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January 6, 2011     Clinch Valley Times
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January 6, 2011

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"Page 4 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, St. Paul, VA, Thursday, January 6, 2011 .~t '*~ ~ " ' ~ # ~' < :.~,~ ~ * :,~ lmll[ il I! I New arrival .:.- Jeff Chaffin, Castlewood, lql I] [tlll II ] I! " i and Angela Church, Abingdon, / I El II,t ,[* would like to announce the /I II I/ II,: 1 i - ' " ." .- b,rth of the,r daughter, Bayley :,1 II : * Jade Chaffin on September, " " a! " Proud rand arents m=e |i Winston andTyannaChaffin, III/ "' ' " Jr of Castlewood and Jimmie / I II nn " and Shir ey Church of Abing- i II I/ ' . don. Great-grandparents are i i I I I1 ~i, Robert and Patsy TeasLer, St. i i II ri4)lr .! :: ': . Paul, Winston and bniney in II II N IVE GENERATIONS Front row, left to rlgnt, Jell Chaffin, Sr, Trammel, Betty l I ii ther T anna Chaffin, randmother, back McReynolds and Delores r, Lf -- ' Chaffin, fa,Y og c, rent ,winner of the Christmas Basket, given away by the " row, Robert rent rent- Teaster,ranumomer.great-gran taBn:v e[.W a :J Sh: nom g y . ;r an m ther sMa 'P as *er of Friends of the J. Fred Matthews Memorial Library, was Patncla" " Davis." Thanks . g -g g Paul is extended to everyone who purchased rickets. fin. Bayley is the fifth gener- ation of her father's family " " " ** " t r fi r the Layer your paint color just hke your clothes ays.raaraware ten e o St. Paul Volunteer fash 2yert egse' ta se, rt;geUetrop sn' a gh m:n'dV'eW(]enrg tahr ci moatCbht tic at i t;toallyg;niq e Arts january scneaule l ,=nort-rnonf sweaters, whatever. It not only light, and becoming comfo able route, keep in mind that the u H rdwar,' xJ lJt - looks smart, it s practical. If you with your selections, you 11 be further away the cards are from th, -o-t d -mmer featurino the Center get a httle warm, you can s mply ready to create your layermg one another, the less the colors I r nt qtr = t ;n rl.ut t lJ pee off a layer or two. Too plan, says Z mmer. As true wLIl have m common, and the "" -, The St Paul Volunteer Fire cold9 Layer upl when layering your wardrobe, trickier it will be to achieve a boeDurn: rrlclay, January z~, uncui " Every nursaay mgn,t sam"ur" ass Department answered five calls You can use the same there are many options, harmonious, layered, look.) ln. n Hardware Center for m the month of December. These approach when dressmg up the The most basle form of Past layering can be used to - " f h " " at 6"00) No char ,e for the Arts is a nonnrofit or ,an included: interior o your ome, according layering and the most foolproof create beautiful rooms, but the mission " O ,'en to musicians ization dedicated to'he nrese ve" -car crash on Buchanan Street to a leading paint color expert, approach is to work with two or process also has practical -, . ". " . c C -e W" in St Paul Layering paint color is one of more colors from a single card, implications' Just as you can spectators, atlon ppam man cmmr. e " " " ""orefield " "Eve Friday nioht Live offer ,rear entertainment in a -trasnnre in M me easiest ann east expensive says /.immer. nese wiH nave easily remove or add a layer of ,;" -It fr-- famii-" Bottom ways to make a fashionnatural harmony regardless of clothing to quickly change your muegrass, - LU:3U I(1oors smoKe-tree, a onot- ee y . ' onen at6"O0)$5/adults ;1/chil atmosnhere -veh!cle fire, gasohne tanker statement w th your home where theyareused, outfit, you can often add or r" 1",~" " 1~ ' ~ ) " uuu ," u on Rnvers de Drwe decoratmg, says Debble Zxmmer, Let s say you ve chosen a remove a layer of past color to ,Friday lannnrv 7 4-rdware 276 395 51 ;n or 276 395 3323'-10-70 structure fireon spokesperson forthe Past card w th trots and shades of qmckly modify your d6cor. ' - ; ' " all i e ' " ' Jammers" info lavshardware corn Banner St West Hills Qu ty Inst tut . rose. You could use the hghtest As an example, Z mmer says ,' ~"' " " ' "n ' " 9' " ' Frldav Iannar 1A R1ueo'ra ~w~,~lav~hardwarecnm -10-70 structurefire n What ]s layermg.It s a of the rose colors on the walls ffyou tire of an accent wall, you Circ'lei Rolling Hills, assisted Castle- clever way to create an and a darker shade on the can paint it the color of the rest ,wood with water tankers, interesting interior color scheme woodwork. Another option of the room, or you can apply a / . 1--, by selecting paint colors that suggested by Zimmer: Paint different accent color, without King t2olle ze Ke zlonal l conomlc (-~,-~.'~t'~r .resemble one another, but don t three walls in the rose tint, and repainting everything. That s ----~ ---- ~.~ ~ -- YY l K; L, Uutlt.y exactly match. And the gooduse a darker shade to create an part of the beauty of layering Poloo oo renort news is that paint manufacturers accent wall. with paint: it's an economical O tUU Wa xwmu xw w, owo - o t-' qhorif'P onort have already done most of. the In the same way, you could form of home decorating to start S k.~ ~l~,L J-JL ~ .Jk '~.~,' The King College Regional each coal mining job suppo.rt 1-" work for you. employ not only two, but three with and simple and conom c Studies KCRES 1 48 obs m other sectors ot tlae ed SC offers mformanon and . Located m Downtown Norton VA . E " " ( ) j " i t Sheriff's Start by checking out your variations of a color from the inexpensive to change. s first re oft. Mountain Empire economy, Jne wme oun y, , team has released "t P . - . . . ^ ocm past retailer s color same card" using one for the Yes, layering is very much in " m act Mult herssaid Dr Wenyuan (Wflham) umce reports me mnowmg " , Economic I p "p" u sDmy, aawses /4mmer. nere, waus, one mr me trim, and a vogue. It s smart dressing and ntam Em Ire Re Ten, associate professor or ac[lVliles [or me penoo m t,-;. ' for the Mou " p' - g r " 12/26/2010 you u nna co orcaras wire mree mira tpernaps the nigntest) tor smart decorating. The biggest. : glen." The KCRES team was economics ann nnance wtth tz /zu m.o t ougn - " or four similar, hues having the ceiling; or, using one for the difference between the two? It s m the School of Kin s School of Business and W se t:entrm u]spatcn recewea a formed with" g, mnerent vases toegrees of walls, another for an accent wall, a lot less expensive to layer your ,2010 to rowde team leader for KCRES Put total or n,m/calls for sis seven- . . Business in P " . . nlgl tness Or darkness) The cards and a third for the trim home with paint color than to i an tlyS;Sp;f2n tne sm ConP bltmg a! ;!i lalY4 henCi2i ii 11 e! ih!eivPe !r 9,?rrOi s]p2at hTd21!i b eaTt2?eidn categ nct lolY', youWayte n; a yletnJt TcWlthr aYeerYr U itaardr cben nd It can the region served by King g -" J calls for this blues in another, and so on. palette, says Zimmer. Rather For more information on " sectors ot the regional economy, numner or uomesnc " ' ' r ec in with lnterl r College. uerore one, you 11 zero in on than relying on a single color cole ful d orat' g " " : The team's first paper, a t ,ta g.a ns Ofo21: JrOib:e poe;,t eWa:2eV.p ri d'n2e rWer CelS the partof ihedisplaywiththe card, choose a couple of cards p int, v,isit the Paint Quality. prepared by Dr. Sam Evans, T J colors ou favor - that are close to each other on Institute ' website at s cLate rofessor of economics eamin s of households Felony Warrants, 32 M~sde- .~.Y . . " o a so " p ' g : ta in arow cmor the eo or oispmy, then mix and www:paitl and finance for King's School of employed in all sectors ot tlae meanor wa,rran,uuu .rrest . -: Business, presents employment Mountain Empire economy by ann worKea xramc aCClaent. ' " and earnings multipliers for 15 $13.7 million. Conversely, the Civil, process for thiSer Dur,nPeri d AACC **ol"n*eers v u t t"u ,can't-" representatweindustries/services loss ofl00existingcoalmining s.rved 264 Civil Pap s. "g . [ GVTimesDeadlines: I in the region. The analysis points jobs would have jobs and this seven-day period 17 to the im ortance of the min- earnings effects of the Same additional Criminal Investi- worKsnoDs [ POlIorlal copy [ ing/manu}P turing sectors in magnitudes, but in the negative gations ,were, initiated and 35 The Appalachi nAgency for diseases may also find the [(b versaries, press] r vt m obs and eamin s direction were clearea oy arrest Ine o -^, , p o "d" g j g - . . " ,3eHtO[ ~ltlzens [,A/-k;bt ) IS seeK- workshop nelpml. I |~l~b~t;), ~,ClIGIIUOI | growth in the Mountain EmpireKing's KCRES team Sheriff's Office provided 100 ing volunteers to lead its inteP You Can/Live Well Vi'rginia! I items, weddinas, etc.) I Re ion, defined, as the area release an economic study twice man-hoursof Court Koom ' -. g . . x-weeh worr snop series is mane posslole ny running I ~,~ ~^,~,4.~, I within a 75-mile radius from yearly. The. second paper m the Security for the three courts ann called You Cant Live Well from the Administration ont v.m. mu,uay t Bris!ol. KCRES series is slated for the courthouse Virginia/ - " Aging, the Virginia Department [ dvertising [ One noteworthy researchrelease in May 2Ol I raper NoThe Slaerirr s umce tran- ; : c^ . . ." " a t% ,a ptuwucu tu vu~-lot the t~gmg, ann me vtrglma I Irl~ifi~ ~nd di~nlav~, I finding:, iven the current debate ! is now available m e ectromc sported 0 adult m state, u aomt unteer leaders during, four six- Denartment of Heal h's Division I ,-.-, I on '-cap-an- d-trade' legislation form and can be found on King's out of state, 1 mental patient, and hour ela~e~" Iznna~=l'~, .1a,)n mr hm, i,- n; : D ,;, I 12 noon Tuesday I " " " 4 ~ "" - and the future of coal, is that web site atRcres.Klng.eou. 3 juvenileS Ior. a Total oI and 21. L chnn i~ rnroviclad and ("nntr~l i transports, involving 12.75 hours. Training takes place at AASC's AASC is one of Virginia's 25 - , The Sheriff s Office unlocked i ' ' central Location, 216 College Area Agencies on Aging design- .oo o 6 vehicles and escorted 2 funeral ]n he ardellat d b th D m " I " Ridge Road, " t W e y e Virg'nia epart ent . ', 0 " " . . ~ . i~ 1~11~ l-------~ JL" 1 i J~li,~ILII i -- ', I durnn=th s seven-day period, lndustrml Park. To s gn up or for for the Aging to carry out the *,* fh =nai ! ] more information, contact department's mission to foster : l i llUp ! m.Ul i I Debbie Bamhart at 276-964-the dignity, independence and -- I 4915. security of older Virginians by - AiNAN AN I Ynlir ad I Intended to help individuals promoting partnership with : :I lllllll llllllll W llll I I take charge of their health, the communities at the local level. == Movie Hotline /~'OIU'~ ~ :: g llll illl g il j [ I workshop series is design for AA " ' . " . , I--- r wi - '" "" * nortoncinema,com * r i I I UUIU i neonle with chronic condlttons services for older adults residing o :. - . . ~'~''~'~-~:~ --. t [ =,hke dmbetes, arthrms, h gh m Buchanan, D ckenson, Russell " , urlnlp I ilr HIIIIII i nero: ] blood pressure, heart disease, and Tazewell counties. Visit -I I-: i- llll M l V illVll I - I . chronic pain and anxiety. Care- or call 1-800-656- :l I:: I ] givers of people with chronic 2272. YoGieBuISn P~ [~i Contact Mike 752-55791,1 1 - - if PAWS meets every third : : ; Thursday of the month, 6 I , , pm at the Oxbow Center. I .:11 :" I1:'i (tll IZ17 :" -: iua I a " I I " " " ~' ! II-~ll ~ 1 I--Ell~l~l~ ~ * ISATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLYI * , i m == - - ~ * / SAT-SUN(JANS&9):I:00"3:30,o , ee 6"30 PM ~ ? Tune in to WLRV eciEti d YvefOn; " ": ,What is Still's Disea,e- upcoming ond e g s:: ~ ~ [ - -,: :,0"~ ].: ~mmat0 ~ c.ondition] I~,~r-,r-,~r~ir~ ir xt~,r ~r~ ~'~" ~ ~ |' MON-TUE-WED-THU:4:45*7:|5 i : "- " -~" m"r-ons affected b, the I Ik.A~J~J~t ti, i~ t! y,J~, ,~,-,-~, - " . " ~ : ~ 9:30PM J cnaracTerlzeo Dy Tever, ar[nrlus, ann n~,~H, r= = . ~ . ~-: "~ ~]1,~ ~ ' cOndition may experience daily fevers They may also experence Aft your tavorito music" (counTry, : . ~ : r ,a. ,-, 1 : ; ' " - " es wrists ankles ' / FRI-SAT-SUN: 1:15 - 4:15 6:50 / i n ow n:r:UScleP tyaf 2etl .nsSo ; hreo tce:n'also occur as a Gospel, Bluegrass, and Rock-N-Roll ~[ MON-TUE-W99EII~T~M 4:15 "6:50 J esult of the condition Adult Still's d sense can last less than one ~ "~'':~ : i t " r erSistentlUICIleS OII OR I AM CIIqCI cnaner : =,= -, - : i ear fluctuate between flares ann remissions or occu p y .omen are more commohly affected than men. Cable Channel 16 Your Friendly ~ ~ : I ~~5"(4:25 I .~, ; Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NS/klDs), glucocorticoids. I~l ; I l.- ri /.v.w.-.l D w 4h,-~ qfr-~H,",r~ " ~] " ~ ~.'?] ',Ds and blOlO ICS l~l~l I IULJII l~L~k.J I%LALAIU ~Jl~-411L~l I disease-modifying antirheumatic (DMAR) " g' ~ ' ~"~ ~ .J~ ere treatment options for ASD. I," the condition ,s mild, NSAIDs, Log on to : ~uch as buprofen (Advif ^,:trin~ or naproxen (Anaprox Naprosyn) ~ ~ ~ wtean nn~ n== a Ja,~; G ' such as mmhylprednisolone ~ ~*:~ ;"', nay be prescribed. -! [ [ 7(Medrol, Solu-Medrol). ,d for more ,-er symptoms. ,--,--- ,-, ,~,-, . I M N~;.~-'4:10"6:45 I ':'; ~, . ' :; - ~ - :,:, on enod o ~'~ For persons that are g P,H,U, t~OX Vd~"] ~~ ~ . .:UUPM . :, - . ,~ ~, ~,~ay be " g ~i~:~ o Ilme, medlcabon. . . ,~. . :~eeded T ' " ': oos, Lebanon, VA 24266 IL~ ~ ~L, il U E,- " " med0catlons do not .~,- ~& ' : . WeNowCarry Phone (276) 8891380 .: : a Great Selection of $1.00 items! r,td JL. k 1 1-866-NO-ATTACKi : ~ * :' : -- ---, ru^ IL/UI ggT- I WWW.NOATTACKS.ORG ALL DIGITAL SURROUND SOUND . ~ee us Tor all your neai[n anu u~auty .~uo ~p'l ~il F uu.'T ~c. YuuR ~HILD r=ERL ~'=L :~K "~ "~ ~: ~ "~" ;~ "~" ".~ "~ ~ % ".$1 PUBLIC FAX # 276-762-0213 LIKE A FISH WITHOUT WATE . " 'q