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January 1, 2009     Clinch Valley Times
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January 1, 2009

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| [][]i1111 rllmltllRllllllJllllllJJlml [ LLIIIIIlIILI+I]I ll!lJllli!JJ++i ILI+ +LL/t:IP!I!H ! |rI++lllllll INlllllllJml,WlJlll NIIBpl Page 2 CLINCH VALLEY TIMES, StY, Paul, VA, Thursday, January 1, 2009 , Ofshoes..and ships..and sealing Ann Young Gregory .ii Hum, nature and the holidays +, Years ago, when the b iding which is still the sign, and subsequent seasonal decorations which occupi6d by the Clinch Vat] ey Times was first have been so attractive. These people, volunteers all, * Constructed, we planted severaj very attractive small spend their own money, their own time and their Own evergreens in the planter which is part of the front of creativity to create these sometimes whimsical and ..the building. Two of them were perfectly shaped always beautiful displays. I doubt that they'll be too  plants which resembled nothing so much as motivated after this ugly act of vandalism to provide ' Christmas trees, although they were not quite twelve more beauty for the entrance to Longview Drive, but I "inches high. The plants flourished, and we enjoyed won't be a bit surprised if they continue to work their +' having them there and watching them settle in as part magic there! of the landscape, so to speak. Imagine our amazement Holiday behavior was not all bad, of course. In +" and distress, then, when just a week or so before fact, I spent that much space on the vandalism since : Christmas that year--we noticed that one of the two it's such an unusual aspect of what we're used to tiny trees was gone. It hadn't been pulled up by the seeing in this area--our small towns which are filled roots, which would have been simple enough, with kind and loving Christian people, most of whom .. considering the size, but the trunk had been sawed care about each other and perform acts of kindness of through close to the ground, as though it had been six many kinds all year, but especially during the feet tall and had been found out in the woods and cut holidays. down to take home to decorate for Christmas. This year, it seems that almost everyone was I was at first sad and then furious--if someone had aware of the fact that our very poor economy left been that hard up for a Christmas tree, all they'd have more people than usual in need of groceries and had to do was tell us, and we'd have bought them Christmas assistance, especially for their children. one[ But to cut down the tiny decorative plant, Because of that, our three area food banks'-which are probably just to "be cute" was one of the worst things located at First Baptist Church in St. Paul, at St. I had seen. At least until then. Therese Catholic Church in St. Paul, and at Morning Numerous acts of vandalism have occurred in St. Star Full Gospel Church in Castlewood--have had Paul during that long ago holiday season. Vandals more requests than normal. They also, I'm told, who have repeatedly smashed bathroom facilities at received extra eontributions--a friend who helps with A. R. Matthews Memorial Park have cost the town's the First Baptist project told me about toys she had taxpayers quite a lot for replacement, until finally been given, and as word of that got around, she got very utilitarian (and not very attractive--but nearly even more, so had a lot of toys to share with these indestructible) fixtures were installed. Street signs, as families for Christmas. ,I hope everyone who sought well as traffic direction signs ("Stop" and "Yield" help from the food banks was able to be helped. signs, for example) all over town have been The St. Paul United Methodist Church had its vandalized within the past year--as well as during fifth annual Community Christmas Dinner, to which other years, everyone is invited--at no charge, of course. This This kind of crime defies explanation, as far as year's menu was awesome--the amount of food and I'm concerned. It provides nothing concrete for those variety was not to be believed. Take out dinners were who commit it--they have no money or any "things" available, and some called in requests, and dinners ' . to show for what they did. I can't imagme that it were delivered to those people. An estimated 150 causes them any pleasure to destroy public property-- were served. The minister and several members of the unless they don't realize that everybody pays for church provided Christmas music throughout the public property--their parents (or they, themselves, for scbedu|ed-hour and a half of the Dinner. Souvenir all I know)--and others in their families, as well as photos were provided for those who wanted them, and everyone else. The creation of public property costs each person who attended was given a favor to take money which is generally provided by the taxpayers, home. :and then, when that property is destroyed, the The Town of St. Paul, through the chairmanship taxpayers have to pay for it again--and again--and of Councilwoman Sharon Steele and the hard work of again, the Town Crew, provided an extraordinary series of At least one exception to the "taxpayer" part of Christmas decorations for the town, which everyone this equation occurred on Tuesday, December 23, has had the opportunity to enjoy. when vandals--one or more--tore down and stole the Individuals have decorated their homes and places snowmen decorations which had been put up for tbel of business in recognition of the season, and through holidays at the Longview Drive entrance to the Gray that hard work have provided a lot of pleasure for Hill subdivision. This was done in broad daylight, everyone who has passed by. sometime between three and five in the afternoon. I think what all of this means is that some people Tle+:attraetiv,ti +h been pictured on the understand just exactly what Christmas is all about, ................ which was r and some don't have the slightest clue. The ones with Christmas the real Christmas spirit participate in church i holiday, and we're very afraid that putting the picture programs and special projects, provide pleasure for in the paper prompted some warped person--people-- their friends and their neighbors, and generally : to destroy the decoration. Now this particular project, exemplify the love of the season. Those who :although concerning a public area, was NOT funded vandalize displays and destroy what others have built : by taxpayers, but instead, by several very creative and, in love are to be pitied more than anything else. Pitied : devoted Gray Hill residents who enjoyed providing and perhaps included in the prayers of all the others. . .+ .... + . + .................. Manufacturers and EPA say, "Let's Work Together." January GED by Peter Piergiovanni, Environmental Engineer ,.S. Environmental ,rotectionAgency, Mid-Atlantic Region test dates in A private company and the subsist and thrive as a civilized solvent. Cadmium is being federal agency that 'enforces nation, eliminated in plating processe s. W i CO environmental laws are working Unfortunately, some chem.- Mercury is being properly re- se o together to further each others icals that are used and sold by cycled from instruments and goals. When did that happen? manufacturers have been found fluorescent light bulbs. Poly- The Regional Adult Edu- The manufacturer needs to stay to be detrimental to human cyclic aromatic compounds cation Program will offer the in business and grow. The fed- health and the environment. (PACs) are being reclaimed and Official Practice GED Test on eril government protects human NPEP encourages companies to sold as useable products, and Friday, January 23 at 9 a.m. at behlth and the environment, voluntarily recycle or eliminate kept out of the hazardous waste the Wise Adult Learning Center. This is a free test. Call 1-800- qre at the U.S. Environmental 31 chemicals that EPA and stream. -rotection Agency, such part- others have determined to be For manufacturers, there are 422-3433 to sign up for the 2aershlps are routine, which is dangerous to human health and many advantages to joining the practice test. ,-'ne of the things that attracted the environment. Lead, mercury, program. Most notably is the The GED Exam will be given ;-'m to EPA.  naphthalene and polychlorinated public recognition one receives, on Saturday, January 17 at the ,:-"" As a mechanical engineer, I biphenyls (PCBs) are examples In an era of "going green" and Education Center, Building C. p'u'se my prior experience and of chemicals found on this list sustainability, the NPEP pro- Testing will begin at 8 a.m. ;knowledge in industry to pro- that have been successfully gram provides a simple way for Registration must be done no vide value to companies, while reduced through NPEP partner- a company to go beyond com- later than two days prior to the 'oromotin environmental initia- ships. Over three million pounds pliance with the regulations. It is exam. Call Karen Whirr at Fry '  in tives. Before joining EPA of chemicals were voluntarily good business that will be Hall at 328-8612 for more 12007, I was a project engineer reduced nationwide between recognized by their customers, information orto register. ;working with and for manu- 2004 and 2007 through NPEP, competitors, suppliers, employ- The Norton GED Exam will '/facturing companies whose main and the program has over 150 ees and stockholders. As a be given on Friday, January 9 at ,goals were profit, production partners across the country, matter of fact, companies that 8 a.m. at the Norton VEC Adult ',and cost savings. I am also a My job is to contact manu- may have been penalized in the Education Center. Registration ,professional engineer (P.E.)with facturers all over the mid- past for breaking environmental must be done by noon on the Lan ethic to protect the public's Atlantic region, describe the laws can start cleaning up their Thursday prior to the test. Call :vcelfare, which I believeincludes benefits of reducing or elim- record by committing to the Imelda Collins at 679-7286 for ,protecting the environment in inating the various chemicals NPEP program. And best of all, '0:which the public lives. So, and invite the companies to join it's free to join. Along with 4he .iwhat's at the EPA that fits with in. It's been an amazing recognition, members can net- ',y background? The National experience and something of a work with other companies, ,Partnership for Environmental surprise because the people I which may also lower raw .......... ',Priorities (NPEP) program, talk to are really interested. They material, compliance and waste 'which bridges the gap between want to hear more. Occasionally, disposal costs, improve effici- ','.the regulator and the regulated I run in to someone who really ency and increase customers and icommunity for mutually bene- doesn't want to talk to me. But profits. ficial results, most of the people I come in + The National Partnership for i: U.S. manufacturing is es- contact with are concerned Environmental Priorities (NPEP) !sential to our country. According citizens with genuine interest in program is proof that we can ',to the National Association of protecting human health and the value and protect human health :Manufacturers (NAM), manu- environment while forwarding and the environment, and sup- , facturing employs 14.3 million their business goals, port the strength of manu- ',people and supports six million We've got companies elim- facturing. Manufacturers and people in other sectors like inating the use of lead in power regulators can work together to ',wholesale, finance, insurance cable and pigments. PCB, improve production and be ' and real estate. In addition, in containing transformers are environmental stewards. 1,2005 manufacturing accounted being voluntarily replaced with Peter PiergiovannL PE. can '(for $1.5 trillion of the GDP. We safer alternatives. Naphthalene be reached at , need manufactured items to is being substituted with a safer 6 Ii MOTORISTS: i Stop for Pedestrians in the Library Crosswalk-- It's the lawl TEST YOUR PREPAREDNESS FOR THE DTV TRANS1TIO i'i On February 17, 2009, the nation will undergo a change in the way television broadcasting is transmitted over the air. On that day, television stations will terminate broadcasting analog signals, which are the current predominant method of transmit- ting television signals through- out the United States. Thereafter, the new method of television broadcasting signals will be digital (DTV). The DTV Trans- ition will provide television viewers with clearer pictures and more program choices and will free up major portions of the airwaves for public safety com- munications such as police, fire and rescue, and for new broad- band wireless services With February 17, 2009 only a few months away, I am encouraging all Southwest Virginians to test their preparedness for the DTV Transition now. If your television is con- nected to cable or satellite, your service provider will make sure that your television set receives a viewable image after the trans- ition. If you watch television over-the-air, you might need a converter box or a new antenna to continue receiving a signal after the DTV transition. If you have a digital television set and watch television over-the-air, your television is capable of receiving a digital signal. If you watch television with an analog TV set and get your signal by rabbit ears or an outdoor antenna, you will need a digital to analog converter box. Finally, if you watch television over-the- air on a digital or analog set, you may need to attach a new .antenna or adjust your present antenna to continue receiving signal after the DTV transition. The federal government has a program to help pay for the converter boxes. They are avail- able for sale in retail electronics products stores and cost between $50 and $70. All U.S. house- holds may receive up to two $40 coupons to go toward the pur- chase of up to two digital-to- analog converter boxes. To request a coupon or for further information on the coupons, consumers can apply online at or call the 24 hour hotline at 1-888-DTV- 2009. It is important to note that the converter box coupons expire 90 days from the date they are sent to you. If you connect your con- verter box and it is not working, an antenna adjustment or a nev antenna may be necessary. It is also important to note that digita stations may be on differe o' channel numbers than anal+ stations. In view of the fact thN:: antenna adjustments and neN:. antenna installations may taki some time, it's a good idea t32 address transition needs ny rather than waiting until the la; minute. ,.,:: Television stations across tl region are airing several teBi during which you may learn if your television will work aftr the DTV Transition. Virginia;. broadcasters will cease trans., mitring their analog signals ( five minutes on several dates during the next two month+ During these tests, broadcaste;, will stop their regularly scherzi uled analog programming al,: will broadcast a message providing information about the DTV Transition. These tests will be apparent to over-the-air television viewers only, and i if programming is interrupted dur- ing these times, you might need to take steps to prepare yoF television to receive a digitffl signal. Tests on Virginia statio.. are schedules on the follow,rig " dates: q.+: Wednesday, Decem 17 during the 6:00-6:30 PM newscast. +:? Tuesday, January + during the 6:30-7:00 AM: newscast: "'-: Thursday, January i+ during the 6:00-6:30 PtW newscast. +: Wednesday, January 1. during the 11:00-11:30 newts, cast. ? J+: Additionally, all TV stations are currently transmitting both+ analog and digital signals, pri riding an'immediate opportunity for determining if your prese, equipment configuration will bt: adequate to receiving digitel,+ transmission or will require some adjustment. ::' For additional information, about the DTV Transition and what you may need to do to; prepare for it, visit the Federal Communications Commission!m website or: call 1-888-225-5322. You ca;i also request additional info : mation about the DTV transition) by visiting my websRe:; or by calling my Abingdon office at 276-628-1145. ..... Wise County The Wise County-Sheriff's Office reports the following activities for the period of 12/15/2008 through 12/21/2008 Wise Central Dispatch received a total of 1,243 calls for this seven- day period. Of the total calls received 366 were dispatched to the Sheriff's Office. Total num- ber of Domestic calls for this period was 9. Criminal Process for the same period served 6 Felony Warrants, 21 Misdemean- or Warrants, issued 28 Traffic Summons and worked 4 Traffic Accidents. Civil process for this period served 386 Civil Papers. During this seven-day period 10 Boucher... "(Continued from page 1) $i00,000 to date. Funci-raising will continue. The group is pre- pared to have an architectural plan developed in the coming year, with the goal of starting construction as soon as the architect's plans are approved by the necessary agencies, as well as by the public. "I hold great hopes for High Knob," Congressman Boucher said. Sheriff's Report ' additional Criminal Investiga, tions were initiated and 20 wey+ cleared by arrest. The Sheriff'S! Office provided 240 man-hou_rs- of Court Room Security for the three courts. ,( The Sheriff's Office trot: sported 1 adult in state, 0 adult out of state, 1 mental patient, an 6 juveniles for a total of all transports, involving 26.5 hours. The Sheriff's Office unlocl(edl k -. 7 vehicles and escorted funerals during this seven-day period. :" Clinch Valley Times MEMBER VIRGINIA PRESS ASSOCIATION Published weekly in St. Paul, VA 24283, by the CLINCH VALLEY PUBLISHING CO., INC. The Clinch Valley Times serves the four-county area of Wise, Russell, Dickenson and Scott, with offices and plant located in the CLINCH VALLEY TIMES building, 16541 Russell Street. Perio- dicals postage is paid at the Post Office in St. Paul, VA 24283. Ann Young Gregory Editor Allen Gregory Advertising Susan Trent Adv./Graphics ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: In advance: $28.50 in Wise and Russell counties; $30.00 in other 24- zip codes; elsewhere, $32.50. POSTMASTER: send address changes to: Clinch Valley Times, 'P.O. 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