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March 21, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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March 21, 2013

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Y V l~age 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, March 21, 2013 Salute to senior service es and i Ann Young Gregory Meteorolog:y!js LOW tech meteorology words which.-are. 2cnes:nthySesdelil UsStun plqu z devli'S;dha eardffsefcd /tshethl2ttge0'O hraSv year2any snows show contestartts and others who are trying to show during the winter as we have morning fogs in August. off just how cJeyer they are. That particular word isn't Another tried, true and traditional cold weather/- too effective the "see how clever I am" department anymore, since young weather prognosticators on television alv ays introduce themselves as "Met- eorologist John Smith" or whoever. This partietal ar word--meteorology--is one that I've heard sirrde childhood, since my father, who taught geolo y'rat the University of Kentucky, was also certified"t6 teach meteorology and astronomy. And times, he did teach both of those, too, even though geology. was his primary subject, In fact, during 1942 when he was about to be commissioned an Army offic ei:.(to teach), he was suddenly "frozen" to his job at l,,lK in order to teach--you guessed it--- meteorology "Navy pilots. As almost everyone knows, the feder il governmem is not always logical, and this is true ; Ven in wartime. True to form, federal government ldgic didn't come into play in my father's snow prognosticator is the woolly worm. This is not a creature with whom I'm on speaking terms (so to speak), but for purposes of this "study," it's as valuable as any other indicator. According to several low-tech weather experts I consulted on the internet, the winter will be severe if: the woolly worms have heavy coats; if there seems to be a larger-than-normal population of woolly worms (how does one tell?); if they move unusually slowly; if the black band at each end is wide--the wider the black and the less visible the brown center band, the worse the weather will be in the winter. Another sure fire clue to a bad winter is if woolly worms are around and out before the first frost. (Did you know that the woolly worm is sometimes called a fuzzy bear, black ended bear or banded woolly bear?) case, since lie 'was told that before he could be There are lots of other similar phenomena which certified by tl;td,govemment to teach meteorology to indicate that winter weather will be severe. If Navy pilots, e.Jiad to have a pilot's license himself, squirrels begin gathering nuts earlier than usual and if Understand, he, wasn't going to teach them anything they build nests low in the trees, then we're due to a about flying, a r, bject about which he knew little, but his classes for-lhe Navy guys would be about the atmosl ere, its'effect on weather processes and what the pilots needed to know about all of that in order to fly safely. "' So he took "fl)ing lessons at Bluegrass Field in Lexington, and remember that on the summer day when he waslt'o' solo, my mother paced the floor most of the morning, 10 spite of her anxiety, his solo flight went well, and J;l ; got home all in one piece. As far as I know that was,..the last time in his life that he sat in the "driver's; seat" of an airplane. The overall experience turned out wonderfully well--several (I can',t remembef.'b2ow many, but the assignment lasted through 1945) classes of Navy pilots learned their lessons well, ,- gnil, in the process, many of them formed close friendships with my father. I remember that each class" invited to dinner at our house as they were coli eluding their class work. (One group presented a ilger server to my parents--it was engraved "To the Skipper and the Mrs." and included the date.) Dadd3 : was extremely fond of all those boys. But that wag krlother time. What passed for high- tech meteorology, in those days (although the term "high teeh" hadn't yet been coined, far as I know), would be considered almost primitive among today's severe winter. Thicker than usual coats on dogs, horses, cows, rabbits and other furry animals mean that we'll have a colder than normal winter. (Thicker fur. on the bottom of rabbits' feet also indicates a severe winter, but the source doesn't say how to determine what's "normal" and what's "thicker.") 'Birds can be useful in weather forecasting, too. If birds huddle on the ground (a phenomenon I've admittedly never seen), or if birds eat berries early in the season, then the winter weather will be serious. Lots of spiders in the fall indicate a bad winter, and if you observe ants building their nests high, you can count on extreme snow and cold. (Have you ever seen an ant's nest anywhere but on the ground?) One that's a bit more off the wall; indicates that the first twelve days after Christmas indicate what each month in the coming year will be like. (I guess if December 26 is very cold and snowy, then January will be, also. Likewise, if January 31--,the sixth day after Christmas--is cold--then June will be cold? Somehow, that one doesn't' make much sense.) There are lots of animal insights into when the weather will be cold---or rainy---or changing. It's amazing how many old wives' tales (translate that: "low tech meteorology") have developed about the weather. According to them, even snow itself can foretell what's to come--large snowflakes indicate that the snowfall will stop soon, while small ones meteorological tools such as radar, satellites, and something I've' 13 ver heard of called lidar, which is indicate that there will be a heavy snowfall. apparently related;to radar. Even though the Farmers' Almanac, published Since I've .ne er had a class in meteorology, high continually for over 200 years, now uses radar in its tech or other{vi and since weather is of at Mast weather forecasting, you might want to consult it--or passing import ar)ee to almost everybody a one time the Weather Channe]L--to see what's going on, or another, I', e' egun looking aroimd at what couid weather wise. if all else fails, look out the termed "10W21;ech meteorology" and how it's been window! -- "' Virginia Residents Encouraged to Nominate Outstanding Senior Volunteers The search is on for Virgin- charity of choice. ia's outstanding senior velum- We all know seniors who do teer. so much for our community, said The Salute to Senior Service Jeff Huber, president, Home program, sponsored by HomeInstead, Inc. These silent heroes Instead, Inc., the franchisor of give selflessly, expecting no- the Home Instead Senior Care thing in return. And yet, their i network, honors the contri- contributions often make a dif- butions of adults 65 and older who give at least 15 hours a month of volunteer service to their favorite causes. Nominations for outstanding senior volunteers will be accept- ed .between Feb. 1 and March 31, 2013. State winners then will be selected by popular vote at Online voting will take place from April 15 to April 30, 2013. From those state winners, a panel of senior care experts will pick the national Salute to Senior Service honoree. Home Instead, Inc, will donate $500 to each of the state winners favorite nonprofit or- ganizations and their stories will be posted on the Salute to Senior Service Wall of Fame. In addition, $5,000 will be donated to the national winners nonprofit ference not only to the organ- izations they serve, but in changing how the public views growing older Senior care professionals and those who work at hospitals, senior care facilities and other places where seniors volunteer are encouraged to nominate older adults. So, too, are family caregivers and the adult children of aging parents. Older adult also may self-nominate. , To complete and submit a nomination-form online for a senior age 65 or older who volunteers at least 15 hours a monfh, and to view the contests official rules, visit Completed nomination forms also can be mailed to Salute to Senior Service, PO Box 285, Bellevue, NE 68005. f -S Virginia posts 2% revenue decrease in February -February Typically Not a Significant Month for Revenue- . Governor Bob McDonnell announced that February revenue collections decreased by 2 percent over the prior year mainly due to one fewer deposit day. February is not generally a significant month for revenue collections. On a year-to-date basis, total revenue collections rose 5.5 percent through Febru- ary, ahead of the annual forecast of 3.6 percent growth. The revenue decrease was primarily driven by withholding (-5.7 percent) and nonwith- holding (-14.5 percent) collect- ions. Sales tax revenues, which include the final post-holiday sales and gift card purchases, rose 10.3 percent in February. Adjusted for the accelerated sales tax program, total state rev- enues grew 5.1 percent through February, slightly ahead of the forecast of 3.4 percent growth. "While overall economic in- dicators continue a trend of pro- gress and recovery, this month's decline in revenue reminds us that our future economic growth ging from the recession and that fiscally responsible management is making a positive impact on our economic recovery. HowL ever, with more than 236,000 Virginians still unemployed and the sequester threatening up to 200,000 additional jobs in Virginia, we have much more work to do to get Virginians back to work and to continu growing our economy. "The unprecedented uncer- tainty created by the failure of Washington to make difficuli choices to balance our budget and reduce our debt will inject new volatility into our tenuous economic recovery. Washington needs to follow the example we have set here in Virginia. We must make government smaller and more efficient, and focus our investments on core functions of government like higher educa- tion, economic development and transportation which help cream the conditions conducive to pri, vate-sector job creation. We. must continue to put in plac is still insecure and uncertain," policies that will free our j.ob, said Governor McDonnell. creators and entrepreneurs to m,- "Virginia continues to fare better novate, create and grow, and than neighboring states. Our provide them with the infra;: unemployment rate is the lowest structure they need to be sue- in the state in four years, the cessful in the years -" ahead.. lowest in the Southeast, and the Maintaining fiscal responsibility, second-lowest east of the Miss- in our state budget, and ensuring. issippi. Virginia has added over that we fund the core functions- 140,000 net new since February of government weil, is necessarry, ' 2010. The increases in revenue to ensure that this early recovery ., , and reductions in unemployment takes hold and is sustained foi- Letters to the editor., are signs that Virginia is emer- the longterm." ,"i -were going to be cleaning the decorations be removed to So yes, selling cemetery plots A ,4,, ,; ,-, r ,, tataf nt-r Readers are invited' write grounds for spring. But to our prepare for the mowing season. I is big business and that is exactly /-XUVI;3Ul.y .ATttttiXXt.tA., xxx ,., . g letters on matters of general amaze when we went to the think everyone understands this what has happened here Busi- There will be a meetin of this meeting will be for input, interest t-"- - - cemetery they are cleaning, but is necessary and commonly done mess first, after all, their clients the RussellCounty School review and approval of the 2013-. o me puollc,.Letters ...... s When we are dead and cant speak up You .... -._-' . not just me ground, at most cemeteries. However, ,.. t.,, ,,.,, Systems Special Education 14 Special Education Annual: ao not necessarnyJ:etlect the got there all the saddles and much to my distress, along with and I can uv ..................... philosophy or editorialvases were being removed and many others, the maintenance 'o awa f Advisory tcommmee onelan. %. policy of this newspaper, throw in a truck for the dump. crew removed all headstone g Y"Thank you, Monday, March 25 at 9:00 am at All interested parents and which reserves the'night to Not just old flowers but new saddles and flowers this spring.Betty Robinson Stroup the Russell County School citizens are cordially invited to edit letters 'The -Cl-inch ones, ours were new. We talked In the past, this request has Jonesborough, TN Board Office. The purpose of a tte_nd_. Valle Times w .... " . . to one of the men that was in the referred to flower arrangements ............... y 111 rlet prmt ' . .. working crew what they wei'e on the ground, which is what GREYSTONE... COUNCIL MEETING... 1"/' unsigned Jetters. ,, doing taking brand new flowers, their public notice has implied. I (Continued from page 1) '(Continued from page 1) Town Attorney Julia Hefts ey , ,. ,. he said that is what the Director have not talked with anyone that . , the Chnch" Riv" er and-- gar Hill and several spectators. .;, To the Editor, ,, -,.,over maintenance told them tosays the ad mentioned removing and oed & breakfast. Mellason to the St Paul Falls Part of this The To ..... .- do We went to the office and it saddles with new spring flowers. trail g g ] ........... ...... =.. like to senna Ole tedr hU=OU O was confmned, we the called Today, I received heart- In the mid-90's, many people and proper marking materials iclmeh i /_is an excellent cook and hostess " wili o throu'h the town ; p egm yu . , . '.. Tony Parks at Stonemor got the breaking photographs of the to everyone WhO mad%the visit answerine machine but will"cleaned grounds". It is the most passed through Greystone s will be needed along with the from St. Joseph Univ i:s 2y such follow up'today desolate cemetery I have ever doors to enjoy her hospitality at nt3 fVDOT ,, a reval o . a wonderful week. We: iqsted 23 This is wrong. I do not think seen outside of foreign countries, corporate parties, weeding re- "'.. .. - - .. I... ~OnnCllman tJreg t:lalley young adults from Phtladelphia legally they can take flowers off It tells people no one loves, ceptions and dinners, or just a Pennsylvania as they:e j[ryed the of the head stone and side vases, misses or respects the people ....... brought up some noise com- ! x at' quiet relaxing evenmg, lnere ......... t Appalachmn Experience . Our unless they are old and a eyesore buried in that old place so why had been nothin uite like this plaints that he has received trom ! MEMBER gratitude goes to . asilewood to the cemete . If you,have should there be flowers or any ........ g ... residents alon Wise Street. The ]iVlRGINtAPRESSASSOClATION High School, the CHS Forensic loved ones at Temple t-hi, you thing else? I believe the sur- s=ce2 ;Ste n prua ;nhaoo e, Chief ofPolicewill look intothe .|i Team, the St. Paul Episcopal need, to go buy and see if you viving members of our loved P matter | iPubli ed weekly in St. Paul, Church St Paul Ba tist hur - saomes and SlOe vases are gone ones care very much. I do, and I junior-senior, prom, at Greystone Councilman" Jason Kilgore 24283., ihe CLINCH.ItI.y%. II _ -,. , . p_. t.; c_n, and if you want to talk toam horrified, and angry that m theearly 1940s ......... ........ discussed me posslom renova- | !CO.. INC. - ......... t'aul rvlem.omst Church, St. someone at the main office to anyone would take such liberties. esteruay, spent me ........ I trqt.k Therese Catholic Chgr . Morn- make a complaint the home # is It is .so disrespectful of our chil- afternoon talking to Ronnie and" uonsat the A.R; Matthews e.arR. I ! " ' ....... tone' lne councn also voted to I:The Clin valtey Times ing Star PaulStonemor 2152826-2800, Tony dren, brothers, sisters, Mothers, elen tJoroon in ureyss . , , . ............. a ...... livl ...... .... reappoint board memoers to[ serves the four-county area of Assembly of God "U/urch, the Parks (director of maintenance) Fathers, our Grandparents, our .... ,oo,.. ................... t --_--- .... : ...... ,t,o t, .... -i.... VariOUS Ooards mcmomg Aubrey :! iWise, Russell, Diekenson and friends and all that have gone folks at Remands and th6 Castle- 703-772-8060. Mike v .................... ........... ! ;Scott. with o ees and olant wood Lions Club, at ElTemple Hill has no co tro o before us. Respect of burial them over the- ears Helen said Ward, Board of Building t.;oae | ; iCOtt, wtm omces aml plant Palenque Mexican ".'.Restaurant, orders.., places is universal, and not to be .... Y ' - Anneals" Frank Molinarv, Board I located in the CLINCH me mouse has never seemed v~ ., ..... .. 11 IVALLEY TIMES building. the old Russell C0untyI Court- Beverly DiPerna taken lightly by anyone. Rem- huge to her- it has always been of onLnga eals; Bill Wa ace ano uoo t amey, t-lannlng , . . , ; house, Terry VenciF' ld Team . : eml er Jesus Christ? Even he had a peaceful and comfortable ........... j -pa-i t at-'l el Eston-- " ...... - To the Editor" his|watchful protector. It is up to ........ t ommlssmn and ufll Steele and I 7- .-;-2 , ~ott, J.L/ LtLSSeI| 8t[l~l" UXOOW . ,. . " . . . ,~.~. Cen~er -Je .-. ' .... i uve m sonesoorougn lr , us to see this disrespectful sit- home. Konnle said ne has de- . .......B d I vest umee m ram, vA En-le' jeer fer U ln;"le however my family and I were uation doesn't happen again, rived enjoyment from maintain- J'uk. assel 'lu.A, oar. ] 24283. " g, y, ty w u m 7, , _ . born and gre p " Russell The Director of Maintenance ing the house and meeting the !me coun cl.l also .set | ^t.^,, ...... :, : .... a important puonc nearlngs ior ! Ann YoungGregory Editor a[yer and folks at St nebriar, County Va Mv forefathers is Tony Parks (703-772-8060). B " -" " " ", Uo o, .... ;a i, ....April 4, 2013 They are Budget [ 'dver igmg 0bby Turner, Carter Hicks, settled in this area before Russell Let him know your thoughts on repal ............................... 0 a['S ren AdvJCJ(- iti Stephanie Gross, Teresa- Salyer, .County was established. Regard- this. I bet your past loved ones fuels his imagination, giving him AdJustment at 5.!15 and 5:3., ] besan rent Aaw, t rapnleS Kim Helbert, She la" "Jessee, less of how far away we live all would have been glad to see you "imite" o ortuni"e " --cam nearing on posslo e uses oi me | .............. ..... um o pp u s to or Vonda Kidd, Allysofi S'utherland, of us keep in touch with the take some action on somethingaoout .... things ne mignt .... ao in t'he Lions Den. The Council wants ANNUALin v SUBSCR1PTIONS:t 1 for ad ance $28 50 n W~se and Regina Holbrook, Sqsie Har- doings in the county andmany that notonly protects their mem- future. Both Ronnie and Helen pubhc comments on .d lTwin ] ?00W.i:o r! risen, Patsy Philiibs ": Frank return to Russell County for their dry but the mountain peoples .......... me Oulmmg s use. re o g ................... .... say hie at tJreystone alIorus me ...t. _. t.,-^ t.^ .- .... he r'^uncil J ,24- zip codes," elsewhere, $32.50. i Skeens, ,ary'i" 1 Rasnare, ....... JUanlta final, restlngti el I place.u t ask ou to rint tradition of caring for our loved best of both worlds - privacy " ' " alledsession t i. " " i Kelly, IJoris Fletcher.- Connie e! m s . y p . ones. ........ win nora a speclm ca I !POSTMASTER: send address ........ " my rotter concernmg a current The man in charge of all of along wire me convenience oi .... t v t'xoat r . ~r.,ttu mar, to negro at o pm an e r, essl er, uebble Baca, Glenda orlal nlg .: matter at Temple Hill Mem " Stonemore Cemeteries is Mr. close proximity to St. Paul and .... .'7 ] .ehVall Tim . : Lane and Kathy SteWart. WePark. We have used this cemetery Lawrence Miller, President and their jobs when they were .. Attenomg the meeung were [ Box 817, St. Paul, VA greatly appreciate yoor .contri- since 1938 with the death of my Chief Executive Officer, - "i Th h " en o d ayor r yle rtetcner, oun- 1:24283 work ng. ey ave oe g o ....... i -- -, hution. Grandmother and I believe there Stonemor Partnership L.P., 3 I I stewards and thanks to them cllmen Greg . auey, tim l:l.oaro- ]i SINGLE COPY- 50e We sincerely isfi these will be many that are not aware Veterans Hwy, Suite B, Greystone has survived intact wine, r, ennetn..l-iOlOrooK, arry. |: students the very best as they ofthe current situation. Levitown, Pa., 19056. (Ph: 215- into its second century with the Kelly, Jason .r, llgore and Mon ] sing.. Min umi continue their education and look I have been informed of a 826-2800. He would appreciate pro/nise of many more years to .a yer. Alsolnl eenBTc: and 20-w- l forward -i o_ :. great injustice done to the hearing from you. They are lreasurer ueooe see the,. ,.ot .......... . _ come. I Paul ..... gravesltes at Temple rnn under defmitely interested in sales. As mme mmre. " "- "" " " " " 1 I1 / i / / ! ~lay Advertising ratt~ Kyle- '" ..... letcnerthe gmse of preparmg for sprmg _they say on their Website, they iJl/ _l ,t 12J" I '!on a .-lieation. Mayor, Town of St Paul mowing. They do a fine job of are one of the largest "deathcare" .,, notifying the general public by companies (their word, not mine) il_ illl_li I } Peri~iealspublieation To the Editor",., - newspaper advertisements before in the country, owning 286 J i Pos ISSN: 767600 I i ow the T, " le Hill this cleanup in the spring They properties in 26 states and 69 ~mP " 1-888-EMT-H ERO I ..... Cemetery ran an add y{ng they request that all flowers and Funeral Homes. _ - ~ ....... 7"- "-=2~='-= .... :- - ' ....