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April 15, 2010     Clinch Valley Times
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April 15, 2010

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KIDS AND DOGS Friends for Life il .. tt Ar&apos;b: TIMES, St Paul, VA, Thursday, April 15, 2010 aes..and ships..and sealing wax,.by Young Gregory A "church"which practices hatred for some reason, had not come to just a little more than a week ago with. a child at Virginia Tech told me there (it was on 9) tO Celebrate the lunatic who shot and students and teachers on April 16, 2007. :train justifying such an unbelievably evil that God is punishing America (and 'or tolerating homosexuals. founded by a man named Fred Phelps calls itself the Westboro Baptist Church., syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts last dscdbed it--and he didn't call it a The Topeka, Kansas, based visited Virginia Tech on Friday- met by over 400 VT students who "protest." The all members of the extended of the "church's" membership is !i!ii,!:,:::io than the Virginia Tech visit was the ::UP:'s: aRendance at Montcoal, West Virginia, last : 6ek 6rtbe mine explosion but when hope was still [< :ie i'6r the  four miners who had not been found. The ji<'ii61h" gro carried signs that said things like i,!, GodSor Dead Miners," and "God Hates West i :'.: vocabulary-of these people centers f. words llke ,hate', and "vile" and "filthy"--but i:?'6i  fewwords that better describe the Westboro than those. iiii:-,,i!, which professes to take every word in :/ Bible literally, concentrates on its hatred of :ii :0-xs,. and says. that God hates America (as i! :lt a num Of other countries, cities, towns and :. iiisL well- as organizations, religions and i: ifi0000]d00s) 0000ause they '00olerate" homosexuality. N6W "l;ent, in which Jesus tells his disciples :i:i(:A)iicbmmandment I give unto you. That you love : ;tti6r, as-! have loved you, that you also love ::::i:6ihr;': (King James Version, Mark i2:30-31). Hi00:he00 o00anament is parallel to Leviticus 19:18: :!! bt'k r6venge or bear a grudge against one of ydur'p!e, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am i:.:id.' ',. ew International Version). That one :i: mi ly be more applicable to the situation ::(::t:revenge 0r a grudge..:") I don't ":): S,6:0f.4fi,. to wp.; glm the WestbCiro b ii 6%td ' its: iia' include: : homosexuals--at :  ot'iihe!r :list. . Others include priests, the entire l itholie-iharch; ,Russia; India; Ireland; Jerry Falwell ( 00hdch00 (they Showed up at F00iwell's funeral [: ,!i(:ir hate banrrs and signs); all Jews, [; io',iil)-bhes of the U.S military, the -:,: ''$tes, :Swede:eoal miners (they also [i:: til/;<f 006 Sago, , mine disaster); [ilj li!;i Islam and all who practice it; and i:.:i/ :ijii): tiie are others, but this list is the I I II I II II Illllll I I ,, I) " . edztor. . . i6)fir!:.-.: ):;(.. _ answer the call when they are iifi ,;iittebfiiiiig?:teope .in ,Ac- . needed by their community. The ii,,(iii,':adeuratddescriptio n Southwest Virginia Medical ififltivrt being: Shared Reserve Corps appreciates all the ie/uthest Medical. Re- time, talents, resources and ;+/ Cs, duri National Vol- commitment which are shared by :6ciafion k, April our members. We arc happy to "" [g'.':Oi:Ob,""... :.-.. " celebrate the service of our "-;., ii;':-Ding,is @t..year, SOuth- members and appreciate all they .:,.i lledical :Reserve do to improve the life and health -;::?'iit$,rs liave ,:been of our citizens. milyacti,and ,xsiye Sincerely, ,:?',t Viginia iDeent i:0f Kfistin g Morris :i,,,, I:. :i:ii,.,the ,. Cumberland Volunteer Coordinator :''':r l )Leiiowisco. and Mount Southwest Virginia Medical 6gcrs Districts. SWVA MRC Reserve Corps result of a quick survey of several of the Wikipedia" pages devoted to the "Westboro Baptist Church." (No Baptist group claims these weird people, by the way.) Now, related to that list, some of the places and events they've protested includei an appliance store because it sold Swedish vacuum cleaners--an incident in Sweden was interpreted by them as being pro- homosexuality; the funeral of a young college student who was beaten to death because of his homo- sexuality; the memorial service of a young Idaho woman who was killed in Iraq while on duty--that was to emphasize, according to this perverted group, that God "is punishing this evil nation for abandoning all moral imperatives," (a quote from Fred Phelps); the funeral of another soldier, Edward Myers, from Missouri--Shirley Phelps-Roper told a reporter that Myers was "burning in hell"; the funeral of former Latter Day Saints President Gordon B. Hinckley in Salt Lake City--they called him a "lying false prophet" who was "leading millions of people astray,'; the funerals of three students who were killed in a fire at the University of Wisconsin--about 1000 U of Wisconsin students drove them away; the funeral of Tim McLean, who had been murdered on a Greyhound Canada bus--Canada made every effort to ban their entry into the country; the funeral of a plane crash victim in Buffalo; She funeral of Michael Jackson when he died unexpectedly in June 2010-- the protesters later recorded a song, "God Hates the World."; the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, because they contend that the Holocaust was "miniscule, and that for America to support (by maintaining the museum) the Holocaust, they support Jews, and they use modifiers to "Jew" which I refuse to repeat; this group also protested the Washington headquarters of the Anti- Defamation League and the city's largest synagogue. There are lots of others, but you certainly get the idea! As far as punishment, many of their activities have been upheld as freedom of speech (including the incident when one mother (named Phelps) taught her young son to stomp on the American flag during a protest). One father of a fallen soldier whose funeral attracted Westboro protesters, sued, was awarded $5 million which was overturned by a higher court, citing freedom of speech. The case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court soon. This group calls President Barack Obama "the antichrist" and accuses him of horrible intentions and deeds. I don't care what your politics might be,-you have to agree that this is not only ridiculous, but also libelous, slanderous, evil and wicked. There are over six pages of references to reports of the activities of this awful organization in Wikipe- din. I fervently believe in the freedom of religion and freedom of speech, but I have to draw the line as far as my own acceptance of this sort of thing is cone- emed! They've bad people doing bad things. Period. II I I I I May 15 is deadline for half of ] t0 write ] volunteers served in a variety of Wise County real estate taxes totaIWiseofCentralI,403 DispatChcalls for thisreCeived aseven. Deadline for ] Itt=[:orras: of general [ support and mlical roles during May 15 is the deadline to pay receipt number given. Anothr day period. Of the total calls classifieds i]:;,li.&dtters ] the HIN1 flu pandemic and were the first half of 2010 real estate option is payment online. By received 386 were dispatched to is Tuesday noon] [i:"tsu'flYrefle& the / instrumental in the overall taxes for Wise County. logging onto ff0cialpayments, the Sheriff's Office. Total number of Domestic calls for this i --  ]::fiii6so i:or::dRSfiidl successofclinicoperationsspon- Taxes can be paid on or corn, taxpayers may pay via period waslS. Criminal Process '" 1 ":i"ey b this iiewspaper, / sored by 'local health depart- | ments. Across the state, over before May 15 at the following Interact access. By using either for the same period served 28 i|,'iT:r,t l 2000 volunteers- provided assist- banks: method, the taxpayer must enter Felony Warrants, 74 Misde- Clinch |<it,,),,,: -,,.:e - , . Ttte ,Clifieh|. . , anee With the HINI vaccination 1) Miners Exchange Bank in the jurisdiction code 1009 and meaner Warrants, 0 DUI Arrest Valley il<,=s,-ll:not print[ process..- .. Coebum, Norton, Appalachia the requested information from and worked 1 Traffic Accident. 1 Medical Reserve Corps mem- and St. Paul the tax bill. A convenience fee Civil process for this period served 689 Civil Papers. During i::i: -:" J. bers are people in action and they 2) First Bank & Trust in Wise will be charged, this seven-day period 15 Times 1 additional Criminal Investi- gations were initiated and 43 were cleared by arrest. The Sheriff's Office provided 198 man-hours of Court Room Security for the three courts and the courthouse. The Sheriff's Office tran- sported 0 adult in state, 0 adult out of state, 0 mental patient, and 1 juveniles for a total of 1 transports, inyolving 6 hours. The Sheriff's Office unlocked 4 vehicles and escorted 4 funeral during this seven-day period. The AKC" rernirds parents to leach their ctlddrel how to behave round dogs. Children wro learn to treat a dog with care and respect Will be safer arid more cordident around their cardne pals. For rnore inh)rmation about safety around dogs, visit: MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-county area of Wise, Russell, Dickenson and. Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. Perio- dicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 24283. Ann Young Gregory Editor Allen Gregory Advertisirlg Susan Trent Adv./Graphics ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: In.advance: $28.50 in Wise and Russell counties: $30.00 in 24- zip codes; elsewhere, $32.50. POSTMASTER: send address changes to: Clinch Valley Times. P.O. Box 817. St. Paul, VA 24283 SINGLE COPY - 50c Classified Advertising: Minimum charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, in advance; 25e per word after 20 words. Display Advertising rates on application. Periodicals publication Postal ISSN: 767600 kind; but arewelcome to apply through the regular procedures, The Pre-K Program offers academic and enrichment experi- ences for four-year-old children that prepare them for success in kindergarten. Children who are accepted for the prograrri will be attending school for the full school day each day school is in session beginning in August. Transportation is furnished by Wise County's regular school buses. Additional information is available by calling the Principal 0r GdidalaceC0unselor at the nearest Primary or Elementary School or the Title 1 Office at the Wise County School Board Office at 276-328-6220. divis- Iven Subsctib,: I 'oday to the Clinch Valley Times ] 762-7671 I y Public Schools ,:... . ,, . : ,.,: Administrative Professionals Conference i00re00:K sign-up set for April 21 in Lebanon :fP/imary !!.,..and _Elementary The Southwest Virginm at Wise. ,Basic Self=defense :..W,j County With Technology Development Center Techniques" features instruction iii :'liSses are now will host the Administrative by Deputy Kristy Dale with the i;qpliti0ns .for the.2010r Professionals Conference at the Russell County Sheriff's Office. [f ! PX-. KProgr each school i.pents should apply at !he Russell County Co nference Con- Magician Joseph Young will also sf Shobl duriiig the. app!i- ter on April 21. perform. Rkmperi0d:wlrichi'unsthrough The event, which begins at The cost is $75 and pre- i'taSt,.Schoo| day for the cur- 9:30 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m., registration is required. Lunch is ye=ii:. Sfudents must be four features a variety of entertain- included and participants will ment and educational forums for receive a gift. 61d.on0i' before September regional industry professionals. Enroll by calling 276-889- 1 be eligible for the "'Maintaining the Work/Life 8180 or register online at should bring Balance is taught by Jewetl =hild' birth certificate or Worley, dean of students at The at 276-889-8183 for more date.. and Univetsity of Virginia's College information. For questions on the taxed item, call the Commission of Revenue at 276-328-3556. A ten percent penalty or $2, whichever is greater, will be added to taxes that have not been paid by May ! 5. However, the penalty shall in no case ex- ceed the amount of the original tax. An additional eight percent interest per year will be added beginning June !, 2010. For more information, call the 276-327-3666, M-F from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. SWVTC sponsors 3 rd Annual Energy Technology Summit The Southwestern Virginia Technology .Council announced that it :is sponsoring the 3 d An- nual Energy Technology Summit at The University of Virginia's College at Wise on Monday, April 19 beginning at 8:00 am bringing business executives, federal, state and local govern- ment leaders, and energy tech- nology researchers together to collaborate on futuristic energy technology applications. Among the speakers this year is former Senator George Allen, Congressman Rick Bencher, nu- clear fusion expert George Miley from the University of Illinois, Harvard-educated attorney Larry Austin, Randy Taylor CEO of HydroCoal, Thorium energy specialist and CEO of Laser Po- wer Systems, LLC, Charles Ste- vens and solar power specialist Robert Loftur-Thun. The purpose of the third annual summit is to bring new energy development concepts to the region. The focus this year is on thorium, liquid coal, fusion, solar, project finance, and the soon to be opened energy research center in the Technology Park near UVa- Wise. Richard Dell, Jr., the director of the Appalachian Energy Re- search Center, will discuss the center's construction and devel- opment and its potential con- tribution to the area: The annual summit will conclude with an energy policy discussion with George Allen over lunch. Energy technology in the 2 l't Century is gaining more focus with the price of oil frequently climbing over $100 per barrel requiring industry business plans to cut the cost of energy pro- duction through innovation while at the same time cutting greenhouse gas emissions to militate against climate chance. "The Energy Technology Summit will be an opportunity to look into the future of energy technologies in coal, nuclear fusion, thorium and' solar ener- gy," noted Jeff Webb, President of the Southwestern Virginia Technology Council. "New and exciting technologies will enable our nation to be a world leader in making the most of our available resources while creating new business opportunities right here in southwestern Virginia. Wise County could be poised to nurture a solar power industry. We will learn more about that at our summit." Tickets are $50.00 and in- clude a continental breakfast and lunch. You must act quickly though because tickets are moving quickly. Advertising sponsorships are still available. For more information contact or call 276- 679-7800. Sponsoring the event with the Southwestern Virginia Tech- nology Council thus far are: The Napoleon Hill Foundation; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NAA); The Wise County Industrial Devel- opment Authority; the City of Norton Industrial Development Authority; the Wise County & Norton Clerk of Court; Range Resources; Alpha Natural Re- sources; Dominion Resources; Carl McAfee Law Office; Nor- ton Pepsi Cola & Bottling; Thompson & Litton, Y & Y Services, the University of VA,' UVA-Wise, Center for Innova-' tive Technology; Arch Coal, Inc., Cumberland River Coal Company, VACDEA, VA Energy Independence Alliance, Wise County PSA, Maxim Engineer- ing, LeClairRyan, Natural Re- sources. Marine graduates from Pvt Derick Alan Robinette will graduate from Marine Corps Recruit Training at Pan'is Island, SC on April 23. While at Parris Island, he received training in first aid, general military sub- jects, physical fitness, Marine Corps history, and weapons familiarization. Pvt Robinette. a former boot camp student of Lee High School, is currently enjoying recruit leave in his hometown of Pennington Gap. Upon completion of his MOS school, he will report to duty on the East Coast, West Coast, or overseas. For more information, call (276) 679-1621. Tri-County Pageants are May 22 The Miss T'rfCounty Pa-" ii=9);" Little Miss (10-t 1-12); . geants will be held Saturday, May 22, at the John I. Burton High School Auditorium in Norton. Age groups include Wee Toddler (age I); Tiny Toddler (age 2), and Little Toddler (age 3)--beginning at 6:30 p.m. Wee Miss (ages 4-5-6); Tiny Miss (7- Wise County Sheriff s Report The Wise County Sheriff's Office reports the following activities for the period of 03/29/2010 through 04/04/2010. Junior Miss (13-14-15; and Miss Tri County (16-22) will begin at 7 p.m. Practice is Thursday, May 20, starting with Wee .Miss age 6 p.m. This is an open pageant for contestants who live or go to school in Wise, Lee, Scott, Rus- sell and Dickenson counties in Virginia and the City of Norton, and Letcher County, Kentucky. Call Barbara Caruso, 276- 679-2046 for information and applications. and Norton 3) New Peoples Bank in Pound, Esserville and Big Stone Gap 4) Powell Valley National Bank in Wise and Big Stone Gap. Payment may also be mailed to the Wise County Treasurer, P.O. Box 1308, Wise, VA 24293. Taxes may also by credit card and via touch tone phone by calling 1-888-272-9829. lnfor- ma-tion is entered and a verbal