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February 14, 2013     Clinch Valley Times
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February 14, 2013

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Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, FebruaD 14. 21113 Of shoes. .and ships..and sealing A,,, >o,,g Just whose day is it? According tdone of my' favorite reference sites on approved tile Monday Holiday bill in 1968. its the Intcrnet, the first word of this upcoming holiday is purpose was to give employees. , some three-day appropriately spelled and punctuated Presidents" Day. cekcnds that wcrc tied to cun'ent liolidavs but which indicating it is.a day to honor all Presidents rather x vcre not nccessarih celebrated on the holidays then]- than just one or.two, and not President's Day'. which sehes. Apparently. the third Monday in February. would show that the holiday celebrated only one designated not as Presidents" Day' but as Washinaton's President. Such;i_however, does not seem to be the Birthday, was set up to honor only' George Wash- case. ington. Amazingly. Congress has never declared an Ever since Congress, in its Wisdom, created official Lincoln's birthday observation, leaving thatto Monday holida'y.s in 1968 (the "Uniform Monday the states. Because the new Monday holiday has Holiday Bill," a.k.a. House Resolution 15951, become known popularly as"Presidents" Day," i't now actually went into effect in 1971), I've long been informally includes Abraham Lincoln as well as under the imwessjon that because it was in February, George Washington. The original intent, however, Presidents" Day. honored President George Washing- ton and President-Abraham Lincoln. Washington was was evidently to recognize only the birthday of The born on February, 11,1731, (according to the Julian Father of Our Country. Calendar. then in use) but on the Gregorian calendar, Interested that Atraham Lincoln has never been the one we now, use, his birthday' was February 22. honored with a federal holiday of his own, I searched 17._. The L'nited States adopted the "new" calendar for states which have declared his birthday a state in 1752. An Angl0-Saxon monk called the Venerable holiday. I thought I'd find a bunch of them; however, Bede determined'in 732 A.D. that the Julian calendar only' Connecticut, Illinois. Missouri, New Jersey, New year was 11 minutes 14 seconds too long, due to some York and California were listed, although a notice miscalculations about leap year, but it took decades, indicates that there are probably up to six more. The centuries, even,' fdr someone to work it out and then employees of these states are entitled to have Lin- for everyone-,to adopt the Gregorian Calendar. coin's birthday as a holiday. In addition, Massach- Actually, the calculations are quite complicated, but usetts celebrates "Washington's Birthday" AND suffice it to say that the Gregorian Calendar "fixed" Presidents' Day. Alabama observes the third Monday the errors in the Julian. in February as Washington and Jefferson Day, even To get back to the point at hand, however, though Thomas Jefferson was born April 1. The Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Governor of Georgia has been given the right to Hardin County (now Lame County), Kentucky. determine when state holidays occur, and in his state, (George Washington was born in Wakefield, Washington's birthday is recognized as falling the day Westmoreland County, Virginia)As a school child, I after Christmas! In Arkansas, the third Monday in always observed February 12 and 22 as the Lincoln February is known as "George Washington's Birthday and Washingtor.birthdays, as did everybody else I and Daisy Gatson Bates Day." Daisy Gatson Bates knew. (I remember that perhaps the first public talk I (1914-1999) was an American journalist and civil ever made was.when I was about 12, and was invited, rights activist who championed racial equality, with another student from my school, to address the especially in the public schools of Little Rock, Kiwanis club in.,the town where we lived. I was given Arkansas. the option of choosing Lincoln or Washington as a I was appalled to find that Kentucky, which can topic, and I, of-doOrse, chose Lincoln, since there wee claim only one native son--Abraham Lincoln--as so many good tories available about him. To this day, President, has never had introduced or enacted in its I remember glvihg that speech, although I wish I General Assembly, a resolution designating that could recall the text! ) Lincoln's Birthday is a Holiday. That seems almost When doing., a little research for this column, unpatriotic! however, I le .arlaed some very interesting things about Another interesting aside is that sometime during two of our -most memorial Presidents. George the 1980s, store owners (i.e., advertisers) got into the Washington died0n December 14, 1799, and almostpicture, and wanted to reinstate the "distance" at once, his birthday had become solidly embedded in between February 12 and February 22 in order to hold our culture a national holiday, albeit unofficial, and longer "Presidents' Day Sales." That emphasis, was celebrated' ,qcith balls, speeches, receptions and according to one of the web sites I found, tended to various and snndi'y periods of revelry, often in the diminish 'George Washington's accomplishments' as area's taverns:" His birthday was first formally retail sales began to take precedence over history. declared an offidi0J national holiday in 1880, although This trend has led to some routine school closings to by then it had b&fi observed for nearly 200 years, recognize the birthday. The New York City school An interesting aside to all of these holidaysthe district, for example closed on Presidents' Day for an federal governeht designates them to indicate when entire week's "mid-winter recess." federal emploes ' will have a day (or days)- off. So apparently, this holiday can honor almost any Although many-.tTates DO observe federal holidays, American hero and/or institution you'd like to they are not required to do so, but may set their own celebrate. holidays for:-gtate employees. When Congress Have apleasant--ifconfusingPresidents'Day! 0 ::The Rich00nd. J00=ifor R. Boyd. Le00islat00w As00t Grafting : 00,O000,,Oooora, a'*m00'y on t, oir own ,o00omor00oo00ymo00,.,. 00oota,. orkshon .Session is in full swing  the resolutions, therefore starting on and psychiatric care outside of W .committees are consideling the Wednesday, February 6 each Virginia. This will allow the Amy Gaff Fannon Osborne, :many bills and resolutions that house will consider the other's transport of prisoners across Lee County Exten.4ion Agent, .were introduced during this ses- approved bills and resolutions, state lines to receive the closest will conduct an apple grafting :sion. As the General ,sgembly This rite of passage known, as emergency medical, dental and workshop on Tuesday, April 9 in :nearsthehalfwaypoiiit, l'vould "crossover day," can be an psychiatric care available, the Wise area. The specific Saving money: store-brands *' vs. name brands .1 /mo" u,'ck series pr, n,i, led &" the (,l.wA,w,,od H'igh &'h,u,I Fm,,'c Businev" Leaders qf .4nlcrico (b'BL.qJ .4nleric'a,l Enteuwise Team Jessica Helbert and Chassidy Salver. Chairperms As c said last week. high debts and loam, are leading Americans to search for ways to save money. One of the biggest ways to do that is to cut costs at the grocery store. As we also shared with you last week, the avera,,e= savins_ of 30% per shopping trip can add up to more than $1,500 per year if you spend $100 per week on gro- ceries. But how do you know which is the best deal when you are shopping? When deciding on which product to buy. many factors must be considered. Overall cost of the item. t|nit pricing, size, quality, ingredients and nutrition are all things that need to be considered. Unit pricing is a major factor when deciding which brand is the best price. For example, if the name-brand costs $3.00 for a 17 oz. package, and the store-brand costs $2.69 for a 12.2 oz. package, how do you know which is the best deal. One way is to divide the cost by the size ($2.69/12.2 & $3.00/17). The name-brand is $0.18/oz and the store-brand is $0.22/oz, so the name-brand is actually che- aper in this case. But an even easier way is to simply look closely at the price sticker. In small numbers next to the price of the package is the unit price. This tells us the cost per unit for the item, like items usually share the same unit of measure. Sim- ply compare the unit price to determine which brand is cheaper. Unit pricing should also be considered when deciding which size to buy. Most manufacturers produce more than one size of a single item. Typically the larger item is the best price, but not always. In order to be sure that you are receiving the best deal, you should compare the unit pricing of not only various bra- nds, but also various sizes. Also, remember to consider whether or not you will use the entire package if you do decide to buy the larger size. Another factor to consider is whether or not y'ou have a place to store the extras, even if they can be saved for long periods of time. When choosing the cheapest item, remember to also consider the ingredients and the nutria- tional content of the item. The ingredients are listed in order of content. The first item is the most abundant and the last is the least abundant. So, if the first item is water on one brand and not the other, is the price difference worth the lower qual- ity product? The nutritional value is another important factor. Calories, protein, and sodium are just a few of the major things that should be looked at on the nutrition label. However, rem- ember that just as when you are comparing the prices, you must also consider the size here. Al- ways look at the serving size, not just the amount per serving. If the serving size is different, but the calories, etc. are the same, you would probably want to consider the product with the larger serving size. After you buy the item, compare the taste of it with the other brand as well. The taste may or may no t satisfy you, and that should also be considered when deciding if you want to buy the same brand again. Remember that the taste may not be identical, but it may be just as good anyway. Different does not necessarily mean that it is not as good. Question to ponder this week: Does one company pro- duce both the name-brand pro- duct and the store-brand equi- valent? The American Enterprise team would appreciate hearing your thoughts on brand name products vs. store name pro- ducts. Please get involved today by sending'your comments to sherry@russell.kl February 28 is deadline for transportation applications DMV's Virginia Highway Safety Office (VAHSO) is ac- cepting applications to support programs throughout Virginia that strive to reduce traffic deaths and injuries. The deadline for transportation safety grant submissions is February 28, 2013. The funding period for ap- proved applications is October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. Applicants selected for the program participate on a cost- reimbursement basis. Interested applicants are re- quired to make submissions online at, To receive access to the online application, applicants should contact the project monitor as- safety grant ;.like to provide an updat,e-o.n the extremely hectic and busy time Senate Bill 1366 - Relating workshop location will be given ,,]progress of this sessiofi ahd the with each chamber rushing to to electric utility rates; bien- only to registered participants aormous amount of 3eis|ation finish its own work before it can nial review schedule, rate of due to limited space and supplies." ' [fiat is being considerEd."As of begin examining the other legis- return collar. This legislation The workshop will begin at 1:30 ;t'ebruary 4, there were'.mtal of lation. The pace will continue to lowers electric costs for Virginia p.m. 272 bills and resoltlOas that escalate here at the Capitol families and businesses, includ- A materials fee of $18.00 will ve been mtroduced=ut of duringthis Session. ing delaying AEP's rate filing be charged and pre-registration is Uat amount, 893 lia4,*2 been I am happy to report that to for a year. It seeks to make chan- required. Because of space ,approved by the Houi,aBd 692 date, all bills introduced by ges to Virginia's electric utility limitations, registration will be by the Senate. A to{a,i=ef 246 Senator Puckett this session, regulation law by eliminating limited to the first 20 paid signed to their area. Visit Clinch have been approved',] both fourteen in total, have passed the the renewable portfolio standard registrations received by the chambers. As you can,a vast Senate and forwarded on to the (RPS) adders, simplifying the Wise County Extension Office. W/resources/safety contacts.asp Valley majority of the bills'a*nd>reso- House. I would like to provide State Corporation Commission The materials fee should be for a list of project monitors. Times lutions are still goir'2[ough an update on a few of the bills (SCC) utility rate cases and mailed or delivered to the Wise Project monitors can answer the committee systerl'oi:" have that Senator Puckett introduced delaying an AEP rate case until County Extension Office, PO -- only been considered: the during this Session. All of these the following year, 2014. Box 1156, Wise VA 24293 by specific questions about the MEMBER House or Senate and still'have to measures listed below have Visitors to the Capitol Friday, March 22. Checks should guidelines for grant applications. VlROItA PRESS ASSOCIATION be examined by "tlo";other passed the Senate and are now Last week, we were pleased be made payable to Virginia Before applying for a grant, law Published weekly in St. Paul, chamber. In total there are2,026 awaiting consideration in the to have several residents of Cooperative Extension - Wise enforcement applicants attend a VA 24283, by the CLINCH bills and resolutions thatare still House. Southwest Virginia visiting the County. mandatory workshop, and new VALLEY PUBLISHING pending and awaiting consid- Senate Bill 703 - Concealed General Assembly and lobbying Each participant in the applicants are required to attend CO., INC. eration by the House 9r Senate. handgun permit fees. This leg- on matters of interest to their grafting workshop may order any training. "Crossover day" is" Tuesday, islation provides an exemption Counties. They met with many amount of rootstock they wish. Applications must support The Clinch Valley Times February 5 and we are looking for certain retired correctional members of the Governor's However, only 7 will be grafted Virginia's primary transportation serves the four-.county area of forward to passing that hurdle officers to carry a concealed cabinet and with directors of during the class. Additional nd having that deadliiie .behind handgun without paying any various state agencies. . When we use h-phrase permit fees. We will be in Richmond for rootstock can be taken home and safety goal of reducing the num- Wise, Russell, Dickenson and [rossover day" whafwe are Senate Bill 788 - Charter the 2013 Session through Satur- grafted. If you just want to ber of deaths and serious injuries Scott, with offices and plant 'ferring to is the daywen the for Town of Clintwood. This day, February 23 d and I would purchase rootstock and do not resulting from traffic crashes, located in the CLINCH :14ouse of Delegate-qtnd tM legislation will update the Town enjoy hearing from the citizens need any supplies such as tape or Programs receiving grant funds VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. Perio- igenate will "exchangeS bills '. Charter for the Town of Clint- of this district on any matters of labels and do not attend class, the work toward increasing safety dicals postage is paid at the ;hat means that the Sefiate will wood which has not had a interest. Our Richmond number cost per rootstock will be $1.00 belt usage; deterring drunk Post Office in St. Paul, VA Rootstock can be picked up driving, speeding and distracted 24283. ,rw consider all of thbills and revision since1978, is (804) 698-7538 and the je%thiaeforethe class begins. For solutions that the' House Senate Bill 818- Prisoners; mailing address P.O. Box 396, [iassed, and the HouseTwill now establish compact control for Richmond, Virginia 23218. The those attending class and wanting driving; and promoting motor- consider all of the measures that those receiving medical care toil-free number to express your to purchase additional rootstock, cycle, pedestrian bike, teen and Ann Young Gregory Editor the cost will be $18.00 for the senior driver safety. Allen Gregory Advertising were approved by the Senate. outside of Virginia. This leg- views and opinions on issues first 7 and $1.00 for each addi- The VAHSO is responsible Susan Trent Adv./Graphics Tuesday, February 5 is the islation relates to compact for before the General Assembly is tional rootstock, for administering the funds and ANNUAl_, SUBSCRIPTIONS: deadline for each chamber to act the 'control of prisoners receiv- 1-800-889-0229. Virginia Cooperative Exten- has established measurable Inadvance: $28.50 in Wise and sion programs and employment objectives for each of the nearly Russell counties: $30.00 in other [rlistory discussion group to hold organizational are open to all, regardless of race, 400 grant requests awarded each 24- zip codes: elsewhere, $32.50. color, national origin, sex, year. Future funding requests are ti g t!R il ad M religion, age, disability, political determined by the progress to- POSTMASTER: send address aee n a a ro useum beliefs, sexual orientation, or Are you interested'..'in the include field trips, discussions of If you're a history buff, here's marital or family status. An equal ward these established perform- changes to: Clinch Valley Times, story of our area? .-.," Castle's Woods, Sugar Hill, life your opportunity to share your employer.pprtunity/affirmative action guidelines,ance objectives. FOrgo completeto 24283P'O" Box 817. St. Paul, VA If so, an organifional in early Wise and Russell knowledge and interest with If you are a person with a SINGLECOPY-50c eeting is planLd foCaliistory Counties, a study of the Civil like-minded individuals, disability and desire any assistive bdoc/safety/grants/index.asp. scussion group at the ftailroad War and its effect on Southwest For more information, con- devices, service or other accom- Some examples of pre- Classified Advertising: Minimum useum on February 2:lt 7:00 Virginia, the coming of the tact Frank Skeens at 276-762- modations to participate in this viously-funded grant programs charge, $6.00 for up to 20 words, m. Initial plans foCihgrou p railroads, and many other topics. 0518. activity, please contact the Wise are: in advance; 25cper word after 20 -"-- Cotmty Extension Office to * Multi-jurisdictional words. Display Advertising rates , ,, ""'),. , - ............. , .... discuss accommodations by Selective Enforcement: an on application. "::"': Motorists: Friday, March 8. 7.71 " For nlore inlbrnlation contact ] ] Periodicals publication Stop for any:school bus loading or unloading children! the Wise County' "Extension [ EMERGENCY? I PostallSSN: 7676,/(I ,. Office at 276/328-6194. Dial 911 effort between local and state law enforcement agencies that shows regional com- mitment to traffic law enforcement and improves visibility of these efforts. Checkpoint Strikeforce Campaign: a statewide camp- aign to combat impaired driving, combining media efforts with state and local law enforcement mobil- ization. Click It or Ticket, a safety belt enforcement mobilization operated by the Virginia State Police and local law enforcement.