't let Satan Treat other people the have been to others. Write !i John Corbett (R) -jo'; 404.656.0287- Officethere will be a reservoir rob you of your spiritualway you want to be treated, a thank you note, People of mercy in your spiritual inheritance in His redeem- Sow kindness randomly like getting thank you i!!:i~:!i: Clinch County Commission - 912-487-2667 iiiiii!iii:i bank account, ready and inK love. Speak the Word of and intentionally, doing, notes. Once a week, do a :~:::::~i Regular meeting - first Monday of every month, 9 a.m. Chairman-Roger Metts (Post 3); XJice Chairman-Chad Brown (Post 2); Kenton waiting to be drawn upon. God to his lies and choose giving without thought of good deed anonymously. Be :iiiiiii McLaine-Post 1; Debra Thomas-Post 4; Henry Moylan-Post5. Get real with Jesus a life of trust and belief a reward. Kindness, even- it small or large it will be a Clinch County Board of Education - 912-487-5321 ii::!:~i today. Set aside everything over self-pity and bitter-tually, becomes its own blessing. Get with the Lord ~:~:ilili Regular meeting - Third Thursday of every month, 7 p.m. i:~i:i::::~ i::::::. Chairman.Stanley Thrift (Post 1); Vice Chairman-Charlis Mae Cross (Post 4); i~iiii~~ that hinders you from a full hess. I guarantee you that reward. Do not expect, to receive your reward. Laura Landrum-Post 3; John Davis-Post 2; Charles Handley-Post5. walk with him. Own your someone has it worse than necessarily, to reap where Homerville City Council - 912-487-2375 part in your sorrows. Stop you and someone has it you sow. You are only in "And now to him who iiiii!ii Regular meeting- Third Thursday of every month, 5 p.m. ii Mayor Tom Kennedy; Mayor Pro Tern Willie Hardee; J.E. Witherspoon,: blaming others. Repent and better. One person's ceiling charge of sowing; the Lord is able to keep you from ~i~;i!ii;~ Elexis Williams, James McBride. receive that mortification is another person's floor, brings the harvest from cir- falling and to present you ~:~:~:~i:: Fargo City Council - 912-637-5597 or 637-5520 i:ii::. Regular meeting- Fourth Monday every month, 7 p.m. i!!ili: :!i of the flesh that cuts out So what? You have one life cumstances, people, things before his glorious pres- : !:~ill MayorJohn L. "] appy" Griffis; Council members Johnny Griffis, Landa Hart, the diseases of the soul and to live. Choose to live it you could never plan or ence without fault and with :i Clifford Wells, Roy Wilson. brings health and whole-consciously, intentionally, imagine. When God moves great joy to the only God Vupont city Couneil- 87 2630 or 2500 Regular'meeting - Second Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m. hess to your spirit, mindgenerously and above all, it will be everything you our Savior be glory, maj- Davis,May rBrentJimmYwestmoreland.Rawls; Council members Catherine Register; Jane Lee, Tommy : and body. Let go of what prayerfully. Choose to fill wanted and nothing like esty, power and authority, Argyle City Council - 487-2279 . Regular meeting- Third Thursday of every month, 6:30 p.m. yOU cannot control. Corn-your mind with the Word of you expected, through Jesus Christ our mend those persons and God rather than worthless Laugh at yourself. Bring Lord before all ages, now Mayor Kaye Riley; Council members Glenda Jordan, Ann Grady, Lee Rudd, situations to the mercy of television, filthy movies your sense of humor with and forevermore/Amen. ~:::!i: Otis Fleming. God knowing He is 100 per- and violent video games,you to every circumstance. Jude 24 0 $ I