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March 7, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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March 7, 2013

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n 77 i . .r t t t "CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, March 7, 2013 Page "hi z uy, seu, nortjy, emptoy, througn... ,-,..._.. t i::..,..,.,,,;,-,,. :: txU cn uunt.y ut[[L t At tmLun % wa :: , "r77 7 Provided bv the Russell Magnesium, Zinc, Mangan- ten otarlly r e, ad higher I dr (i County Extension Office ese, Copper, lron and Boron 40m ;" . [. ! ! I I k-J L]t ' Your Russell County Unit of Application recom- These include: Initial place- . - .., the Vir.oinia Tech and Virginia mendations for Nitrogen, merit .of the thermometer inside ' the. w rk State Extension Divi:s on--Corn- " Phosphorus, and Potassium the "'refrigerator; a refrigerator : .~i.,~~r ,-- ella Estep, Scott Jessee, Donna Liming recommend- d9or,_,opened for an extended ' ' ! Meade and Bill Worrell presents ations perlod'0f time: hot foods recent- w ..... m washer/dryer,' .water week hands-on program SAWMILLS from only this week's Extension News There are few things that are ly placed in the refrigerator and ........... ..... f included. 276-762-7105 .; . BulldoZers, . backhoes,. . $3997.00 Make & Save Our office is" located on 131 Easi still FREE, but soil sample the. r e#rigerator's automattc" de- ginia's and HUD's eq- 2-21-3tpd ,' e;caVateOrt. Llfet]m JsO . Money.,with your own Main Street, Lebanon, VA. Che- analysis at the Virginia Tech Soil frost'pycle. ual opportunity housing . e .... i .... ,-. ...... 7 oandmln, cut .lumt er ck out our Virginia Tech Public Testing Lab is FREE- your only Your refrigerator cycles on noli,'ies Vir,,inia's fair ; ervlees W/l' Utlonat erts.any dimension m STOCK ...... " ....... ._ . o_. : ........ ...... :_,, ... ,v "-. " , . .. Benefits Eligible 866- to shi FREE weoslte , ooress: cost is me postage m ,el me on. ~xt;t~urum~ tu [r*~r nouslng mw maKes it ,-, ........ ,-, no'7 . (._...,_. e- WWW ext vt edu' samnle to the lab. Stop by the lme atlonal (wwwnsf.or ), you " artise an 3-I~I~IJNU k.~b~/'~lNllNk.1,Jv~'v"r./t [nIO/l~VIJ: .................. r , t ( ~ .... dlegal to dye .... Y PRESSURE WASH- www NorwoodSawnillsExtension Czlendar of Events: Extension Office for your free should check at preference nmltatlon or " t " " '" .... ;' Ai~t-rlmln~'ir.r, ~e,~d ,v,~ ING, YARD WORK, DRIVERS-CDL Tram- corn 1-800-578-1363 March 13: Regional Tobacco soil test kit the time rae, enlc, r r,qi ,ion na PAINTING Call 762-mg now offered in ext 300N Growers GAP Training Make- Donna Meade-Famdy pres r ota2 ;r] h s.,ts t[onal-Von in , "sex, 'eld- 5710 , Roanoke 540-857-6188. " '" Up Session, Washington Co and Consumer Sciences when ,your e.ff!i erd 0/" a.t: Its' erlvness familial status 3-7-2tpd or Spotsylvama 540-AIRLINE CAREERS Extension Office, Abinodon 10 Give Bacteria theCold highest temverature!, i,'tlae'5 d ' I ~ ~ ~" ~ ~ ~i ' or handicap This news-. ....... 5828200.,Attend ,4 begin here-Become anam Shoulder. Keep the thermometervreads paper will not knowing- ttetp warned wee s or u weeKen.os. Aviation Maintenance March 17' BCIA Bull Test Temperature in Your Fridge at adjust,the cOgtrol dial. c6nsqs-' fiT' . ,auaranteea rmancmg T FAA a roved '' ' .... ly accept advertising for ...... ech. PP Onen House, SW Bull Test 30 or Below wtth, the ,tefi:~erator manuf~c- real estate that violates DRIVERS NEEDED: ano Jot) macement training Financial aid if .v ............................ .2-*_.:___ *. the fair housing lawProfessional Transport-Assistance Available. 1- qualified, housing avail- Lente.r, ~uoun ....... IA t neAcnlonr~ina~enbg~ththe United tur~[tru~i~J'L~ES"' Use "'ii Our readers are hereby ation, Inc. is seeking 800-646-2374. able - Job placement as- .. i larcn wrgmla,, ut.. ........ g_ ..... ._ . , .. informed-that all dwel(- local drivers for pas- sistance. SCHEV certi- rermrmance lesteo t ult ale, atates ruou. refrigeratorI rmometer, to. be ings advertised in this senger vans in the Nor- Drivers:. CDL-A.,team fled. CALL AIM 888-Wytheville 12noon stratlon and the On ed ates sure doemperature ,s con- ......... , ..... a hl,, ton, VA area Drug sere- w th Iotai oc/mne ror 245-9553 Aoril 8' Virginia Quality Department of Agriculture, rood SlStently ror6etow. .- on an e-ual o,,-ortunitv en, drwmg record andHazmat Teams, solo Assured Feeder Cattle Sale, V r- Safety and Inspectmn Serwce, ,, THE CHII2L FACTOR. Re, basis i or more inl;or- criminal background drivers also needed! 1 yr MEDICAL Careers be, ,inia Cattlemen's Tel-O-Auction refrigeration at JiOF or below is frig rdte or' freeze perishables, marion about Virginia's check required EOE 1- exp. Req'd 800-942-gin here - Train ON- '00 ,,m one of the most effective ways to prepared foods and leftovers Fair Housin Law or to 800-471-2440, ext. 1 2104 Ext. 7308 or 7307 LINE for Allied Health " ,v ........ a reduce the risk of foodborne witlvin- w6 hours 0fourchas or file a fair housing corn- www..professlonaltransp www.TotalMScom and Medzcal Mann- about anv of the. listed events, illness. Microorganisms grow use."A ways marinate foodg in' laint call the Vir inia ortatlonlnc corn ement Job placement " " "' : ,'- .... g - 2-21-4tc- ' Drivers-CDL-A $5,000 g sistan'ce Com--uter please call the Extension Office more rapidly at warmer temper- the.?efrlgerator. ,.,,_, fair rmuslng urnce at o; .... ..... ..... ,a .... "... . ,vat (276 889-8056 atures, and research shows that THE THAW LAW: NeyeE ............... o,s--,,- ,,,- ,-,v ,, ........ 1 financial ale, , ' , , " {flSOal") 30/- 533U. IO11 . avaHau ' " " f, at room to free call (888)55]- Miseellaneousfors o!_.o OTR drtvers.& if qualified SCHEVSctt'le ee-Ag, rt ult.ure keeplng, a constanto.refrleratOwr de t rS.t T~Odw food in the r~,, ava'7 tho .... u/ s. lumon certified Call 888-354- Tobacco t, rower s Meeting temperature ot 4u r or oelo , rule,7 ale reimbursement also9917 A"Make-Un" Session of the helps slow growthof these erat6r ,For a quick thaw, s.ub- Illlpall~U, ~all ~OU~) ' I 6 r " . . , agon available New student . , ...... ..,. r wers Me harmful microbes mer e,food m cold water in an' .....- ................ , ....................... Reo]onal Tobacco G o - . ..... L~V_~l-,~. ~__:,. n~L~ pay & program, m .,cling will be held on Wednesday, The Chill Solution mrtlght.package or !haw re'tide Houses for Sale a [ne eYr roa l y l eal lrucK -- .... "March 13th at 10:00 am at the The best way to make sure rgict'oWave if you will be cook- ,-,_, ,,Z, .... "'" .- ...... AIR Traffic Controller, Washint, ton C'ounrv Extension your refrigerator is maintaining ing if'immediately pnt;e ,,:to-do, J- www tJOU~Aad'UCK CO o -, , HOUSE FOR SALE-. ,.,, " - train to become an Air Office in" Abt'n,, ,don ......... We will the recommended temuerature of DIVID AND CONQUER Well maintained. 3 2-14-4tnd . Traffic Controller in a focus on Good Agricultural 40 F or below is to check w th Sep $e large amounts of Jeff- oearoom, t oath, huge '- secureovernment car , " "'" h Ilow t:on kitchen ener-,, efficient Company Drivers: - a roved Practices (GAP s) and attending a refrigerator thermometer This overs jnto small, s a . - and low maintenanceFOR , SALE: two $2500 sign-on Lf&lUS! rs' ool P, ttend producers will receive a GAP's type of thermometer is usually a tainers for quicker cooling m the. ......... mausoleum crypts, Super service is hiring , " . ' notebook and Certificate Many separate tool that stays in the refrigerator. . wlm vinyl Sluing Less class to earn your as- " " PAC AT-. than a mile from" town Temple Hill. Great solo and team drivers. ociate de,,ree b,, train- of the contracting companies are refrigerator and displays the , AVOID THE K . ...... savings! Will sell today Excellent hometimef . . P.. ? ........ :.:.... actual temt}erature It is not a TACK Do not over-stun ttte Pr r Yd below ongmalpurchase options. CDL-A mg/ atimV a n qease'c ec v']th yo'u;':o pan; numbered dial that helps you refr"Lgerator. Cold air must ". ........ price or t..all required Call 888-691- w^ ....... -.t.;. ,...;..;..,, ; ...... ad'ust tem erature Refri erator circtalate to keep food safe appraisal at ~ov,3ou, o. x:~ n ogon A. ugh .... " .... augoaxw, v.,"x lv~twut~,to ~gt~ it tma u attiinr., ta t~,H~a ..... [J p g "' "' Call 762-5249 u, orapoply,om, salary tops $100,000 Please call the Extension Office thermometers are available at ROTATE BEFORE IT'S' ................... dware TOO LATE Use or dlscard 2-28-2tcgL me,,' ,..v " (US BLS) with experi- (276-889-8056") by Tuesday, grocery, discount and har . _ i .. ,. . "' ence and full certifi- March 12 to let'us know that you stores and are recommended for chilled,foods on a regular basisi rtouses mr Kent c ^ Dwr cation Call toll free ...... all home refrigerators When Cheek-the USDA Cold Storage .......... RUGS. Free estimates Company wer:lSO . (877) SoilSamples using a refrigerator thermometer, chari]- . available at roK ewiy ouilt and team an . tormanon, rtampton " " : fet or/ fs / ........... on any s~ze job. For all c, .... fitive ha,, Great ..... It will soon be time to apply follow these important tips: http.//www.foodsa y.g -- g house m uante, floorin,, n,'eds Bi,, M ..... w. v . .......... : .............. - ..................... m,.a.^.,html rod. Call 276-254-1778. 762 50 6 "" ' hometime. CDL-A with stitute of Maintenance. fertthzer to crop neias, lr you ALways Ionow mermume .... _:- ...... 3-7-1tpd , 1 year OTR and Hazmat have not taken a soil sample in manutacturer instructions tor uON T (50 lot) LOW. AS- 5-6-t .... . end Sign on bonus .............. the last 2 years, consider taking placement of the thermometer you.,,a.pproach 32F ice cry " L)IVUKL~E, wlrn or With- v ...... ew HOUSE FOR RENT: , ..... $2000 Solo & $5000 out children $125 00one! The test report will prowde mslde the refrigerator, can begin to form and lower th Castlewood, 3BR, 2BA, AG r etworK teams 800-705-3217 or Includes name change information about: Make sure your refrigerator quality some ,foods such new HP. $450 month plus apply., on!ine at and nronerty settlement Soil pH thermometer reads 40F or raw fruits, vegetables and eggsj www urlvenctrans corn r r $450 deposit. 276-762. A childless couple seeks " a reement SAVE hun- Levels of Phosphorus below. Keep in mind there are A rfi, igerator thermometer win 9355. !o adopt..Loving, happy d eds. Fast and easy and Potassium normal events that might cause hel'p ,ou determine whether you 3-7-2tpd home. wffh tenderness, AN. LL [Vl A neCall 1-888-733-7165, Levels of Calcium, your refrigerator thermometer to are too close to this zone. warmm & love flexiblema~.,. ,.....,.,. ,,- ..,,,, 24m ........ ,] - - schedules Financial acres. Totally restored -,, ,- v r ...... .., _ ' , i Apartments for security Exnenses naid historic landmark, can- k;,',-A..a, .wo an om ll octla, I Rent Re-is David ("888 didate for conservation STEEL Buildings i:hn- %...,LILIt;IVOI.LIII kl./%,O.,llIo jl.x OXXXt, )Lx ,i 986 .1520. " ' ' easement. $3,995,000 celled orders must go. -Microloa -'n Gains' Popular Footing; Answers Need for Fasier.,',Easier Credit- . :" ' i NICE ONE BR . 540-448-0393 Ma e low montmy pay- bv J Calvin Parrish State those lust starting out or those" micoloans. Prospects mat pre- APARTMENT, St. Absolute online Real meres on4 remaking, a E;xeeutive Director producing on a smaller scale In viously used an FSA. Youth Loani Paul Fresh paint. Estate Auction, 100lots MULTI-FAMILY 20xz, , z x.Ju, Throughout my tenure asaddition, these loans keep people to trance an agrlcultura.l en- Water, sewage and & land tracts in Person LAND - 7 acres zoned 42x60 Save mousands State Executive Director for the living in our rural communmes, deavor, successfully repaid tlae appliancesfurnishedr- .... ,,, for 80 apartments or cau Virginia Farm Service Aeencv sending their children to our debt. d are of.the "age of, $300 mo Call 762" towns All utilities Mile (FSA I have met severalsmal(l local schools and doing business maj0ri " according to state law, Olll Rt Oigllll LO O/ ,l at i n Ihos ital " " "' ..... "" 9454. a-m Bid Center,at to reg o a P , Notice and beginning farmers interested in our local shops. M]croloans ar.e e!. ble for microloans.. The 2-21-tfncgL P lace Pointein near 1-81!64. Walk to , in making a living in production are unlike traditional FSA loans, mtcroloan graduates producers ' ...... Roxboro, NC Iron grocery store 540-294- REQUEST FOR agriculture. The U.S. Depart- Applying for them is an easier to a new level and further pre-i APARTMENTS FOR Horse Auction Co, Inc 2007 PROPOSALS ment of Agriculture (USDA) and more flexible process. The par e, s them for larger FS.A oper- RENT: 2 and 3 bed- 800 997-2248 " " TOWN OF understands the needs of these application form is only eight ating lo'ans or commercta lOanS rooms, 1 bath, central NCAL3936, " 40,000 SF Wa house ST. PAUL, VA small, beginning and specialty pages; the requirements are through. the FSA Guaranteed heat and air, fridge & ironhorseauction corn near r aturat trudge.SWIMMING POOL crop producers Through the simpler and far more convenient LoanJ, r, ogram. : . stove incl. $375 and ..................... Two dock doors, two RENOVATION FSA Farm Loan Programs divi- for both our customers and our than 40 perce'ht: ot $400. CaStlewood. De- 189 79+- Huntino& drive-in doors, 24 The Town of St. Paul, sion, USDA has responded to employees. US farm loans now go to posit of one month'sRecreational Acres in ceilings, dust collection Virginia, is soliciting those needs by developing a new Although good credit and begl ff ,.g, farmers, while leno- rent req'd 276-762- Rockbrid,,e County system, 5000SF office nroposals from qualified microioan program that will production experience are nec- ing ,. socially disadvantaged 5249. Midvale Hill R'cll space._ Financial incen- individuals or contrac- provide up to $35,000 to help essary steps, many producers pr0i:l c s has increased n dy 2-28-2tcgL Fairfield, VA. Absolute lives tor,customlzatton, tors for complete rend- these producers with operating may not meet the!al 50 since 2UU~. Auction Fri March 22, vation of the municipal expenses during their start-up requirements tor traamonat m- conurm .s to neip grow -ta APARTMENT FOR 12, m Te ns nhotos swimming pool and an years. Likewise, it will assist arts but may be eligible for a ind.tastty, on whicn .our coufi RENT: Two bedrooms, online" , r NEARLY an acre on 8,000 s," ft concrete small, established producers microloan. FSAwill consider an was b ilt - Agriculture, Castlewood area 762- www countsauction co Timber Ridge Road in deck renlacement who find themselves in exten- applicant's small business ex- explin mg access . to 7533. 356-3701 or 619- ' rnn ?rn Franklin County,^ .... ,o, u,,, ,a,.ouatin financial circumstances, perience, experience with a self- Throtigl FSA more than 3701 unrestricted, $24,900. .... ......... ,, Microloans are like other gutded apprenttceshtp and spec- loat s, m, ahng $18 btlhon I v'~a"~x].d,] ~ ~,Ulll I~LU t,,U y UI LII~ . . .. ~ ..7 10-6-tfnc crazy-goodfinancing, o .... v ..... .... h,,operatlng loans. They can be mhzed education to meet the beeno!s ued. The number, f " A SODA-Snack Vend- 434-444-5088. " "fi'om"":IV used to purchase livestock, prerequisite. ' ida,., beginning farmers NT" Town- in Route prime - Debbie Baca Tow equipment, feed, seed, fertilizer As the country moves toward ranetiel's has increased fr0in FOR RE ;iii!2l a shqll;i g" ... /ii :6a 2riii i Prt is flii! Jii ! ba ecli i e aa, i -'rr i s a . e " " g w/financing. '434-444- A riculture can Provide new sellin their products through By el tOrting America s ....... Dam... -i"....;.. 5088. _-v.~- ")II"4" lobs that will build our economy farmers markets and community ers,'we'Jaelp feed all Ame lVlODlle omes mr ..._ xt....aoa; -r..;.. ,.. and ensure a safe and affordable sunnorted agrtculture. Micro- and.. afts of the world. tale or Rent ,,, ........... . - - * o become a Medical Of- , omeslte, food supply at home and abroad loans are perfect, for those who pro jd[p secure, ,low-cost t ,.,, acres on noun stream .... In order to row American want to grow niche crops to sell supply .,.and ma e a TWO MOBILE Ho e ...-- ....... a..m in Amherst County on PREWASHED I riculture, it is imnerative that we d rectly to consumers, ethnic, or contrition to the U.S. econoa , for Rent: 2BR 2BA; :_.. o. ,..t. ....... cul-de-sac Plenty of AdultsWrannle | use solutions like the microloan farmers markets. Young future And we, do these thmgs wlffi Ill~ O~, JUU l-lil~,~11IK;ll~ . . ~ " ' ~ " , "~, ALSO. 2 BR 1BA, Gray .dP'rt wlldhfe. ............. Owner 13~nlm J ans g13.99 I to nrovide access to credit to farmers can also benefit from nourt l i g, mllhons. ' Htll No pets. Refer-"" " --"ED & com financing $69,900 434- - - da- I ,, .... ,,,= Ulplomwu - every y **: ences and depostt re- . ed 1 .. 444-5088 . I , . ' quired. Appliances fur- purer ne ed..-88 - BigMStore I ]k/ln mt a,n l rnnlre Trnn t '::announce i -- . .,.,..~.- ,.,I-.-, ,.,~5t., "-t/.'-V-T-r,t~'. ....................... '-/Or.. t:~l::~ I IVI.Ut,,t.lll,,li.I,.l..Itl .ll.a.t.t.t.I,d,t.t v ,,t .,t. t,,t,,L,tla,.t ,,~ ~,t,.t.t ~ . tt~. nlsnea. Z/D-/O~-II ~ ~. o# , ~ IOL'O~O0 I : 1 o "~. . f~ 1-17-tfnc z ,~q,, uog Kennels _ . .. _. ! " ~an YOU ~lg ltV ISE CO NTY "* ORxlORx6 w u o . eqiu[ipment ' Saturday service now available :: ; OR : "- BR Heaw tr 'nin 3 blOUSING AUTHORffY . . . ",, ., F,. ao. ..... operatoral g. special price ............. Momtain Empire Tra stt, a portatton, DARS and the weeKef : .... ........ .... v .... v, :19 00 service of Mountain Empire VBPD" stated Michael K. .S lay services officiglly: I APPLIGATION S .................. a " Wam ler MEOC Executive be-ah Saturda' Novemb/W .......... ~luer ~ltlzens, INC., IS pie senp , , , y, , . . I Drawl Arrant" M 762-5956 One, two, three, four and to anfiounce it will now be Director "In addition, Frontier 17~ an ,the demand has steadily- bU~,,,,,fll l%.~,a(.,Jl.l JL-~OL.C..I.L.~,e : ~,,jxt, some five BR a artments P offering, Saturdav transportation Health, Family Preservation Ser- incre as tl. Elliott expects ill-d al '= " " ~ " .... Stone Gap, App - service for the citizens of Lee, vices and Creatwe Famtly Solu- demantloto contmue to Ridg achia, Coebum, Pound, Scott and Wise Counties and the lions are providing assistance by more ple become aware;of Blue e Contest Wise, St. Paul. All fur- city of Norton. This new service coordinating services for in- the "We currently Loretta Combs , every Mon. nished w/range and refrig- is made possible by a grant from dividuals with developmental one b s.gperating in each co r . lerator, central air & heat. "the Virginia Board for People disabilities, the primary audi- for Saff, wday Service and assail. BUYING GOLD [Some with on site laundry with Disabilities (VBPD) thro ence for the grant" demahd,'continues to ri e, th l:g Broker & Silver land some with washer/ ugh the Virginia Department of Milch Elliott, Mountain is alwa a possibility ,we co kl; R.D. Sneed It Ma & Pa'$ [dryer hook ups. ADA Aging and Rehabilitative Set- Empire Transit Director, stated add,' tdditional buses in Iaccessibility. Rent based vices (DARS) and is open to the the Mountain Empire Regional futu[,'.e."r.." ' ;?-.: Owner/Sales Associate Ion income. Apply at WC- public. Advisory Committee recently service hours w If IRHA central office Mon-Fri Mountain Empire Transitcompleted a survey with 80% of be the hours of 8 WORK BOOTS ] |8am-4:30pm. CIosedWed provides public transportation the respondents indicating a excluding ht jid services to people of all ages strong need for Saturday ser- are .75 cerYts Mark Harrison western boots by | [to street traffic after 12 Monday through Friday; how- vices. boa lit g for persons age - .... 1 50 Local Sales Associate Rocky, Justin, | |noon Apply online w ea. ever, the requests for S turday "We are pleased to be able to and nuer . Work # 762-0202 Wolverine and more | | To apply ati service have increased tltrough, offer this service for the citizens boar_'t *g for all others Discontinued Styles I Ither office locations and out the years, of our area," Elliott said "We P'le~se =.~-::=276,52~R|t~ Home # 762-5456 nowupto I Irare info call (276)395- "This service would not be have already been receiving or toll- $40 off per pair I I6104 or (276)679-1139 possible without the cooperation calls from people who have 1.888 8.,7 .6748 for IWise County Redevelop- from numerous partners in- taken advantage of the service infor n or to Firm License # 0226007282 Big M StoreI Iment & Housing Authority is eluding the Virginia Department thanking us for helping them get resef';,,dlon. A 24-hour notice~ 762,-5956 I Ian Equaopportunitya.qencvof Rail and Public Trans- out of their house on the required forreservations . "