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February 21, 2008     Clinch Valley Times
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February 21, 2008

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II . . I I L apl[Ol ,v I I Ofshoes and ships and sealing wax byA n Young Gregory I ,i I-. -- --r" li PI " Gon butnotf gotten IlCommentary by the" I Iby c ngressman Rick B uch:re''' Just as President George Washington, known country's first Badge of Military Merit--now th E "d'ltor " " "'. " ""mOroe eop "1 reolten sttehlrS a mre aa de" th'e style,', broom" danc" es ano" c'aK'e "l ~ um.~" J uuuu~.uu~' ' =, L ,~' st, - '' "qummymg~ tl.800.906.9887.omictOreceiveli" no.ti ^,o,i,)stimulusm Um . 'taxthebillPaymentlK Ofr up whn'or t h.ei w Wow )m. wi i'"' mr eacn qualifying cnilo, momey to the IRS 1 EllglDIIlty: vc c.gmtc,eniors, DlsaDle{l vetera r Recipients of Railroa ement: Those who are red to file a 2007 tax retun ,)' whose total qua!i ing incmaing OCml ecurlty t " ecur]ty umoe,m tu cert:ain Railroad Retirement and in Veterans' benefts would I 1 or exceed $3000, should a return reporting these fits on Line 14a of Form A or Line 20a of Form; to establish their ehglbdlty.t e note that these form lineS.> mention Social Security, se these lines even if youx benefits were, .Railroad) ement or veterans benehtSfirb I third Monday in February is legally called "George oftheP leHeart 50 I eHglole rorme stimulus pay-. it you are a recip!ent of Soq l ,rd gndaLay.Feborua f y:2eego lYi ealr l lde .dG:;rge of th it oUr u Hn ea iy gi .olh ri rdment Su; li lt[ Sa ir:lff!:olal Secun veterans benefits or ,9 . ty 0,000 P le Heart medals i ad retirement and have dy filed a 2007 tax retur ing less than $3000 ilg " bers to qualify for payment uaalifying income and you dig, list your Social Securityj ad retirement and veteran fits, you must file Form' ' " " X to list those non-taxabl fits in order to qualify for 7r" r "" " ] 1040NR, 1040PR or 1040SS are payment not engm It you receive ocmi bec ; v,: . urity, veterans' benefits or raitI ! George Washington of which I had been unaware for 28,773 wounded. [[ Ahens, res,dents of Puerto o, ,our [ I lo these many years. With the information that Because of tl tis little known legacy, George [; and r,esi nts of the U S. rgin $3(Q00 or more, o'u'do'notn'ee ' ! ,' lslanclS, t.Juam,"Amerlcan - I 1 Presidents Day nrovides an o-,-,-,rttmi alon" with Washin,'on The Father of His Country can be said Ii - to file an, additional forms to I ! a r, vv" r,-a, lh f # - on, and the Commonwea t o r " ,Memorial Day and Veterans Day, to honor our to be symbolically reaching across more than two . ecewe payment. ) l . . the Northern Marlanalslands. Assistan / I I veterans, the lnternet source I was using informed me centuries to recognize the tremendous sacnfices [ Residents of U S territories and moderate Ava ame: )ox " " ' " ' ' ' : ctl from e [ned e workers,: ! that George Washington was responsible for creating which continue to be made by His Country s soldiers. I will recewe rebates dire y includino veterans may receive 1 i' . . i" . . ' : " " ' ' |j the temtones, o assistance in filing the 2007 talk Amount ot payment" ~ne return mrough the vomntee g4. .Jd.z ' IRS will use the 2007 tax return Income Tax Assistance tVIT^ I IIUF3' lO lt'l C61llOF Wise Countyd to determine eligibility, andf cal-a T, o ,member-s-sefling-]-and or gob County has been used up by n - --, atteltnlaeo a? Ca:e ,t ntp yPeYi c al! I I piles, driving coal trucks, or strip mining, and that theOlll llIl JL'~l~i~.)l t ,~ill "~anal the amount of tax individuals over the age L I [ finding employment with streets should be paved with The Wise County S-heriff'sli"~hili~"an't"he return with'a 60 may receive assistance I [ Dominion or any related coal gold if the coal companies' Office renorts the-- followin maxi'mum'o($-600 for individ- filing the 2007 tax return fro [ ] companies My husband veryclaims of great economic activities for the period o2 uals and $1200 for taxnayers the AARP tax counselin i ii:o;;S iS i i 2 rii i i happily works for a furniture benefit were true. No, we don't 02/11/2008 through 02/17/2008 who file aiointreturn Thd-mini- program. To find a locatio0 factory in North Carolina I have any streets paved with Wise Central Dispatch receiv"a a mum fior individuals is wh ere this assistance is offered . ] t:l.mcn .vauey. l mes w,ll not] that oversees reclamation of childrenl that have been fed, day period Of the total calls fointly-is-$6()t) Even those For additional information work for a regulatory agency go d. But I sure know of lots of total of 1.333 calls for this seven- and for taxnavers filin calil 1-888-227-7669. ,! / I prmt unsigned letters [ mined land Our jobs will in no sheltered and clothed through ' received 36'0 were disnatched to h,o little or no tax liability may the. economic stimulus prograrn . way be affected by the power their daddies' coal mine wages the Sheriff's Office "l otal num- for a minimum navmen't ple. ase visit the IRS website To the Editor" plant In short, I am not sold over the years. I'm proud ofthe ber of Domestic calls for this - httlp://www.irs.gov, or call myl / I would iike to take thisout to the almighty dollar, other people in this area who have period was21 Criminal Process erfle tsUe; )00nelr r tax-return Ab,ingdon office at 276-628 n heir 1 ~, k/ u IIIUIK; IlL L / opportunity to express my than working every day to earn spy t t . ives going to work, for the same period served 8 li ,i. 11 45. j / appreciation to family members, money . paying their taxes and helping Felony Warrants, 32 Misdemean- income includes --'-- friends, bors and business I find it very helpful that their neighbors nr Warrant~ ie ocl 9q TraFFir, 'Y,l[~J~-~ l ~" 1 gh - - - ' - -- earned income sucn wa,r nn n, tnon a / owners in St Paul and Castle- my husband and I have good I don't begrudge any corp- Summons and worked 0 Traffic Id'-'m'< 4 " " n't " r o lal ~ecurlty Income, certain , wood for food, cards, letters and jobs It pays the bills. I do oratton making a good p oflt- Accidents Civil process for this Railroad Retirement benefits and [' / hospitality before and after the have to rely on other people, because I understand that the period served 213 Civil Paners [!: ' W 'll Y 4i / funeral services for my Mother, including the weltare system, capltanst system lS the greatest Durine this seven-day neriod 15 ;I ' il I i tq r i - - v , Mrs. Alma Lee Bartee. A to take care of my fam y method ever dev sed o m- additmnal Criminal Investlga- benefits received from the " 't lmes I, special thanks to the ladies at didn't want to move away from ," proving .standards of. living, tions were initiated and 34 were, De"artmente of Vo' r no MEMBERMEMBER ]l~ll The Inn At Cast!ewood and the this area when I graduated from . Co rp atlons are not inherently cleared by arrest. The Sheriff s in 2007 Sunnlemental SocialVIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION -I folks at the Castlewood funeral St Paul High cnool an(] evil. iney re just people get- Office provided 210 man-hours e U ,o,u : e odes not "] Home University of Virgmm s Col- tmg work done Thank God for of Court Room Securit, for the Published weekly in St. Paul, i Sincerely," lege at W,se" I was very " good people getting" good work three courts ' - count. as quanrymg income for flao's ( I lC-Iq" ' [' EordlanddoP loA aburgey fa Or unate be blei s ayhe don nnifer Baile The Sheriff's Office tran- me t eU,tUS pay en yone else WP UBLI HII G ,I ,g g. " Y sported 0 adults in state, 2 adults eligible for a stimulus payment CO INC. I / like that same opportunity for St. Paul out of state, 5 mental natients, . " II 1" Will mSO recewe an aamuonai -II : P - . and 2 juveniles for a total of 9 $300 for each aualifvin child T?ne Clinch Valley Times I have been following with I feel qu. te sure that the . transports, involving 85 man To "ualifv a -chilcl" must be seerves the four-county area of 11 great interest the debate that's protesters believe !he r causeto . outh Mountain hours eligible u ncler the Child Tax enson md r]! r ging over St. Paul's proposed be noble. They believe mat the,The Sheriff's Office unlocked Credit and have a valid Social :Sled " ees and plant [i i :power plant, earth is all we have to pass on 3 vehicles and escorted 2 Security Number located in the CLI ICH l! It seems to me that there is to future generations I also :' " ' funerals during this seven-day",-,*,nht in Y-,r WALLEY TIMES building, : " believe" thatwe havea re " "" " "" a: fundamental difference bet- " period. Stimulus Pa-,ment" If,ou have qt6541 Russell Street. Perio-' [ W een the suooorters and the sponsibility to be good stew- ~" ~/'~111~'1'~T [' ' lhll"l " ': - : diicals osta e is aid at the , :' . -- ^*" a,o earth but I don't at [! alU ut ' - t t ,rotesters' ' I l r ost umee m IS. Paul, vA P The rotesters believe that think that means that we areThe Country Cabin, located [FREE 13 I, 4 ROOM SYSTEMll n! ""::1 having Ppower plant is inher- evil if we can use the earth for in Norton on The Crooked Road -= : } $ ACCEPTED)=I==== ~'rl~L~ : )i mankind's benefit I have aMusic Trail will feature the ) ] : ently evil. They value the earth ". - ! o i/ ] i( . CHANNELS. "li l[ Aknn Young Gregory Editor ! : and the environment above all great love ot these mountains, outn ountam J oys on atur- II aa ' arts "29 99 Adlen GregoryAdvertising, |' "else The believe that an but in m worldview, peopleday, February 23 Admission for I iW I ' t ;supporterYof the plant always taYke precedence over the night is $5 for adults (12 and LglRECI',r o, c + nanne,s+ , 1 trl U L, inemax sellin out for the almi h anything else m creation I older)andS1 for chfldren 2-1 I . . ~.[. g g ty ' " 7 J) Starz Ivlontns . dollarcallous towardthe beheve that God gave us the Each Saturday mght, fromI ] ,"I-E DVR/HDI e u,(l' ett, aut)at varl u , n w fir f earth to use, and our lives are pm to 10 pm, live bluegrassI : . , healtha d el a e o the I Jm Mvmee: $25.00 in Wise and t residents" of Appalachia," and greatly enhanced by the coal, music from. the best In local. ,or.o, I tusseu counties;3o in diner i1 / 19 ~ g . v v z~,4- zap codes; elsewhere, ~.~v.~u. "ust lain dumb for fallin for as, and oil that He put in the bands IS featured. Dancing r -, RRR.RClg.VOqCt ~ ~ ~f/. 3o momer - '',- " eludes clo in two-sty ,tree- . ,:, -zlpctmes; etsewnere, : au.uu. [ Dominion S lies. earth . m. . gg .g' P,I (, It siness Systems Available~ " i The supporters of the plant p . P OSTMAsTER: send address i see no real threat to the point in the DEQ hearing that WalKS /iiiiii [] ii i i - ~ - . clhanges to: Clinch Valley Times, I " environment or to the people much of the rest of the world t, ocm musicians are welcome [t ] I i'~~~]~ [~ x~ P' O Box 817, St Paul, VA L " ' to la halRime breaks ' / " " :living in the area and welcome lives on less than $1.00 a day. P !Y ll i],j I 2,4283 a boost to the local economy. It seems that s how environ- lne t.ountry at}m located ]P is ta ta '-- rxta Supporters believe that any ne- mentalists would have us all one and one-half m i!es west of k i SINGLE COPY- 50c i gative effects will be negligible live so that Mother Earth can orton Lvetween orton and W Atdl,li u.rn. .r- I and greatly outweighed by the be properly worshipped. I don't Appalachia). Watch for signs. 1 1,i VV I1 1 !%,1 INI Classified Advertising: Minimum ! benefits. I happen to be a sup- feel guilty for what I have. I J vents at the t ountry, t.a xn [( ] c}harge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, .porter. give generously to organi- s.ponsorea ny,ppamcn mn 4 Avg. 1-'ay 520/tzouror, 9/IL/yr:im advance; 25c per word afler 20 i: I live and work in St. Paul. I zations that help people in otra zOa on mc/ a alnO aolffO |! including Federal Benefits and OT. words. Display Advertising rates have a home and a family here. poorer countries, such as India. g," o)n application. i am a college-educated pro- My job allows me to help perrnlttea. [---- i Offered by USWA [ [ ' ;fessional with very little to gain others, more mlormauon, call '. Periodicals publication I dtrectl from the ower lant I Another rotester stated276 679 3541 = . . I Y P P " . . P " " " I"N%4 I ": ' 1 ' PostalISSN: 767600 tl h ve no aspirations of family that a huge portion of " - t FREE DIRECTV 4 ROOM SYSTEM! FREE DVR/HD! We're Local Installers! Toll Free 866-695-7939 Commercial/Business Systems Available