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January 13, 2011     Clinch Valley Times
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January 13, 2011

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_ . - " = ) .... . ...... = . .. Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, January 13, 2011 and ships..and sealing Ann Gregory "" Senseless horror * o '~ There just m'en't enough words to describe what herself next to the gunman, who had been knocked to happened. Catastrophic, tragic, disastrous, horrible. unthinkable, indescribable, senseless unspeakable. Not totally unspejilqable, of course, since millions of words have been, poken--and written--about it since it happened Sa.t day morning. I refer, of course, to the devastating e ents which occurred at the hands of an apparent luriatic in Tucson, Arizona, leaving six ' ' d dead and thirteen wounde , one of them a member of Congress Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, just last week sworn in for her third term in the House of the ground by two men in the crowd. She reached across the gunman and took a spare magazine for his nine millimeter Clock semi-automatic pistol away from him. Another man took his gun, and so secured the scene from further tragedy. How many times does this country have to go through incredibly uncivilized scenario? We've had more school shootings than I'm able to remember, culminating, I suppose, in Columbine. Then who will ever forget that horrible day at Virginia Tech in Recycling aluminum ! {Presented by The Castle- creating a can from new metal. wood High School Partnership Recycled aluminum is made into with Business Committee in many things: beverage cans, ~' conjunction with the 2011 Future makeup, chemicals, dishwashers, ,~ Business Leaders of America and many other products. (FBLA) Competition.) By going green and recycling The beverage industry and aluminum, you can help save the aluminum industry vendor your environment and make our the most recyclable package in planet a better place for future America. the aluminum can. generations. The newly renovat- However, just because a product ed Russell County Waste Mana- gement Center located on Mew Road in Castlewood. provides a location to donated aluminum cans ,for recycling. Plastic, card- board and paper are also accept- ed at the Castlewood location. Want to earn money for your aluminum cans? Consult your local telephone directory listings under recycling centers for a number of convenient locations is recyclable doesn't mean it: will be recycled In the United States alone half of all aluminum cans sold end up in landfills or being Incinerated. When the used aluminum is not recycled precious resources are depleted. When aluminum is incinerated or put into landfills, our environment suffers either by releasing toxins into the air, Representatives &urvives, but is on the critical list. Blacksburg when most of us stayed glued to our or filling up our already filling to sell aluminum cans. Or. get landfills revolved in donatln aluminum She was shot, point blank, in the head, with the bullet television sets, hoping against hope that someone . - ' " " g ' Among the reasons recycling can tab tops to hospitals and hitting on the ii C, side lobe and exiting through the managed to subdue that shooter, also a mentally- aluminum cans makes sense is medical centers to assist with that it saves energy Accordln to atlent care front. All of the, medical experts who have been disturbed person, before he did more damage. That " ' " g P " " i ...... Americanrecycler corn recycling The Castlewood High School , interviewed on' television agree that if the bullet had was not to be, however, and a total ot 32 students and just forty-eight aluminum 0ever- Business Department is now gone through he/brain at even a slightly different faculty members were dead at his hand before he age cans (or eight six packs) collecting aluminum can tops angle, the outc0m could have been even more tragic turned' ........ one OlnlS guns on nlmseiL saves the .......... energy equivalent of with the first donation to than it is.. Most .'people who have this type of injury " one gauon ot gasonne, m one vanderbilt Stem Cell Clinic in i The suspected shooter in the Tucson disaster is year alone, Americans recycled Nashville, Tennessee. i don't survive - , ' Jared Lee Loughner, 22, who so far has not spoken to enough aluminum cans to Get involved today! In the . conserve the energy equivalent past five years the counties of ' . Congresswoman Giffords not only survived ihe officials or offered to explain what made him do what of over 15 million barrels of Dickenson and Russell reported gunshot, but also the which began less than heappa nD enLtlvv did. Several peddle who had been crude oil. If all the aluminum a twenty percent increase'in surgery, ~oo,.~';2~rA ;,." ............. ;,1~ I.~,,,d.,.,~,. ;. ,u .... cans produced had been returned recycling rate. Now that the hour after she' as shot She remains in critical ...................... : .... ,. l-,a t and rec cled d ri ............. y u ng me year, met~asnewooa area has a recycnng condition, in a medically-induced coma in order to were interviewed on television programs Monday energy savings would have center, it is time to get involved) relax all of the-riahscles and brain tissue possible to momln ..... une, an oioer woman WhO .... nail oeen in" a doubled, to. 30 million barrels. For further questions contact -- "~ .- ..... .. . ,- .. o Accoralng to the Aluminum Mr. Bobby L. Justus, Jr., Re- prevent brain swelling and promote healing. Her mamemaucs ciass wlm him, said sue was airalo oI Association a recycled can is cycling Coordinator for Russell doctors say the"fifst seventy-two hours are critical, . ..... from her first en o nt , c u er with him and her able to be back on the store shelf County at (276) 889 8147 or the particularly insot ar as the swelling is concerned. She ...... ......... in as little as 60 days -using Castlewood High School Busi- complalnts?nally had the school dismiss him irom 950/; less energy and 95% less ness Education Department at' is 40 years old-and strong, and her doctors remain me ciass, naa also written emails concerning thegreenhouse gas emissions than (276) 762-9449. "cautiously optimistic" that she will survive. They are young man in which she said she hoped he didn t turn Arx r _. _ __ _i _ _ 2 a ' unable to preciiei: what kinds of problems might IVlV OII1GCS ClOSed. IOr uncomln = up in the classroom with a pistol! Several others who r remain with her,'hbwever, had had mostly brief associations with him also spoke holidays January 14 & 17 ' t Six people ,.were killed. They included Federal of his mental issues. Loughner, who submitted no In honor of Lee-Jackson Day notices through email or phone' Judge John R011, 63; Gale Zimmerman, 30, on the ............... and Martin Luther King Jr Day, message rather than getting a plea oemre me Ieoeraljuage on Moncmy, was cnargea ........... : . . ,, an vlrglnla uepartment or lvtotor paper reminder via the mail. staff of Congresgwoman Giffords; and three retirees, with murder and attempted assassination. Vehicles (DMV) customer ser- Customers may visit, 'I Phyllis Schneck,: 79; Dorwin Stoddard, 76; a church .... .... ,,, vice centers will be closed on www dmvNOWcom/myDMV to . . Friday, January 14 and Monday, set up their myDMV accountl worker whose. Vife, Mavy, was also shot, but y . y and get a Personal Identification-. Arizona, Sheriff, have blamed the general atmosphere Januar 17 Offices normall survived; and i.Dorothy Morris, 76. Her husband of hate bi otrv and vitriol that are spewed forth on a operating on Saturdays will be Number (PIN) to conduct secure' " _' o" , ._ .. ..... ,__ open on Saturday, January 15 transactions With a myDMV' George was ai 6 shot, but, like Mrs. Stoddard, variety oi meala sources aaliy, out pnmamy on the When offices are closed or " " .... " survived. Perhaps' the death which has received more accountann tIN, customers. Intemet, which doesn't require a name. Therefore, anytime, customers may sign up may: 'i attention because Of the age of the victim, was that of ..... u,, :,. + .... .;.,,.:m., ,,, ..... .4 for a myDMV customer account Review their driving" the sixth victim;' nine-year-old Christina Taylor . *. ana confluct their DMV tran- record : proclaim his fears, prejudices, or whatever it is, but sactions online. This new service Renew their decals '.; Green, a third -grader who had just been elected to her will take "rear -leasure in "roclaimin" it in one "-f*h allows customers to save timeby Renew and replace their' school's Student ouncil. A neighbor, knowing of the ,, . . . ,, .... receiving DMV information in a driver s hcense or ID card numerous venues social networks available to mann , .... er most convenient to Print their vehicle s little girl's interest in public service, invited her and everyone on the Intemet. As I've said before (as them, and they can manage their original electronic title or" i her brother (he -'&as unable to go with them) to attend recently as a week or so ago'), I'm a strong believer in customerDMV recordserviceWithOUtcenter.Visiting a replaceReporttheir thattitle their vehicle. the "Congression'.the Comer" session that Congress- and supporter of the First Amendment, but I believe "Signing up for an account was sold or traded woman. Giffords, Was holding near the supermarket ,-,,,,~ ,i,h,-, )~t-,~ ~A,,~,* .... ale r,n,r, rhmit~, eh,a,,1d d,~ with DMV is similar to signing Change their address ." 1 _ up o an account w~th your utll- and organ donor status where the disasti" occurred. Christina was going to so with one s name right up tront. For example, If we lty provider; your bank, and even Request a compliance meet areal member of Congress! How quickly that get a letter to the editor that's unsigned, it Face book and Twitter,. said summary revealing steps' ...... r sh or if I et a umv commissioner rlcnard D. necessary to reinstate driving charming stor :iwas destroyed by a lunatic gunman immediately goes into the t a , g Holcomb. This streamlinedser- privileges ,. whose motive-hasl not yet been revealed. Evidently, complaining phone call from one who refuses to vice saves taxpayer money and' Make a reinstatement. ] however, offic alg have determined that Congress- ioemlly'" .......... mm/nerseH, explain wny I'm una io e t'o altowsiSenvironmentallYvirginians tofriendlY'opt toIt fee payment . Change or activate their" woman Giffords'.was his primary target, continue talking, and hang up. receive, their decal renewal PIN Several members of the community emerged as Free speech is a wonaerf.1 way to vent on+Scamea Ja" nuary tJ'-'E D dates in" "'"wise : heroes. An art.furtive woman with gray hair, Erich discontent" creating the kind of havoc that was " ' The GED Exam will be gi a.m. Registration. must be com-: Hill, told in an interview how she had fallen to the out in Tucson on Saturday morning, however, is " ........ u 15 at the prate no later man two oa s unished ven baturday, Jan arT , y . ground to avoid being a running target, only to find totally unacceptable and must be p . Education Center, Building C, prior to the exam. Call Karen" . . Wise. Testing will begin at 8 Whitt, 276-327-8612, e'4;'O.l,i, - ' The Norton GED Exam will. Letters;to the r... Artists hve beyond the funny pages at Uog venon Friday, Januaryl 4/- ....... at 9 a.m. at the Norton VEC" -twenty five million Florida driv- Education Center. Regis-c' w tratmn must be complete by ] letters on matters . 'general [ er license to a information co- After decades of living ones who make our worlds favorite strips in the ne s- [ public'. Letters ] llection company for one dollar almost exclusively in print, a possible." papers," Guren said. Cartoons noon on the Thursday prior to,i- i [ do not necessarily.reflect the I each. If a person in your area number of prominent cartoonists will be available on our webs;re, the test. Call lmelda Collins,,.' t ! [ philosophy or ".'\ d!torial [ should investigate the reason we have banded together in the di - also features an Amateur Cub- Fans will, however, be able to 276-679-72 6 :; tal age to create a new webs;re icle to help identify new talent delve more into their favorite ........ , [ policy of this n vs paper, [ all get the 800number call's and called and give them a venue to becartoon'strip with the ability to [ which reserves the fight to-[ the junk mail you will find The webs;re is a place where viewed alotigside professional literally see the spaces where we .. ...... [edit letters. The Clinch[someone in government or afans can have a direct interactive cartoonists. For manynew,car- create our work as well asChnch I Valley Times wiH-'r t, print. I utility company sold your pri- connection to the artists who toonists and illustrators, purchase limited edition draw- " Valle , draw their favorite comic strips, TheCartoonistStudio com will ings, books and rare memor- , ' [ unsigned letters...-%" [ vate information including your. ,, y ,. social security number, address, pamclpate in amateur contests, open doors that might not have abiha. see their studios and purchase otherwise been opened at all. In addition to Guren, other Times Tothe Editor: " " drwer hcense number and your greeting cards and other mer- Our hope is that the cartoonists presently featured at , . -- MEMBER " The article in Clinchfinancial information, chandise. Amateur Cubicle Will become a are: ' , VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION . i.;;.. Identity theft is a billion dol- ' About 23 cartoonists joined widely recognized forum for Chuck Ayers (Crankshaft), Tom Valley Timescone~w!~m the . . First Amendment ]~"rib~r on lai" business in this country and together to form . emerging cartoonists and give Batiuk (Funky Winkerbean) .............. ............ " i'li 1 " u-is" Chi rutmsnea weemy m ram, ...... ....... as a mem a venue to ShOWcase their r ay D I ngs ey rt ), p ............ ;" ..... The government in this every one's personal informa ........ ve, z,4z J, oy me way to bring us closer to the fans talent onhne in an era of shrink- Bok (editorial cartoons), Jenny w^..~v D,,D.,eu,x,r" } country includin-'l l, state tion is for sale for a very small who enjoy our drawings," says ing opportunities at traditional Campbell (Flu and Friends), ..... ,, ~U, INtC . ~ g ~;a price 'the cost of the WlklLeaks and federal officials" abuse the " "" Peter Guren, the, cartoonist print media outlets, Guren said. Dave Coverly (Speed Bump), ." " ~-First Amendment An xam le to the world will never be behind the popular Ask ShaggWe already have dozens Of Brian Crane (Pickles), Jan Eliot ..... , ...... P known The damage to America i would be the telepfione'compa- will never be known or ub cartoon and chairman of amateur cartoonists who have(Stone Soup), and Greg Evans.~e~estl~em].nurVoa~y a~e~ames TheCartoonistStudio corn uploaded their work to our site, (Luann), John Hambrock (The ; ....... ~,. ty o~ ny's sell your phone numbers p - " " ,, wise, ~ussen, lOlcKenson and, "Many of our fans have and much of it is fantastic Brilliant Mind of Edmon Lee) ............ ," including unlisted "sa 'dr ,'unpub- lished, but the information. . was. followed our cartoon strips for Bill Hinds (Tank McNama'ra), coteglt n ot es , here for the taking just hke ? lished numbers to co i p)iny s all decades and have a natural will launch a contest on Febru- Jeff Keane (The Family Circus) ................. " " "~ our's and mine ::over the world fo~.~s~little as Y " curiosity about us and the arT 28 in search of emergingRick Kirkman (Baby Blues), '~6~r~;uss~ell?~;ee~.U~emg' Ed Amburgey characters that we bring to life cartoonists The winner of the Mike Luckovich (editorial car- ,. , _ e [d- one dollar each. Afiotlaer exam- " " . .......... ,cnca s postage IS prod at the ""-" Orlando, Florida" It's amazing how many people contest will be awarded a devel- toons), MarK varlsl (urI me ............ "pie is the state of Not'ida sold begin their days on a cheerful opment contract with Creators Mark), Dan Reynolds (greeting race m ram, vA iWise Coun ,, - .... mm oung Gregory e,a,tor and we're truly honored to be unity for a talented amateur to (MAD Magazine) and Jerry '__ ....... Sheriff's Report _ note by reading our comicstrips, Syndicate, Creating the opport- cards illustrator), Tom Richman ! " part of their lives, join the ranks of professional Scott (Bat)y t lues). ' Allen tJregory ...... , avertism , g ., o 'TheCartoonistStudio com is cartoonists , Guren said an App also ......... : The W~se Coum~..-}heriff s man-hours of Court Room . ........ ~usan ~rent Aav/t~rapnlcs a place where our new and Guren added that being oevemped to allow easier existing fans will be able to get access to the webs;re from rod- a~-~)) .............. K)ffice reports th~.-~'ollowing Security for the three courts and to know us even better in aevolved as a resultof the bile devices OUr weoslte wm . , - activities for the ~egiod of the courthouse. , . , .............. .,'M., ~UD~LNIFIIUN~5" " , .. m aovance" $28 50 in Wise and -12/27/2010 througF~,,'~42/2011. The Sheriff s Office tran- 'behindthe scenes'format increasing popularity of socml continue to evolve as we garner R " " " " ....... ~Wise Central Dispatch redeived a sported 0 adult in state, 0 adult . .................. ussell counties- ,~o ou in omer They'll even get to see our work media outlets and other ommeieeaoacK from runs, ne sam. ' lr "4 " -- " ' " ..... iotal of 1,156 calls for this seven- out of state, 3 mental patient, and , , " " o z - zip ce.aes- e~sewnere, ~z ~u studios,' he added. 'In other forums that foster interaction you know anything, about car- ' " "day period. Of the total calls 1 juveniles for a total of 4 words, between consumers and the toonists, you know that we re ............ received 295,were dispatched to 'transports, involving 17.25 hours, offersa one-stopway to brands they cherish, which in never still very long. We're al- sen .aress the Sheriff s Office.. Total The Sheriff's Office unlocked . ...... cnanges to" t llncn vauey l mes personally get involved with all this case, are cartoons He is ways looking roy the next front- ,.-... " ..... " humber of Domestic earls for this 3 vehicles and escorted 5 funeral . " ....... ru ~ox 8rt ~t Paul VA your favorite cartoonists and quick to point out, however, mat ler, ana we win de sure to snare ' " ' igeriod was 15. Crimirsal.Process during this seven-day period, cartoons. We also want to is not the news first at ..... for the same period,s ved 21 connect with our fans and get a replacement for tradition print" ,, ............. Felony Warrants, 513 Misde- feedback from them about our media. For more information, pleasean u r.t ur - uc meanor Warrants, 72DUt Arrest / characters our story lines and "Our fans should have novisit ..... and worked 5 Traffic" Kccident. / ^ ..,t, ,..,,4.;,-.,-, \ " - ....... uasslned Advertising- Minimum our humor. After all, fans are the worries about not seeing their www. _,:____ ,~ ..... "... _ Civil process for this period [ /-xuv luo \ ;,mgc,: o.uumrupto.zuworus, Served 166 Civil Papgrs. During I i r~ ~h~ I ~-- ;" --"---7 in advance; 25c per word after 20 this seven-day 13 ... "' _,_, ] CVTimes Deadlines / words. Display Advertising rates additional Crimina~'fi-Investi- \~la~Slll~Cl~! / " . on application Editorial copy: birthdays, anniversaries, press releases, calendar items, reunions, etc[ ations were initia~l~'and 37 ~ere cleared by arr.est. The ~.~ / 4 p.m. Monday | Periodicals publication ~heriff's Office p~'x;ided 44 Advertising: classified and display--12 noon Tuesday / Postal 1SSN: 767600